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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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A/N: Sorry about the wait for this one, I edited the first chapter of Illusions of a Perfect Marriage, sorting out some grammar and spelling problems. But here is the next chapter, I hope you all like it, there's a lot more Albus and Mariah in this one :-D On a side note I've written about eight chapters of the sequel so far so once I edit them I'll start posting them up.

Please make sure to keep reviews 12+ and make sure none of them have any personal info in them such as age, many thanks!

P.S: How great are the validators getting the queue down so fast? *gives them cookies and medals* 

Amazing chapter image of Lucy made by Sjoeks @ TDA

Charms homework finished, Amelia gave a sigh as she put everything back into her bag and closed it, pushing her hand through her brown hair as she looked around the field. It was the third week of September and Amelia was already feeling pretty tired of all of her homework, the teachers seemed to be giving them more and more each week, causing Amelia to spend more time studying in the common room or outside under a tree on the grounds, which was where she was situated right now.

It was whilst she was doing her homework on the grounds, that Amelia noticed James spent a lot of time with Hagrid, He seemed to be helping him out with the animals, feeding them and making sure that they had proper bedding in their pens and cage, sometimes he would disappear into the forbidden forest with Hagrid by his side.

It was after a few times of watching James do this that she walked over to him as he was moving some bags of food around.

"Hey James,” Amelia said as she leant on a fence post and looked at him, he turned around and smiled at her as he placed the bag down and walked over to her.

“Hey Amelia, how are you?” he asked her as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm.

“I’m alright just loaded down with homework, how about you?” Amelia asked with a smile at him.

“I’m doing good, not much homework yet,” James said.

“So what are you doing? I’ve seen you helping out Hagrid for a while now” Amelia asked, indicating the bags around the empty enclosure that James was currently standing in.

“I’m helping out Hagrid so I can learn more about the animals; it’s to help me get a job with animals at the ministry,” James stated, jerking his thumb back towards Hagrid who was near his house pouring a liquid around his pumpkin patch.

Amelia was amazed, “That is really impressive.”

“Yeah, I think so too,” James said as he leaned against the fence next to Amelia. “I think of it as extra credit. When my seventh year is finished, I hope to go work with my Uncle Charlie for a few years, he works with Dragons and I’ve applied to intern with him. It’ll really be good for me as I’ll get the experience with the animals.”

“So you want to work with Dragons then?” Amelia asked, running her hand over the wooden fence, it was smooth against her fingers.

“Oh yeah, and other dangerous animals, there’s a department in the Ministry of Magic that deals with keeping them away from Muggles, so I’m going to apply to work there after I come back.”

“You must love animals then,” Amelia said with a smile, James grinned at her.

“I’ve loved them since I was young, I was always bringing in random animals I’d found in the garden home to study them, Mum use to go mental.”

They both laughed, “So what do you want to do with your life?” James asked Amelia.

“I want to be a Healer,” Amelia told him, “I’m not sure what area of healing I want to get into though?”

“How about the burns unit?” James suggested to her. “There’s a very high chance that I’ll be spending a lot of time there when I’m dealing with dragons, will be nice to see a beautiful face.”

Amelia blushed as she shoved James’s arm. “I might just do that. Although I don’t want to be seeing you in there all the time, otherwise I’ll be thinking you’re up to something.”

James laughed at her before standing up straight, “I should probably get back to moving all of this around. I’ll see you later on Amelia.” He said walking backwards towards the bag of food he had placed on the ground earlier.

Amelia gave him a smile before walking back to the castle.

Albus huffed as he sat down next to Scorpius on the sofa in the Slytherin common room. Scorpius was currently inspecting his nails, trying to ignore his huffing best friend next to him. But Albus was having none of this and huffed again, this time closer to Scorpius’s ear.

Scorpius let out a sigh before putting his hand back down onto his lap and turning to face Albus, raising an eyebrow at him in questioning.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what’s wrong?” Albus asked Scorpius.

Scorpius sighed again before pointing at his eyebrow which was still raised in question. “Can you not see the eyebrow? It’s questioning.”

“Well, no because I don’t spend all my time staring at your face and trying to work out what it’s saying to me,” Albus stated.

“Fine!” Scorpius said, throwing his arms up in exasperation before adding, “What is wrong Albus?”

Albus glared at him for a moment before saying, “That thing that you call a friend!”

“You’re going to have to be more specific here Alby,” Scorpius said, waving his hand as though encouraging him to elaborate.

“You know I hate you calling me Alby -” Albus huffed at him crossing his arms angrily, “- And I mean the Queen of Hell herself!”

“Oh, you mean your future wife Mariah?” Scorpius said getting who he meant.

Albus blanched before having a slight coughing fit, “Wife? WIFE! She is never going to be my wife; it will be a cold day in Hell if that ever happens.”

“Then you better invest in a good coat Alby my boy, because I bet that within the next, say six years, you two will be married. Probably with a child called Pedro or something,” Scorpius sounded disgusted at the idea of someone naming their child Pedro; it sounded too much like Pedalo to him.

“Then you are very sorely mistaken!” Albus cried, shaking his head and wondering just what his best friend had been eating to cause him to speak such lies.

Scorpius let out a laugh, “Fine, we’ll pretend that you’re not madly in love with her.”

“I’m not in love with that beast! She’s my mortal enemy.”

“You used to be good friends,” Scorpius stated, reminding him of a much simpler time in their second year.

“That part of my life is dead to me!” Albus said, spitting to emphasize how dead and buried it was to him, Scorpius only just moved out of the way in time.

“You are one disgusting boy do you know that?” Scorpius moved to sit on the other sofa before continuing to talk to Albus. “Now tell me just what is bothering you before I die of excitement.”

“She pushed me down the stairs!” Albus cried angrily.

Scorpius gave him a once over look and saw that he had no injuries.

“You look fine to me,” he said, looking back up into Albus’s face. A serious look was set onto it.

“I almost died.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes at Albus, before standing up and picking up his school bag. Albus looked up at him in shock.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Avenge me!” Albus cried incredulously.

Scorpius frowned at him, “but you’re not dead,” he stated obviously.

“Well, I could have died!” Albus reminded him. Scorpius let out another sigh.

“If you had died, then I promise that I would have avenged you,”

“You would?” Albus asked, as he too stood up and picked his bag up; they both began walking out of the common room. Scorpius threw his arm around Albus’s shoulders.

“Yep, and I would find the biggest stairs, I could and push her down them too, then you could both be joined together forever in the afterlife.”

Albus huffed again, but followed Scorpius as they walked down to their next class which was potions.


Amelia quickly rushed into the classroom and walked over to her seat next to Lucy, who had been doodling on her piece of parchment in front of her.

“Sorry I’m almost late, I was held up by talking to James,” Amelia apologised, as she pulled her text book, some parchment, a quill and ink out of her bag and placed them on the desk in front of her.

“You weren’t too late, I’ve only got here myself,” Lucy told her, “and you were talking to James eh?”

Amelia shook her head at Lucy as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at her, “Relax; me and your cousin were just talking. I saw him helping out Hagrid and I wondered why,” she finished with a shrug.

“Oh, he’s doing that for extra credit isn’t he?” Lucy asked, stopping her doodling and resting on her elbows in front of her.

“That’s what he said,” Amelia shrugged, “It seems like everyone is doing it nowadays. I know that Adam sometimes helps out by making potions for the hospital wing.”

“Well, he is a Potions prodigy,” Lucy said with a laugh. It was true. Adam had been obsessed with making Potions since he started Hogwarts. Always coming top of the class, he was put forward a year in his fifth year, sitting his Potions NEWTs in his sixth year, he passed them with top marks and was learning much more difficult Potions with the teacher. The rest of his class seemed to be quite a bit behind him.

“He’s weird about Potions,” Amelia laughed, “hopefully some of his talent rubs off on me.”

She was better than average in this class, scraping an Exceeds Expectations in most of her potions and essays. Lucy was very much the same, which was helpful that they sat next to each other.

“You’re doing really well,” Lucy stated as Albus and Scorpius walked into the classroom, “unlike some people I might add.”

Amelia’s eyes followed Lucy’s gaze, “Well, they are distracted by each other. Albus spends most of his time fighting with Mariah and poor Scorpius is just stuck between the both of them, which is a shame, because Adam was telling me that Scorpius was one of the most promising students in this class.”

“Well, it’s his own fault for letting my idiot of a cousin distract him,” Lucy stated, waving back at Albus who waved at her with a goofy grin on his face.

“He is quite distracting,” Amelia agreed with a laugh.

“Maybe you should get Adam to tutor you if you want to get your grade up to an outstanding?” Lucy suggested as the teacher entered the room and asked the room for quiet.

“That’s a good idea actually, why didn’t I think of that before?” Amelia asked as she turned her eyes to the front of the class, reading the writing that was appearing on the board.

“Well, I am the smart one in this friendship.”

Amelia just scoffed before letting out a laugh.

“I hate her,” Albus seethed as he chewed his sausages slowly and violently at dinner later that night. Scorpius looked up from his magazine to see that Albus was glaring over at Mariah who was currently balancing a potato on a spoon and attempting to throw it and catch it with said spoon, she was currently failing and there was a nice pile of potatoes on the floor around her, a dangerous hazard that had already caused at least three students to fall to the floor.

“I actually bloody hate her,” Albus moodily stabbed his fork into his own potato, picking it up and aiming it at Mariah. Scorpius was quick to snatch it away; Albus gave him a ‘what the hell did you do that for’ look.

“You could really hurt her by throwing that,” Scorpius stated seriously, keeping the fork away from Albus who was still giving him the look. Scorpius saw Albus inch his hand towards his dinner plate, before Scorpius could stop him, Albus had grabbed a gravy covered sausage.

“Well, I’ll just have to throw a sausage at her then!” Before Scorpius could stop him, Albus had already thrown the sausage at Mariah; it landed with a loud ‘smack’ on the side of her face, the gravy on it didn’t help. Mariah dropped her spoon and potato, causing the potato to hit the table before it rolled off of it and onto the floor.

She turned to glare at Albus straight away, who was pretending to be deep in conversation with Scorpius, which didn’t work as Scorpius was staring at Mariah in shock, his mouth opened wide and the fork with a potato in it still in his hand.

Mariah fumed before she pushed herself away from the table and stood up angrily, grabbing for a jug of pumpkin juice before storming over to an oblivious Albus who was sitting on the same side as her on the table only a few seats along. Scorpius followed her knowing that this was not going to end well, he had time to warn Albus, but he really wanted to know where this was going to end up, so he merely moved out of the way of the splash zone.

Albus noticing Scorpius’s sudden change in direction turned around to see Mariah standing behind him, an outline of sausage made from the gravy visible on her cheek. Before Albus could say anything or even smile tauntingly at her Mariah had poured the jug of pumpkin juice onto Albus’s lap, ice and all.

Albus let out a loud, high pitched shriek as he stood up suddenly, jumping up and down in horror as he felt the coldness and pumpkin juice spreading through his uniform. He looked up in horror at Mariah who was laughing at him and pointing wildly at the area that she had just soaked yelling, “Albus has wet himself!”

There was loud laughter coming from most of the other houses as people stood up to get a better look at Albus, who was looking angrily at Mariah, she merely blew him a kiss before turning around and going to sit back down.

“Don’t do it!” Scorpius yelled, standing up and trying to grab hold of Albus over the table but he didn’t reach him in time. Albus picked up the bowl of mash in front of him and followed Mariah down the table, as she sat down and placed the jug on the side, she gave a high five to her friend who was sitting across from her.

Albus turned the bowl over as soon as he made his way over to her, the mash falling onto Mariah’s head and dripping slowly down her face and hair. Mariah let out her own shriek as she shuddered at the feeling of the mash in her hair.

Albus laughed loudly as he ‘smushed’ the mash into her hair, making sure that it was properly pushed into her hair.

Mariah stood up quickly causing Albus to yell and run away from her, falling on a few potatoes, his confidence instantly vanishing as he ran for his life, Mariah was quick oh his heels as he ran for the door. Laughter and yelling was heard from the other students in the room as they watched the scene unfolding in front of them, some of them betting on Mariah catching up to Albus and giving him the beating of his life.

They were unable to find out though, as by the time Mariah had neared Albus, Neville was standing by the doors waiting for them with a deep disappointed frown on his face. Both of them stopped suddenly in front of him knowing that they were in big trouble for what they just done. The laughter died down behind them as the other students listened to what punishment the two would be getting.

“You will each be serving two detentions in the kitchens,” Professor Longbottom told them sternly, “helping the house elves to prepare and cook the food, seeing as though you think that it’s funny to be throwing all of their hard work around and at each other. Not only will you be serving your detentions you will also be staying behind after dinner tonight to clean up the mess that you and others have made, without magic.”

Albus and Mariah groaned as they heard their punishment, the students all jeered at them, some yelling ‘gutted’ and others planning to make a lot of mess under their table for Albus and Mariah to clean up.

“Can we at least go and change sir?” Albus asked, grabbing hold of his trousers and trying not to make the cold material to touch his legs. Mariah was trying to pick the mash out of her hair.

Neville smiled widely down at them before shaking his head, “No, this will serve as a reminder that food belongs in stomachs and not on uniform or hair,” and with those words he walked away from the two students and up towards the staff table.

Albus vaguely remembered someone yelling “burn!” as he stormed over to where he had been sitting, making sure to elbow Mariah out of his way.

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