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The Ever Expanding Potter Family by Hufflepuff_Pie
Chapter 2 : Interlude I: James Sirius Potter
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The bright, glaring sun entered the small hospital room, when the door opened, slowly and gently,   suddenly the sun was blocked the silhouette of  a, slightly podgy aging woman   “Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Potter, it’s a beautiful and healthy little boy,” Healer Stalin said with a clear, broad  smile across her usually stern and strict face. “I’ll leave you two to be alone.” She carefully handed over the small, sleeping blue bundle to a very emotional Ginny Potter, and left the room, shutting the door softly behind her.


Ginny looked down at her newborn son, and gave Harry the one of the biggest smiles he’d ever seen her give, while a tear escaped and rolled silently down her cheek. “Harry,” she breathed, so quietly it was barely audible “This is incredible we’re finally parents,” Ginny paused for a moment: taking in what she had just said “You know what I said earlier; about you never being allowed to touch me- in that way- again?” Harry nodded carefully, even though he thought he had a pretty good idea of where she was going… “Well. I’ve changed my mind, I want more babies- but not for a while.” She added giving Harry a cheeky grin.



“Don’t worry about it Gin, I don’t expect anything from you; I mean, you’ve just given me my son, and I now the happiest bloke in the world! Thank you.” Harry said sincerely. “Now what are we going to name the little tyke?!” At this Ginny burst out laughing: Harry knew exactly how to lighten the mood as well as making her laugh.




“Ummmm…” Ginny thought aloud, “I did have this one idea…” she said uncertainly “I’m not sure what you’ll say though…”




“Go on, Gin, the worse I can say is no right? Besides, coming from you I’m bound to like it.” He replied kissing the top of Ginny’s head softly.




“Okay if you insist… I thought that, maybe, we could name him James; after your Dad…” Before Ginny could say another world she was suddenly kissed on the lips.




 “Thank you so much Gin, I love you so much!” Harry carefully kissed James’ forehead and whispered “Hi, James you know, you’re named after one of the bravest and greatest men ever, and Mummy and Daddy love you lots and lots”



“Harry, that was so precious, I love you and little James so, so much too!” Ginny exclaimed “Can we let Mum and Dad meet him now?” Harry nodded, said ‘I Love you’ to Ginny and James as well as giving each a kiss on the head, before heading out the door to fetch Molly and Arthur. So, Ginny was now alone with her beautiful boy, James, sleeping peacefully on her lap; appreciating every second she had with her child…



Five minutes later Harry came back into the hospital room, where Ginny and James were, with Molly and Arthur Weasley only to find his Wife asleep and his son staring up at him with his shocking, blue eyes. Harry walked over to pick up James, and took him over to meet his Grandparents, “Mum, Dad, meet your grandson: James Potter II.” Harry spoke with obvious pride in voice something which made both Weasleys smile. Harry handed James over to Molly who snuggled and cooed at her grand-baby,




“Harry, dear, he’s perfect! Such a good boy.” Molly’s excitement was touching, “What’s his middle name, Harry?” Suddenly, Harry froze they hadn’t thought of a middle name yet. But, before Harry could tell Molly this a small voice from behind him answered:




“Sirius, Mum. His name is James Sirius Potter II” Ginny spoke quietly. Harry gave her a reassuring smile and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to his wife.




James Sirius Potter II. Born on June 9th 2004 at St. Mungo’s Hospital.




A.N. Thank you for reading, i hope you like it and please review :) I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER!

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