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What Lies Ahead by eternallyconfuzzled
Chapter 2 : The Journey Begins
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 A/N: Hi! So this is chapter 2 of the fanfic I'm writing with Alison. This is our account. We alternate chapters and characters. :) We love reviews and feedback!!

Disclaimer: Just like Alison said, I'm not J.K. Rowling and I'm not richer than the Queen of England. I have like ten bucks, max. Also I own my (lost) house key, my (crappy) phone, and my clothes but I don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter image by Alison :)


I was alone in an empty space that went on for all eternity. I saw no colour, only white, and I was all alone. The only living being for thousands and thousands of kilos. I dropped to my knees. What was going on? I was so confused. And scared. Without someone, anyone, I would waste away. I would fade, and die off. I wouldn't be able to love anyone, and they wouldn't be able to love me. I was completely and utterly alone. It made me want to scream my head off, to curse like no tomorrow, but I stayed on my knees and small, salty tears drizzled down my face in slow motion...

 I woke up, my eyes wide open. The dream, it had returned again. My recurring nightmare had been haunting me ever since my father left us, ten years ago. And each time I dreamt it, the dream was more and more detailed.

 Mum appeared next to my bed. She was a pure blood witch, and her family arranged an ill-suited marriage with Regulus Black seventeen years ago. And when I was four, he left, claiming to be off on business. Mother always said she should've married Sirius instead...  Regulus never came back after that, and ever since then my greatest fear was to be alone. I would die if everyone left me. I wouldn't stand a chance. 

 "Carla Bernadette VanHoussen, you'll be late for the train! Get packed! And be downstairs for breakfast in five. We leave in ten minutes."

I sighed. "Yes, mum."

Our heads snapped towards my door when we heard a loud crash downstairs, and my little brother start shouting profanities. Carter was twelve, and I was constantly framing him with clever pranks. Mum rolled her eyes, muttered "Lord, what on EARTH has that child done now?" and disapparated.

 Once she was gone, I did a victory dance, and used his wand to pack up my things. Little brothers... Their purpose in life? To take the blame, of course! Mwahahahaha!

Carter stomped up the back staircase (we were in an old mansion, with both grand and not-so-grand staircases scattered all around it), and practically busted down my door. I turned my head towards him innocently, cleverly hiding his wand until the right moment. "Hi Carter! Excited for your second year?"

He glared, but was caught off guard by a flying envelope that hit him smack between the eyes.  I snickered as it opened and gave him his first "If you use magic out of school again, you'll be expelled." briefing. He stared at it, mystified, and as I walked over to look at the envelope, I slipped Carter's wand into his back pocket. The letter continued reading itself. "Please have your parent/guardian send an owl in response." and it burst into flame. Now, when my mum is angry, she might as well be a furious Horntail. It's not pretty. Carter's expression turned into a wide-eyed look of terror. "Carla? When did I--?"

"You know, Carter, I could send that response for you... I just need to copy mum's last response, from two years ago when I did magic out of school."

"Yeah, but my name's not Carla."

I rolled my eyes. "Ever heard of blot-out quills? It's white ink, to cover up mistakes and start over, berk!"

 I edited the letter and sent it. Then I booted him out of my room and I brushed and curled my hair while our house elves carried my bags downstairs. We had about four house elves, but my favourites were Breezy and Blinkie. They were two sweet young elves with big golden eyes. They were sisters, and ever since they came to us I'd treated them quite nicely, and I'd often find them sneaking me things like chocolate frogs and licorice wands when mum wasn't watching. 

I selected an outfit of dark skinny jeans, a cream coloured top with flower designs on its short sleeves, and a pair of low heeled boots. I grabbed my white leather purse that magically held everything and anything I could possibly need on the train (including a muggle contraption known as a "taser"), and I slid downstairs on the bannister to avoid the booby trapped steps (which were, naturally, rigged by none other than yours truly).

I snatched up an apple, staying  far away from the peanut butter sandwich that my brother was eating. I had a peanut allergy, although I could eat hazelnuts and things, but peanuts... Let's just say it wasn't pretty when I came in contact with one.

 "So, mum, when are we leaving?"

"In a moment, okay? The Malfoys are meeting us here at precisely ten O' clock."

Carter and I rolled our eyes in sync. "Mum would you please give up on making me and Draco a couple? It will NEVER happen."

"Mum don't play matchmaker. It's the twenty-first century!" Carter added.

A loud tapping noise sounded on the front door. Blinkie stood on top of Breezy and they opened it up to reveal Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco Malfoy. I ran up to Draco and threw my arms around his shoulders in a friendly hug. "Omygosh I missed you so much! It's so lonely here without an accomplice!"

"I missed you too, Carla." He laughed.

 Draco was my best friend, but by no means my boyfriend. Our parents kept trying to hook us up, and I paid Carter twenty knuts per incident to wreck the date. 

As soon as hugs and handshakes had been exchanged, trunks piled up, my owl put in her cage and my brother's in his, we each touched a portkey and ended up in the train station. Our trunks came moments later, accompanied by Breezy and Blinkie. I discreetly slipped them each a chocolate frog, which they shoved in their mouths immediately, giggling. "Goodbye, Breezy, Blinkie. Take good care of mum."

"Yes Ms. Carla." 

I let my black screech owl, Grim, out of her luxurious wrought iron cage, and allowed her to perch on my shoulder. I gripped my purse tightly over my left shoulder, and after kissing mum on the cheek, hugging Mrs. Malfoy goodbye, and presenting Mr. Malfoy with a respectful nod, Carter, Draco and I sprinted onto the train with our pets and carry-on luggage in tow. 

 Carter immediately joined his classmates, and Draco and I located our fellow Slytherins: Blaise Zabini, Marcus Flint, and of course the oafs Crabbe and Goyle.  I sat with Crabbe and Goyle between Fling and I because to put it politely, Marcus Flint had been stalking me for the entire summer holiday, and last year we had a bit of an–er– incident in the  empty charms classroom. The result was me carrying a taser and a "rape whistle" with me everywhere I went (just in case) and Flint getting two black eyes– one from me, one from Draco.

A pretty blonde girl came in, and the guys stared. Draco looked a bit sceptical as if he was thinking "pureblood or mudblood?", and Crabbe and Goyle briefly stopped stuffing their faces to look at her. Was I jealous? Well, even if I WAS supposed to be the only girl in our group, I wasn't dating anyone in it. So yeah, maybe a little...


I pranked Pansy, swapped sibling prank stories with Amber's brother, the usual... A loud swarm of students suddenly exploded into the passageways of the Hogwarts Express. Yes. It was time to change.


Only an idiot would brave that crowd without a secret tactic, and about five fallbacks. I pulled out my wand and pressed it to my jaw, mumbling the volume charm. I whispered,"Hey Draco, I heard that the Weird Sisters are on the train, and they're in the car behind us RIGHT NOW!"

Most of the students rushed to look out the window in the car's door, and the rest were attacked with reusable water balloons until they moved. I glanced over my shoulder, pointed my Rowan wood and unicorn hair wand at the balloons and said "Stop." The victims were instantly dried off, and I scurried off to the powder room to change.


Amber shook her head with a smile, and then picked up a slightly wet cat lurking in the hallway. "Snitch. Ugh you bastard" She cursed the cat that I assumed peed on her things. 


"Come on! They won't stay out of our way for long!" I said, tugging her along. Amber followed me until we were nearly at the door of the train. Then, the swarm returned, and we made it into the girls' room just in time to grab benches (yes. It was an enchanted locker room as well as a restroom).


"Wow, at Salem there were a lot fewer people. Nice trick out there," She complimented, twirling a piece of blonde hair.

"Thanks. I learned the hard way in my first train ride that polite people are late for the sorting hat ceremony. It was quite mortifying, really. Anyway, we'll be arriving in about fifteen minutes, so change fast."

She nodded, sliding on a short grey skirt, a tight white Oxford, a tight grey jumper. 

"Shoot. I got Avalon's uniform" She sighed, crossing her arms in the effort that it'd make a difference. I looked at her over my shoulder for a second. "Well, the guys will love it at least."


"Ha," She said as she tugged at her skirt. "The only thing that would be worse is if I'd gotten wet," She said with a grimace


I tossed on my dark grey skirt, the crisp white Oxford, and the Slytherin tie. Then I tugged on my grey jumper and tried not to smirk. Flint would be even more idiotic and perverted than usual when we got back!


Amber gave one last tug and only succeeded in making it spring back even shorter

"Absolutely effing fantastic" She muttered under her breath. 

I took off my sweater. "Here. Mine's a little looser at least. You can wear it if you give it back tonight."


"Do guys pay attention more to boobs or the butt?" She asked, debating whether to wrap it around her waist or put it on. We looked at each other and simultaneously said "Boobs." She slipped the jumper on, not that it made too much of a difference. "Thanks mom for blessing me with a large rack" She said through clenched teeth "I hate it when guys look at me like I'm meat."


"I know right? Would you like to borrow my taser? I'll be safe as long as I have a rape whistle at least. You've met my stalker, Flint, haven't you? Be careful around him."



"Ha, that's fine, I have an older brother remember? I know how to throw a good punch," She smirked. 


"Right right... I have pranks, a taser, an death eater friend named Bellatrix, and a best friend with a lot of political power so I'm usually without the punches..."


We finally arrived at the compartment. "You go first.." Amber said "I need some, er, water." I nodded, and entered, sitting down next to Draco again.


"Hey you," He said with a smile. And just as I was replying, Marcus Flint shot a water spell right at my chest. I immediately lunged towards him and tazed him in one elegant, swift movement. He fell to the floor, unconscious. I flipped the device in the air. "And that, boys, is why you don't mess with the bitch holding a taser."


"Totally predicted that" Amber said as she stepped in "It's a wonder why I was failing divination." She tugged at her skirt. 


I looked down at my shirt. The water had made the white fabric completely see-through... I started to regret giving up my jumper. Draco pulled off his own and handed it to me. "Give it back later, okay?"


Amber looked at me apologetically, "You can have yours back if you want," She offered "a wet shirt is worse than a too small one."


"No it's fine. You need that jumper more than I do right now."


"Really?" Crabbe and Goyle exclaimed "You should take the jumper back Carla" They said in unison.

"Lord have mercy on my soul!" Amber exclaimed with a groan. 

I knocked their heads together. "You're pastries need you, remember?" I turned towards Amber and mouthed "Do you see what I have to put up with?"

"I swear Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber's heads just made a hollow sound." Amber said, with a serious face. I laughed and glanced over at the two conscious, normal guys in the compartment, who seemed to be having a silent conversation. Wait–It was the muffliato charm. We couldn't hear them at all...


"My mum is going to make me get the dark mark soon" Blaise said, almost worriedly. 


"Mine's insisting on an arranged marriage, and I love Carla and all but I don't think she likes me like that." 

"Arranged means arranged, she'll grow to love you back. And haven't you had a crush on her since you were what? Three?" Blaise teased. 


"Shut up, Blaise. I was five. There's a difference you know!"

"Hit a nerve have we?" Blaise said as he leaned back with a satisfied smile. 

The charm was lifted and Amber and I raised our eyebrows simultaneously. "Your charm didn't work, just letting you know," She said as she let out a yawn and winked at me from the side.


Draco started turning a bit red, and in order to stop his embarrassment, I contradicted,"Okay it worked fine... But what were you talking about to make him go beet red anyway?"


"I've eavesdropped on enough of my brother's conversations to know that boys usually talk about who's mom is worse, their love lives, video games, and sports. And I picked up on Draco's love life within the first few minutes I was in here." Amber said as she inspected her hair for split ends. 


Draco quickly changed the subject (sort of). "Pansy at four-O-clock. Hide me!" We shoved him behind Crabbe and Goyle as she pranced past us. 


"You look as scared as a ferret Malfoy," Amber commented as she looked at his pale face. 


Marcus Flint started to twitch, and I remembered that I was standing on him.  "You better get off him before he looks up your skirt," Amber said with a roll of her eyes towards Flint, and I quickly jumped off of him. Marcus slowly blinked once, then twice as he adjusted to his surroundings, and sounding like Crabbe and Goyle, he said, "Whazzagoingon?" 


"I tazed you. Now get up, you look more stupid than usual."

He slowly shrugged and picked himself off the floor almost looking sad. Amber fished out an iPhone and then cheered but quickly covered her mouth. "Sorry, the American Sirens just won their game," She said with a shrug. 


I looked over her shoulder. "How do you use those things? Mum said I could have either a mobile phone or a taser, and I obviously chose the weapon...."


"It's pretty simple actually," She said with an easy going smile. 


Out of boredom I fished through my bag to look through Witch Weekly and Quidditch Today. I tossed "Quidditch Today" to Draco, and flipped through this week's issue of "Witch Weekly". 

Amber clicked off her phone, and looked over Quidditch Today, "Number Eight," She said with a small sheepish grin as she pointed to a picture of a blonde and a paragraph on the list that said: Up and Coming Quidditch Players To Look Out For. 

"You play Quidditch?" Blaise asked, looking at the article. "Since I was 4 and Sebastian told me I couldn't play for my life. I'm a Keeper though, no pun intended," She said.


I replied, "I'm a beater for the Slytherin team. Now I REALLY want you in our house!" I laughed lightly. "We could use you on the team!"

She laughed too, it was a really pretty, enchanting sound too. She cleared her throat, "Sorry, not supposed to do that too often," she glanced around at the confused faces, "I'm part Veela that's why."


The guys all reacted like "Ohhhh. That explains a lot." 


I commented a bit sarcastically,"People say I'm half demon... But that's just because I prank them a lot." (cough cough Pansy cough cough)


"Ha. That's what we call my brother. But don't take me for a ditz just because I'm part veela," She added seriously as she furrowed her thin blonde brows. 



"I know. I've seen veelas grow their odd bird heads and talons, and throw fireballs at leprechauns. I went to the Quidditch World Cup."


Amber's face immediately darkened, "Yeah I was there too," She said as she quickly looked out the window. 



"The riot was terrifying... Not in a good way either. I have dreams sometimes..." I said. Everyone in this compartment knew that I was easily haunted by nightmares. Well, all except Amber.


"It's okay, I do too," She offered a small smile, "And it wasn't just that it was the riot... It was the fact that my parents were in there," She said with a small shudder. 



"All of our parents were... Except my dad. But I don't wanna talk about him right now..."


The atmosphere was sickeningly dark now.


"Come on, it's the first day of term. Let's think cheerful thoughts, people! I mean sure it dismal and rainy and... Oh what's the use..."


Amber laughed "That's the spirit," she joked. "I'm going to grab something from the trolley, be back in a moment," She said and pulled on the hem of her skirt before leaving. 


Draco left with her, and returned with a licorice wand (for Blaise) and two chocolate frogs. He tossed me one, and kept the other. Amber chewed at her gum. 


I looked out at the darkening sky. The train was slowing which meant it would only be a short while before I was back home at Hogwarts. Back to Slytherin, devious pranks, and the homework that I conveniently "lost".

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