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I'm use to it by KxxDxx
Chapter 8 : Hogwarts
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September 1st

Maddalena was woken up at 5:30 by Narcissa and taken out to the Malfoy garden, Mad knew what this meant, they were going to talk about her actually being a mudblood and I should always remember that; ridiculous.

“I’m sure you know why I brought you out here?” she asks

“Yes, why do you want me to remember I’m a mudblood again?” I ask annoyed

“I was actually thinking it might help you to get trusted later in life” she informs me

“What are you taking about?”

“Some people will always be sceptical of you no matter what you do because of your family, however when the time comes and only in an emergency, you can tell them that you are not blood related to the LeStranges, this may gain their trust as they can no longer connect you to them. Now remember?” she informs me before making me recites the phrase

“I was born Hermione Jean Granger, my blood is Hermione Jean Granger and my heart is Hermione Jean Granger”

“Good, now back to bed” she orders back to her Malfoy state


At 5: 50 Draco was dragging me out of bed ordering me to get ready for the Hogwarts train, after a few coherent mumbles he woke me up pushing me into a full bath tub

“DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” I scream jumping out of the bath tub and chasing him around my room before he makes the mistake of trying to hide in my bathroom, I just about get into the bathroom before he closes the door and give him a massive hug getting him slightly wet before pulling him into the bath with me making him screech like a girl.


7:00 Draco and I were dry and sitting at the Malfoy dining table enjoying the mini feast in front of us, it was very possible Mr and Mrs Malfoy wouldn’t arrive down for another hour, even then we most likely wouldn’t leave for another hour and a half at 9:30. They were always precise with their timings, never too late, never too early, just perfect according to the importance and event.


9:30 dead on we left. My mother and Father met us at diagonally whilst picking up a few last minute yet not needed items before we were finally able to go to platform 9 ¾ arriving there at exactly 10:30. The goodbyes were formal, no tears that their only child was going away to Hogwarts, no ‘good luck’, ‘have fun’ or anything like that. The most personal message I got was surprisingly from my Mother “Spy away my protégée, I’ve taught you well”.


10:45 Draco and I found seats with Zabini, Parkinson, Crabb and Goyal. We made meaningless conversation until the train took off, then we just spoke to whom we wanted not bothered as we know our parents won’t be watching.


Towards the end of the journey Neville burst in look under our legs

“What are you doing Longbottom?” Zabini asked slightly rudely

“I’ve lost Travers!” he announced

“I’m going to change into my robes” Parkinson announced looking at me

“Me too, we’ll ask a few people if they’ve seen your toad” I add following Parkinson out to get changed.


Parkinson disappeared as soon as we were changed so I poked my head into a few cubicles and asked about Neville’s toad. One more then I’ll go back to my cubicle.

I looked in

“Has either of you seen a toad, Neville’s lost his” I asked seeing Weasley with his wand out “Oh, you’re doing magic? Let’s see then.”

He says random words and nothing happens

“That was a sorry attempt at making up a spell, maybe you should try actual ones” She walked over and sat opposite the other boy "Oculus Reparo

He looks surprised and suspects his glasses “thank you”

I nod about to get up before realising something “You’re Harry Potter, I’m Maddalena LeStrange. You should probably change into your robes, I suspect we’ll be arriving soon” I advise him standing to leave when I notice Weasley has dirt on his nose; stupid poor people “Weasley, you've got dirt on your nose"  I state before returning to Draco and telling him that Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.


After following the half giant guy we all got on boats in fours, with me I had Draco, Parkinson and Longbottom; Parkinson looked thoroughly disgusted. However all of our faces turned into amazement as we saw the castle for the first time, it was spectacular, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything more extraordinary in my life. I was still in a daze as we exited the boats and walked up the ridiculously long staircase to the castle itself.


McGonagal had just asked us to wait behind the doors that lead to the great hall where we would be housed, I took a deep breath at the thought, this housing could determine my whole future, my whole life. I was pulled out of my thoughts as Draco began speaking

“Looks like Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts” he speaks over everybody “I’m Draco Malfoy, I can show you the right people to hand out with” he offers his hand to Harry who looks at it deciding for a second, Weasley scoffs. “Weasley, is that a hand-me-down from you twin brothers or one of the brothers before that? Have you even got one new item that hasn’t been tried and tested by a family member?” he asks and I hold back a laugh, I’ll have to remember that one.

Harry rejected his offer saying he could decide who the ‘right kind of people’ were.


Walking down the hall was nerve racking, all eyes were on us, seizing us up, deciding which house they think we’d get into. I wish they’d just pretend we weren’t here!

I couldn’t pay attention throughout the sorting ceremony, too nervous I’ll get told off by somebody no matter which house I’m placed in. I pull out of my trance when Draco is called, the hat barely touches his hair as it shouts Slytherin. My name was called next, as I slide onto the stool Draco gives me a nod of encouragement as the hat starts speaking to me


Hello Miss LeStrange, or should I say Granger? Well you have to be a tricky one, I see great things in the future with you and all the courage you had when you were 5 years old is more then enough to place you in GRYFFINDOR!


I slide of the stool and sit down at the shocked house, a few began clapping before realising that the rest were silent. Oh I wish I could go back to the hat and ask it to change its mind, this is going to be living hell.


A few sortings later Harry Potter sits down next to me followed by Weasley who sits opposite Harry.

“Hello” somebody says, I look up and see Harry looking directly at me

“Hello” I smile

“Don’t talk to her, she’s evil!” Weasley warns

“What?” Harry asks

“Surprised you’d even talk to Harry, he’s not a pureblood prat!” he said to me

“Even though you’re a pureblood I wouldn’t talk to you! Apparently no matter what happens, you’ll always be displeasing to talk to” I retort making him mumble to himself

“I’m sorry about him, he is still holding a grudge against me from years ago” I inform him, Ok it was only 1 year ago but still

“That’s Ok”

“PIE!” Ron yells as he starts to devourer a whole pie before looking up and asking Harry with a full mouth “Do you want some?”

“It’s a bit mashed” he replies kindly, I look around for another pie and see one right between Fred and George

“Yo Fred, George, hand us some pie will ya!” I shout grabbing half the attention of all the students between me and the twin plus 20 or so more

The twins look at each other with a smile on their face picking up the pie, I duck just in time for the flying pie to miss hitting me, however Harry was not so lucky; it hit him square in the face.

“Oh my Harry! I’m so sorry, I didn’t know they were going to do that!” I exclaimed attempting to clean his face up with a napkin

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” He licked his lips “Very nice”

Suddenly a ghost popped up from the chicken in which Ron was eating making him drop it and scream



First day of lessons, first lesson with Professor McGonagal for Transfiguration


I got to lesson 5 minutes before it was due to start and took my allocated seat, other kept trickling in. I wonder why Harry and Weasley aren’t here. How am I supposed to pretend to be their friend if they don’t turn up to lessons?


Harry and Weasley run in 25 minutes late! Got lost, yeah right, most likely slept in, idiots! I’ve got to befriend these?



Authors’ Note

Thank you for reading :D x

Reviews always welcome and appreciated :D x

Did you like the timeline thing at the beginning?

Here you go hpfangirl, you have Harry and Pie :D

Here you go Gin_Gin06 ~ it's hogwarts time :D

Sorry it's late, had a few issues writing it :P

Anything you recognise goes to JK Rowling and the Warner Bros (HP-PS) All credit to them x


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