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When Secrets Can't Remain by secret dancer
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They walked out of the hospital hand in hand. The pretty, brunette woman looking paler than the white t-shirt she sported over her growing midsection. The uncommonly handsome man, smiling as if he had single handedly won the Quidditch World Cup and was being rewarded with a threesome with any two models of his choosing, making his perfect teeth stand out against his skin tone.

“Hermione, lighten up. You should be more excited than I am at the moment”, Blaise said as he began to swing their hands back and forth between them.

“Easy for you to say”, she scoffed, “You don’t have to live with this for the next few months or deal with what comes after that”.

He shrugged his shoulders, somehow managing to do it gracefully despite the fact that the bones in his right hand were currently being crushed into a fine powder.

“Well, if you look at it that way, Miss Debbie Downer. I thank Merlin and God every morning that I was born male. I think I would perform the Killing Curse on myself if I had to go through what you are”.

“Gee, Blaise, I never knew that you were so supportive”, Hermione said sarcastically.

He apologized and looked at his friend from the corner of his eye. He could hardly believe that this was the same woman from this morning. She hardly looked the same! The bouncy, glowing personality that she had when he came to pick her up had been completely reversed with no inclination of returning. True, she had gotten some pretty shocking news, but still….

“So, how do you plan on telling everyone about this?”

Hermione stopped walking and caused her happier then normal friend to jerk to a halt. She had no idea how she was going to deliver this news. All she knew was that she didn’t want to have to do it more than once, seeing as when she announced her pregnancy it didn’t turn out very well. Then something dawned on her.

“Shit. I still have to tell me parents”, she groaned.

“Hold up”, he said, prying his hand out of her’s, “you haven’t told your mum and dad that you are carrying around the next generation of Granger? What’s up with that?”

Sighing heavily, she raked a hand through her hair, “It just slipped my mind with the whole Ron/Draco mess and you know how my father is”.

Blaise nodded his head in understanding, “Want me to come with you when you tell them? You know, diffuse some of the tension?”

She smiled at him gratefully and shook her head, “I’m just going tell them myself and hope that they are together so I only have to do this one time with them. Do me a favor though and try to get the Potters, the Weasleys, Vi, Dudley, and Draco together so I can tell them at one time. I don’t even know if Ron told his family about me being pregnant, so if they don’t this would be a good way to let them know. You can bring your girlfriend along too, since I have a feeling that we are gonna have to get along for your sake”.

He saluted mockingly, “Consider it done, babe. I have no idea how I am going to pull this off, but I’ll find a way”.

Hermione rose on her tip toes to kiss his cheek before patting it, “Thank you so much for everything, Blaise. You know I love you more than anything, don’t you. You are, like, one of my best friends”.

“Never thank me for doing anything for you, Dimples. You know I would do this for you even if you didn’t want me to. And you have a very funny and violent way of showing me that”.

She giggled “Blaise, they are love taps. The harder I hit you, the more I love you”.

“Then love me less because for such a little thing, you sure hit like a rugby player”.


She stood outside her childhood home, waiting for her mother to answer the door. She gently rubbed her stomach with one hand, while the other was getting ready to knock again, when the door swung inward revealing the round face of her mother.

“’Mione doll”, her mother sighed as she wrapped her arms around her only child.

Saying that she missed her daughter would be a bit of an understatement. She, quite literally, counted the days until her return. It had been 124. Janie Denise Harper-Granger, while Hermione was growing up, had been the type of mother who never liked to have her baby away from her for too long. It had taken a lot out of her to let her “precious baby girl” go to a magical boarding school in a whole other country. And even more to let her spend large parts of her breaks either at school or with the Weasleys. She was however, proud of the fact that her daughter was something special. She had always felt that she would be even when Hermione was a baby. It made her glow with pride to think that not only was her daughter a witch, but a war hero as well as the smartest witch of her generation.

Janie pulled back from their embrace and glanced down at Hermione’s stomach a soft, loving smile gracing her lips. As much as she wanted to jump up and down and squeal like a giddy teenage girl, she would hold it in until her daughter said something herself.

“Hey, Mummy, is Dad here too? I need to tell you guys something”, Hermione said nervously, chewing on her bottom lip.

Janie rolled her eyes, which were an exact match to the younger Granger woman’s, and sighed dramatically, “Unfortunately. He is in his office, but what else is new? I think he could spare a few minutes in the company of other human beings for a while, especially if one of them is his only daughter.

Hermione laughed and allowed her mother to usher her into the spacious, blue and white tiled kitchen that had not changed a bit since before she had to remove her parents memories and ship them off to Australia. The powder blue, fifties, looking refrigerator was still plastered with pictures of a brown haired little girl and an assortment of papers with perfect marks that ranged from old spelling tests to a potions essay that had been considered for publication.

“So, what have you been up to sweetheart? How’s things at the bookstore? Is Violetta doing okay? Why didn’t you bring her with you? And the boys, how are they? And how is my Gin-bug? Did you bring any new pictures of Teddy and James?” Janie asked in rapid succession as she put some store bought (Janie was not the best cook in the world. Actually, she was very far from it) chocolate chip cookies on a china plate with a blue, butterfly border, that her husband couldn’t stand, and poured three glasses of milk.

“Mummy!” Hermione shouted over her mother’s questioning, “One question at a time, please. I’ve been okay. The bookstore is doing good. That poet that you had been obsessing over came in. Vi is more than happy. Her boyfriend is introducing her to his parents, which is why she didn’t tag along. Harry and Ginny are still a deliriously, happily married couple. I am not exactly sure about Ronald at the moment. And sorry, no new pictures of James and Ted”.

Her mother furrowed her eyebrows when she mentioned not knowing about how Ron was doing. Weren’t they expecting a baby together? ‘I swear if he is messing around on my baby girl, I will rip him apart’, she thought.

“Oh well”, she said, “Wait here while I go get your father then we can have a nice chat. Mmkay?”

Without waiting for an answer, Janie skipped off to fetch her husband. It always surprised Hermione, that with a mother like her’s that she didn’t grow up to be more like Luna. But she supposed her father had something to do with that. Robert Cornelius Granger, was about as straight-laced as his wife was free-spirited. He believed that children were to be seen and not heard and to not be an embarrassment to their parents. That is not to say that he didn’t adore his daughter. Oh no, Hermione was his little princess and was doted upon night and day. That is, until she started displaying signs of magic. He couldn’t let anyone know that his child was anything other than an incredibly intelligent little girl. He positively couldn’t take the scandal that would ensue if Hermione’s “special-ness” was discovered. After she graduated though, things became worse between them. He wanted her to attend a muggle university and become a dentist, like her dear old mum and dad. The fact that she went in an entirely different direction deeply disappointed him.

“Hello, Hermione”, Robert said as he entered the kitchen behind his wife.

Janie promptly spun on her heel and slapped his sweater vest clad chest, “This is your only daughter. Surely, you can give her a better greeting than that”.

“Mummy, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Anyway, could you both sit down. I have to tell you something kind of important”, she sighed.

Janie placed a milk filled glass in front of everyone before taking her seat. She looked at her daughter with her equally big, brown eyes filled with expectation. Robert took his seat and folded his hands on the scrubbed wooden table.

“What is this about Hermione?” he asked.

The curly haired brunette pulled one of her ringlets before she exhaling. She stood up from her seat and turned to the side so that they could see her profile. She then cradled her slightly rounded abdomen through her t-shirt and turned her head to face her parents. Her mother’s eyes had tears in them already and her father’s face was slowly growing a shade of red that seemed unnatural on a human being. Obviously, they could see where she was heading with this.

“Mummy, Dad. I am pregnant”.

Her mother squealed and sprang up form her chair, causing it to fall and clatter noisily against the tiled floor, in her haste to hug her daughter. She knew that she hadn’t been wrong.

“Oh sweetheart, this is wonderful! We have to plan you a baby shower and look for a bigger place for you and we have to think of names and… and-”

“I’m assuming that that ginger bloke who is a professional athlete is the father and that he is planning on marrying you some time soon. Am I correct?” Robert cut in.

Hermione lowered her gaze to where her hands were cradling her baby bump and said quietly, “Possibly”.

“What the hell do you mean ‘possibly’?” he asked.

“Robert, speak to my child like that one more time and you will be in the street on your arse in a heartbeat”, Mrs. Granger growled.

“I do believe, Janie, that I had a hand in her conception too. I will speak to her how ever I please”.

“Mummy, I can handle this”, she said holding up a hand to her mother and glaring at her father, “What I mean by ‘possibly’ is that Ronald and I have hit a rough patch in our relationship since there is a chance that an old flame might be the father. And I will not take any of your comments Dad because I am tired, hormonal, and confused and this only half of what I need to tell you and Mummy”.

Robert looked at the young woman flabbergasted. This was the first time in her life that she had spoken to him that way. Sure, later he would be down right pissed off with her but first he had to get over the shock.

Janie was the first to break the tense silence. She looked at her daughter with immense pride at her standing up to her father, “There is more?”

Hermione turned to look at her mother and her face softened and a weak smile formed on her face, “Yeah, but I kind of want to tell everyone at once. You remember Blaise, right? He knows everything and is gonna get everyone together so I can make the announcement”.

Janie smiled, she had liked Blaise when she met him at Hermione’s graduation. He was a bit strange but other than that he was a good kid, who really seemed to care about her daughter. Hermione hadn’t spoken about him in a long time so she had assumed that they had fallen out.

“Then what are we waiting for?”


Blaise appeared in the middle of the dim and dirty flat and sighed as he spotted the passed out body on the mattress. All around it were empty liquor bottles and the distinctive smell of marijuana lingered in the air. He shook his head, later he would knock some sense back into him, the muggle way, but for now he just needed him to be presentable and sober.

He aimed his wand at the bed, causing it to bolt up right and for its inhabitant to hit the ground hard.

“What the fuck?!” Draco moaned as he rolled onto his back, checking to see if his nose had been broken again.

“Don’t you ‘what the fuck’ me Draco Xavier Malfoy”, his best friend demanded, barely managing to keep the anger and disappointment out of his voice.

Slowly, the inebriated blonde sat up and glared at the intruder, “What are you doing here, Blaise?”

“I should be asking you the same question, but I am not going to go into that now. I need you clean and sober, now”.


“Because the love of your life has an announcement to make that could change your life forever”.

“If she is going to publicize her engagement to the Weasel Wonder, then you can count me out”.

Blaise was quickly becoming annoyed with Draco, “Oh grow up, it’s about the baby”.

Draco’s whole face changed and he instantly became more alert, “Is it okay? There isn’t anything wrong with it, right? She didn’t lose it did she? I shouldn’t have done what I did that night. Merlin, she was so distraught and it’s so early in her pregnancy, she could have miscarried. Please tell me that didn’t happen”.

Blaise smirked at his confession, but did not answer any of his questions, “Just get dressed and come see”.


She looked around at her assembled friends and family anxiously, wondering how Blaise had managed to con Aberforth into letting them use the Hog’s Head for an impromptu get together, as said man and his tall fair haired friend appeared in the doorway, along with a red haired woman she had never met before. He waved at her to signal that she could go ahead and start.

“Umm…. Excuse me! If I could have everyone’s attention for a moment, please”, she said, trying to get the crowd’s attention.

Luckily, Ginny had been close to her and noticed her plight and decided to give her a hand, “Oi! Everybody shut it! Hermione is trying to say something important!”

Hermione laughed and thanked Ginny, kissing her on the cheek.

“Okay, so…. For everybody who doesn’t know or who I had neglected to tell, I am expecting”, she said blushing a bit.

The crowd cheered and immediately began wishing her and Ron good luck and asking about the wedding. To her surprise, Ron didn’t say anything about her cheating on him and just smiled tightly and shook his head instead of giving them an answer.

“Wait!” she shouted, “There is more. I had a scan today and the doctor told me something very interesting. There isn’t just one baby. There is three”.

Then several things happened at once. Janie Granger screamed and engulfed her daughter in a tight hug. Molly Weasley started to cry happy tears into her husband’s shoulder. Ron’s older brothers began to congratulate him as he turned a sickly shade of green. Harry almost dropped Teddy. Ginny raised her eyebrows so high that they disappeared into her hairline. Luna gave Hermione a knowing look. Dudley was giving Vi the Heimlich, seeing as she began choking on the pretzel that she just put in her mouth. And as for Draco, well… he fainted.


He opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by two red-heads, a brunette, and two blondes, all of which were staring down at him with looks ranging from concerned to amused (mostly amused).

“What happened?” he groaned.

Blaise’s girlfriend, Aithne, answered him, her violet eyes shining with laughter and he knew that as soon she knew he was indeed okay, that she would be taking the mickey out of him, “You fainted”.

“Yes”, Luna agreed, “it was very melodramatic of you”.

“I ‘ad idea zat ‘oo ‘ave such delicate sensitivities”, Fleur laughed.

“Draco, are you alright?” Hermione asked as she bit her bottom lip.

“I can’t wait to see what you do when she goes into labour”, Ginny giggled.

One of the Weasley boys came to stand over the circle of kneeling women. Draco couldn’t remember his name. The only thing that he remembered about him was that he was the most uptight of all the Weasleys. The crossed his arms over his chest and glared down at the blonde.

“What in Circe’s name are you doing here?” he asked.

To the shock of everyone, even himself, Ron Weasley jumped to his defense, “Leave him alone Percy (ahh… that‘s what it was)”.

Percy raised his eyebrows and looked at his brother as if he had just grown two extra heads and the pair were conversing in Aramaic, “And why should I do that little brother? He is a loathsome little thing and I thought you hated him”.

Ron sighed and ran a palm over his short hair, “I do. But there is a very good chance that he is the father of Hermione’s babies”.


DONT HATE ME! i had school and work and junk and i had to help decorate a house for habitat for humanity (the lady cried extra hard, kind scared me a bit. but i am out now and have been recently fired so its all good. so what do you think of hermione's relationship with her father? dont hate me for the next chapter either

lotz of love and remember to review <3

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