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For The First Time by imaginary lines
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine
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She wished she hadn’t gone. Originally, the only reason she had gone was because Michelle had insisted on her opinion for a dress she wanted. Because she often fell under peer pressure, Kara had agreed and gone. Now, with Michelle trying the seventh dress that looked the same as the other one, just without less ‘ruffles’ (if that was possible), Kara sighed.

Apparently, Michelle’s mother had put aside a couple dozen dresses she would like as the Maid of Honor’s dress. Every time Michelle had a chance, she would remind Kara that this would be the seventh wedding she would be the Maid of Honor in. And every time, Kara would roll her eyes and say something nice.

Honestly, she would have rather been playing Quidditch or spending time with James. Now that they were, well, whatever they were, he seemed more relaxed. She didn’t know why. It was probably just a guy thing. Yawning, Kara glanced out the window. He was probably talking to Albus about plans for the holidays. Christmas was only a month away.

Usually Melissa was in a new tropical place, spending time with her new beau, and Kara spent the Christmas at Hogwarts. Last year Michelle had offered to have her come home with her, but that had ended horribly. Michelle’s family had more drama than her own, and that was saying something. She spent the majority of the vacation writing letters to James about how he needed to come and save her. He didn’t; only laughed at her misery.

“What do you think of this one?” Michelle whined, spinning in a circle. Kara dragged her eyes away from the exterior and took in the sight. The only difference between the current dress and the ones she had tried on previously was that there were fewer ruffles. Kara hated ruffles, but apparently, the brilliant planner Banjo Audio Rocket had declared ruffles were the newest trend. And no one ever argue with Banjo Audio Rocket.

“I like that one the best. It has fewer ruffles.” Kara mumbled, before glancing back outside. It looked like at any minute snow would burst from the clouds. She loved the snow. It meant more times for snow ball fights and enchanting snowmen to dance. Michelle mumbled something before returning to the dressing room. Kara sighed and grabbed the newest edition of Words of Wizards from the table.

She scanned the first few page before stopping at page nine. In bold, enchanted headlines, read; Queen Enterprise: Royal Queen Take Over. Beneath the headline, instead of a picture of the blond woman who had raised her, was a man with brown hair, red lips, and doe shaped eyes. His features were sharper than her own, but that didn’t stop her hands from shaking.

Her mother had tried to warn her, but Kara had refused to listen. Melissa was a control freak and before, Kara had thought the mentioning of her father was to scare her. But no, it was the truth. Jason Queen was back from the mysterious beyond, and by the looks of it, taking over the music industry.

Once upon a time, Melissa had fallen in love with a rock star. Said rock star married her on a whim, got her knocked up, wrote a song, and left. The song, ironically, was about staying together and had shot to the music charts in days. Said rock star hadn’t even seen his baby daughter and every year would send a dozen roses to Hogwarts. Because roses helped cure the feeling of abandonment…right.

She closed the magazine and placed it back on the table in front of her. No one needed to know that she was nervous, that she was scared she may see her father. He hadn’t done anything to her except abandon her, and while Kara hated her mother most of the time, she hated her father even more. What kind of person leaves and never comes back?

Michelle came back out in normal clothing and sighed. “I decided on the last one. I’ll send a letter to my mother now. Let’s go to the Post Office and then we’ll head back to school. I have Head Duties at five and it’s already three.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kara said, and followed her friend.

When they reached the Post Office, Kara grabbed an owl, piece of parchment and a quill. She needed to write to her mother. There was no way she was going home for Christmas if her father was home. He was probably lurking in the shadows somewhere, ready to appear and intervene in her life. She wouldn’t allow that; he was a no one to her. A stranger.

Michelle was ranting about something silly, probably about what she has to do for Head Duties. Kara nodded, but was lost in thought.

“And then I decided to get pregnant with an alien baby after a night in Rome. You were with me, remember?” Michelle added, glancing at Kara.


Michelle giggled. “Kara, are you even listening to me?”

“No, not really. Why?”

“Because I just said I was pregnant with an alien baby.”

Kara blinked and gave a small smile. “Congrats. I hope I’ll be the godmother.”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “You know, while I usually don’t mind that you aren’t paying attention to me, you have that ‘I’m lost in deep thought and need to talk about my feelings’ look. Why are you in deep thought and what feelings do you feel the need to discuss? Is it about Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames?”

Kara snorted and continued on the path. “It’s not about Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames.” She drawled, just like Michelle had moments ago. “It’s about what I’m doing for the holidays. I know its November, but honestly, there’s no way I’m spending it with Melissa.”

“You could always spend it with my mother and husband number hundred,” Michelle mentioned sarcastically “Or just stay in the castle. I know a couple dozen students usually do.”

She nodded, but chose not to reply. Christmas was one of her favorite holidays, and the whole point of Christmas was to have fun. While she adored Hogwarts, it didn’t really have the family fun feeling to it. It was a dark castle and the last thing she wanted was to wander around a dark castle by herself around her favorite holiday. It wasn’t exactly on her things to do list.

“You could ask James if his family doesn’t mind you crashing with them.” Michelle offered, and Kara turned. Her friend had no idea about what was going on between them. Neither she nor Fred understood that the reason they were friends again was because of their little agreement in the broom closet. Spending a whole holiday with him and his huge family sounded awkward.

But James would say yes. She had been over his house before, and both Mr. and Ms. Potter adored her. Lily loved hanging out with her, even at school, and Albus was just adorable…in a totally brother way of course. Add in Fred, Dominique, Vicky, Teddy and whoever else happened to be related to them, well, it would be entertaining.

“Maybe…” Kara said, her voice pondering off. Michelle took this as an acceptable answer and continued on with her Head Duties. This time, she had no idea that her best friend was no longer paying attention.


Resting her legs on top of James’s legs, Kara stretched out on the couch. There were a couple of students left, but none were paying attention to them. Any second now, Rose would burst in from the library, huffing about how some people couldn’t leave her alone (cough, her family, cough). Everyone would nod and let her storm into her dorm. That was usually the signal that it was time for bed.

His fingers were woven into a few strands of her hair, and James watched her chew on her bottom lip. He had noticed she had been staring at a piece of blank parchment for the last hour and was secretly wondering why. Normally he would ask, but he had been pretending to do his Charm’s essay. And then he had gotten distracted by the perfume she had been wearing and kept glancing at her. He wasn’t even sure that she noticed he was playing with her hair.

“Oi, Queen. What are ya doing?” he finally asked his voice low as to not disturb the rest of the common room. Kara looked up and shrugged.

“Trying to figure out how to tell my mother I don’t want to go home for Christmas without making it seem like I hate her.”

“But you do hate her, don’t you?” he asked, suddenly confused.

Kara huffed. “I’m seventeen years old. I hate most authority figures.”

He shrugged. “Tell her you’re spending Christmas here to keep up with the bundles of homework you have.”

She sighed. “I don’t want to go home because I don’t want to know if my father is with her.”

James had no retort and she continued. “I don’t really want to see my father, and I have a feeling he may be staying with mum. Actually, I don’t know where he is and I don’t really care. It’s not like he’s ever been a part of my life. But I have to come up with a reasonable and believable excuse.”

He thought. Coming up with lies was something he had a knack for. Christmas was only a month away, and he knew that most parents would have enough time to add another bedroom for someone…

“You could always stay with my family. Dad and mum love you!”

Kara shook her head. “No, I don’t want to-“

“Seriously, I’ll kidnap you and take you there myself if I have to.” He responded, grinning. “It’ll be fun! You’ll love my whole family! All two hundred of us…or something like that. People need to stop popping out babies.”

Before she could answer, Rose busted into the common room, screaming about little Roxanne and how she was such a bother. Everyone grumbled in response and followed Rose to bed, retreating into the correct dormitories.

James glanced around the common room, deciding it was empty and nuzzled his face into neck. He gently placed a kiss on her neck, distracting her from saying no.

“James, I know what you’re doing…” she mumbled, her thoughts suddenly departing. “I suppose I could stay over, just for this one holiday…”

He pulled back and grinned. “Atta girl.” And with that, he buried his face into her hair and led her down onto the couch. As their lips met, and hands roamed the other’s body, neither bothered to notice a pair of eyes watching them for just a moment before the eyes retreated and scurried up into their dorm.

In fact, Kara almost didn’t noticed how her heart was beating faster than normal and how butterflies were erupting in her stomach. James almost didn’t notice how his hands were suddenly clammy and whole he felt being wrapped up with Kara.


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For The First Time: Chapter Nine


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