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Come Back With Me by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 2 : Bloody Time Travel
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 The first thing I noticed after I fell flat on my ass was that I was staring into Draco's gorgeous blue eyes. "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just lost my balance." He helped me up and that's when I noticed we had landed in the middle of the Great Hall where I think the whole bloody school was. But then again, it was dinner time. I saw a group of four boys come towards us. And I knew exactly who they were. In the lead was James Potter, his Head Boy badge ever so obviuos. Then there was Sirius Black, and I think my jaw dropped to the floor, and my eyes popped out of my head. He was so FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! He had black haiir that went a little past his collar, his eyes were a cool gray that were filled with ten thousand different emotions. His teeth were perfect, and so white that they were toothpaste commercial ready. He had a beautifully sculpted body, wit broad shoulders, and huge arme, probably from being a beater. As soon as I was able to tear my eyes away from him, my eyes just about popped out of my head again when I saw Remus Lupin. He was just about as good looking as Sirius, but he didn't have the whole bad boy look about him. He oozed confidence, and you could tell he could be as dirty as Sirius if he wanted. Then came Peter. It took all of my energy to not strangle him where I was standing. He was shorter than the other boys, with watery brown eyes that darted around everywhere, looking possibly for deatheaters.

"Who are you, and how did you get here?" demanded James. Damn, he looked so much like Harry.

"Who is in charge of this establishment?" asked Draco, taking out his wand. 

"Draco," I whispered to him,"What are you doing?"

"Trust me." was the answer I got. I took out my wand, just as Draco hid me behind him. He knew what he was doing...I hoped. "Where are we?" asked Draco. He was an extremely good actor, because he looked like he was suspicious of everyone that was there. He appeared to be taking in his surroundings, as though he was searching for an escape route, for just in case. 

"You answer my question, I'll answer yours." said James, smirking slightly. 

"How do we know you aren't deatheaters, huh?" I said, finally speaking. It had the desired effect. James dropped his wand in surprise, Sirius's jaw dropped, Remus looked shocked and dropped his wand, and Peter looked scared, as though we knew he was a deatheater.

"Just take us to your leader, okay...unless it's Voldemort...then you may as well kill us." Draco said, pointing his wand at James's throat. 

"Put your wand down, we aren't deatheaters. I swear it." Sirius spoke for the first time, "We detest them." Draco lowered his wand slowly, and I heard a girl's voice shouting "Move it, Head Girl coming through here! Potter I swear if you're starting trouble, you will be expelled!! What the bloo-who the hell are you?"

Draco looked impatient as he said "Will you just take us to the adult in charge here? We really need to talk to him!" James nodded, and turned to lead us. Lily looked like she wanted to stop us from leaving, but Sirius shook his head at her. Here started the journey I would never forget.


Author's Note:

Hey guys!! What do you think so far?? I have no idea where I'm going with this, so suggestions would be amazing!!!


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