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Open Your Eyes by LumosEmmaFaye
Chapter 12 : Chapter twelve
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A/N Hey Guys and Gals Emma here, just letting you all know that i am currently going through and revamping chapters 1-14 so if there isn't a new chapter up in a while that's why

here is chapter twelve, hope you enjoy 
p.s Thank you everyone for the very lovely reviews, they make me all warm and fuzzy inside especially LuckNumber13 whom said my story inspired her to write her own YAYAYAY


“Malfoy please put me down” Hermione protested as the pair walked back to the common room.

“Granger I said I’d carry you back did I not?”

“Yes but I want to be let down now, I’m not a child, I can walk myself”

“Fine” Draco said placing Hermione on her feet.

“Thank you” Hermione said straightening out her crumpled clothes.

Draco gave a nod and started to walk off, not waiting for Hermione.

“Hey wait up” Hermione called.

Draco groaned as she caught up with him.

“Yes Granger?” he said with a sigh

“Oh uhm I was just wondering when we’d be going to Hogsmead that’s all”

Draco shrugged his shoulders.

“well I was thinking we could have breakfast here and then we could go into town for lunch and maybe get an ice cream” Hermione’s voice trailed off as she looked up at Draco whom looked rather bored by her idea. “Oh well uhm never mind it was just a suggestion, I’ll just ask the professor if Ginny can co-“

“Granger you didn’t even give me time to answer, you just babbled on and on”
Hermione’s cheeks flushed red.

“Your idea sounds fine and at least it would be something to do rather than sitting in this stuffy old castle”

“Oh well uhm good yes good, well I’ll meet you back in the head’s common room after breakfast and we can sort out a time and schedule of our day”

Draco smirked and shook his head.

“Wow Granger, really? A schedule of our day at hogsmead?” Draco shook his head once more and walked into the Great Hall and over to the Slytherin table.

Hermione’s cheeks flushed red again.


Hermione sat down next to Ginny at the Gryffindor table and started pilling up some toast eggs and bacon onto her plate whilst Ginny poured her a glass of pumpkin juice.
“Oh ‘Mione are you okay? McGonagall told me what’s been going on.” Ginny said giving her friend a tight squeeze.

“She did?” Hermione said shocked.

Wouldn’t McGonagall at least ask me first before telling someone of the events I mean they are very personal and I don’t want anyone accept the ones whom were involved to know, oh as well as the Professor and the people who deal with said crimes

“Yeah, she told me about your injuries and you feeling really ill and that some idiot harassed you” Said Ginny now rubbing Hermione’s back.

Oh thank goodness, at least she didn’t reveal any details of what ACTUALLY happened

“Oh yes that, well I’m feeling much better now”

Just then a loud shriek cut their conversation off, the pair looked over to where it came from and saw none other than pug face Pansy all over Malfoy.

“Eww” the girls said in unison.

“Anyways back to you” Hermione smiled “you’re all better? that’s GREAT!” Hermione jumped at her friend’s outburst. “Now you can tell me all the juicy goss about your new roommate” Ginny said nudging Hermione’s arm with her elbow.

“Oh Gin settle down, it’s NOTHING like that trust me” Hermione said rolling her eyes.

“Well speak of the devil, Ms Granger there seems to be a Slytherin prince gazing your way” Ginny giggled.

Hermione shoved Ginny, who almost fell off her chair, then, looked over at the Slytherin table and sure enough, sat all alone at the end of the table was the blonde Slytherin prince staring at her.



Draco walked over to the Slytherin table where Blaise and Pansy were sitting halfway up. Blaise gave Draco a nod which he returned. Pansy shrieked when she saw Draco and ran at him arms spread wide. Draco closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see what was about to happen. Pansy threw herself at Draco who stumbled upon impact, and started planting sloppy kisses on his face.

“Get off you insufferable oaf” Said Draco as he pried Pansy off of him.

“But Drakey I haven’t seen you in so long” Pansy huffed.

“You saw me on the train you fool, now go back to Zambini, I want to sit alone this morning” he spat

“Well will I get to see you during the day?” she pouted

“No! I have been given permission to go to hogsmead with Granger and I’m not sure the time of my return”

“You’re going to Hogsmead without me?” she said in her baby voice.

“Yes as a matter of fact I am and I am taking Granger out to lunch” he said smirking

“You’re taking that filthy mud blood out on a DATE?” she hissed, but ever so lightly so as to not draw the attention of the Professors, but even with the volume turned down you could see the venom drip from her mouth as she spoke.

“Yes now leave me alone” he said speaking every word slowly to get it into her thick skull

Pansy huffed and stormed off towards Blaise.

Well this is going to be interesting

Draco shook his head with a smirk plastered on his face as he watched Pansy complain to Blaise. Blaise thought nothing of it just casually shrugging here and there, knowing it was just something Draco had said to keep Pansy off his back. Sick of watching the pair, Draco turned his eye to the Gryffindor table where Hermione sat Smiling and talking with Ginny.

I wonder what they’re talking about. Weaslet seems to be hyped about something, probably something saint potter has done *sigh* Wait did she look at me just then? No no must be my imagination! Hah good shove Granger! you almost knocked her off the chair! No no no don’t look over here please don’t look over here, too late

Draco didn’t like being caught so he stood up and quickly walked out of the Great Hall, a toasted egg and bacon sandwich in his hand.

Upon seeing his best mate leave the hall, Blaise told Pansy to shut her gob then left to follow him.

“Hey Malfoy wait up” he called as he raced to catch up to his friend.

“Zambini nice to see you again” Draco said as Blaise eventually caught up.

“That was one wicked lie you told Pug face back there” he chuckled “She’s going nuts”

“It wasn’t all a lie Zambini” Draco said nonchalantly

“Wait you mean to say you actually are taking that mud blood on a date?”

Draco spun around to face his friend “That is the LAST time you’ll ever call her that, got it?” Draco warned.

Blaise nodded his head and lowered his arms which were in front of his chest in defence, not that it would do anything against a wand.

“No I’m not taking her on a date as per say” Draco said as he started walking again.

Blaise looked at Draco with confusion plastered over his face.

Draco sighed “McGonagall has given me and Granger permission to go to Hogsmead to clear our heads as the past few days have been eventful for us and she feels it’s necessary to clear our heads before classes’ start again that is all”

“Eventful? what do you mean?” Blaise asked curious.

“Granger has just been ill and I’ve been tending to her” he said shrugging his shoulders

“That’s hardly eventful Draco” said Blaise disappointed “but here’s something eventful, apparently someone is ALREADY looking at being expelled and even being put in Azkaban”

“For what exactly?” Draco asked full well knowing whom and what Blaise was talking about.

“No one knows for sure but his sister Amber has been blabbing on about it saying he’s innocent and that she’ll prove that he’s innocent”

“Oh so it’s a he? And he has a sister?” Draco said worried

“Yeah and get this, he’s from Slytherin”

“What house is the sister in?”

“She’s in Ravenclaw which is odd; most families go into the same house”

“That is very odd, but thank you for the insight Zambini, I’m heading up to my dorm I’ll see you at dinner? Or if I’m not back I’ll come down to the dungeons.”

“Alright Malfoy, see you later” Blaise said as he turned around and walked back the way they came.

Draco walked up the portrait said the password and walked into his common room where he slumped down on his couch, relieved that he could finally eat his sandwich in peace.



“You’re right” Hermione said to Ginny as she saw Draco staring at her

“Maybe he fancies you ‘Mione” Ginny giggled

“Oh shut up Gin he does NOT fancy me, see look he’s gotten up and is walking away”

“Because you caught him staring ‘Mione” Ginny’s giggles turned into loud laughter.

Hermione suddenly felt sick

“Ginny get me to a bathroom NOW!”

“Why ‘Mione is everything okay?”

“I think I’m going to bring my eggs back up”

Ginny grabbed Hermione’s arm and raced her to the nearest bathroom where Hermione unloaded her stomach into a toilet, once she had emptied her once full stomach, Ginny conjured a moist towel and wiped Hermione’s face, cooling her down and removing any vomit from around her mouth.

“Oh Ginny I have no clue whats gotten into me”

“You’ve probably just caught the sick bug ‘Mione nothing to be worried about” Ginny said rubbing her friends back.

“But it’s not a constant sick it’s an out of the blue I’m going to upchuck ever where kind of sick” she sighed.

“Here let me take you to see Madam pomfrey, she’ll know what to do” Ginny said Helping Hermione up from the floor.

“No no I’ll be fine Gin but thank you” she said giving her friend a hug.

“Alright then but if you get worse let me know and we’ll go straight there”

“Okay I promise, if I feel any worse after my day at Hogsmead then I’ll come straight to you”

“Wait you’re going to Hogsmead?” Ginny said surprised.

Hermione filled Ginny in about her trip to Hogsmead with Draco that the Headmistress had planned for them and how they were going to get lunch and possibly an ice cream.

“Well missy you better hurry to your bathroom and take a shower, you reek!”

“Can you do a charm that will keep me from smelling until I get to the shower? I don’t want to bump into anyone smelling like this” she said gesturing to her body.

Ginny laughed, “Of course ‘Mione, don’t want you smelling bad in front of you date now do we”

Hermione shoved Ginny and laughed.

“Oh be quiet Gin it’s most definitely not a date”

Ginny performed the charm and the pair left the bathroom and headed towards Hermione’s common room.



Draco lay half asleep on his couch in front of the fire place with a book on his stomach, when he heard the familiar sounds of girls giggling.

Granger must be back, bout time to, I’m going to fall asleep if we don’t leave soon

The portrait opened and Hermione stepped in followed by Ginny who decided to come help Hermione with her hair and clothes for her day out, just in case there were some cute boys hanging around Hogsmead.

“Finally Granger, are you ready to leave? Hello she-weasel”

“Hello Snake” Ginny said cheerily as she climbed the stairs to Hermione’s room “I’ll meet you up there” she called to Hermione.

“Not yet Malfoy, I’m just going to hop in the shower and get rid of this stench”

“You vomited again I assume?”

“Unfortunately yes, my body hates me at the moment”

“Well hurry up, I’m falling asleep”

Hermione rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs.

I should let madam Pomfrey know that Granger is sick, on second thought NAH! Hermione is a big girl she can do it herself, that shall be pay back for smelling so foul HA-HA oh and catching me

Draco stretched out on his couch and closed his eyes, hoping Hermione didn’t take too long.

A/N: Hey guys and gals what did you think? rate comment review do as you please 

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