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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 18 : Change
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I walked beside Draco in silence, fiddling with the sleeve of the oversized jumper I'd hastily put on. I was still fondling on my earlier Déjà vu feeling, but I couldn't put a specific finger on it.

"Why did they send you?" I asked, once again getting that annoying Déjà vu feeling.


I snorted, hearing the lie in his voice. He ignored it however, clearly still going for the whole "I-don't-care-about-anything"-attitude.

When we arrived, a lot of tired Prefects sent me glares and I cleared my throat. "Yeah, sorry about that," I mumbled as I got out my list, and started to call out their names. After I noted everyone was present, I gave them the new watch list before I apologised once more, and then retreated to my own bed.

However, on my way back up a large hand yanked me back and my back was pushed up against a wall.

"What's this?" sneered Draco, pushing the new watch list in my face. I pushed it away again, raising a brow. "What about it?"

"You've given me double shifts every night this month, from two till six. How do you expect me to sleep?"

I shrugged away from him, giving him my blackest look. "Guess you'll have some time to think, then," I sneered back, stamping my way back up to my room to confirm my statement.

Okay so maybe I'd done that little bit on purpose, hoping it would change his mind. A month with thinking would do that, right?


No, after a month of having to walk the corridors from two till six, he was still a cold bastard who still ignored me.

You'd think he'd get it by now, wouldn't you?

I lay in my bed, face down into the pillow, trying to come up with something else, when I heard a knock on my door.

"Kaya, could you sit up, please?"

I turned my head and looked over at Ron, who was standing in the doorway.


"Because I've got some bad news…"

I frowned, and did sit up. Ron sat down next to me. "Kaya, I'm leaving Hogwarts for a little while."

I stared at him, mostly in disbelief. "What?"

"I lied to you last month. When I said I was going on a date with Hermione? Well I was with her but it wasn't exactly a date. We've decided we want to help Harry defeating You-Know-Who. Harry is leaving Hogwarts to, uhm, get his hands on some resources. And we're going with him."

I was shaking my head, giving myself a headache but I didn't care. "You can't just leave. You're my Head Boy, you're the closest I have to a brother, I need you here. You can't leave. You just can't."

Ron smiled at me as he pulled me into a bear hug, holding me tight.

"You'll be all right," he said as he cradled me. I pressed my face into the grope of his neck, refusing to let him see my tears.

I'd never imagined Ron every meaning this much to me, but thinking about it he'd been there for me every since we'd been made Heads. With everything going on with Draco, I need him now more than ever.

"When are you going?" I choked out, my voice muffled due to the fact it was pressed against his neck.


"How am I going to do everything on my own?"

"You'll be fine, I promise. Besides, you pretty much are doing everything already."

I smiled, because I knew he was right. But I still wasn't too happy about him leaving.

He kissed the top of my head, before he ruffled my hair.

"Cheer up, I got cake."

"Cake?" I gasped, sitting up properly and making Ron laugh.

He handed me a plate with a large piece of carrot cake on it. When he found out that was my favourite I have no idea, but I wasn't about to ask questions.


I let out a frustrated groan, tugging at my hair. There was no way I could get all of my duties done in time.

I got a strict "shh!" from the Librarian, and I rolled my eyes.

It was awfully quiet at the school lately. Ever since Snape had taken Dumbledore's place as Headmaster after Dumbledore went missing, the mood of the school had changed drastically and being Head Girl was tougher than ever. Snape kept giving me extra assignments, things that not even a Head Girl was supposed to do. Death Eaters were also used as teachers; meaning torture was expected on a daily basis.

Today I was needed in Snape's office to help with God only knows what.

I slammed the book I was reading shut, receiving yet another  "shh!".

I glared at her before I walked out of the Library, heading towards Snape's office. I walked up to the Headmaster's office and knocked on the door, and to my surprise a face I hadn't seen for ages met me.

"Come on in," said Draco. I walked past him, not able to not notice how tired he looked.

I looked over at Snape, absolutely not feeling the slightest but comfortable.

"Now tell us why you brought us here," said Draco, standing a few feet behind me.

"Wait, I need to do something with him?"

"Miss Penelope, you're Head Girl, missing a Head Boy, am I right?" Snape looked straight at me, his eyes blacker than the night itself.

Oh, no. I knew where this was going. Ron, come back!

"…not really. I'm doing all right by myself."

"The rules clearly state that a Head Girl must have a Head Boy by her side, and vice verse."

I looked over at Draco, but to my annoyance he still kept his face as emotionless as a stone.

"You're making me Head Boy?" asked Draco, crossing his large arms over his muscular chest… Bastard.

"Yes," said Snape.

"You cannot do this!" I cried, furious with them both. "Ron was announced Head Boy, and he will remain Head Boy!"

"Miss Penelope, calm yourself." Snape stood, fixing his robes as he walked toward us.

"Mr Malfoy, you will move into the Head Boy's room immediately."

"I don't want to sleep in Weasley's bed," said Draco in a disgusted voice, and without being noticed by the Headmaster, I kicked him hard in the chin. I saw Draco's mouth twitch a little and his eyes narrow. Oh, yeah. It had hurt.

"No, obviously not," agreed Snape, and I almost kicked him in the chin as well.

"The sheets will be changed and the colours – everything. You're dismissed."

I was out of the door in no time.

I heard Draco walking behind me, so I slowed down to walk beside him. "You can't keep ignoring me now, you know."

I couldn't help but smile when he didn't answer. He sure was a stubborn one.

"Are you honestly going to keep pretending that you don't care about me? You are going to have to talk to me sooner or later."

I gave him a hard look, hoping he noticed, before I walked away from him and hurried up to the common room I soon had to share with him.


Gasping, I sat up straight in my bed, heaving for breath.

The Déjà vu. I'd been right. It had been a memory.


"Why you?"

"Black&White and paper, rock, scissors."

"So they don't-…"

"Know about our past? No."


Draco's pale grey eyes sliced into mine, and he second they did our gaze locked, just moments before our lips did.

My hair ruffled his hair, his hands grabbing me by the waist and pushing me up against the wall.


Abruptly, Draco stopped. His lips still against mine, he spoke, "I'm not doing this."

"Doing what?" My hands fell limb to my sides, as I studied his face. I'd longed to see some expression in it.

"This. You and I. I'm not going there."


"I love you," he spoke the words clearly, "so much."


He'd removed my memory. He'd wiped out something from my own mind.

Filled to the rand with fury, I threw my duvet to the side and stormed through the bathroom and into Draco's room.

I grabbed a pillow he wasn't using, and smashed it in his face, waking him up.

"What the hell?" he whispered, clearly confused.

"How could you?" I yelled, tears streaming down my cheeks. "HOW COULD YOU?"

"What are you on about?" asked Draco, raising his voice.

"You walk into my life, and you break down every wall I spent years putting up! You left me weak, and vulnerable! You ruined my life!"

"Hey, he –hey!" shouted Draco as he grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to drop the pillow. "What are you talking about?" he asked, his face still lacking emotion.

"You told me you loved me. You told me! And then you remove it from my mind as if it never happened!" I shouted to his face, finally drawing emotion from it. "How could you?" I sobbed, sinking together. Draco wrapped his arms around me, scooping me up on his lap.

"You ruined me," I sobbed. "This is all your fault!"

I felt his head being placed upon mine. Even though I was furious with him, that simple movement meant everything to me just then, because it proved that he cared. My newfound memory proved that he cared for me. And that was all that I needed.

A/N: I HAVE AN EXCUSE! School.. But don't you worry, in just over a week there will be no more! I've already started a new story, which will be uploaded ... soon enough :)) But first you need to tell me what you think of this chapter! xx

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