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Cat's Don't Always Land on Their Feet by Dracos_lover
Chapter 6 : Christmas Eve
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 The morning of the first day of the holidays was always the same. Everyone running around to pack up last minute items. People going up and down the stairs multiple times just to double or triple check. I always had everything neat and ready to go. Pansy was scurrying around the room looking for her charmed makeup that goes so perfect with her skin, or so she says. As soon as Pansy, Daphne and Clara where all packed up as well we all ventured to the great hall.

All of us walked through the huge doors with Pansy in front, as usual, to see a rather unusual sight. Practically everyone from the Slytherin house was sitting at the table reading letters. A lot of them looked very displeased. We walked over to our usual seats only to find letters of our own. I scooped mine up quickly and ripped it open. It was from my mother saying basically that I cannot come home for the holidays. Well this is good news, I think.




It was Christmas Eve and so far no one in Slytherin had heard from their parents. Nobody really seemed to genuinely care though since right after we received the letters Pansy had started planning a Christmas Eve party. Which she made Daphne, Clara and I set up the whole thing in the Slytherin common room while she supervised. “Why don't you just make the first years do this, I'm so bored.” Daphne complained.


“Shut up and finish pouring glasses. Everything has to be absolutely perfect or else!.” Pansy screeched. Then she plopped down on one of the velvet green couches and pouted. She's been moody for weeks now. We all would have thought she was pregnant if it wasn't for the fact that no guy would even talk to her. Even in the rare occasions when Draco's around he won't even look in her direction.


Daphne sighed and went back to filling glasses with firewhiskey. Clara and I had finished hanging up paper snowflakes that Pansy had actually had the first years make. Then I got the most perfect idea to get Pansy off all of our backs for a while. I had learned this spell from Martin last Christmas when we were bored. I looked up at the ceiling and whispered, “Illud nix.” Snow started to slowly fall from the ceiling in little crystals.


Pansy jumped up and caught some in her hand, “Merlin, this is genius Cat! Where did you learn that spell?”


“From my brother, so the snow is pretty much real but it won't stick to anything or get anything wet. It's almost like its imaginary.” I smiled at Pansy. She seemed genuinely happy which was very good. Now I could have some peace of mind before the party. Then another problem came to mind, Draco. Pansy would be on my back all evening if he isn't at this party. “Pansy I'm gonna go walk the castle and make sure all the Slytherin's know about the party, I'll be back before it starts.” She just nodded and kept looking at the fake snow.


I walked throughout all of the dungeons, the great hall and even the grounds. I could not find Draco Malfoy anywhere. Then I remembered the incident on the seventh floor a couple of weeks ago. I decided I would go check it out. After all I remember Pansy going on about last week when he was caught crashing Slughorn's party, and that was on the top floor as well. I wonder why he's always up there, I guess I'll find out.


I traveled all the way to the seventh floor and started to scope out the corridors. Still the ferret was no where to be seen. I leaned against the cold stone wall and slid down slowly. I give up, I just won't go to the party that way I don't have to deal with Pansy or anyone else. I folded my arms on top of my knees and lay my head on it. I just need a place to escape from all these people. I never thought I would miss being a loner so much.


I decided I might as well get up and look for a broom closet or something so I got up only to see a door in front of me. I know that this definitely wasn't here a minute ago. I walked up to it and slowly opened the door, only to see a room full of mountains of miscellaneous objects. This must be the room of requirement, well it has perfect timing. I walked around the piles of things looking at all the strange objects. A broken broom, books with ripped pages, a bust of an old man's head and lots of other stuff. I Suddenly heard a noise and I froze. It sounded like a person weeping. I decided I should continue and see if they needed help. Maybe it was a lost house elf or an upset first year.


I walked around yet another mountain of things to see a platinum blonde standing in front a weird cabinet looking thing, and furiously whipping his eyes with his hands. I walked quietly up behind him, “Draco.”


He whipped around and looked shocked, “What are you doing here? Get out!” He tried to hide his face in his hair. I just stood there dumbfounded. “Why are you still here? Leave!” He yelled. His stormy gray eyes were red and puffy.


“No Draco,” I put my hand on his shoulder. “Tell me what's wrong.” I looked him straight in the eyes but he turned away. “How come your never at meals and you've missed a dozen or so classes just this month. What's going on?”


He removed my hand from his shoulder and he stepped further back. “I can't tell you. I'm forbidden to speak of it.”


“Draco I know we aren't exactly friends, I mean you never even noticed me until my birthday, but I'm genuinely concern- I mean Pansy is concerned.” I blushed and looked down. I have never been so embarrassed in my life.


“Look I like you Catherine and I want to be friends but I can't tell you this, you don't understand. I was chosen.” He looked away as if ashamed.


“Why do you keep saying you can't tell me, no one is stopping you. We're completely alone and what do you mean you were chosen.” I was so utterly confused. He just stood there looking at the floor. “Draco tell me now.” All he did was pull up his left sleeve and show me his inner arm. I gasped loudly, “But Draco... you're only sixteen. I don't understand.”


“The Dark Lord chose me for a task. I can't tell you any more than that and you can't tell anyone! Especially not bigmouth Parkinson.” He sneered. I guess he really does dislike Pansy.


“I won't but only if you do me a favor.” I smirked. I suppose I am a true Slytherin at heart. “You have to come to Pansy's Christmas Eve party right now.”


“Is that all? Your weak for a Slytherin.” He laughed. There go's my whole real Slytherin at heart idea, oh well. I guess laughing is better than crying though, not that he would ever admit to crying anyway. “Well let's go, but if Parkinson is all over me I won't be staying very long.” he grimaced. I nodded, it's understandable why he wouldn't like her much. She practically stalks him.


Draco and I walked down the moving staircase and through corridors until we reached the Slythin common room. Draco said the password then gestured for me to go first. “Ladies first,” he said very politely. I smiled and walked into the full out party. There was already cups everywhere, the music was cranked up and the upperclassmen were already making out in corners.


As soon as Draco was through the door though Pansy popped up, seemingly out of no where. “Draco! I knew you would come to my fabulous party!” She squealed. Draco looked at me with pleading eyes but I just mouthed, “Sorry” and walked away. I know better than to get between Pansy and her supposed boy toy. I went over to the drink table and gulped down an entire drink. It burned going down but I didn't mind. I grabbed another glass and started walking around the party.


I was distracted watching the first years play spin the bottle when someone came up behind me and spun me around, placing there lips on mine. I looked up to see Daniel smiling at me. “Daniel! What are you doing here? How did you get into Slytherin common room?” I was so busy worrying about my father and with Pansy breathing down my neck about setting up the party I hadn't even known if Daniel had stayed back for the holidays.


“Well my grandmother who lives in Paris has been very sick so my parent's are there for the holidays. By the way it's not that hard to get the Slytherin password. Plus it's quite predictable.” He chuckled. I felt my cheeks get hot and I wasn't quite sure why. I swallowed the rest of my fire whiskey quickly. Daniel looked down at my empty glass, “Oh can I get you another drink?” I smiled and nodded.


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