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It's Just Me, Rose Weasley. by Gryffindor_Forever
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two.
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 'Rose! Rose, help me! Please!' screamed a terrified voice. Scorpius. Again, really? Two nights in a row. Damn. 

'Scorpius! Where are you?' I asked. I was in a room. It had never ending walls of white. I was scared. I knew this was a dream. But it seemed all to real.

 I was running. Sprinting. Just looking for him. I was screaming for him to come. I needed him to come.

'Scorpius!' I screamed again. I sunk to the ground and hoped his screams would stop.

I woke up. But not in my room. I was in a different room, one with pictures of Al, Fred, Daniel and Scorpius. One with Gryffindor colours everywhere and a poster of Scorpius' favorite Qudditch team Puddlemore United. 

But then I really woke up and heard Scorpius yelling, 'Rose! Rose! What's wrong?' I just stared at him, mortified.  

 'What? Oh sorry Scorp. Must've er, sleep walked in here.' He didn't seem convinced.

 'Rose. What's going on? You can't just walk in here at 3.30 in the morning and start yelling for me and asking where I am!' he exclaimed.

 'Er, again really sorry, I sleep talk as well you know. But I must be off, sleep to get and whatnot,' I started rambling. On I went. But he didn't move or say anything.

 But then all of a sudden he was hugging me. I hugged him back. My head rested on his chest.
'Rose, I think you need to go back to bed,' he said abruptly. Giving him shocked look, I walked out of the room and fell asleep confused.

Waking up the next morning, I was dreading the day ahead. Not because of school, I loved school. But because I, have to face Albus after our fight. I have to see Scorpius after last night and I have to hold Quidditch try outs today.

As soon as I was showered and dressed I walked to the Great Hall for breakfast and saw an empty spot in between Emma and Fred.  
'Hi,' I said, sitting down.

'Rose I'm really sorry. I won't do it again. Unless he's a Slytherin.' 

'Ah huh.'

 'Hi,' everyone else said gloomily.

 'Come on guys, don't be grumpy, it's the first day of school!' I exclaimed excitedly.

 I heard a mix of 'Shut up Rose,' and 'Go to the Ravenclaw table Rose.'

 Being the smartass I am, I got up and said, 'Oh fine then, I'll go to the place where my knowledge is ap-.' I stopped as I noticed something near the Slytherin table. My stomach dropped. Scorpius was hugging a girl. Argh. Whore.'On second thoughts maybe I'll just go to er, class early or something.'

I looked back over to Al who looked to where I was staring. I walked out of the Hall but not before hearing someone say, 'What's wrong with Rose?' 

Later on that day, after realising I had every single class with Scorpius, I had to hold Qudditch try outs.

'Okay everyone!' I shouted. No-one listened.

'SHUTUP !' I screamed.

'Now, I want Chasers over there, Beaters over here, Keepers by the goals and Seekers with me.' After everyone was sorted I realised I was the only Seeker. So I decided that there was enough to make two teams, though I couldn't play. We evened out and started to play.

It was really hard for me to tell others that they were simply not good enough for the team, but it had to be done. No avoiding it. So in the end I chose me for Seeker (obviously), Olivia for Keeper, Ashlee, Daniel and Albus for Chasers and Scorpius and Fred for Beaters.

The other people weren't very happy that I picked a team that consisted of my friends and family except for one. But it's my choice and everyone knows not to get on a Weasley's bad side.

'Okay everyone, I want a quick training session as the first game of the season is on Saturday, we are up against Slytherin. We have got to win. But no pressure or anything,' I said jokingly. Scorpius laughed and all of a sudden I got this feeling in my stomach. And I'd had it before, only with Dex. 

But I was still fuming over what happened with the blonde hoe.

After training we all got showered and dressed, and went to dinner. Everyone was there except Lily. Glancing at the Ravenclaw table I noticed Marcus was not there either. Suspicion. Raised.

Walking over to our usual spot on the end of the Gryffindor table, Em was there happily gossiping with Roxanne, who was presumably waiting for Lily. But as soon as Roxy pointed over to us, Em got up ran over here, jumped on Fred and kissed him full on the lips.

Awkward. Me, Al and Scorpius had our mouths wide open trying to form sentences but being unable to.

'Emma Thomas explain?' I asked through clenched teeth. Fred finally noticing our presence and removing his tongue from Emma's throat. He looked very embarrassed actually.

'What does it look like? I am kissing Fred,' she said matter of factly. I couldn't resist. My lips turned up into a goofy smile as I said, ' Well it's about damn time. I just about had enough of you two.'

Dinner went without a hitch. Except for when Malfoy (Yes, I am using last name terms on him now) sat with that blonde hoe at the Slytherin table. I am not even jealous.

Okay, maybe just a little bit.

But after glancing a couple times at them, I was starting to feel sick. They were always laughing, or joking, or smiling. I finished up and went back to my dorm.

I was reading my favourite book Hogwarts: A History when Scorpius came in.

'Hey, haven't seen you much today,' he said warily, as if he was expecting a reaction or something.

'I guess not.' I shuddered at the coldness of my voice. 

'So how has your first day been?' he asked. 

'Fantastic. I would ask about yours but, I have actually seen you today, so I needn't ask.'

'Oh, Amelia. Yeah she's pretty amazing, I can't believe I hadn't met until this morn-.'

'Although I would love to stay and chat about how amazing Amelia is, I really need to get to sleep. So good night Scorpius.'

Yeah, I was a bitch.

The days leading up to the first Quidditch match were hectic. We had training every afternoon and during lunch, as per Al's orders. On Friday the rest of the team and I had just about had enough of him.

'Albus! Need I remind you who is captain of this team?' I asked him, at dinner that night.

'No Rose. I know it's you. I just want us to win!' he exclaimed sorrily.

'Okay Al, don't forget it. But I do agree with you on one point. Beating Slytherin is a must!' I yelled so that the Slytherin table could hear us. Malfoy and bimbo – oops I mean Amelia – looked up at us.

He hadn't spoken to me since that night, and I was starting to feel horrible about it. Not because of him but because I think I did overreact.
I ordered the whole team to go to bed immediately and when I received protests in return I simply said, 'Do you want to win or not?' And everyone shut up. 

The next morning I was nervous as all hell. It was my first game as captain and I so badly wanted to win. I looked over at Slytherin's team and was surprised that Dex had picked an okay team.

That was until I saw their Seeker. It was her. Amelia. 

When the game started I had trouble finding the snitch, I couldn't see it anywhere. It was so frustrating. But just when I saw something sparkle out of the corner of my eye, she came gliding up.

No. Way. This bitch is not gonna take my glory. Back off whore. 

But that's when it happened.

It was an accident I swear! I just gently nudged her and she kinda ran into a stand. And just kinda broke her arm.


But if it makes it any better I caught the snitch. But now Scorpius hates me. I think.

Anyway, as soon as she screamed everyone stopped playing and came rushing over to her. And Scorpius was death staring me, but staring at her with a concerned look.

What had I done? Broken her arm ovbiously.

I went with her to the ward because I felt so bad. On top of being ridiculously pretty she is also ridiculously nice, she also had a French accent, weird. If she was from France wouldn't she go to Beauxbatons like my other cousins? But she forgave me and sent me and Scorpius away assuring us she would be fine.

Scorpius just glared at me. I deserved it. Although the rest of the Gryffindor team was celebrating in the common room, I decided to just go up to my dorm. I was disgusted in my self.

Scorp came with me, but didn't make eye contact.

When we reached the dorm it was him who broke the silence.

'What the hell was that?!' he yelled at me, slamming the door behind him.

'I don't know. It was an accident I swear!' I exclaimed back, slumping onto a couch.

'Well, if it was an accident why did I see you smirk when you were going towards her? She's my cousin Rose!'

Wait. What? Back the fuck up now children.

'She's your cousin. Of course she is. The blonde hair. Quidditch skills.' I said fitting all the pieces together.

'Well duh! She just transferred from Beauxbatons in France! Her mother and father just moved to England,' he said smoothly.

'Oh. My. Gosh.' Was all I could say. He just looked at me. He walked over to me and asked, 'You didn't think she was my girlfr-.'

I scoffed, 'Of course not. Who am I kidding, yes I did. And I was extremely jealous about it. Though I have no idea why? I'm just looking at you in a new light and -'

And without another word he picked me up, put my against the wall, and brought his lips to mine. 

Until he broke it.

'Good night Rose,' he said. And walked off to his room.

I just stood there. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. I don't know what I was thinking, or lack thereof I guess.

I went up the stairs to his room and knocked twice.

'Just can't stay away can you?' a silky voice answered.


A/N; Please forgive me! I will give you cookies! (; I haven't updated in forever! What with writers block, school work and lack of motivation, I just couldn't bring my self to write. The next chapter is on it's way, but I don't want to rush it, I want it to be the best it can be (; 

Please review, anything is appreciated (:

- Gryffindor_Forever 

DICLAIMER; I am not J.K Rowling, therefore I did not create the Magical World Of Harry Potter. :'( But I did create the plot :'D

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