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Got Dynamite? by neverlosehope
Chapter 1 : Dreamworld
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 Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to the amazing J.K Rowling. All hail the queen. 




I was floating. Literally floating on a pink, fluffy cloud made of strawberry flavored cotton candy.


Why, you may ask? Well I haven't the slightest.


But as long as there's cotton candy involved I ain't complaining.


Seriously. I'm totally game. 


That sugary goodness, which sticks to your fingers and melts in your mouth. That awesome-y wonderfulness which gives you so many holes in your teeth that you can't even count them on your fingers, but thankfully since your beloved father is a tooth-healer-person-thingy at St. Mungo's he can just zap them all healthy and clean and be done with it.. for free.


There's only one thing that's better than cotton candy, and that, my dear friends, is free stuff. I mean it's free. Nuff said.


Anyway, back to the candy. As I was just about to take a large chunk of that fluffy deliciousness, a ray of water hit me square in the face, dripping on the cloud and melting away all the cotton candy below me.

''NO!'' I exclaimed, ''My beautiful, beautiful, sweet, delicious, yummyne-'' 

''Dreaming about food again, huh, Alex?''


My eyes flew open to view an amused looking Rose standing in front of me with a wand pointed to my face. 


''Yes, as a matter of fact. And you were disturbing a very precious moment'' I answered unabashedly.


''What was it this time?'' Dom said, coming out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her slim body. ''Was it pie, or fudge? Or were you dreaming of chicken legs tonight?'', she continued.


''Neither, cotton candy..'' I sighed, trying to empty my ears of water.


''It's a miracle you don't weigh, like, a hundred pounds with the amount of food that goes through that mouth of yours'', Rose piped in, walking towards the window.


''Well, quidditch is a life saver. Plus they don't call it a 'pie hole' for nothing.'', I said, heaving myself up in a sitting position, eyes darting to the clock on the bedside table. 


''What the heck, Rose?! It's six a.m. Why did you wake me up now? Couldn't you have let me sleep in?'' long enough for me to have had myself a few chunks of dreamworld's cotton candy anyway.. 

  Dreamworld's cotton candy.. That sounds kinda dope. I'd totally buy that. Imagine the commercial for that. 

'MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! BUY DREAMWORLD'S COTTON CANDY! NOW WITH EXTRA FLUFF!' They could hire Niall Horan to do his American-loud-middle-aged-man-presenter-voice. I should totally sell that idea. I'd get loaded! But who would I sell it to? I mean-


''ALEXANDRA?!'' ´Rose yelled in my ear. Jeez Louise, woman, I ain't deaf. Crazy bint.

''I AM NOT A CRAZY BINT''. Whoops.. said that aloud, now did I?
''Of course not, my dearest, darlingest Rosepetal'' I said in my sweetest, sugariest voice.
She rolled her eyes but continued, her anger fading ''Anyway, as I was saying'' she sent a glare my way. I replied with a cheeky grin. ''I really didn't want to miss the Hogwarts owls, so I decided to get up a little earlier'' A little?
''A little?'' Dom echoed my thoughts and I grinned at her ''Yeah, cause obviously the owls would just simply fly away with the letters if you weren't there the moment they arrived to pry them from their claws. It's not like they would have just dropped them off like they're supposed to'', she continued.
''Oh, shut up.'' Rose muttered and went to sit on her bed.



I had been spending a week of summer vacation with Rose, Dom and most of their cousins and friends (Lysander Scamander, Joseph Wood and Dave Finnegan) at the Burrow under the supervision of Mr and Mrs Weasley Sr.

I know what y'all must be thinking right now. Smart move, parents, leaving your pubescent children and their friends under the wings of an old, senile elderly couple who go to bed at seven thirty. But nana Weasley, besides being the most amazing cook like, ever, is also very, very scary.

Like this one time Freddy tripped and broke a vase into a million pieces. He had to mend it. On his own. Using only a hot glue gun.
He glued his fingers together. Twice. And then he glued them to his face. 
It was really fun to watch.


I got out of bed and hopped in the shower.
As I descended the bathroom, ten minutes later with a white, fluffy towel wrapped around my body, the smell of my flowery scented shampoo fillling the air, Dom was in the process of straightening her already pin-straight hair and Rose was pacing the room nervously, occasionly taking a look outside the window for the owls she knew were coming today.

''Rose, sweetheart'', I said, walking over to her and sitting her down on her bed. ''Don't worry, okay, you're gonna do great.''.


''Oh, but what if I don't, Alex!'' she said, letting all her worries out.


''What if I wind up with just a great big bunch of T's and I have to repeat a year, and I just keep failing and failing until I'm an old lady and still in fifth year when they finally kick me out 'cause I'm so hopeless and I end up living on the street outside of McDonalds, begging for leftover ketchup and I die hungry and alone?!''


''Rose, please, like that's ever gonna happen'' Dom piped up from across the room, rolling her eyes.


''But what if?!''


''Now you're just being stupid''


''Shut up, Dominique. You're stupid''


''Well, Rosie-Posey, your face is stupid''

They were now full out screaming at eachother. And before you ask, yes, they are normally like this. 
I decided to step in before Dom got to her Jelly-Legs-mode, and Dom does a mean jelly-leg jinx, she hates being called Dominique.

''Guys, guys stop.'' I piped up.
Naturally, they ignored me. Great guys. It's wonderful to know that you care.
''Guys, seriously, shut up''
''Ohmygosh, I think I hear nana Weasley coming''
''Shit'', Dom cursed, a terrified look on her face.
''We need to hide'', Rose sported a similar look as to Doms.
''Chill your tits, guys, I only said that to shut you up. Nana Weasley doesn't turn her hearing-aid on until 7.30'' I laughed.
''You play a dirty game, young samuraj'' Dom said, her eyes narrowedI ignored her.

''Rose, You're gonna do amazing, I just know it. You've worked harder than anyone, and if I know you you'll probably have all O's'', going in for a hug, but stopping when I realized that I wasn't wearing anything but a bath towel. Rose seemed to realize the same thing and stepped away, pointing to the closet.
''Maybe you should..'',
''Yeah..'', I replied, walking over.


It looked to be a sunny day, so I chose a navy blue sundress with a laced rim along with a pair of black ballerina flats. After attempting, and failing, to tame my wild, blonde curls, I simply gave up and tied the mess into a bun on top of my head. Choosing to keep my face clear of makeup I took a look in the mirror and decided it would suffice. 


At around eight in the morning we descended the staircase, me in my sundress, Rose, in a cute jeans skirt and a t-shirt, and Dom, in a loose white tank top stuffed in to a pair of high-waisted jeans shorts. I smelled the bacon wafting from the magical heaven on earth, otherwise known as nana Weasley's kitchen.

I immediately quickened my steps, accidentally knocking over Dom in my hurry to get to breakfast, she, in her turn knocked over Rose, and we all came tumbling down the stairs. We landed in a heap at the end of the stairs. 

''Fuck! Alex, you fucking hoe', what the fucking hell?! Ow, fuck!'', ah, introducing the ladylike and exclusive vocabulary of Miss. Dominique Gabrielle Weasley. Enchantée.
''Language!'', we heard Mrs. Weasley's voice from the kitchen. 
Rose sat herself up, holding onto her head and I rolled over on to my back, and was met with the ugliest view that morning.

Or.. well, to be fair the view was bloody amazing, I just really didn't like the person who provided the view. 'Cause sneering down at me was one of the most annoying (and fittest) guys I had ever had the displeasure of meeting.
James bloody Potter.


''There's no need to be crawling on the floor for me, Jones, I know you want me, but you're acting desperate'', he smirked. ''Oh, in your wildest dreams, Potter.'' I spat. 

''No seriously, Jones, you can stop lying about it. It's pretty obvious how you feel about me'', he said with (admittedly gorgeous) eyes wide open, sporting an innocent look. 

I decided to play along. 

''You know.. You're right'', I said with a defeated sigh.
''Right about what?'', he suspiciously asked as I pushed him against the wall, my hands resting on his chest.

I almost, just almost, lost track of my mind when I felt how defined his rock hard chest was. But with my plan in mind I batted my eyelashes, drilled my clear blue eyes into his green-flecked hazel ones, and then I bit my lower lip seductively and said in a low voice 
''I lied.. About what I said before about only wanting you in your wildest dreams...''.
His eyebrows shot up to his hairline, his breathing grew heavier, and I was certain I could feel his heartbeat speeding up where the palm of my right hand still rested on his chest. Inwardly smirking because my plan seemed to be working (ha, that rhymes) I brought my lips up to his ear, closing the distance between us even though our already close proximity for some reason was clouding my mind, and, keeping in mind every time he had ever teased me or made my life hell, I whispered, with my breath tickling his skin ''I wouldn't even want you then''.

And then I pushed away, turned around, started walking, and didn't look back. Until I tripped over the threshold.



So this is my first ever published chapter! Yay, right? 
I realize it's not very long, and I apologize but for now that was all I could do. This little chapter took me ages to finish. I'm new at this, guys, remember that.


I've been a manic HPPF fanfiction reader for about two years and I decided to give it a try and share my own little Harry Potter fantasy. English is not my native language, so I apologize for any misspellings or grammatic errors. I would very much appreciate if you would give me some feedback. Tell me if you loved it, hated it, anything I should have done? Did wrong? Any ideas on where you want this to go?



I know there isn't exactly a proper plot here yet, but there will be in a few chapters, I just have to work my way up to it. 


Anyway, now I'm rambling. Please review, or visit my author's page.  









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