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Teen Woes by mtb1997
Chapter 4 : Open Up Your Eyes
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 Sorry for the wait!  I've been super busy, as well as having a bad case of writer's block.  The story is probably going to be about 20,000 words as a result.  There might be a sequel, though, if I'm up for it.  We'll have to see.  I still have some plot to develop before I can think of ending this...



Three months have passed since that day, and the next morning,  I didn't regret what I told myself.  He was an awesome bloke, and I was lucky to have him as a friend.  I wouldn't want to risk our friendship because of a trivial crush.  For three months, I have been able to harbor my crush; even Lorcan and mum have toned down their antics.  Lily and Rose are still not talking to eachother, but other than that, things have gotten better.  Things were bound to take a turn for the worse.


I wake up on a cold morning in December and immediately, I can tell something's wrong.  I look around the dormitory; everyone is still sleeping, and the sun is just starting to rise.  I get out of bed and go in the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror.  Oh yes, I definitely need to take a shower.  I strip down and enter the shower; yawning as I turn on the water.  I hear the water move in the pipes and soon it comes out... in freezing daggers.  Cursing, I jump out of the shower dripping wet and shivering.  The water was taking much, much longer than it should be to warm up, so I try to regain some of my lost warmth by doing the only rational option: dancing.


I jump up and down a bit; waving my arms like some deranged flamingo.  Next, I shake my hips and hum a tune.  I was too into it to hear the bathroom door open.  When I hear an awkward cough coming from the doorway,  I jump and quickly turn around and fall hard on the marble floor.  I look up to see one raised eyebrow and two very red cheeks.  My worst fears are confirmed: Albus Potter just saw me dance, naked and wet, not to mention embarrassingly!


To my surprise, Al slowly walks over and helps me up.  Mortified, I quickly hop in he shower, behind the protection of the curtain.


"So," I start awkwardly, "how long were you standing there?"


From behind the curtain, I hear a meek and not at all tired voice.  "Long enough."


I give a nervous laugh as I feel my cheeks blaze. "How... much did you see?"




My eyes widen as my face melts away; I'm never leaving this shower.  "O-oh.  Well... sorry for that."


"That's... quite alright."


I almost faint on the spot.  Did I just hear him correctly?  Now, that can be interpreted a load of different ways, but me being... me, I take it the most sexual.  Could it be possible that he liked what he saw?  I mean, I couldn't blame him; I had managed to keep my weight down and my muscles were still noticeable.  Did he see my abs?  I worked the hardest over the summer to get those.  Millions of crunches!  It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders as three months-worth of pent up inner turmoil was released.  I was back.


I raise an eyebrow as I soap up.  "Oh?"


There was a pause after Al realized what he had said.  "Well... is it cold in here, or was that just you?"


I choke on air as all my confidence shrinks.  "Merlin's pants, I can't believe you just said that!"


I hear a laugh as my face turns Gryffindor red and a door closes.  Damn him.



I walk down slowly to the Great Hall.  The ominous feeling in the stomach was still there.  Something was about to happen, but what?  I open the door and sit down next to Scorpius, who's arguing with Fred.


Scorp groaned.  "Mate, we've been doing this for three months, and we've gotten nothing!  To be honest, it was a shit idea in the first place."


From across the table, Fred gasps.  "Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!  You'll see, you'll see!  One of these days, I'm going to get a gal, and the only reason she'll want me is because of what I don't eat for lunch, which is anything!"


And with that, Fred gets up and storms off.  Scorpius faces me as I give him a grin.


"Don't worry about him, he's the biggest dolt I've ever seen."  I say.


He sighs.  "Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's just... I'm sort of jealous of him."


I chuckle.  "Jealous of Freddie?  Why?  He's just as amazing as the rest of us."


He gives a small laugh.  "I just admire how confident he is, for being that much of an idiot"


I look down at my eggs.  "Yes, he does have a lot of confidence, doesn't he?  But you'll be surprised at how confident you can be when you need it most.  Just wait."


Scorpius looks down at the table and then back at me.  "I suppose you're right."


Albus sits down in across from me with Sadhya.  "I'm telling you, woman, you'll do fine!"


Ah, another argument.  "But how can you sure?  I need a good grade in Herbology if I want to be able to be a Healer!"


Great, I'm never going to get away from this one.  "Sadhya, dear, I stick with what I said before."


Sadhya looks close to tears.  "But Albus!  I only have a Poor in Herbology, a Poor!  I need at least Exceeds Expectations on the rest of my assignments this semester if I want to be able to get an Exceeds Expectations on the N.E.W.T.S.!"


Albus groans as he hugs her.  "You've been studying for this exam all week, you'll do fine, I promise."


She sighs.  "I hope so."


After she gets up and leaves, I look at Al.  "So, Sadhya's not doing very well in Herbology?"


He sighs as he steals my toast.  "She just... is too nervous.  She scares herself out of doing good.  I don't know what to do."


I stole my toast back and took a bite.  "Dast 'oo bad."


He looks at his plate somberly, and then popped his head up.  "Idea, idea!"


I gave a look to Scorpius.  "Oh, we're in for a treat."


Al slams his hand on the table.  "Ly, what if you tutor her!"


I choke on my orange juice.  "What?  That's a bad idea!"


He rolls his eyes.  "What do you mean?  It's an amazing idea!  You have an Outstanding in Herbology, you're ranked number one in our class!"


"That's a lie; I only have an Acceptable in History of Magic."


"I meant in Herbology, you dolt!"


"Calling me names isn't going to help you persuade me to tutor Sadhya."


"Come on, Lysander!  Why won't you tutor her?"


"I don't want to!"


Albus furiously rolls his eyes.  "Hey, Scorpius, did I tell you what I saw Lys do in the bathroom this morning?"


Scorp laughs.  "No, what'd he do?  I bet it's scandalous!"


I give Albus a warning glare.  "Albus Severus, don't you dare!


He flashes a triumphant look at me.  "It's not as much as scandalous as it is just plain... embarrassing."


I feel my face flush.  "Not a word more, dwarf."


He raises his eyebrows at me, and then turns back to Scorpius.  "Lysander was dancing... naked!"


My heart stops as Scorpius looks at me, snorts, and guffaws.  I glare at Albus who flashes me a winning grin.  


I get up to leave.  "Fine, I'll tutor your precious girlfriend, but not a word more of the bathroom to anyone or I will kill both of you!"




I open the door to the fifth floor bathroom; Divination had taken forever, and I had to use the bathroom since class had started.  I have a free period now, and I was planning to visit Madam Pomfrey to talk about what it's like to be a Healer, and the Prefect's Bathroom was the closest bathroom to the Hospital Wing.  Dad had told Lorcan and I about the Prefect's Bathroom when we were little, and to get into it.  Lorcan and I still use it today; Lorcan to have steamy "study sessions" and I use it to relax.  I repeat the password quickly and, when inside, I see that the bath is being used.  I quietly go into the stall and do what I have to do in order to not disturb the most-likely Prefect that is taking a bath.


While on my way out, I look to see who's in the bath, and to my surprise, it's not a Prefect... and it's not just one person.  Lorcan and... Regina Bulstrode are snogging under the faucets, completely unaware of my presence.  I roll my eyes as I get out my wand.  Silently, I flick my wand up, and the faucets come on.  Regina screams as Lorcan looks around and focuses on me.  Time for me to go!


I make for the exit as I hear Lorcan curse and get out of the bath.  As I reach the statue, a curse flies past my head.  Lorcan is out for revenge, he is.  I run as fast as I can to the Hospital wing as more curses are aimed at me.  I sneak a look back and see, to my amusement, Lorcan chasing after me with no clothes on, soaking wet.  I laugh as I turn the corner.


"Is it cold in here," I yell back, "or is it just you?"


I hear a roar behind me as I continue running.  I round another corner, and the Hospital Wing's door is no more than one hundred meters away.  I can make it.  I sprint as fast as I can towards the door, but Lorcan is on my tail, firing curses at me that I didn't even know he knew.  I breath a sigh of fresh air as I finally reach the door and open it.  Something hits my side as I enter, and I am thrown to the other side of the room.  I hear cracks as I hit the wall, and then the floor.  Still thinking quick, I grab my wand and close the door.  


Madam Pomfrey looks up from her desk and lets out a gasp.  She... and Professor McGonagall rush over to me.  Oh Merlin, the Headmaster is in for a treat!  The door bursts open as Lorcan walks in.  Professor gives him a look, disarms him, and then gets very red.


"Mr. Scamander, do get some clothes on!"  She yells in her Scottish accent.


Lorcan stops what he's doing and looks down.  Red-faced, he quickly grabs the sheets off of a bed and wraps them around him.


"No, ma'am," Madam Pomfrey grumbles, "I'm not washing those!"


As Lorcan walks away, defeated, Professor McGonagall yells at him.  "Three months detention and 75 points from Slytherin!"


Madam Pomfrey turns back to me.  "Are you alright?"


Nodding, I stand up.  "Yeah, I'm just-"


And then everything goes black.




When I open my eyes, there are many faces around me.  Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, Mum, Albus, Sadhya, Fred, and Scorpius were huddled around my bed.


I turn my head to Madam Pomfrey.  "What happened?"


She looks at me.  "We think you passed out from the pain you felt when you stood up.  You have multiple fractures in you legs, arms, and left shoulder.  Your brother really did a number on you!"


"Wait," Mum starts, "Lorcan did this to you?"


Pomfrey and McGonagall turn to her.  "Come with us, we'll tell you what happened."


After they leave, it was quiet.  Albus had his arm around Sadhya, Scorpius had a worried look on face, and Fred shuffled on his feet awkwardly.


Albus starts.  "You gave me quite a fright, Lysander."


I blush; I worried him!  "I'll be fine, don't worry."


He grins.  "I know.  Now, the Hogsmeade trip is coming up, and Lily still needs someone to go with-"


No, not this again.  "You've got to be kidding me?"


Albus raises an eyebrow.  "What?"


I roll my eyes.  "I don't want to go out with Lily, okay?  She's a nice girl, but..."


"But what?"


I groan.  "I just... don't want to go out with her, damn it!"


I sit up as Albus's face gets red.  "Why, Lysander, why?  Is she not good enough for you?"


I glare at him.  "I just told you!  I just don't!  She's awesome, amazing, even, but I don't want to!"


As I slowly get up, he rounds the bed and stands across from me.  "Ly, something's definitely up with you.  You've... changed this year.  Please, tell me what's wrong."


"I can't!" I yell.


He rolls his eyes.  "Why not?"


I stand up and wobble a bit.  "Because I fucking can't!  I can't, I can't, I can't!  You have no idea how much I want to tell you, but you wouldn't understand!"


I quiet down my voice.  "You just wouldn't understand."


I bite on my lip as I walk toward the door.  I see that none of them move, and Scorpius has an unreadable look on his face.  I open the door, walk a few feet, and then collapse against the wall.  I put my hands on my eyes.


"What's wrong with me?" I whisper to myself.


I hear the door open, and then close, but I make no movement.


"So, Albus doesn't know that you're gay?"


Wait, what?



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