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You'll Be Alright by StormThief17
Chapter 1 : You'll Be Alright
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Teddy was crying. Angry tears poured down his red face as he waved his tiny fists at Tonks, his mother. 

“Hush darling,” She whispered. “You’re going to be alright.”

Tonks had never seen herself as the mothering type. She had always felt very awkward and uncomfortable around babies, and her habitual clumsiness did not help. But that changed when she had Teddy.

She loved him with her whole heart, her whole soul, her whole everything.  When she looked at him she felt the most glorious feeling rise up in her, because Teddy was her son, hers and Remus’s. To know that the tiny human with blue hair and grey eyes had come from the love she shared with Remus was amazing.

Tonks had wondered sometimes how Lily Potter had felt, placing herself in front of certain death for Harry’s sake. She had wondered if she would do the same.  Now she knew she would do the same. She would die for Teddy.

As Teddy’s hair began turning an angry purple, she rocked him back and forth. She wanted to spend just a few more minutes with her son before apparating to Hogsmeade and joining the battle against Voldemort. She needed to say good-bye.

“I’m fighting for you Teddy,” Tonks said. “So no one can hurt you.”

Slowly Teddy’s cries softened to murmurs. His hair softened to blue again and he looked at his mother contentedly. She smiled at him and whispered, “No one will hurt you Teddy, I promise.”
She felt the promise burn fiercely in her heart. They had to beat Voldemort. She could not bear to see Teddy grow up in a world of terror and pain and death, a world where he would be marked for scorn and even death because his father was a werewolf and his mother a blood traitor. She could not bear for him to live his life in secrecy, always hiding in the shadows. She wanted him to go to Hogwarts and get sorted. She wanted to see a wand choose him, she wanted him to fall in love and get married, she wanted so much for him.

It was time to go. Tonks stood up and handed her son to Andromeda. She could see the silent plea in her mother’s eyes. Andromeda had begged her to stay, telling her to live for Teddy’s sake. I am living for Teddy’s sake, Tonks had said, living and fighting for him.

She cast one last look at Teddy’s tiny form. She blew him a kiss and disapparated.



Tonks was running, her legs pounding on the stone floor of a Hogwarts corridor. Aberforth said that Remus had been fighting Dolohov. She had to find him, to assure herself that he was alright.

“He’s fine,” she whispered, as if the words would protect her husband.

Tonks  turned a corner, ran down a flight of stairs, hurried into the Entrance Hall, and ran out onto the grounds, where there seemed to be nothing but spells and screams flashing through the air. Every where she turned a death eater or a giant or a spider was attacking, their cruelty echoing across the night. She saw many of her friends, and as she ran through the tumult she tried to help out where ever she could, but there was no sign of Remus.

She dodged a spell, and then she saw him. At the same instant she saw a flash of green light.

Remus fell to the ground.

The noise around Tonks abruptly stopped. All she saw was the figure of her husband, ling prone on the ground.

No. He could not be dead. A simple word could not end his life, could not end their life together. Tonks felt her heart crumble. She fell to her knees. He was gone. Her beautiful, loving husband. Gone as if he had never lived at all.

Dolohov’s face was twisted with triumph, harsh laughter ripping from his mouth as he stood over Remus. Tonks shook with anger and tears. She stood, determined to make Dolohov pay for his crime.

She shot a jinx at him, but he was ready. They fought back and forth, both unable to gain an advantage. With each flash of her wand, Tonks thought of her husband, and her fatherless son.

For Remus. For Teddy.  He would never know his father, never know the best man in the world. Tonks’ tears blurred her vision. For you Teddy, she thought. No one will hurt you. No one.

Her spell hit Dolohov in the face and he fell, overpowered by Tonks’ anguish. She looked up from his body just in time to see a flash of green light burning towards her.

“Oh Teddy,” She murmured. “I’m sorry. I’ll miss you darling, but you’ll be alright. I love you.”

She had fought. For Remus. For Teddy.

Tonks fell. A peaceful smile traced on her face.


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You'll Be Alright: You'll Be Alright


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