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Sixteen Candles by Analesh7
Chapter 2 : The Note Part 1
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Hey guys! Sorry for the wait but here is chapter two! This chapter is split into 2 parts because for some reason I couldn't post the whole thing. Does anyone know why? Well anyways, here is Part one!


I walk into potions in a kind of daze. Did James freaking potter talk to me? Did he actually say my name? Did his perfect, kissable lips say my name? Oh Merlin, I better not be dreaming. I take my usual seat next to Sarah who is staring (more like gawking) at Henry. 


"You will not believe what just happened to me, James freaking Potter spilled pumpkin juice on me!"


"Er, that's a good thing?"


"You didn't let me finish. Then the Hufflepuff whorebag laughed at me-"


"Wow, you had an amazing morning didn't you?"



"Merlin Sarah let me finish! James then took me aside and cleaned me up with you know that scourgy spell and then he said I had pretty eyes and said my name. Twice." I said out of breath.


Sarah raises her eyebrows.


"He said your name twice? That’s big."


"I know, omg, its official, I'm in love, L-O-V-E" I sigh sinking in my chair.


"Oh Lils, he just said your name"




"Yes twice but that doesn't mean it's love."


She saw me began to protest and added "and well, well he did say your eyes were pretty so maybe that was romantic..."


"It was Sarah! it was!"


"Love sick puppy," She muttered.


"You're one to talk, Ms-I-just-gawk-at-Henry-all-day." 


Sarah blushes deeply. "Well if you do want to know, I tripped by his desk and he asked me if I was alright."


"Not a bad morning for you either huh?"


"It was great."


And in slow motion (just like in the movies) the Marauders walk into the dungeons. Insert dramatic walking in slow motion music and a fan for the hair blowing. They walked in with a cool strut and I was left breathless. That beautiful person that I had a conversation with and who also saw my bra, was walking by. Well at least the awkwardness is out of the way.


As he walked to his desk, which is just two down from right from mine, he looks at me and smiles. My heart exploded.



"Okay did the James Potter just smile at you?" Sarah asks giving me a weird look, nudging at my side.


"Yeah, I think he did." I say still shocked myself. We both turn to look at each other and burst into laughter.


"I don't know how you did this but props to you."


"Tricks up my sleeves"


Our laughter soon stops when Mr. Slughorn walks into the class room.


"Alright class," he says clapping his hands together to get the class' attention. "Today will be a note taking and slide viewing day to finish our unit because of this upcoming holiday break."


As Slughorn is preparing his slides, I discretely steal a glance behind my shoulder to see James. Sirius must have told a joke to the rest of them because James has his head thrown back in laughter and then crumbles a piece of parchment to throw at him. The corner of his mouth pulls up to create the perfect crooked smile. 




He's so beautiful. So sexy. The way his lips moves as he talks,  the way he absentmindedly runs his fingers through his hair, the way he looks when he turns and looks straight at me. 


Oh shit. He turned to look at me. Lily Evans. Oh shit. I must be dreaming.


I feel Sarah poke my arm and look at the folded piece of parchment on my desk. It's The Note. It's a customary thing in Hogwarts where girls pass out these notes to see who's dating who and so on. It's completely confidential and anonymous. It's more of a statistic thing. Why it's done? I have no clue, probably to dish out dirt. Whatever. 


I open the note and read the first question: 


What year are you in?


Simple. Sixth.


Have you ever been kissed? 


Yes. It happened in the fourth year but it was messy and wet. I don't really think it's a first kiss until you feel like its a first kiss. I dunno. My personal philosophy.


Have you ever touched it?


Now we get to the good stuff. 


Well yeah I almost touched it, once.


Hey don't judge just yet. My second cousin Gary gets very touchy during family parties especially when there's dancing. Touched my aunt Lucy's butt once and she squealed like a pig. Highlight of the night I'll tell ya.


Next question. Have you ever done it?


By it, do they mean it, it? You know it? Well just to be safe I write I don't think so and quickly hide the piece of parchment under my textbook. I see Mr. Slughorn walk past my desk and then back and forth through the other rows. He continues to talk about the importance of gillyweed as he flips through the slides to show pictures.


Like I would ever need to have gills for something. Whoever would?


Once I see Slughorn out of view I take the note back out and read the next question.


If you answered 'I don't think so' , would you if you could?


Yeah. I guess. I may end up being a cat lady one day but I'm bound to have sex at least once.


With who? (Be honest, your name is not on this, so it's okay)


Who would I have sex with if I had the chance? Well maybe James Potter. I mean he's absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. And I bet he'll be gentle and sweet, just imagine- let me not get ahead of myself.


As casually as I can I look over my shoulder to take a peek at what James is doing. He's sitting just two desks away and he's so close to me. Unexpectedly he turns to look at me again. Shit. I act like I'm wiping my check on my shirt as I turn my head back. I feel my checks burn knowing that his eyes were on me. I look at the parchment and with a nervous hand, I write down James name. I draw a heart right next his name. Can't help myself.


Okay the last question. Does he know you like him?


No way! I write. He just met me today and probably thinks I'm the most awkward creature on the planet. I fold the paper into I can't fold anymore and begin to slide the paper along the edge of the desk to pass it to Sarah. 


"Ms. Evans?" I jump in my seat and my hands grip the desk to balance myself out.  


"Sorry to have frighten you Ms. Evans, but I was hoping you did last night’s reading and can enlighten the class about the essence of seaweed and its rivalry role with gillyweed." Mr. Slughorn says with a small smile. I hear the class snicker behind me as I nod my head.


"Of course professor, According to Michael Goldenspurt, writer of the Aquarium Plants and creatures of the Twentieth First Century..." I begin to say when suddenly the bell rings to go to the next class.


"Hold that thought Ms. Evans, we will continue this after break. Remember I want one foot long essay about the differences between the potions. Have a nice break!" Mr. Slughorn shouts as the class begins to leave the classroom. I gather my books in one and with the other hand I wave goodbye to Sarah. I run out of class hoping to run into James later without any drinks in his hands.


End of Part One


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