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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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credit to MyMyMiss at TDA for the awesome chapter image! 

At this current moment, I couldn't care less about what they say about families. I really couldn't care less.

If you were me, you'd be mortified too. Whoever told me that I should always love my family no matter what was obviously barking mad.

I. Hate. My. Brother.

On a warm unsuspecting August morning, I woke up at my usual time of 11AM. Yawning, ruffling my bed hair, and moaning from hungriness, I trudged my way from my bedroom to the kitchen.

The problem is that the easiest way to get to the kitchen is to pass through the living room.

There were loud laughter coming from the living room and I could hear faint sounds from the television but I put it all from my mind as I trudged through, tired and hungry.

It was too early in the morning for me to register the thought that only my mum should be at home.

A very unpleasant sight met my eyes the moment I walked into the living room, making me stop in my tracks.

I was a Muggleborn witch that would be attending my sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the rest of my family, including my brother, were all Muggles.

My brother had just completed his first year of college.

I did not expect to see him lounging in our living room, chips and what looked like my breakfast scattered all around, watching Muggle television with about six other blokes, half of whom were shirtless with scruffy shorts on.

Why my brother was here when he should be at his university was completely beyond me.

Before I could turn around and attempt to enter the kitchen the longer way, my stupid brother, Charlie, had to bring attention to his poor and completely unsuspecting little sister.

"Bella!" He grinned, his eyes twinkling slightly mischievously. I bit my lip. This couldn't be good.

Charlie ruffled his hair rather arrogantly. "Come 'mere! I need to introduce you to my friends!"

I blanched as all of his friends' heads swirled around to look at me. Merlin's pants, I didn't even recognize all of them.

I did not fancy having six very fit muggle college blokes see me with my bed hair and embarrassingly short nightgown.

I felt very self-conscious as I felt all of their eyes roving my body. This was definitely not appropriate.

"Well hello there, my lovely lady," Charlie's best friend, Luke drawled slowly with a rather heady wink. Luke was one of this shirtless blokes. Figures. "It has been far too long."

Luke Watson had been Charlie's best friend since high school; he has been over at our house far too many times for my liking.

He was good looking, with his shaggy dirty blonde hair and amber eyes, but also very annoying despite his perfect washboard abs and perfectly sculpted muscles.

This would usually be the point when a decent older brother would whack his friend on the head for hitting on his little sister like that but Charlie just smirked at my blatant discomfort.

This is why I hate my brother.

"Yeah… I'm just gonna go…" I stammered, my voice trailing off uneasily as I eyed each one of them. Three of them I have never seen before in my entire life and another one I couldn't remember his name.

When did my brother become Mr. Popular?

Charlie shook his head and smirked again. He got up from his seat on the sofa and steered me towards his friends before I could have the chance to run away.

"This is my little sister, Bella Hart. Seventeen years old and attending a private boarding school in Scotland," Charlie announced to his very fit friends, winking down at me.

My brother towered over me at a height around or above six feet whereas I was below average height. He was good looking with a well built body. Despite those differences, we both had the same dark blue eyes, and dark honey blonde hair.

Genetics wasn't fair.

I blushed from head to toe as several of Charlie's friends winked, saying "Hey" in a very sexy way.  

Luke got up as well and grinned. He sauntered towards me, stopping mere inches in front of me.

He gazed down at me and said, "It's been forever, my little Bella. I have missed you."

As nice of an eye candy as Luke and the rest of Charlie's friends were, I can safely say I didn't exactly miss them.

They all made me feel uncomfortable; Charlie always becomes such an arse whenever he was around them, not that he isn't always an arse, but more so than usual.

I squirmed uncomfortably, trying to wiggle my way out from Charlie's unrelenting grasp. But while I was distracted, Luke suddenly picked me up around the waist, swinging me around.

I let out a loud surprised scream and an even more indignant screech as I felt the wind in my backside, more specifically, my arse.

Glaring at Luke as he put me down, I huffed, smoothing down my nightgown.

None of my womanizing brother's friends had any manners at all.

"Thank you for that warm welcome. If you don't mind, I think I'm going to go get myself some breakfast," I said, acid seeping out through my voice.

Sadly, none of the seven blokes were undaunted by me as they chuckled.

Throwing Charlie one last furious glare, I trudged away, scowling to myself.

It was unfortunate that I wasn't blessed with faster motor skills in the mornings because my very perceptive ears picked up on one of Charlie's friend's comment.

"How old did you say she was? Your sister's bloody hot, my man," he said with a wolf whistle.

I should feel very flattered by that comment but they wouldn't be saying that unless they got a right view of my arse, my thong, and my entire chest area, which they sadly did.

Charlie laughed loudly before I caught him saying, "You sure you don't need your eyes checked, mate?"

Bloody Charlie.

I hate him so much.  


"… can you please stop embarrassing me?" I snapped at Charlie who was staring around Platform 9 3/4 in wide eyed wonder and veneration. People were bustling around, owls squawking obnoxiously, etc.

And I was related to him…

"I had completely forgotten how amazing this place was!" Charlie exclaimed loudly, attracting a fair amount of odd looks.

I sighed and tapped my foot impatiently.

Damn my dad for having an important meeting today and damn my mother for being sick.

I glanced warily at Charlie and shook my head. "I’m going to go drop off my owl and I'll be back. Watch my trunk."

Charlie nodded absentmindedly. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the cage of Clio, my owl, and walked off.

When I returned, I was greeted by a sight of Charlie flirting with the Ravenclaw sixth year, Hogwarts' number one bint and crazy bitch, Megan Stretton.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I was not sorted into Ravenclaw but Gryffindor instead. I don't know what I'd do if I had to share a dorm with her.

"Charlie, what are you doing?" I asked exasperatedly as I made my way over to them.

Megan turned her scrutinizing blue eyes at me and narrowed them. "What are you doing?" She said with an arrogant and rude attitude.

"Saying goodbye to my brother and fetching my trunk from him," I snapped.

It pleased me to see that Megan was shocked and very surprised. That would be a face I committed to memory. "What are you doing, trying to flirt with him? Sorry, he doesn’t fancy fake plastic bitches like you."

"Right, at least I am prettier and much more well liked than you. Still lacking in friends, I see," Megan said in a loud voice, smirking rather evilly at me.

I gritted my teeth in anger. I wanted to pull out all of her brown hair at the moment.

The thing was, it wasn't as if I was the most popular girl in school and she said that.

Although I really did get along well with everyone, I really only hung around Lucy Weasley, who was popular, smart, kind, pretty, and my best friend. My other best friend was Rose Weasley, who was all of the things that Lucy was as well.

They were popular but I was just their friend.

Whereas I liked the rest of my dorm mates, none of them were the types that I could go running to if I got dumped. That was reserved for Lucy and Rose.    

None of the girls in my year were the types who I'd spend the entire July with before retreating back to my own home after a month.

That was reserved for Lucy and the Wotters, with whom I did spend a glorious one month with while I was staying at Lucy's house.

None of the girls in my year were also the types that I'd bother sending Christmas presents to.

That was reserved for the Wotters, who were technically my only other real friends, despite the age difference between me and the rest of them, as most of them were all older.

Victoire graduated before I began Hogwarts, Dominique and Molly graduated my third year, Fred and Roxy graduated my fifth year, James and Louis this year, and Lily and Hugo were two years younger. Albus and Rose were the same age as Lucy and I.

Charlie frowned at Megan's statement, and I could feel his burning gaze on me.

"I have plenty of friends, Stretton, unlike you. Those croonies that you call friends must have so little brain cells that they make Gilderoy Lockhart look smart," I replied in an equally loud voice, ignoring Charlie's scrutinizing look. 

Megan huffed and folded her arms angrily. She turned to Charlie, gave him a flirtatious wink, before strutting off in what she'd consider a sexy way.

I glared at her retreating figure. There was nothing better than starting a day off with your idiotic brother flirting with the she-devil.

"Please tell me she's kidding," Charlie said in a disbelieving tone. I turned my head to him and frowned.

"What are you on about?" I asked, confused.

He rolled his eyes and ruffled my hair. "You do have friends right? You're not a complete loser?"

His words hurt more than they should have. It was typical for Charlie and I to insult each other but somehow, I felt my heart flop with the word "loser".

"I'm so glad to see that that's all you care about. As long as your little sister isn't a loser and a total embarrassment to you, that's fine," I snapped angrily, my voice rising in octaves.

I reached out and snatched my trunk away from an astonished Charlie who was gaping at me.

"I'll see you at Christmas. Don't do something stupid like get a poor girl pregnant," I said coldly before turning around and stalking off towards the train to find Lucy.


"He did what?!"

I nodded glumly to Lucy who screeched in disbelief.

Rose was in shock; she stared at me, her mouth gaping.

Then, she shook out of her stupor and said in a sincere tone, "Oh honey I'm so sorry! That's so awful of him to say that!"

I sighed and shrugged, reclining onto the back of the compartment seat.

I glanced at Rose with her flaming red hair and blue eyes to Lucy with mahogany red hair and blue eyes with caution and said, "It's not exactly as if Stretton was wrong. The only friends I really have are you guys, even though you guys are the best."

Rose beamed at me happily but Lucy just raised her eyebrows, giving me her complete no nonsense look.

"Look here, Bella Arianna Hart. I don't bloody care if you got one friend or two million friends. She has no right to say that at all," Lucy said sternly.

I rolled my eyes and replied, "Yeah well obviously it's rude but my point is that while I really don’t need any other friends, what if something happens between us?"

"What do you mean 'what if something happens between us'?" Rose frowned at me, folding her arms.

She seemed to have channeled her inner Weasley because she said in the same stern voice that Lucy used only seconds ago, "You listen here, Bella. I'm sure Lily and the rest of our family will agree with what we're about to say, so listen carefully."

I nodded silently as Rose gestured for Lucy to go on. Lucy took the reins from her and said, "No matter what happens, we will always be your best friends. You and Scorpius are family now, and family will always be here for each other."

I grinned appreciatively at them, my heart bubbling with happiness at her words. All of my earlier annoyances have washed away.

Rose and Lucy both seemed to have been appeased by my response as a smile crossed onto their faces.

There was a moment of silence before the three of us yelled out simultaneously, "GROUP HUG!"

I leapt off my seat and launched myself over onto Rose and Lucy where they sat opposite of me, and the three of us became a tangled mess of limbs, hair, giggles, and bundles of joy.

"What do we have here?" a voice drawled as the three of us were still stuck in our albeit uncomfortable position.

The three of us untangled ourselves and  looked up to see two handsome and tall figures standing in the doorway of the compartment.

"May we join you lovely ladies?" Albus Potter asked as he and Scorpius Malfoy sauntered their way into our compartment.

Rose rolled her eyes at the two but smiled nonetheless. "You losers! Why'd you even bother asking if you'd just come in anyways?"

"Because its decent manners," Albus grinned at his cousin and leaned back, stretching out his muscles.

I wanted to say something. Even a hello would be okay but I seemed momentarily incapable of speech in the presence of a bloke who seemed to have grown about 10 inches as usual and developed amazing muscles in the one month I didn't seem him.

Bloody hell, where did my cute little eleven year old best friend go?

Luckily, my oratory skills were not needed at the moment because Scorpius said to Lucy and I, "As Albus and I thought we should continue our tradition on the way to this fine establishment we attend, we thought that all of us should start our train ride the exact same way as we had five years ago."

"Which is what, getting involved in a tussle on your first train ride to Hogwarts?" Rose scoffed as she gazed at the two of them lovingly.

I snapped out of my momentary shock at Al's transformation as Lucy and I started giggling uncontrollably. Albus and Scorpius went slightly red at the memory.

When we all started our first year, Albus and Scorpius had gotten into a tussle with a couple of older students because they had taken some of the sweets that Albus and Scorpius wanted from the food trolley. They had been best friends ever since, even though Scorpius was sorted into Slytherin and hung out with Slytherins when he wasn't hanging out with us.

Ah, how food always bonds us all together. 

"We are much more matured now, thanks," Albus said irritably before he turned his attention to Lucy and I, the both of us giggling like crazy.

Grinning cheekily to Al, I said, "I'm not sure what you're thinking but I didn't think that was what happened when you were 11 years old."

I gestured to Rose who was otherwise occupied.

Rose had moved herself to the other side of the bench was now involved in a mad war of shoving her tongue down Scorpius's mouth while Scorpius shoved his tongue down her mouth.

Right, did I forget? They're dating as well.

Ron nearly had a heart attack and was moments away from having a cardiac arrest when he found out that his precious Rosie was dating a Malfoy, even if it was a Malfoy who is his own nephew's best friend.

I feel bad for Albus; it must be so awkward. I wonder how Harry got through it with Ron and Hermione.

Albus rolled his eyes but shot me a smile. "How was the rest of the summer after you went home from Lucy's, Bella?"

I darkened significantly as I remembered the tale of my sorry excuse for a brother and his sorry excuse for friends. Next to me, Lucy snickered unhelpfully.

"I take it that it's bad?" Albus grimaced with sympathy, though his eyes flashed with curiosity.

There was like a sound of a plunger as Rose resurfaced and said, "Oh it was not just bad. It was completely mortifying."

"Thanks, Rose. I appreciate that," I glared at her as Rose just shot me a grin and resumed her sexual activities with Scorpius over in the corner of the compartment where they were engaged in a tight bear hug.

Before I could protest, Lucy immediately launched into a full detail of the horrible morning with my brother and his friends.

It surprised even me how Lucy seemed to know the story, exactly as it was, word for word. 


Author's Note: This is my first full lengthed fanfic! I have written other fanfics but never posted them. I'm actually posting this one, which i cant believe. Please leave a review if you have any thoughts about this chapter, whether good or bad! 

Thanks, Claire

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