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Family, Love, School.... Oh and Quidditch by Antilles
Chapter 4 : Quidditch Tryouts
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Chapter Image thanks to Estella @ TDA!




DISCLAIMER: I own nothing you recogonize... however much I wish I did.


Two weeks had passed since our first Defense against the Dark Arts class, and they had gone just great!


*note sarcasm*


The partners we had been assigned first class had been made our permanent partners for the year, so, please note my joy. Thus far I had been thrown across the room 3 more times, and sent to the hospital wing once. My arm still hurt for the bone mending potion.


I never complained though, nor did I fight back. In some ways I deserved it for what I had done. So, until she decided enough was enough, I would take what she gave me.


Away from that situation though, Rose and Scorpius were still oblivious as ever to each other, Albus seemed to be fancying someone (he won’t tell me who though, which bugs me, we tell each other pretty much everything.) and Molly seemed to be, well Molly. She was pulling pranks and getting good grades as always.


Let’s get back to me though, shall we?


 I am insanely happy right now.


Why you might ask?


Quidditch tryouts were tomorrow. Al and I had been working some plays already, and I could see the excitement in Scorpius and Molly’s eyes. We needed another beater to play with Molly, and a Keeper to replace Jackson Wood, who had graduated last year with James.


Aye, another Wood. This one still liked me though, atleast somewhat. I don’t think Jess ever told him what happened. Which was fine by me, he was one of James best friends, and some of the stuff they had done, had scared the CRAP out of me.


Anyways, back to Quidditch.


Of course we would all technically be trying out, but no one could really beat me, Lily and Scorpius together. Molly was arguably the best Beater in the school with Fred gone, and well… Albus was the captain after all, so he wouldn’t be losing his spot. I really couldn’t wait for tomorrow.



I had woken up pretty early to find Scorpius already gone. He had always been an early riser when it came to anything Quidditch based, even practices and tryouts. I couldn’t really explain it, so I didn’t try. Grabbing my towel, I headed into the bathroom for a quick shower before getting dressed. I splashed Albus with some water to wake him up before heading down to the great hall for some breakfast.  I entered the hall to find few people already there. Spotting Scorpius and Molly were already at the Gryffindor table chatting. Making my way down the table, I dropped down into a spot beside Molly before grabbing some pancakes off of the platters in front of me. 


“So…. Tryouts…” I said nonchalantly as I grabbed some bacon and chewed on it.


“Yup… So we need a new Beater and Keeper.” Scorpius replied while lifting a spoon full of oatmeal to his mouth.


“Hopefully we can find someone I can work with as well as I did Freddie.” Molly said as she took a bite out of her Toast.


“That might be hard; you and Freddie worked really well together.” I replied. “I mean, you grew up together playing Beaters.”


“True, it’s the same as you and Lily working together so well as Chasers.” Scorpius said. It was true; me and Lily could practically read each other’s minds when it came to playing during a game. Scorpius had a tough time keeping up with us sometimes.


“I’m sure we will be able to find someone. I’m more worried about Keeper than finding me a partner.” Molly said as she finished her toast and moved to her waffles. That girl loved her Waffles, she would eat them every meal of the day if she could.


“Aye, with Jack gone our Keeper selection looks mighty thin.” I replied cutting into my pancakes and dragging it through some syrup. “If we could convince Hugo to try out, we could have a pretty good keeper, but last I checked he wasn’t going too.”


“Well, we will just have to wait and see who tries out than.” Molly replied through mouthfuls of waffle.


“Albus is going to hate that.” Scorpius said with a grin.


Oh how right he was.



I had an absolutely silly grin on my face as I walked out onto the pitch with my broom in my hand. Even though it was just a tryout, I could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone here was here to play a game they loved. I approached the group of people that were there to tryout. There was a large amount of girls, all giggling to themselves while holding their brooms, while another group stood off to the side watching Scorpius and Lily slowly circle the pitch tossing the Quaffle back and forth.


Okay… so maybe they weren’t all there to play a game they loved… It may so happen that some of them were there to watch me, Al and Scorpius.


As I walked past the group of girls, I heard the whispering stop, and someone wolf whistled as I walked towards Al.


Like I said… maybe they weren’t all here to play.


I stopped beside Al who was looking over a clipboard full of names. Under the two headings were names for people trying out for Keeper and Beater, though there was a lot more for Keeper than Beater.


“Long list of names for Keeper.” I said as I watched Molly walk past the group of giggling girls and join me and Al.


“So, looks like we have a larger group of Gigglers than last year.” Molly said with a hint of contempt as she stopped beside me and crossed her arms. She hated all of them, trying to fawn themselves over Me, Al and Scorp.


“Yes, but it won’t take long for them to be weeded out.” Al replied glancing up from his clipboard at the other more serious group. “At least we have more serious contenders though too.”


“You know, I am surprised more people didn’t argue over us giving Lily the spot without a tryout. I mean technically she came in as a sub for James when he was hurt last year.” I said glancing up and Lily and Scorpius who were now hovering by the Hoops at the far end.


“I think most Gryffies knew she would beat out anyone who did try out.” Al replied as he grabbed his whistle from its spot hanging around his neck. He blew it, gathering the attention of all of the assembled people, even the gigglers. “Alright people, welcome to the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Tryouts. This year we have two open spots, another Beater, and Keeper. To my right is Blake, who will be directing the Keeper tryouts, he will be the one telling you what to do and help me make my decision. To Blakes right is Molly, she will be conducting the Beater Tryouts, as whoever makes it will be her partner. She will be putting you through hitting practice, and teamwork tests as the Beaters have to be able to read each other. To that effect, I want all people trying out for Keeper to follow Blake down to the hoops, Beater hopefuls will be staying here with myself and Molly.” He blew his whistle again and I walked down between the two groups heading towards the hoops where Scorpius and Lily were waiting for me.


“Alright Keepers, this way.” I called behind me. I heard a large amount of Rustling and I knew they were following me. As we reached the hoops, I mounted my broom and hovered a few feet in the air. Lily and Scorpius came down and hovered beside me. I did a head count of the group standing before me on the ground. We had 18 people trying out for Keeper, most of them younger years, Five or below, but I did recognize one of them as Lysander Scamander. He was in Lily’s year and from the family picnic’s to which his family always came, I knew he was a competent Keeper. “Alright first test. In groups of 3 you are going to mount your broom, and fly 5 laps. First person to complete moves on, others are sent away. You three on the left are first.”



To say we had a large competent group of people trying out for keeper would be a lie. An utter lie.


Of the six groups, two of the groups didn’t even make it one lap. One kid even fell off his broom after he lost control and slammed into one of the stand’s towers. Thank god Rose had been in the section under, or the kid would have gotten seriously hurt.


In the end though, we had four candidates. A second year named Jessie, a Third year named Lewis, a fifth year named Geoff, and Lysander. Overall, Lysander had been the best flyer, but we still hadn’t done any shooting drills yet. Letting Lily and Scorpius watch them on their ability to move between the hoops, I looked down towards the other end of the pitch where Al and Molly had just cut a large group of people, leaving four people left. I watched as Molly and Al showed them how to properly hit bludger, (though honestly, if they didn’t know how to do that, why were they even here?) Molly swung the beater’s bat gracefully, sending a bullet of a bludger at Al, who struggled to hit it back. Molly was amazing I had to admit. She had the looks, the brains, and the brawn, the complete package. She would make an awesome girlfriend to whatever bloke asked her out. Hell, sometimes I wished she could have been my girlfriend….


Wait, why the hell am I think about that? Molly is like family, she is like a sister to me… Of course not like Lily is, but still. And why the hell am I even thinking about this to begin with?! I have a Keeper to help pick!


Turning my attention back to the hoops, I put my fingers between my lips and whistled. “Okay! That’s enough, we are going to take some shots now and see how you fair.” I dropped down to the pitch ground and grabbed the Quaffle that had just been sitting there. As I flew back into the air, I juggled the Quaffle between my hands, getting a sense for the balance of the ball. It felt great to be playing with it, even if it was just to throw it at a hoop. I tossed the ball over to Lily who took a spot up about 30 feet away from the hoops. She may be younger than myself and Scorpius, but she had much better aim then we did.


The second year was first. I could see her knuckles going white as she clutched her broom tightly; I gave her a quick smile before waving Lily on. Jessie ended up doing pretty well, she stopped three of the five shots Lily took, thought I could tell Lily hadn’t been giving it her all.


By rank of year, the Third Year went next, thought he looked a hell of a lot more confident than Jessie, Lewis was atrocious. He didn`t stop any of Lily`s five shots, and even ran into the hoop, making Scorpius have to fly over to make sure he didn’t fall off his broom too. We said sorry and to try out for another position next year before sending him on his way.


Geoff turned out to be pretty hot handed as well. He ended up stopping four of Lily`s Five shots which I could tell bugged her. She didn’t like Geoff, she had once told he she found him to be a prick who`s ego rivaled that of James`s, which I gotta say, is pretty big.


Lysander thankfully was just as good as I had remembered. He saved all five of the shots Lily took. I have a distinct feeling she may have gone light on that last shot though. In the end though, it didn’t matter. He saved all of the shots while the others didn’t.


We told Jessie, Geoff and Lysander to go take a break and stay by the bench near the team`s locker room entrance before heading to the center of the pitch were Molly and Al were chatting, waiting for us.


“I think the fourth year, whats his name, is the best bet.” I hear Al say as I approached with Lily and Scorpius. “He has the strength, and at least knew how to use the bat properly.”


“I don’t care, he was a prat who wouldn’t hit the bludger to me. I worked much better with the Fifth year, Alice’s little sister, Helena. ” Molly objected as she crossed her arms across her chest. Al looked a bit peeved that she had said that, “I’ll teacher her to use the bat properly, and help her gain some muscle, but that’s who I want.”


Letting out a sigh Al waved his hand dismissively, “Fine, Helena made the team.” Turning to face us, he pulled the clipboard out of nowhere and wrote Helena’s name in the other Beater spot on the roster. “You three, do we have a Keeper?”


“Yup, Only one of them saved all five shots Lils took. Though when I saw him in the prospects group, I knew he would probably be our guy.” Scorpius replied.


“Aye, I have to agree with Scorp I knew it would be him, Lysander is our guy.” I finished looking over at the bench where Lysander sat patiently while Geoff looked like he was boasting to the little second year.


“Alright then, I guess we have our team.” Al said writing Lysander’s name in the keeper position. “Let’s tell them then.” He dropped the clipboard down to his side and walked off towards the 7 await hopefuls at the bench. I fell into step with Molly right behind him while Lily and Scorpius were behind us.


“Listen up people, I am happy to say that Helena Longbottom has made the team as our other Beater, while Lysander Scamander has made it as our Keeper. The rest of you, better luck next year.” With that, Al blew his whistle again, and the dejected hopefuls wondered off. Helena and Lysander looked ecstatic. Instantly Lily ran over and gave Helena a huge hug, after which she gave Lysander one was well. After a round of congratulations from all of us, we took them into the Lion’s Den. (Get it? Lion’s Den? For the Gryffindor Quidditch team.)


We assigned them both Lockers; Helena on the female side with Molly and Lily while Lysander got the locker next to mine. While Lily gave them an orientation into the going on’s of the locker room, I decided it was time to get changed before heading back to the castle.


The first mistake I made was not noticing the horribly hidden grin on Molly and Albus face’s. If I had noticed that, I may have saved myself a lot of pain.


The second mistake? Opening my locker.


As I took off my practice jersey, I slid the latch on my locker door upwards so that I could swing the door open. As I swung the door open, I heard a faint sizzle before I was greeted with a face full of fireworks. Throwing myself backwards I let out a scream, “AGHHH!! SWEET MERLIN’S PANTS!” I fell hard onto my tailbone as fireworks flew over my head and into the locker room. I could faintly hear everyone laughing as the fireworks sizzled around before finally exploding.


I looked over at Albus and Molly who were literally rolling on the floor laughing. I gave them hard stare before looking over at a laughing Lily, behind who was a stunned Helena and a laughing Lysander. Scorpius meanwhile was bracing himself against the wall of lockers opposite mine trying not to fall over.


Lily was the first to talk between her gasps for air, “Did you actually say Sweet Merlin’s Pants?!” she asked before breaking into laughter over the words.


I grinned sheepishly, “I think I did.”

“That is the funniest thing I have ever heard anyone say.” Albus said as he wiped a tear away from his eye while trying to stop laughing, “And we see Uncle George regularly.” 

A/N: Ola Folks!

First.. let me say I am so sorry for taking so long to update! First, I went on Holidays, then I had to submit a oneshot I wrote, which took forever with how long the queue was there for a while! But Finally here it is, Chapter 4!
You may also notice the AWESOME Banner by Bitterheart over at the-dark-arts. It is awesome, I know. I would like to thank Bitter so much for it!
As always, please review it if you like it!
P.S. Still looking for a Beta reader if anyone is interested!

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