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The Time For Changing by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 6 : The insufferable Pansy Parkinson.
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Two hours later, Hermione finally escaped McGonagall’s office alone. 


After the healer had arrived he had requested privacy between himself and Malfoy, despite Mcgonagall trying to persuade him to allow Hermione to stay.

“I beg your pardon Healer Marlosto, but I must insist that you allow Miss Granger here to stay, she is, after all, the one responsible for Mr. Malfoy’s condition.”

Healer Marlosto, a stern looking man in his early 40’s, seemed to consider Professor McGonagall’s request before answering.


“I respect you very much, Headmistress. However, I must insist that you allow me a moment of privacy with Mr. Malfoy. I will require your absence as well. If you wish for me to give you a proper diagnosis on Mr. Malfoy’s current ailment, it is vital that we are not interrupted.” McGonagall pursed her lips at this, and finally nodded curtly.


“Very well, I will go and report this situation to the other Heads of House, whilst you attend to Mr Malfoy.” She then peered over at Hermione. “I will allow you, Miss Granger, to now leave for dinner in the Great Hall. I suppose this has been quite a stressful day, but as soon as you’re done I’d like you to come back here to escort Mr. Malfoy to your common room, and to take some time to explain to him a bit more about our home here at Hogwarts.”

Well, this truly blows. Hermione’s thoughts screamed, though on the outside she remained silent. She carefully stood up and began walking toward the door, knowing that any attempt to argue with the Headmistress would be a futile one.

“Hermione” Malfoy whimpered.

She turned to look over at him; he looked scared as he watched the healer begin unloading many unusual looking utensils from his brief case. If Hermione hadn’t already realized the difference in Draco Malfoy, she would have laughed at his reaction, but she didn’t because she knew what ever emotions he was feeling, he was also showing them. He was, after all, a blank canvas.

Hermione turned back to Malfoy and placed her hand cautiously on his shoulder.


“Listen, Draco, the healer is just going to run a few tests, just to make sure that you are okay, ill be back to get you soon. Just relax.” Hermione smiled reassuringly and was happy to see that at her words Malfoy was quickly soothed.


She turned and exited the Headmistress’s office, unable to come to terms with what she had done as she walked slowly towards the Great Hall.


It was after 6 o’clock when Hermione finally arrived for dinner, the day’s events had left her feeling more worn out than ever. She spotted Harry and Ginny sitting across from each other at the Gryffindor table, whispering frantically to one another. Hermione wondered if they had heard what had happened. She made her way over to them, and it was Ginny who spotted her first.


“Hermione! We have been so worried! When you didn’t come back from your meeting with Malfoy, we thought the stupid ferret had done something to you, and then we heard rumors from a third year that the library was all blown up and no one was allowed to enter it! Tell us what happened!”


Hermione sat down beside Harry and looked at Ginny.



“You both are never going to believe this.” She muttered.


“Try us!” said Harry, teeth clenched.


So with many gasps and fists banging against the table, Hermione told her two best friends what had happened.


“And now McGonagall’s ordered me to stick by his side until his memory returns, oh god!” Hermione felt like crying. “This is my entire fault, I deserve this.”


“Hermione! This is definitely not your fault; Malfoy’s the one that started this. But what do you mean, is he really a different person?” Harry asked curiously.

“You have no idea, Harry. All he does is smile, and I don’t mean to sound big headed or anything but he is constantly staring at me. He even manifested flowers for me, how odd is that?”


From across the table Ginny started to laugh.


“How on earth is this funny Ginny?” Hermione asked, feeling anger bubbling inside her.


“Sounds like he likes you, is all” giggled Ginny.


“Oh Please Ginny!” Hermione snorted. “Draco doesn’t have a clue, his brain is empty, don’t you understand that?”


“Draco?” Ginny started really laughing. “We’re calling him Draco now?”


Hermione felt her cheeks burn. That was definitely a terrible slip of the tongue. She watched, surprised as Harry actually started laughing along with Ginny.


“I have to go.” Hermione muttered, sliding out of the chair.

“No wait!” Harry yelled. “Where are you going? Ginny and I were only kidding with you.” Hermione sighed and looked over at her friends.


“Don’t worry guys, I really do have to go, I have to go get Malfoy and bring him to the common room…”


“Oh” Harry said. “Well, good luck and everything…”


Hermione turned away as she rolled her eyes so that they wouldn’t see it. She walked slowly back through the Great Hall, and this time, she noticed that there were a lot more people pointing and whispering at her.


“—and then she killed him…”


“There saying all that was left was his left foot…”

“No…I heard she tried to give him a love potion and it backfired because he was allergic to it or something!”


“There were guts everywhere!”


Hermione was quite shocked, it was extraordinary how rumors at Hogwarts leapt out of control, she wondered what there reactions would be when they found out what really happened, that Malfoy was alive and well…so to speak.


She quickened her step until she was out side of the Great Hall, thankful, for now at least she wouldn’t have to deal with all that until tomorrow. She was heading towards the staircase when her path was blocked by Pansy Parkinson.

“So..” She said murderously. “What. Have. You. Done!?”


Hermione decided she didn’t have the energy to fight with Pansy, so she shrugged past her to continue walking up the stairs.

“Don’t walk away from me, Granger!” Pansy screamed. “WHAT IS GOING ON? WHERE IS DRACO??”

Hermione turned her head slowly and gazed at Pansy. Her cheeks were patchy as if she had been crying.

Pansy continued to stare at her, waiting for her answer. Hermione resolved that it was better just to let it out, she would find out sooner then later anyway.

“Well, Parkinson, Malfoy and I got into a fight and now he doesn’t remember a thing. Really, he doesn’t even know who he is, I doubt that he remembers you. Bye now.” She turned her back once more, and made it to the top of the staircase before she could hear Pansy’s clomping shoes following quickly.


“Wait! What do you mean?” Pansy caught up to Hermione with a bit effort.

Hermione felt like rolling her eyes, but refrained as she saw Pansy’s deathly gaze.


“His memory is gone, it was an accident, not much more to it really, so that’s that.”


“You filthy little mudblood!” Pansy Shouted.

Hermione watched as Pansy searched her robes frantically in search of something, realizing she was probably looking for her wand, Hermione took a few steps backwards, and readied herself to run. There was no way she was going to get into another duel with another Slytherin tonight; things would definitely start looking suspicious.


Pansy suddenly gave up her search and seemed completely discouraged. She gazed at Hermione still with venom, but with a look of involuntary surrender.


Hermione was sidetracked for a moment, her mind was processing the fact that Pansy had just threatened to fight her tomorrow, and it took her a few more seconds to register the last part.

“Wait, What?” Hermione spluttered. “I can’t, and besides, didn’t you just hear what I said? He won’t have a clue who you are, he probably wont even care if you tell him because it still means nothing if he doesn’t remember you!”


“Oh please!” Pansy sneered. “Draco and I have a profound relationship, if there is a chance he’s going to remember anyone, it’s going to be the one he loves.”


“And that would be...?” Hermione said, faking confusion. She bit back a snicker at angered expression on Pansy’s face. “Oh, you! Sorry, forgot.” 


Hermione knew it wasn’t the time for laughing, so she kept her face as blank as possible and sighed.


“Fine Pansy, come on then. Remember, I warned you. Besides I’m not even entirely sure that Professor McGonagall will permit you to see him.”

Hurrmff” Sneered Pansy. “Once she understands the gravity of Draco and I she will most certainly want me to be with him…Merlin’s Granger, you just don’t understand what love is, do you? Weaselbee not doing it for you?”


Hermione’s cheeks burned. The urge to pull out her wand was extremely tempting, but remembering how much trouble she was in already helped her to keep her head.

“Fine. Find Malfoy yourself.” Once Pansy’s face looked worried enough to keep her tongue held, Hermione began to climb the rest of the stairs back to the Headmaster’s office. She moved quickly, and couldn’t help but have a bit of satisfaction with Pansy’s difficulty in keeping up, while constantly muttering insults under her breath (something Hermione chose to ignore).


When they reached the Headmistress’s office the gargoyle immediately stepped aside without the password. Hermione assumed it was told to do so. Pansy let out an awful squeal, you would think that growing up in the wizarding world things as small as a gargoyle moving would be quite ordinary to someone. Just shows how daft she really is. Hermione chuckled at her own thoughts. 

Hermione noticed that the door to the office was ajar. She began to knock on it lightly but was hastily interrupted by Pansy, who (with a total lack of etiquette) barged through the door, slamming it as hard as she could.


“Where in bloody hell is he? Where’s Draco?” Pansy yelled, peering around the office and then at a startled Professor Mcgonagall.


Hermione followed into the office slowly after Pansy, almost feeling embarrassed for her. Cheeks blushing she peered over to Professor McGonagall who was gazing at Pansy with obvious irritation.

“Miss Parkinson, how dare you barge into my office! Miss Granger, why on earth did you allow her to come with you?” McGonagall leered at Hermione, who was quite shocked at getting blamed for Pansy’s rudeness.

“Pardon me Professor, but I had no choice but to bring her, she cornered me on my way here, demanding to see Draco.”

“Very well.” McGonagall muttered, obviously too tired to argue anymore. “Miss Parkinson, another outburst and you will earn yourself a weeks detention, are we clear?

“Yes, yes Headmistress, very clear. Now where is he?” Pansy almost wailed, Hermione wondered how on earth someone could be so oblivious to how pitiable they were. Draco, who must have been by the bookcase, came into view timidly. He slowly descended the small staircase, eyeing Pansy the entire time.

Pansy squealed and ran over to Draco, leaping up and hugging him. Hermione had to laugh as she watched Draco expression; he was absolutely disgruntled by Pansy’s actions. Standing like a statue, he refused to budge, staring at Hermione as though pleading for help. She sighed and walked over to them, tapping Pansy on the shoulder.


“If it isn’t clear enough, Parkinson, he doesn’t have a clue who you are. In fact, I think you are scaring him a bit, to be perfectly honest.”


Pansy slowly turned to look at Hermione, still refusing to release Draco from her grip.


“How dare you Granger, he needs me at a time like this! How daft can you be?” She then turned back to Draco, hugging him tighter as she gazed up at him for the first time.

A mix of emotions played across Draco’s face, at first shocked seemed to be the most dominant, but as Pansy wound herself round Draco tighter, anger seemed to replace anything else.


Hermione watched in shock as Draco pushed Pansy as hard as he could, Pansy tumbled backwards, but some how managed to stay upright.


Draco, realising what he had done, took a few steps backwards, sorrow and regret now adamant on his face, he began pulling at his hair in frustration.


“I’m sorry” He said through gritted teeth “But why would you insult her?” He said pointing a finger at Hermione, whom was now blushing in the corner.


“What are you talking about Draco?” stammered Pansy, who was trying to keep her cool, as she smoothed out her robes. “Granger is our enemy remember? We hate her!” Pansy ran towards Draco suddenly and slapped him across the face. “Remember God damn it!” She screamed, moving away from Draco, obviously afraid he would hit her back.


“Now, Miss Parkinson, there will be no violence in my office, do you understand?” spoke Mcgonagall, as she walked towards the pair.


“But he pushed me first!” whined Pansy.


“Be that as it may Miss Parkinson, you know that Mr Malfoy has lost his memory, myself and Miss Granger have both told you repeatedly, but you continue to persist that you’re right when it’s clear you are not, now Mr Malfoy, whilst out of line by pushing you, is not in his right mind at this present time, how would you feel if a complete stranger came up to you and began hugging you?”


Pansy thought for a moment and breathed heavily.


“But im not a stranger, im his girlfriend!” she wailed, as big ugly tears began rolling down her scrunched up face.


Hermione rolled her eyes. It was clear that there was no getting through to Pansy, ‘quite frankly’; Hermione thought ‘she’s just an idiot’.


Mcgonagall sighed and patted Pansy’s shoulder reluctantly.


Hermione, who had been focused on the scene, hadn’t noticed that Draco was now by her shoulder. She looked up at him to see that he was staring at her; she gave him a small smile and returned her gaze to Pansy.


“If that really is my girlfriend, I must have some major self-esteem issues” whispered Draco, leaning towards Hermione’s ear.


Hermione couldn’t help it, she laughed, and not quietly. Draco chuckled softly behind her.


Pansy looked up at the two, and her sadness turned to rage.


“You did this on purpose! Didn’t you Granger? Wiped his memory so that you could turn him against me and have him all to yourself!”


“Don’t be ridicules Parkinson, that is just absurd!” Hermione spoke, dumbfounded by Pansy once again.


“Well then Granger, enjoy your time with him now, because it won’t last long, when his memory returns, and it will return, he’s probably going to kill you and ill be there by his side wiping the sweat of his forehead”


Hermione scoffed at Pansy, but inside, she panicked. She hadn’t thought about what would happen once Draco regained his memories, its not like he could hate her anymore then he already did…


“But that’s if he gets a chance to kill you, because im sure Mr Malfoy will want the honours” Pansy grinned.


“Uhum… Mr Malfoy? Lucius Malfoy?” said Mcgonagall staring at Pansy confused. “Draco is of age, and with the events of last year, Lucius Malfoy doesn’t need to know, nor has the right to know anything about this”


“Oh really?” said Pansy suspiciously. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that when I sent him a letter earlier, informing him of the rumours of his sons demise. I expect he’ll be arriving soon actually” she said happily.


Hermione stood frozen staring at Pansy in astonishment, along with Mcgonagall.


Hermione felt Draco tapping on her shoulder, so she looked over at him.


“My father…im assuming by your expression that’s not a good thing?”


Hermione held her gaze with Draco and shook her head.


“It’s not a good thing at all” she said as the flames in McGonagall’s fireplace turned a bright green and a cloaked figure emerged.



A/N ---

Hey guys!

You have honestly no idea how sorry I am that this took me so long to get up, I feel so bad! But with Uni and my new found love of graphic making It seemed I was never able to finish it! But here it is! And I really hoped you enjoyed it, the next chapter will be up really soon !

So please review and tell me what you think

Xx - S

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