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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 19 : Cups of Tea, Showdowns and Eavesdropping on Boyfriend's Parents
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 “Anyone want a cup of tea?”

What was I thinking?

Everyone turns and looks at me, faces incredulous and shocked. Then Al bursts in laughter. Harry’s frozen stance breaks and he begins too chuckle. Rose cracks a watery smile, and Scorpius and Hugo laugh too. Suddenly, Hermione is laughing, full on giggling.

I suppose the heated emotions makes everything so much more funny. Ron lets out a snort, and all his anger evaporates. He sits down very suddenly on the nearest chair, looking tired.

“A cup of tea would be brilliant, thanks Kat,” he admits wearily.

“I think we’ll all need one,” Harry smiles at me: a silent thank you. I nod and scurry out of the room. Albus follows me. We head to the kitchen and I immediately fill the kettle and start heating it up.

“Well that went well!” Albus grins at me.

I shrug. “Could’ve gone better, could’ve gone worse.”

“Least the whole family knows now.”

“Or unfortunately…” I mutter, thinking of what their Aunt Audrey and Uncle Percy’s reactions will be like. Albus seems to understand my trail of thought and mutters,

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

I nod as I drop two teabags into the teapot, and pour hot water into it. Albus fetches eight cups and some milk and sugar. We make four cups each. Albus looks at me from the corner of his eyes and grins impishly.

“Shall we brave it?”

I laugh nervously, “Let’s.”

Albus grabs a tray and places each cuppa onto it. I grab it and hold it front of me. “I’m using this as a shield if they’re still arguing,” I tell him semi-seriously. Albus laughs and scurries in front of me. His wand sticks out from his back pocket on his jeans. We head out of the kitchen and stand by the living room door. We can’t hear a thing coming from the room.

“I’m not sure whether the silence is a good thing or a bad,” I mutter.

“They might have cast Muffliato,” Albus replies reasonably.

Not entirely sure what to expect, Albus pushes open the door. We both gape at what we see. Scorpius is sat next to Rose on the sofa with his hand wrapped round hers tensely. Hugo is lounging next to his sister, looking comfortable and relaxed. Ron and Hermione have pulled up a love seat and are sat on that, Ron’s arm around Hermione’s shoulder looking completely at ease.

Well, we are in Ron’s territory- he can do what he wants.

Harry leans on the fireplace, watching them all carefully. I’ve always liked Harry- he’s bordering on still being a kid, but is still a very wise adult. I guess that’s because his childhood was sort taken away from him, what with all that constant defeating Voldemort. So, sometimes, he seems his children’s age, bouncing around, challenging people to a game of Quidditch; then suddenly he seems older, wiser beyond his years. Again, I guess that was because of The Dark Age- he was forced to grow up.

I digress.

See, I have my deep moments.

“… So how far gone are you, dear?” Hermione says, slightly cautiously. We seem to have come into a conversation half way through.

I follow Albus into the room and hand each person a cup.

“Well, I got pregnant end of August- thanks-” Rose nods at me as she takes her tea. Her mascara has smudged, but she’s no longer crying. “-so, what’s that?, about three months and a bit. So I’m due sometime in May, not sure the exact day- though that never is right, is it?”

Hermione smiles, “No it’s not. Hugo was very late actually- though you were on time Rose.”

“Even as a baby Rose was prompt,” Scorpius jokes quietly. Everyone laughs; Ron doesn’t however, he glares stonily at Scorpius.

Evidently even though he’s calmer, he’s not going to laugh at the Boy Who Knocked Up His Daughter’s joke.

“Why’d it take you so long to tell us, Rosie?” Hermione asks softly once the laughter has died down. Rose’s smile fades and Scorpius looks tense and fidgets with his collar.

“Well, it was a bit of a shock, Mrs Weasley,” I butt in quickly, helping the young couple out. “We weren’t entirely sure what to do and it took a while for it to sink in. And then um…” I trail off. I can’t exactly say that Scorpius called her a slag and claimed he wouldn’t have to do with any of it.

Yeah, Scorpius will totally go up in Ron and Hermione’s list of most favourite people…

“Well, when she told us, we didn’t react very well,” Albus chips in, saving the day. “Well I say we- I didn’t react very well. I was shocked an angry. I guess I scared her a little- if I didn’t react well, you guys weren’t going to either.”

Hermione accepts this explanation, but Ron stares fixatedly at Scorpius’ uncomfortable stance. He so knows.

“S-Scorpius?” Hermione tentatively says. She hasn’t really addressed Scorpius so far- only Rose. Scorpius looks up, surprised and slightly worried.

“Yes, Mrs Weasley?”

“Hermione, please. You might as well call us by our first names- we will be seeing an awful lot of each other, and you’re part of the family now,” says Hermione, smiling slightly. Ron scowls- he probably prefers it if Scorpius permanently refers to him as Mr Weasley.

Scorpius smiles nervously in return and nods, acknowledging the request.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d told your parents yet?” continues Hermione.

“Of course not!” Ron bursts out. “We’d have Draco Malfoy on our doorstep the moment he told them and he wouldn’t be calm about it!”

It was meant to be an insult, obviously (we all wince) but Scorpius cracks a smile (much to Ron’s dismay). “No, you’re right. He’ll be over in a trice, threatening you with bizarre lawsuits… No, I haven’t told them yet, Mrs- I mean H-Hermione.”

Hermione nods. “Well, I’d prefer it if you told them. They’ll resent us even more so if they find out we knew before they did…” Hermione sighs tiredly. “They’ll want to know. They’ll be hurt if you wait much longer.”

Scorpius nods sullenly and Rose looks terrified again. Suddenly, a sly smile spreads across Ron’s face.

“Well that’s perfect. Let’s go and tell them now!” he cries gleefully.

Scorpius squeaks and upsets his cup of tea. Harry waves his wand, vanishing the tea stain without batting an eye; he stares at Ron like he’s grown a unicorn horn.

“D-Dad, I don’t think that’s a good idea…” begins Rose.

“Why ever not?” exclaims Ron as he leaps up. “It’s time they found out! After all, they are the baby’s grandparents too! They deserve to know!”

Hermione sighs loudly again. She’ll argue against, right?

“Your father is right Rose.”

Wait, what?

From Rose and Scorpius’ faces, they seem to be having the same thoughts. Albus, meanwhile, chokes on his own spit. I clap him on the back, hard, to give me a distraction.

“What?!” Rose splutters.

“I said, Rose, that your father is right,” Hermione repeats patiently. “We should tell them as soon as we can. And I hate to think of just the two of you two facing Draco’s wrath… I think it’d be best if Ron and I came too.”

Scorpius gulps loudly while Al and I exchange a look.

Ron leaps up, incredibly happy. He obviously thinks this is how he’ll get his own back on The Boy Who Knocked Up His Daughter.

“I, uh, we’ll stay here!” Albus chokes out, gesturing to himself and I.

This showdown is not something I want to see. Mr Malfoy really scares me.  Even though he’s a coward, he has a rather excellent death glare that makes me want to run away and live under a rock.

Astoria is supposed to be quite nice, apparently. But I’d rather not risk it.

Harry sighs- he’s obviously realised he isn’t talking his best friends’ out of this. And he probably agrees.

Hermione nods and mutters, “Yes, just Scorpius and Rose will come with us… Harry?”

Harry shrugs, “I’ll be there if you want.”

Yeah, invite the Boy Who Lived and Head Auror. Good move, Hermione. Safety first.

Hermione stands up too and grips her husband’s hand. She gestures for Scorpius and Rose to stand too. Shakily, they too clamber up. Then they turn to leave.

Just before she exits, Rose turns to me and mouths, HELP ME!

I shrug helplessly and mouth SORRY!

Scorpius practically drags her out. The door closes with a resounding bang.

Then Hugo speaks what Al and I are thinking. “I’m bloody glad I’m not one of them right now.”


Sleeping is the best invention in the world. Fact.

Well, it’s not really an invention, because you sort of had to…

I digress.

However, it’s officially the worst thing in the world when you really want to sleep but can’t.

I’m lay here, in bed, comfy, tired. Everything you need to have a good night’s sleep. Then why can’t I? Oh yeah, maybe because of Rose. She isn’t back yet.

Should I be worried? Draco won’t have killed her, will he? No, he wouldn’t dare. Ron, Hermione and Harry wouldn’t let him. Scorpius though…. Not so sure- Ron would probably let Draco kill ol’ Scorp.

Can’t say I’m that fussed.

After an hour of tossing and turning, I sit up angrily. I decide to walk around a bit, go get a drink and then try and sleep again.

Slowly, I force myself to get up and plod down the stairs. The house is eerily silent, and I move as quietly as possible. The kitchen door is slightly ajar, and a light is shining out of it. Before I can peer inside, I hear voices. I spring backwards and crouch in the space between the door and the wall.

“How did it go then?” a female voice asks softly, one I recognise as Ginny’s.

Someone sighs. “It was fine, surprisingly.” It’s Harry.

“Really?” Ginny asks, her voice high pitched with surprise. “Well, you can tell me about it after you’ve sat down and had a drink.”

I hear the scraping of a chair as Harry sits down and the chink of glass as Ginny pours two glasses of whatever they are drinking.

(Probably Firewhisky. My Firewhisky senses are tingling.)

“Thanks Gin,” Harry says appreciatively as he gulps the drink down. “I needed that.”

Sneakily, I peer through the tiny crack between the door and its hinges. I watch as Ginny sits opposite her husband and reaches across the table. He takes her hand and squeezes it.

“If you’re tired, you can talk me through it tomorrow-” Ginny begins comfortingly.

“No, you should know. Besides, I shan’t be able to sleep if I don’t tell someone,” Harry shakes his head then smiles crookedly.

Ginny smiles and nods. “Of course. I must admit, I thought Ron reacted quite well really. I thought he’d go for Scorpius’ throat.”

“He nearly did! Well, he wanted to. You could see it in his eyes. I think he put on a good show so as to come out as the good guy in all of this.” Harry tells her.

Ginny frowns, her brow crinkling in confusion. “Good guy? What do you mean?”

Harry sighs before explaining. “He was going to yell even more, get even angrier. It was Katrina’s comment that stopped him really- shocked him. Then he sort of came up with a plan. I think he decided to act all good so then Malfoy Senior would seem terrifying next to Ron. He was counting on Draco reacting badly.”

Ginny raises her eyebrows inquisitively. “Well, didn’t dear old Draco react badly?”

“That’s the thing- he didn’t,” Harry mutters. “He went to school with us, he knows what winds Ron up. He guessed pretty quickly something was up pretty quickly and saw Ron was pretty angry, so he was very snide and provocative. When he found out, he was going to yell- that much was obvious- but he didn’t. You should’ve seen Ron, Gin, he was waiting for Draco to blow. He was leaning forward, wouldn’t take his eyes of him. I think Draco caught on- guessed Ron was counting on Draco lecturing them and yelling and suggesting abortion-”

Ginny makes some sort of choking sound at that but Harry rushes on,

“So, you know Draco- anything to come out on top- he stayed calm, offered money. Sure, he had a little go but nothing major. Ron was gutted.”

Ginny leans back in her chair and I hear it creak. “Sly little git…” I hear her hiss, but with a hint of laughter. “Draco always knew how to wind Ron up.”

“I bet that was all an act though- I’m sure Scorpius is getting a right bollocking right now…” Harry mutters darkly. “But Ron’s confused now. His plan has been thwarted. He was counting on Draco on suggesting abortion-”

“Ron wants Rose to get an abortion?” Ginny interrupts sharply.

Harry shrugs heavily. “I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know. He doesn’t want his little girl to go through the whole pregnancy thing this young. I know I’d be the same if Lily was in Rose’s situation,” Harry shudders at this. “He thinks Rose has thrown everything away. You know how protective he is.”

Ginny nods slowly but when she speak, I hear anger in her tone. “So Ron actually said this?”

“Yeah. Just before we left when the kids were grabbing their coats.”

“Twat. I can’t believe he’d suggest such a thing…” Ginny sighs. “As if Rose would ever think about it. She’d hate Ron forever if he even breathed a word about it.”

“I know. He’s just, well, being Ron. Scared, I reckon,” Harry tells her. “Besides, he won’t dare suggest it anymore, Gin. He’s bloody terrified of Rose. Terrified of every teenaged girl. Lily intimidates him too.”

Ginny laughs. “He was always scared of Hermione when we were all younger…”

“He was bloody terrified of you!”

Ginny chuckles quietly as Harry barks with laughter. Then Ginny sighs and I hear her chair creak as she leans back again. “Come on, Harry. I’m shattered. Let’s go to bed.”

Harry agrees and begin the ritual of fussing about, getting drinks and putting glasses into the sink. Silently, as they rummage about, I slip out of my hiding place and head upstairs. I’m still parched, but I slip into my sheets and close my eyes. My brain attempts to process the information I’ve just gathered, but instantly it switches off and I drift back to sleep.

Note to self: to get to sleep easily, eavesdrop on parents talking about some serious shit.


AGAIN! Long-time no speak. I’m sorry :( It was exams and I couldn’t get this chapter right! I wrote it once when Kat DID go to Malfoy Manor- hated it; another when Kat and James had a chat- it wasn’t important and took up space; and then this. I like this the best- it includes the original Manor scene but in a few words. I’ll shove in James Kat’s conversation somewhere! 
ANYWAYS, thanks so much for reading! You guys mean the world to me :)
Next chapter is nearly done!

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The Abundance of Potters: Cups of Tea, Showdowns and Eavesdropping on Boyfriend's Parents


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