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Me Versus You by platform 9 3_4
Chapter 3 : Lucy: Loyal
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Disclaimer: No, I don't own Harry Potter. No, I am not crying.


  This beautiful CI is by Chocolateluver@tda

Let me stop and talk a little bit about loyalty.

You are either loyal, or unfaithful. There is no middle ground.

Louis was an example of someone who is utterly loyal. When everyone we knew turned on me, he stuck by me. I'm sure there were  moments when he felt uneasy about that decision, especially now that nearly everyone of our cousins had decided to ignore us. But he never faltered. He was my best friend. He knew everything about me. Well, not everything. Everyone has their secrets, even me.

Rose was an example of someone who was unfaithful. Scorpius Malfoy, the captain of the Slytherin quidditch team and someone whom I could actually stand, loved her with all his heart. She told him she loved him too. 

Which was bollocks.

Everyone but Scorpius seemed to know that.

"Miss Weasley, are you even listening?"

I looked up and met Professor Dunmore's steel grey eyes, which were looking at me with fierce disapproval. 

I pursed my lips, forcing them into a smile "Of course, Professor. Trust me, I'm hanging onto every word you say."

His eyebrows formed into a deep frown. "Miss Weasley, these meetings between us seem to have become far too regular."

"Not regular enough for me," I sighed, "These moments together are so very precious."

He glared, "Please take this seriously, Miss Weasley."

I rolled my eyes, and pouted, "Fine, I will be the epitome of seriousness."

"Good," he said, "Now, Professor Longbottom has told me that you were late for his class…again."

"Whoops," I uttered monotonously.

"And Professor Sinistra has complained that you have been falling asleep during your work."

"Well," I smirked, "Astronomy class is at night."

He sighed aggravatedly, "As the Head of discipline at Hogwarts, it is my duty to not only punish the rule breakers, but understand why they felt the need to break the rules in the first place."

"Sounds rewarding," I said.

"Not that any of you students would realise, but I really do have your best interests at heart," Professor Dunmore sighed again, "Now, Miss Weasley, you're clearly an intelligent girl. Why you're sabotaging your chances of success by showing up late for class, or not getting enough sleep, is completely beyond me. You need to clean up your act."

"Consider my act spotless then," I said, picking up my bag, as I stood up, "Thanks for the talk Mr. D, it's changed me, really."

"Until next time, Miss Weasley," he said sullenly.

"Can't wait," I grinned at him cheekily, before I said, "See you around."

*              *              * 

I was sitting at my desk as usual, examining the photos of Rose kissing Callum Davies. I was hoping that something would appear out of the photo. Something that could restore Rose's dignity, and, more importantly, avoid Scorpius' heart being broken.

Louis appeared in the doorway, and asked, "How was the meeting with Professor Dunmore?"

"Highly fascinating," I replied monotonously, "He enlightened me on my less than exemplary attendance record."

"Maybe you should have less stakeouts," he suggested, "You wouldn't be going to sleep so late."

"I wish," I muttered, "But we really need the money if we're going to pay for the new lens, and think about expanding the business after school."

Louis nodded, saw me looking sadly at the photos and sighed, "You haven't shown Peggy the photos yet, have you?"

I glanced at him, before going back to the pictures,"No, I haven't had the guts. I'm meeting her in half an hour. But I'm hoping that the pictures will disappear by then."

Louis came into the room properly and shut the door, behind him "You could…pretend that you didn't see anything."

"What?" I narrowed my eyes at him, "To protect Rose's honor?"

"No," Louis said carefully, "To protect Scorpius.I feel terrible for him."

I shrugged, "It's his fault for being in love with Rose."

I felt bad for saying that. Ugh, guilt. It wasn't something I was familiar with, and I didn't have much of a desire to repeat the experience. But nevertheless it was still true. Scorpius fooled himself into thinking that Rose actually gave a shit about him. 

"He can hardly help it," Louis reminded me.

I gave him a look, "Yeah, but it is his fault that he's been in love with her for years, and she's always managed to avoid a relationship with him."

I grimaced as I looked at the photos again. Scorpius was too besotted with Rose to notice that she had never bothered to confirm whether they were together or not. She strung him along for her own purposes, whatever they might be, but she never had to follow the rules. 

It was a perfect arrangement for her, and Scorpius found he had been made the school doormat overnight.

I folded up the photos and stuck them in a long, brown envelope, "I just wish I could find a way to stop Rose from torturing Scorpius."

Louis shrugged, "Show him the photos. You've got to be cruel to be kind."

"I suppose," I said, feeling a knot twist in my stomach as I got up and stuck the envelope into my school bag, before leaving for the library where Peggy Hopkirk would be waiting for the highly anticipated knowledge of her boyfriend's infidelity.

I walked quickly and purposefully along the corridor, determined to get this unpleasant business over and done with. It wouldn't be pretty. Peggy would cry. They always cried. It was like clockwork. They denied it, unable to believe that their boyfriend or girlfriend would do such a thing. Then, when I showed them photographic evidence, they would cry. The crying would build up faster and faster, until they were screaming vengeful plots against the evil one who had tempted their precious love away, with occasional break downs where they would blubber quietly. 

And that, boys and girls, is why making attachments to other human beings is a terrible idea.

I know what you're thinking. Something must have happened to her to make her so embittered and angry. 

You may or may not be right, but after being consecutively betrayed by people around me, you'll excuse me if my conclusion about relationships comes from years of scientific research.

I was almost at the library by this time, but was distracted by the sight of Caitlin Goldman coming towards me.

Caitlin, tall, blond and athletic, was one of the prettiest girls in our year. She was the Ravenclaw quidditch captain, and liked more than her fair share of attention. She also wasn't above subtle manipulation to get her way.

Even when I had been friends with her and the other girls in my year, she had never particularly reached out to me. Ever since I had caught her kissing Elizabeth O'Neill's boyfriend Lysander Scamander in our 5th year, and then shown the evidence to Elizabeth, she had mistrusted me completely.

And when the time came to cast me out of their little gang, she had been one of the ringleaders.

She spotted me walking towards her, and her gaze immediately turned to a glare.

"Caitlin!" I said happily, "Lovely day isn't it?"

"It was," she replied snidely.

I smirked, determined not to let her get to me. 

But that smirk dropped off my face when I saw Callum Davies, the man of the hour, emerge from a low alcove, just behind Caitlin, and turn in the opposite direction of her. Something was very off.

Once Caitlin had turned a corner, I raced up behind him and, with all the force I could muster, took him by surprise and pushed him flat against the stone wall. I pulled out my wand and stuck it into his throat.

He looked momentarily surprised, something which pleased me greatly. To be able to catch Callum Davies off guard was something to be proud of.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he growled uncomfortably. 

I shoved my arm that wasn't holding my wand into his chest to pin him more firmly into the wall.

"Please tell me you're not also screwing Caitlin Goldman," I hissed, "Because if you are that's low, even for you."

He was stronger than I had anticipated, and he managed to shove me off him with a single blow of the arm.

"Jealous?" he said, grinning cockily at me.

"Yes, well done, 5 points to Slytherin," I said boredly, once I had regained my composure. I wasted no time in sticking my wand back at his face.

He wasn't fazed, however, and instead leant in closer, "Really? You sure? Seems you like getting all up close and personal," he said, shrugging so his crumpled shirt fell back into position.

"I don't have time for this," I snapped, "Wh-"

"If you don't have time, then I suggest you hurry along and do whatever it is that needs doing in your busy, but nevertheless inconsequential, humdrum life. " He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I will, once I find out what you're doing with Caitlin Goldman."

"Merlin, Lucy, you really can't keep your nose out of other people's business, can you? Why is my love life so damn fascinating to you?"


"I don't care about your love life," I said, "You've always got some other agenda. Whoever you're seeing, you're doing it for some shady reason."

"Are you seeing someone?" he frowned with concern, "You really should. You'd be a therapist's goldmine."

"I-" I began, but he interrupted me again.

"Socially inept…stalks people for fun…abandoned by her friends…her boyfriend…all because she sticks her nose in places it isn't wanted."

"When I find out what's going on here," I said, but I trailed off, unable to think of a decent threat.

He looked bored and ready to leave, "You're right Lucy. I should really watch my back from now on. Have fun breaking the news to Peggy."

I shot him a nasty look before resuming my march towards the library. He took the opportunity to leave in the opposite direction. Knowing that I wasn't getting any closer to finding out what he was plotting, no, the mere sight of him, made me sick.

But turning away from the sickening sight, I bumped into a second person who I had no desire to talk to whatsoever.

"Oh, hi Lucy," Scorpius smiled at me, "Off to the library are you?"

"Yes," I answered in a measured voice. 

"I just came from the there," he said in his usual, good natured way, "Rose needed help with her Charms homework."

I'll bet she did. Rose never showed Scorpius any sort of affection unless she needed something. Scorpius didn't seem to think it odd that he lived a double life as Rose's play thing and part-time tutor.

Scorpius frowned at the retreating figure of Callum over my shoulder, "And why were you talking to Callum Davies?"

"Oh, nothing important," I lied, "He took my potions book, and I needed it back."

Scorpius shook his head, "That guy is shady. I share my dormitory with him, you never know when something valuable might go missing."

I remembered then that one of my first cases as an investigator had involved Callum. One of his other dorm mates, Isaac Watkins, had come and offered me a decent amount of money to recover a valuable watch, which he had been sure that Callum Davies was now hiding. 

As it turned out, Callum hadn't taken the watch, but it was almost pitiable how little faith Callum inspired in his classmates. 

"He's not even in there half the time," Scorpius says, "His bed hasn't been slept in most nights."

Because he's too busy getting off with your supposed girlfriend.

I sighed, determined to end this uncomfortable conversation here and now, "Well, I don't really care what Davies does, as long as he stays out of my way."

Scorpius shrugged, "I'm sure you won't have a problem. Davies avoids human interaction in general."

Except with Rose.

"I should really get going," I said, desperate to get away from a discussion which was making me more nervous by the second, "Transfiguration essay due tomorrow."

Scorpius smiled, "Oh, get Rose to give you a hand! She's really good at it."

Scorpius had never been able to grasp the fact that Rose and I, despite the genes we shared, were no longer on speaking terms. He pretended that nothing had changed, that I was still part of Rose's little clique, probably because he refused to believe that neither Rose nor I ever did anything wrong. I let him be, there was no point in explaining something which would go in one ear and out the other. 

"Maybe I will," I smiled sadly at him. Scorpius went happily on his way, and I continued on mine, dreading my meeting with Peggy more and more.

Once I was inside the library, it only took half second before I saw Peggy sitting at a small table, turning her head wildly around in every direction to make sure no one was watching her. Unfortunately the head swinging seemed to be attracting its fair share of unwanted attention. When she saw me she beckoned fiercely, forcing me to move quickly towards her table.

People seemed to gather more and more interest as I walk past them, knowing that the only reason a person as anti social as me would be talking to a Hufflepuff 5th year was because I had been doing some sort of investigation for her.

I did my best to ignore them, but my sharp hiss of, "Can I help you with something?" is what made them turn back to their work, whilst earning me a glare from Madame Pince.

I sat down at the table beside Peggy, who looked at me with unabashed, terrified eyes, and a trembling lip.

"S-so?" she whispered, "What did you find?"

I opened my mouth, "Uhh-"

She suddenly clamped her hands over her face in despair, "Oh god, I don't know if I can hear it."

At this point my patience usually began to thin very rapidly, but today I was already on my last nerve.

Peggy continued, "I mean if he did…do something, then what do I do? Do I break up with him?" She grabbed my arm, "What should I do?"

I gingerly lifted her hand off my arm, but before I could just come out with it and tell her, I heard that dreaded voice of sickly sweetness from behind me.

"Peggy! I didn't see you there! How have you been?"

Peggy looked at Rose, who had just appeared behind my shoulder. I couldn't even look at her, but I knew her voice.

"F-fine, Rose," Peggy stammered, though she was clearly a nervous wreck, "H-how are you?"

"I'm fine," Rose replied, as she threw back her beautiful hair and smiled her beautiful smile that made everyone love her, "Is this another one of your tutors?"

She clearly hadn't realized it was me. I held my breath.

"Oh, no, this is…Lucy," Peggy said.

I grimaced as I look up at Rose. A flicker of annoyance crossed her perfect features, but she soon regained her composure.

"Oh, hi Lucy," she said slowly.

"Hi Rose," I replied cooly.

"Rose is my Transfiguration tutor," Peggy said, "And I hired Lucy to help me…find something."

Rose smirked and let off a high, poisonous laugh, "Oh, I'm sure she's been a great help."

But instead of feeling annoyed, I was only intrigued. 

Rose was Peggy's tutor. The connection that involved them and Callum was too obvious to ignore.

I turned to Rose, "Actually, I've been helping Peggy find out who her boyfriend, Callum Davies, has been cheating on her with."

Peggy immediately turned bright red, but Rose's reaction was far more interesting. She tensed almost immediately, like a deer caught in the headlights. I offered her a tiny smirk, and judging by the look of fierce terror in her eyes, she knew exactly what I meant. 

Peggy hissed under her breath, clearly very embarrassed, "You weren't supposed to tell her!"

I turned briefly to reassure her, "Don't worry, Rose knows all about cheating," I said, with a meaningful look at my cousin, "Don't you, Rose?"

I found I was enjoying this much more than I had thought I would.

"You were cheated on!" Peggy exclaimed in a surprised voice, staring at Rose with a look of sheer disbelief. 

"Let's just…" she trailed off hopelessly, "Maybe I'll leave you both to it then."

"What's the hurry?" I said, "We won't be long. I'm sure you and Peggy will want to hang out for a bit, since you've clearly outdone yourself in the role of tutor. Really, Rose, I applaud you."

Rose smiled politely at us, but her eyes glared at me.

"Besides," I said, "I didn't find anything."

Peggy stared at me, "What?"

"Yep," I replied, "Your boyfriend is clean. No cheating, no secret lovers."

"Really?" Peggy gasped, "So it was all in my head?"

This time I looked straight at Rose, "It was. Here's your refund."

I placed the money back onto the table, and got up off the chair, "I hope you both have a great day."

As I turned away my found it harder and harder to disguise my smirk. Never in my life had I ever managed to make Rose look that terrified.

I left the library, but didn't get more than a few steps when the she-devil herself caught up with me.

Rose looked flustered, out of breath, and utterly confused. 

I smiled placidly at her, "Something wrong, Rose?"

"Stop it," she snapped.

I put on an expression of mock confusion, "Stop what? I don't know what you're-"

"What did you do with the pictures?" she hissed.

"What pic-"

Rose looked incredibly angry now, "Oh shut up and give them to me."

I backed away, "Now, Rose. What have you learned about saying the magic words?"

She stared at me, and the sense of satisfaction that I got was unlike anything I had ever felt.

I sighed, "You wouldn't want your parents finding out that you're using language like that. Then again, I doubt they'd be very impressed to know that you've been sneaking around with Callum Davies, but manners must come first."

She grimaced at me, "Lucy, would you please give me the photos?"

"Hmmm," I said, pretending to think, "No."

She glared, "You have no right to judge me."

"Whatever Rose," I snapped, "I don't want to hear your excuses. You were lonely, he was there, Scorpius wasn't fulfilling your needs, or maybe, and I'm inclined to believe this one, you're a self-centered cow who enjoys making everyone's lives hell. Pick any of them."

"No one can know," she hissed.

I noted that she said 'no one' instead of 'Scorpius'.

I almost laughed to myself, "You don't care if Scorpius finds out, do you? You just care that the whole school will know you shagged the slytherin weirdo!"

Her silence said it all. For a second I almost felt sorry for Callum. Rose didn't give a shit about him. But then I remembered that Callum didn't give two figs for her either.

"This will break Scorpius' heart," she offered pitifully.

I glared at her, "Don't try and guilt me into covering for you. I've got the pictures, and you know that, if forced, I will use them. I should show them to everyone, show them all who you really are. I'm not sure your precious gang would be so keen to stick around when they find out what you've done. They didn't for me."

Despite my anger at Rose, which was growing stronger by the second, an idea suddenly came to me.

I faced her properly, looking her straight in the eye, "Tell you what, Rose. I'll make you a deal."

She nodded, "OK, anything."

Wow, the rush of power was stronger than I had expected. Girls like Rose Weasley got everything they wanted. It was time to change that. I paused, before saying, "I won't show the evidence to anyone. And in return you have a little conversation with Scorpius."

"You want me to end things?" Rose looked eager, "OK!"

I wagged a finger at her, "Hold your horses. During your little conversation with Scorpius you will ask him to be your boyfriend. Exclusively."

 "But he is-"

"Don't give me that rubbish," I snapped, "Scorpius is someone you use to snog you occasionally, boost your social status by dating a quidditch captain and tutor you in Charms."

Rose didn't try to deny it, for which I was grateful.

"You're going to stop treating him like dirt, and start acting like a girlfriend. That's the deal."

Rose frowned, "Why do you care so much about Scorpius' feelings?"

Because he still talks to me, when the whole world would rather pretend I don't exist. "Because he's a decent bloke, and as much as I'd like him to see what a horrible person you really are, he deserves to be happy."

Rose looked utterly depressed at the idea of making a commitment to someone.

"Fine then, but you have to burn the evidence," she snapped, "Otherwise how will I know you won't show it to Louis or someone else?"

"Oh, Louis already knows," I smirked. Rose didn't share my amusement, so I nodded, "But he'll be the last. Fine, I'll burn them."

She looked only slightly satisfied.


"And don't even think about cheating on him," I said, "Because I'll know."

She didn't say anything, looking quite downcast.

"Cheer up, Rose," I tapped her briefly on the shoulder out of comfort, "Just think, now you've got a full time Charms tutor!" And with that I turned on my heel and left her.


*               *                 *


Not one of my dorm mates looked up when I came in that evening. 

I sighed and fell onto my bed, completely exhausted from a days worth of work, lying to my clients, and blackmailing my cousins. Damn, why did evil take so much effort?

Caitlin Goldman had just emerged from the bathroom, a face mask plastered over her already flawless skin.

She raised an eyebrow at me, sprawled on my four poster, snorted once, and went over to her own bed.

The girl next to her bed was Violet Harper, her best friend, and the absolute bane of my existence. At this point in my life nearly everyone was the bane of my existence, but Violet held a particular spot of hatred in my heart.

She was tall, almost as tall as quidditch-playing Caitlin, with coppery skin that always seemed to emit a glow. When I'd first met her I'd thought she must have the sun burning inside her, she was always so bright and beautiful. Now I was pretty sure it was the fiery pits of hell that burned within. She had long dark hair that she liked to flick and fiddle with at any opportunity. When I was her friend I'd wished for silky hair like hers. Now the habit just annoyed me. 

So you get it, I didn't like Violet Harper. I didn't like Caitlin, or Rose, or anyone who had turned their backs on me. Once upon a time we had all been best of friends. The worst kind.

Violet lay on her side, flipping through a magazine, her long hair spilling over the bed covers.

Once Caitlin was dressed in her pajamas, she climbed onto Violet's mattress beside her friend, and looked at the magazine pages with her. They began to point and comment on the pictures, and discuss whether or not faux-fur hats were in this season. 

Caitlin looked up, saw that I happened to be looking at them, and with a contemptuous look closed the four poster curtains around them firmly.

I glared at the curtain folds and sat up properly on my bed, pulling a copy of the weekly Hogwarts Grapevine onto my lap.

The main headline read: Divination Professor predicts Hamster's death.

I snorted. This was the best they could come with? No wonder no one read it. And no wonder they were threatening to close down.

I flipped through the rest, sniggering here and there at the ridiculously boring titles, and the uninspired pictures.

"Something amusing?"

I looked up to see my fourth and final roommate, editor-in-cheif of the very newspaper I was reading now and fellow woman on top, Dai Evans.

Dai was a chinese girl with thick dark hair that came to just past her shoulders. She wore it in a tight pony tail most of the time, but usually had enough space to slide several pencils through it. Her dark eyes had an inquisitive look to them and she hardly ever smiled, preferring to look serious and unaffected.

Like me, Dai preferred her work to having friends. She was dedicated to the grapevine, having been the one who started and kept it running ever since her third year. In our early Hogwarts years she could have made friends with Caitlin, Violet and I, and become one of them, but she chose to work. A choice I myself now wished I'd made.

I bit my lip, unsure of what to say, "Just amused by your piece on Professor Longbottom's new species of tentacular leaves."

She didn't seem to share my amusement.

"I've been meaning to ask you something," she said. She glanced at the closed four poster curtains of Violet's bed, and then back at me, "Maybe down in the common room. It's empty now."

I nodded, the unwillingness to get off the bed and go back downstairs having been overshadowed by my curiosity at what Dai would have to say to me. Dai hardly ever spoke a word to any of us, let alone ask questions.

So I followed her downstairs to the common room, only to find that it wasn't quite as empty as she'd made out. A tall, lanky boy was sitting in one of the arm chairs, with a birds nest of brown hair that stuck out in every direction imaginable. Despite this, however, he had a surprisingly good looking face. It wasn't an obvious sort of attractiveness, he would hardly have a fan girl following like some of my male cousins, but his face displayed a sort of gentle intelligence.

"This is Fergus," Dai said, "Fergus, this is Lucy."

Fergus gave me an awkward smile, as we shook hands and both said in unison, "I know."

I sat in an armchair beside Fergus, and Dai took the sofa. 

"Have you done the report on Professor Sprout's retirement?" she asked him in a low, businesslike tone.

"Done and dusted," he smiled at her.

She didn't reply, just nodded curtly.

I almost snorted. Professor Sprout's retirement had happened over ten years ago. It was hardly news.

I felt sorry for Fergus. He was Dai's only friend. The rest of the grapevine volunteers all claimed her to be a satanic bitch. But not Fergus. 

Saying Fergus was her friend was a stretch. Slave would be a more accurate term.

He was her top investigator, possibly because he was the only one left who Dai hadn't yet managed to reduce to tears.

"Fergus is the grapevine's investigator," said Dai, "Only, he doesn't seem very capable at finding stories which aren't boring."

I raised an eyebrow, "Might I suggest hiring a different investigator?"

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about," Dai replied, "We want you to join us."

I glanced at Fergus. It seemed a bit insensitive to be offering me his job in his very presence, but Fergus didn't seem to mind at all. He was looking at me hopefully.

"You want me to be your investigator," I said slowly.

"Yes," Dai replied.

"You want me to find out stories for you."


"No thanks," I replied.

"Why not?" she demanded, looking unsatisfied.

"Because I don't believe in finding out people's problems by spying on them, and then publicizing them to the world," I replied, "It's unethical."

"Really? You think what I do is unethical?" Dai sounded offended, "Right, because getting paid for spying on people is moral, silly me!"

I opened my mouth to argue back, but Fergus interrupted, "Ok, Ok. No need to use harsh words." He turned to me, "Here's the deal, Lucy. I hate being an investigator, I'm no good at it. You have proven yourself to be an excellent investigator. You know the gossip before it even happens. You know everything about everyone. We need someone like that if we're going to keep the grapevine alive. Professor McGonagall has said that if we can't stimulate more interest, the grapevine will have to close down soon. "

"Sounds like a good plan," I said placidly, "And I'm flattered, really. Except I don't care."

Dai's jaw set sullenly, "You don't care."

"I don't care," I repeated, "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be going to bed now."

I picked myself up, but Dai said something that made me stop, "You want to find out the truth about Callum Davies and your cousin, right?"

I glanced suspiciously at her, "How do you-"

She waved me away, "You want the truth?"

I snorted, "What? Are you suggesting we trade intelligence on my cousin, for my investigative services?"

"No," she replied, "I'm suggesting something else."

"Well, what?" I asked, feeling more than usually intrigued.

"You write one story for us. Just one. An exposé on Callum Davies. Who he is, what's his deal, why he does the thing he does. Callum Davies is the single greatest mystery at Hogwarts, and I'm giving you the chance to solve it."

I raised an eyebrow, "If I wanted to solve it, I could. I don't need your permission."

Dai sighed, "Fine, I guess you don't need the thirty galleons I was planning on paying you to do it."

I hesitated. Thirty galleons would be more than enough to pay for that new lens. Not to mention it would mean I wouldn't have to deal with another cheating boyfriend or scorned girlfriend for the rest of the year. 

But there was that rule I had, to keep everything I discovered a secret from the public.  Publicizing the secret details of Callum Davies existence would definitely be breaking that rule.

Then again, I didn't have an inch of sympathy for Callum Davies. He hardly had a moral compass either.

I looked shrewdly at Dai, "Forty, and you've got a deal."

"Thirty-five, final offer."

I pursed my lips. Louis wouldn't like this at all. He liked playing it safe. He didn't like getting mixed up with the likes of Callum Davies.

"Fine," I said, holding out a hand for her to shake.

"See Fergus?" Dai smirked at him as she shook my hand, "She isn't scared."

Fergus looked a little offended, "Hey, when he saw me following him, he pushed me up against a wall and threatened to throw me out the window!"

Dai ignored him, "Here's what you have to do. You have to get close to him, pretend he's your friend. Maybe even more than that, he has hormones after all, and you're fairly attractive, I suppose."

"Glad to know I have the Dai Evans stamp of approval," I replied, "But I wouldn't go near Callum Davies with a ten foot pole."

"Well, I've got thirty-five galleons that says you will," she replied. She handed over twenty galleons, "I'll pay you the rest when the job is done."

I took the galleons, and dropped them into my pocket.

"You have one month," Dai informed me, "That's how long we have to turn the grapevine's chances around."

I nodded and left the common room. With each step I took towards the dormitory I felt an even bigger sense of dread, and I heard the sound of twenty coins jangling together.


A/N: And so it begins! Let me know your thoughts in that pretty grey box right undeneath this note :) Next chapter should be up as soon as I can get my life together.

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