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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 8 : Fighting back
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 3rd October


chapte image by AzureSeas@TDA

“Muggles are gullible, they’ll believe anything. You tell them and they will think of it. There is no two different kinds of muggle, all are plain and dirty” Alecto went on and on making me bored, bored, bored.

I’m drawing a picture of a teapot I’m that bored, I don’t even like drawing.

“So are you saying that muggles don’t have personalities?” Luna questioned raising her hand.

Ever since her talk with Neville she’s become a bit more happier. No longer is her face pale and she is back to asking the teacher harmless questions that tick the teacher of. Of course Luna somehow always gets out of detention.

“No they don’t. The only thing that is similar between us and them is that we are human, otherwise they are better of a different species that should be slaughtered because they are dangerous” She answered glaring at Luna.
“But I know one muggle, she’s kind and nice and when I help at home she always gives me some pudding. Then there is this other boy who is always mean to me and picks on me because of what I wear. He’s not very nice and they both of have completely different personality’s. I think if you met the nice girl you would think of her like I do” Luna continues raising a debt between her and the teacher. }I wanted to give a loud laugh but knew I would be in a detention the second it escapes my lips.

“Exactly Lovegood. That is my point. The first girl is dangerous because she is trying to lure you in, she is using you and the second-”

“But professor how would you know that if you don’t know her personally… she really is nice, and her pudding is delicious-“

“SHUT UP!” Carrow boomed causing the ceiling to vibrate and shake.

One boy even fell out of his seat… clumsy idiot.

“Lovegood I’ll give you one warning, no more speaking out of turn!”

The bell rang just as she was about to write something on the black board, something nasty about muggles I image.

Yep I’m almost certain it would have been. Or perhaps homework.
“And thanks to Lovegood I’m giving you all homework. Nine foot essay about muggles and why they don’t have a personality and why they should be on this earth. You should find a book about it in the library. Now LEAVE” yes, would have 100% have been about muggles.

Everyone swung their bags over their shoulders quickly and quick walked out the door. There was a fight in the hallway to see who could get away the quickest.

“Well that class was extra interesting. I’m going to go find Neville...” Luna said to me in her usual dreamy voice. I was glad to have her back.
“Ok, just don’t forget about tonight” I whispered to her as quietly as I can without causing to much attention.
Oh yeah, must have forgot… the D.A. meeting is tonight, I thought you ought to know.

“What is going on tonight Weasley?” A cold voice hissed behind me sending chills down my back…. And it scared the crap out of me.

I thought quickly… excuses flew through my mind, each getting less believable by the second and I knew if I didn’t answer quick I’d be in big trouble. My hands are starting to sweat and I know she can see that I’m nervous.

Were going to have a girls night- nah she’s a Ravenclaw wouldn’t be able to get in

Going hunting- What the hell? Like she’ll believe me OR allow it.

Were just chilling out- Then she’ll ask where we are chilling.

Were going to jump out of a window and see what happens – um ok?

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m an amazing liar, if I got a gallon every time I lied to mum and got away with it I’d be rich. Not even a gallon, perhaps a knut, I’d still be bloody rich. I blame Carrow, its her fault I’ve lost my lying ability.

“Me and Luna need to hand a book in to the library” I say the next most believable excuse that came to my mind.

I’m so stupid really.

“ah.. well, I’ll be sure to ask the librarian if you arrived and what book you handed in and when you took it out. After all I don’t want you reading things that would give you bad ideas” She narrowed her eyes at me to see if I was lying at all. Of course I know how to put your facial expression when you’re lying.

You keep your face straight, be sure to breath properly or it might give it away. Don’t fiddle with your hands, it gives you away. Make sure you close your mouth because it looks weird if you have it open as though it looks like your worried about something, don’t raise your eyebrows and all will be fine… I think.

Or I hope so.

“Very well… GO!”

I quick walk down the hall incase she changes her mind, I’ve seen it in those muggle films where they say you can go and then they call you back and go “Actually I’ve changed my mind” Then they shoot each other with these muggle wand things. I watch to much, its dads fault, he thought it would be cool to get a muggle TV in his shed. I went to explore, found it and decided to put a film on. I had nightmares I swear. Those muggle wands are scary.


“Luna do you have a library book?” I rush over to her desperate for a freaking book so that we can actually hand one in today!. Like no one has a book, I’ve asked all the Gryffindors that I know, Neville said he had some Herbology books that I could use so long as he gets them back, but of course he’s not going to get it back… I’m handing it in, duh!

“Unfortunately no I don’t…. unless you need something that sorts out these magical insects that give you dragon pox, then I sadly can’t help you. If you want the book its called ‘deadly mythical creatures’ Its really interesting. Plus if you say the curse properly the Bardi go away” I don’t think she gets the title of that book and that it says “mythical” creatures on it!

“Damn” I moan, a worried look probably coming onto my face but I don’t care “Carrow over heard me saying to remember about tonight so I told her we were giving a book in at the library”

Luna looks like she’s thinking. Its quite a funny look really, she still looks dreamy but you can still tell her brain is thinking and it’s a really funny look. Oh I love Luna, but you’ve got to say she is weird.

“Thinking about it, I think that Neville has some books, I gave him some about herbol-”

“already asked him, said he wanted them back, but if we hand them in we won’t be able to get them back will we” I say, I feel like this is a hopeless cause.. what the hell are we going to do? Its completely insane, were not going to arrive up at the library and if we do, we won’t have anything to hand in and Carrow then will ask madam prince what we handed in and she’ll be like in her really strict voice “no students came to hand books in” and then she’ll put us in detention for lying and then she’ll kill us and then my family will drive insane, mum will miss her only daughter so much and get all depressed, this would eventually cause her and dad to split.

Then the ministry would find out that Ron really isn’t at home with  Spattergroit and it was the ghoul all along. This will cause my whole family to go into hiding and they won’t be able to go to work meaning we will get any poorer, Bill and fleur will end up arguing cause phlegm won’t be able to afford her beauty products and also divorce, Charlie will be fine because he’s of in Romania. Then there is Percy who’ll also have no idea because he’ll turn to the dark side. Fred and George will stop joking around because everyone around them is depressed and therefore also get depressed.

I need to desperately find a book, like seriously.

“I’m sure one of the teachers could help, Professor Flitwick is nice. Professor flitwick has loads of books, he sometimes lends me books from the library so long as I return them to the library. We could go ask him” Luna replied a smile playing on his face.

I nodded, not sure whether going to a teacher is the best thing to do in this situation, what if they ask why we want a book?

“Yeah ok, but can we go now, I want to get it over and done with and make sure it doesn’t overlap with the D.A.” I whispered the last bit before dragging Luna to her feet.

Luna looked excitedly around at everything, I’ll admit I’m a bit fond of how she can stay calm in a situation, or perhaps she doesn’t realise how bad it will get if Carrow finds out.




“Yes you can borrow some miss Lovegood, but can I ask why?” The tiny professor flitwick chirped almost falling over with the weight of the books.

“Oh nothing really, its just that me and Ginny need help with Nargles, some books might distract them, its widely known that they like to read” Luna said casually like they were discussing something that everyone talked about over dinner.

Flitwick didn’t say anything he just rolled his eyes, it was almost like he was used to her blabbing about random things.

“Thank you professor”

We left the charms class and quick walked down the hall, not too fast incase Carrow came around the corner and gave us a detention for running in corridors, but quick enough to get to the library quickly.

“Ooo! This books about the founders of Hogwarts, it looks quite interesting, did you know that Helga hufflepuff was exceptionally good at healing?” Luna said looking dreamily at the book but still managed to walk fast at the same time without tripping.

Wow… she has steady balance, I would have tripped by now if it were me.

“Come on we need to hurry, the meeting starts in twenty minutes and we still need to get up to the seventh floor” I started jogging slowly.

We arrived soon. The library was much to quite, no soul was in site and I felt rather lonely even though Luna was next to me. There was the odd noise of flapping books and madam prince occasionally turning a page in the book she was reading.

No couple in the corner were kissing, not even the hurried whispers of girls exchanging gossip, or boys up to no good trying to pull a prank that could rival Fred and George.

It was completely empty and me and Luna looked out of place.

“What do you want girls? Or are you just going to stand there?” Madam prince barked glaring at us. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she didn’t want people to be in her library.

“We want to hand this in” I held my hand out for her to take the book, she snatched it quickly as though is she waited a second to long her hand might blow off.

The quite suddenly the old women’s face became desperate and a silent tear ran down her cheek.

“Aw yes, this book used to be in the restricted section it did. Now anyone is free to use it. My library has changed, and not for the good, young minds imaginations are being polluted with blood and guts” She sniffed and I felt sorry for her.

She blew her nose on a extremely dusty handkerchief and realised that we were there.

“Well… what are you still doing here? Do you have some other book to give me?” She Cried, angry tears falling down her cheek making her eyes all blood shot.

Is it wrong that I want to hug this women even though she shouting at me?

“Actually I want to take out some books, do you mind?” Luna replied smiling from ear to ear. I think she’s just trying to be nice, but never the less I’m going, we need to get to D.A. otherwise were going to be late.

Outside the stain glassed windows I could just see the last image of the sun falling behind the forbidden forest and out of site. It was the most amazing site ever, the beautiful scenery caught Luna’s eye and after awhile we just stood smiling.

“Yes I do mind actually, I want you to leave, LEAVE!” Madam prince yelled but at the same time crying, perhaps she just wants us to leave so she can cry on her own.

Both me and Luna hurried out of there without a second hesitation, I’ve seen that women hit boys over the head with books before and most of them come out crying.

“Lets go, cause were going to be late”




Just so you know, we are late, by exactly ten minutes and 56 seconds, I counted cause I’m sad like that.

When we arrived Neville has surprisingly already got started, he’s come a long way this year and its only been one month.

Last year he was a scrawny boy who honestly had not Gryffindor in him, this year Neville has been transformed into a wonderful boy who is brave just like his parents and actually has a place in this war.

“Sorry we are late” I whispered to Neville trying to come in without making to much noise, Luna had gone of into the corner where all the books are and watching everyone else perform things that looked like defence spells.

“Its ok, I’m just going through the basics” He whispered back and then said in a confident voice that almost didn’t sound like Neville’s “ok, I’m going to get you all into pairs”

He went around the room pairing random people together, most people moaned but some just got on with it.

Within two minutes everyone in the room had a partner. I of course was paired of with the loveliest person ever, Lavender freaking Brown. And if you don’t know her then that’s good, its saving you from a lifetime of a headache.

“Hello there Ginny” Lavender smiled at me, I knows she’s just trying to be nice, but she could do it in a less annoying way.

“Hi” I reply moodily.

“Oo! Did you get up the wrong side of the bed today?” She asks with a sweet and don’t forget irritating smile on her face, eyebrows raised as though she really wants to know the answer.
“Lets just get started shall we?”

She nodded enthusiastically and stepped about ten foot away from me and raised her wand

“STUPIFY!” She yelled

The spell came towards me and I quickly reacted not wanting the spell to hit me (well, who would?)

“Protego! Confundus” I screamed back hoping that Lavender doesn’t have as quick reflexes as I do.

She looked around confused for a minute or two. She first stared at the ceiling as though it was a foreign object she had never seen before and then down at her wand that was in her hand uselessly.

I took the time too look around at everyone in the room.

Luna was with Hannah. Luna was off course winning, this might have been due to the face Hannah kept loosing herself by looking at Neville and Luna was just getting extremely angry and sending curse after curse at her and with Luna’s duel skills I’d be surprised if she lost.
Neville was with dean. They both looked equal, none were hurt but both were sending curses at each other and dodging. Seamus was with that Ravenclaw girl on the train who was Cho’s friend. She seemed like a pretty good fighter and was making Seamus back of but he was still blocking every spell she sent at him.

Susan Bones was duelling with Zacharias Smith who was failing miserable at keeping her back. The two Patil twins were together both as good as one another. And those were the only people I actually knew in the room.
Before I knew it Lavender had regained her focus and was back to firing spells at me.

After about twenty minutes everyone was too tired to continue and found it hard even to lift there wand to cast spells.

Although Luna still had plenty of energy and I’m surprised that Hannah isn’t dead by now with how many spells have hit her.

“Ok guys, I think that will be all for now… our next meeting will be in two days” Neville beamed at everyone and telling people without words that he was proud of them and himself.

“Well…” Smith moaned looking stupid “What are we learning next meeting?”

Stupid Zacharias.

“Well that’s a bit stupid, shouldn’t you have all the lessons planned” He looked seriously at Neville just trying to find things to bring Neville down.

And of course it worked, because Neville looked down at the floor clearly ashamed.
“Were learning the best way to chuck a person out of a window, you’ll do for out test out” I shouted fiercely back at him glaring through him and hoping he gets the picture.

But of course this is bloody Zacharias smith, I’d gladly take a million of lavender Browns so long as it keeps me from him.

“I’m just saying that he should, proper teachers have things planned out. I don’t even know why Neville is the teacher”

“SHUT UP!” someone screamed from behind.

I turned around to find Hannah Abbot there as red as anything sending daggers at Smith, her eyes going threw him like knives. If looks could kill he would be dead on the floor already.

Luna coughed next to me and hurried over to Neville before Hannah could get out of her anger and actually start looking normal again.

Zacharias looked completely mental and scared out of his mind. His eyes were popping out and his mouth was wide open and I’m sure I saw him take a step back.




7th October


The next meeting wasn’t that interesting. Neville decided to teach us some blocking spells that I had found earlier that day.

He also told us to watch out for the Carrows, and perhaps to find information out about them. This was Luna’s idea, she thinks it might be good to find out there background and maybe use it against them. I doubt it will help though, the Carrows have far more on us.

It was morning and I was chewing on some toast. Some people at the Gryffindor table looked around at me weirdly. I don’t really care to be honest.

The quibbler had just arrived giving its normal news on how we should support Harry. There was only one page about nargles, which I suppose is good.

I don’ t have any homework. Teachers have been going easy on us all year, the only homework I’ve gotten all week are in muggles studies and defence against the dark arts and I’ve finished all those. I don’t think people like professor McGonagall actually care about grades anymore, its become much more than that this war has.

A barn owl swopped in the hall and landed next to me with a letter.



How are you? Don’t worry were fine, but your dads struggling with work, They’ve demoted him and says that if he isn’t careful he won’t have a job soon. But its ok dear we will be fine. Please come home for Christmas and don’t stay at school, I want you in my sight as much as possible. I’m begging you not to do anything stupid at school or try to put up a protest or something, I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you. Bill and Fleur occasionally vist and they want to send you their love. Again, don’t worry about us we will be fine.

Lots of love



There was a few kisses at the end and I traced them over with my hand wishing mum was actually there with me. I miss her that’s all. I miss everyone.

I want to cry and curl up in a ball somehow, but I’ll survive, I’m not weak and I will never be.

I was frustrated, I wasn’t sure whether or not to continue with this business with the D.A. It put my family in danger and I wasn’t sure whether that was worth the risk. Don’t take me wrong, I’m a risky person and all, but this could lead to bigger consequences.

“Another meeting next Friday” Neville said proudly puffing his chest out proud to say he leads a very important meeting.

“Hey guys” Luna came over and grabbed some of our croissants and stuffed them in her mouth in one “Have you seen daddy’s article. Its been the biggest hit yet, he has got loads of money for it and promises me to buy me new earrings for it. They are quite pretty actually… they have a unique crystal in them which is only found in a knarl’s mouth” Luna rambled again going on about her imagination world. I love Luna though for this, its quite cute really.

Neville was staring off into space at something that I really don’t care about while I flicked through the daily prophet.
“Got to go” Neville sighed in a dreamy tone that could match Luna’s.

He left leaving me and Luna looking after him with a puzzled look on each others face.

“Lovegood, tell your father to stop selling these papers” Alecto Carrow marched up to us with a angry look on his face that he was finding hard to control.

“They aren’t papers actually, they are magazines, daddy gets mad whenever someone says that are papers because a paper is the daily prophet a magazine-”

“I DON’T CARE!” He barked “I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!” his eyes popped out staring at Luna hungrily who was just looking up at him with interest and was quite calm.

“ok” She said simply before skipping of.

Without even looking down at me Carrow narrowed his eyes and said “and I suggest you Weasley keep a low key, don’t want you and your worthless family to get into even more trouble, do we?”

Without thinking, without even planning it raging fury came over me and before I could resist I was on my feet yelling “MY FAMILY ARE NOT WORTHLESS. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR OWN STINKING FAMILY BEFORE JUSDGING MINE!”

The great hall fell silent and the only sound I could hear was the maddened breath of Carrow breathing furiously at me.

I knew I was in trouble.

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