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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 8 : Confession 6 - Of Crying, Worrying and Jelly Beans
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A/N Back to Lily's Point of view

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC's and the plot - the rest belongs to JK Rowling and Barbie belongs to Matell.

I was still curled up in the middle of the bed, crying when I heard someone enter. I looked up hoping that it was Jake but it wasn't and my heart sank. There it there doorway was Albus. How the hell did he know that I was in here?

He rushed straight over to me and sat on the bed, pulling me onto his lap before hugging me. Why does he have blood on his hand?

"Al what are you doing here?" I managed to say through my sniffles.

"I know Lil, I know about the baby." He said as he stoked my hair.

That sent me into panic mode, how had he found out. Please don't say that Dom had done something stupid and told everyone. Please, please say that she didn't.

As if reading my mind Al explained, "Jake came into our dorm looking for Jamie, he had the pregnancy test in his hand. I put two and two together and I may or may not have punched him a few times."

Ok so Dom hadn't opened her big gob. Yet.

"Al please tell me you didn't. Is he ok?" I sniffed.

I felt him shrug, "I don't know, I didn't hang around to see. Otherwise I would have punched him again."

Great, my brother has beaten up my boyfriend. Why does he have to be so over protective.

"Al it's not his fault." I said trying to defend Jake.

"Yeah it it Lil. He got you pregnant so therefore it's his fault. I bet you were drunk and he jumped at the chance to sleep with you."

That pissed me off, "Al it takes two to tango. And for your information we were not drunk, we were completely sober. And it was my idea so don't go saying shit that you don't know."

"How far are you Lil?" He asked changing the subject.

"I'll be eleven weeks tomorrow."

"Fucking hell Lil."

"What am I going to do Al. Jake's left me and I'm all alone." I sobbed.

"Don't worry Lil. You've got me and mum and dad and your best friends. We'll support you although I'm not sure about James, he may kill Jake."

"Al don't say that, my baby still needs a father even if he's left me." I sobbed as I sat up, noticing tear stains on Al's school shirt.

"Does anyone else know?" Al asked me as he handed me a tissue.

I nodded as I blew my nose, "Rose, Livi, Kayl, Bee. Oh and Dom"

"Bee, who's Bee?"

"She works in the pharmacy in Hogsmeade and she was in my position a few years back. She also came to see Madame Pomfrey with me on Monday."

Al sounded worried as he said, "What for, are you and the baby ok."

"Al I'm fine as is the baby. But I needed to tell her I was pregnant and she confirmed it. I also heard the baby's heartbeat and it was amazing. You should have heard it Al."

It really was amazing and I can't believe there's a little person inside me. I can't wait until my twelve week scan when I should be able to see the baby.

"When's your next appointment?"

"Saturday, the twenty-fifth." I told him.

"Lil I'm coming with you and no buts. I'm going to stand by you no matter what. You're my baby sister and I love you. I promised mum and dad I was going to take care of you and I'm keeping that promise Lil."

I love Al right now, he's so sweet. Well at least my baby will have one uncle, I'm not so sure about James, he may get sent to Azkaban for killing Jake when he finds out. The door opened again and this time when I looked up I didn't expect to see Jake, it was Rose, Livi and Kayl. My girls were here and I need them alot right now.

"Aw Lily," Rose gushed as she came over to me. She looked at me and then Al and then back to me, I could see in here eyes that she was asking if Al knew.

I nodded, "How did you know I was in here?"

"We bumped into Jamie and he said something about you and Jake. So Kayl asked if we could get the map to find you. He got it for us and your dot was no where to be seen, neither was Jake's so we figured that you were still in here." Livi explained as she took a seat on the sofa.

"Where is he?" I asked, desperation in voice.

Kayl came over and sat next to me, "We don't know Lil. Jamie said that he told him he was going to the bathroom but when he went to find him he wasn't there. We also bumped into Hugo, Leo and Matt and they said Jake was in the dorm, he packed a bag then disappeared. They also know that your pregnant."

"No one knows where he is Lil." Rose said quietly as she came and sat on the bed.

This stupid fucking king sized bed where all of this stupid fucking mess started. Why is my life so fucking brilliant, right now I'm sixteen and pregnant. My boyfriend and father of said pregnancy has now run away. Just fucking brilliant, oh yeah and my brother beat him to shit before he left. Didn't anyone think of stopping him, no they just let him leave. Dom hasn't spoken to me in like five weeks and I swear that she's going to tell someone. And to top it all off I have a meeting with Mcgonagall next month as well. So yeah my life fucking brilliant. Note the sarcasm.

Now more than ever I just a cuddle off my mummy and for her to squeeze me tight and to tell me that everything is going to be alright. And that she could make everything better like she did when I was little. I wish I was six again, when the only thing I would have to decide was what dress to put on my Barbie. Not sixteen and deciding whether I'm going to be a mum or not.

I started crying and snotting again and I think I must have gone through at least two boxes of tissues. I had lot's of hugs and 'it's going to be ok' off them, but it's not I'm sixteen and pregnant, Jake had gone and left me, so I guess he doesn't want to know and I haven't a clue as to what I'm going to do.

After I had calmed down enough that I didn't look like I was becoming mentally unstable, we left the room and went back to Gryffindor tower and Al back to the dungeons. Rose found Hugo and Dom and told them to tell the teachers we had a family crisis so we couldn't go to the last two lessons of the day.

After she told me what she had said, I pointed out the fact that a family crisis which didn't involve them was a bit odd. Real smart Rose, real smart. And she's meant to be the brainy one of the family.

I didn't sleep well at all as I was worried about Jake, he had just gone without a word. There were one hundred and one different things that kept going round and round in my head. Most of them about Jake, where was he?, would he come back?, does he want this baby and does he love me? I cried and cried until my pillow was sopping wet and I think I eventually fell asleep. The next morning I had bags under my eyes which were red, my face was as white as a sheet and my hair looked like a birds nest.

Why can't my life be normal?

Oh yeah I know why, because I'm the youngest and only daughter of the chosen one and I'm now pregnant.

My life is far from normal.

I've been a wreck since Jake left, I'm not eating properly as this baby doesn't seem to like many foods so I keep throwing up. I'm not sleeping well as I'm really worried about him and I'm not paying attention in class as I'm so preoccupied with my thoughts.

Today is Saturday and that means I have my twelve week scan today. Al promised that he was coming with me so I got up and dressed and made my way down to breakfast with Livi and Kayl. I didn't eat anything as my insides were squirming, the potion Bee had prescribed me for the sickness had worked but now it wasn't so great. Maybe it's because I'm so stressed or simply the fact that this baby does not want me to eat.

I sat down opposite Rose, Livi sat next to me and Kayl opposite Livi. Dom was sat further up the table with Maisie, Bethany and some of Dom's Slytherin mates. Quite frankly I'm surprised Dom didn't get sorted into Slytherin, she's evil enough sometimes.

Livi being the mother hen that she is noticed that I wasn't eating and was eyeing me suspiciously, "Lil you need to eat, it can't be good for you." She told me before whispering, "Or the baby."

"If I eat I'll be sick. So I'm not eating." I lifted my goblet to my lips and drank some of my pumpkin juice as Al and Scorpius arrived. Al sat on my other side and Scorpius sat by Rose of course.

"Morning all, are you ready Rose?" Scorpius said brightly.

"I'll meet you in the entrance hall in a minute." She replied giving him a quick kiss.

He nodded and called, "Bye." to us.

Rose looked at and whispered, "Good luck Lil." before leaving after Scorpius.

After scoffing five pieces of toast Al turned to me and asked, "What time's your appointment."

I stopped drinking my juice and muttered, "Eleven." before refilling my goblet.

"Right that's it we're going to Hogmeade." Kayl announced as she stood up.

I looked at her and saw she was all happy and smiley. I felt like complete and utter shit and to be honest I really don't want to go to Hogsmeade when I have to come back up in three hours. I really didn't want to put a dampner on Kayl's mood so I just nodded along.

"Stay here." Livi ordered me as her brown hair fell out of it's messy bun. "I'll go and get your bag from our dorm."

I gave her a weak smile and she and Kayl left.

"Come on." Al said as he got up, he re-arranged his green jumped that had an 'A' on the front in blue before holding his hand out to me, "Come on Lil."

"Where are we going." I whined as he guided me out of the great hall, across the entrance hall and down the passage which leads to the Hufflepuff's common room. We stopped outside the painting of the fruit bowl.

Al tickled the pear causing the painting to swing open, he paused before entering and looked towards me, "Are you coming in or..."

"I'll stay here." I told him as I leant against the opposite wall.

"Don't disappear." He joked.

Well I wasn't about to do a disappearing act unlike some people, mentioning no names *cough*Jake*cough*.

I started to think I should have gone in with him as he was taking so long but then again the smell of the food may have made me sick. Al eventually came out after what seemed like ten minutes with a bottle of pumpkin juice, a stack of toast and a box of crackers. He handed me the toast and I put my hand out to push it away. "Eat Lil." Al insisted.

"Fine I will if you want me throwing up all over you. Your choice?" I grumbled.

"I can live with that Lil, I just don't want my baby sister passing out from lack of food."

I pulled a face at him like the child I am and left him standing in the corridor. Livi and Kayl were coming down the stairs, my bag in Livi's hand. I smiled at them and before I could take my bag Al grabbed it and put the bottle of pumpkin juice and crackers in there.

I nibbled the corner of one piece of toast trying not to taste it as I swallowed, "See Al, I ate a bit." And with that I threw it in the nearest bin which happened to be in the corner.

"God you're so stubborn sometimes Lil."

I stuck my tongue out at him and mimicked him doing my best impression, "God you're so stubborn sometimes."

I am not stubborn, how dare he call me stubborn. He was the one who refused to move rooms when mum was pregnant with me all because it was his room and he didn't want a girl in it. If anyone is stubborn it's Al.

We made out way outside and jumped into the first carriage that came along, it was pretty sunny out although it was cold. Once we were in the village we walked around for a bit until Al announced he wanted to go in Honeydukes. I stayed outside as I really don't think my stomach could handle all the sweet sugary smells. We walked passed Madame Puddifoots and saw Rose and Scorpius looking very cosy. We also passed the baby shop called Baby Witch Wizard and I happened to look in the window. The baby clothes were so small and cute and then I saw my reflection. I looked fat.

I turned to Livi and hissed, "Do I really look that fat."

"Lily you are not fat, I see nothing wrong. Stop being paranoid." She told me before walking on ahead to catch up with Al and Kayl. I looked in the window again at my stomach, I'm not being paranoid, I am definitely bigger and I swear my clothes look tighter. Eventually we entered the three Broomsticks, myself and Livi sat down whilst Al and Kayl got the drinks. I was sat cross legged with an expression on my face that probably said that I didn't want to be here. Which is true, if it was up to me I would have crawled back into bed and stayed there.

As Kayl sat down and Al passed us our drinks, my stomach decided it would take advantage of the silence and rumble.

"See, I told you, you should have ate." Al said to me giving me an ' I told you so' look.

I ignored him and took a sip of my pumpkin juice, I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation as I have way more important things on my mind than Quidditch or homework. And I was too busy watching the hand on the clock above the bar going around and around that I didn't notice the door open and a lot of giggling coming from two blondes and a brunette. Aka Maisie, Dom and Bethany.

I looked over and Dom looked directly at me, I quickly turned back around to try and get in the conversation but it was too late. Albus had noticed them.

"Hey Dom, do you lot want to join us." He called.

Why oh why Al did you have to say that, you idiot. Dom nodded causing her perfect blonde pony tail to bob along. She went over to the bar with the others before coming over and sitting with us.

"Hiya." Kayl said brightly to Bethany.

Bethany is kind of shy until you get to know her properly. She's got lovely chestnut brown hair and blue eyes. She's also really tall and loves to read just like Rose. Oh fucking brilliant, I swear on Merlin's life I could kill Al right now. In fact I could kill a lot of people, I blame the hormones but then again it might not be. I didn't say anything as they talked and continued to watch the clock and sip my juice. The clock said it was eleven forty-five and I was waiting to see if Livi noticed so we could leave.

"Got to be somewhere Lily?" Dom stated, "It's just you've been looking at that clock ever since we got here."

I slammed down my bottle and jumped up, "Yes I do actually. Goodbye." I rushed from the pub as quick as I could. Why does Dom have to hate me, it's not like I killed someone. I only got pregnant, it's her that wants me to kill someone. I hid down the side alley next to the pub. Five minutes later I could hear Livi's shouts from the end of the alley.

I moved up and hid behind the bins so I could hear better, "Dom knows you stupid boy. She hates Lily." Livi hissed at him.

"I didn't know Liv." Al said sounding scared. I'm not surprised Livi can be pretty scary when she's angry. "Where is she?"

"I'm down here." I said stepping out. "D-d-d-dom knows and she told me to g-get rid of it." I stammered fighting back the tears. Why do I have to cry so bloody much, again I blame these damn hormones.

"Oh Lil, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Al pulled me into a hug and he smelt alot like the Burrow, maybe it's because his jumper was knitted by Nana or the fact he normally only wear it when we visit the Burrow I don't know.

"Um, Lil it's nearly eleven." Kayl interrupted.

I broke away from the hug and forced myself to say, "Come on then."

We got in a carriage and made our way back up to the castle. Once on the first floor I entered the hospital wing closely followed by Kayl, Livi and Al. I made sure no one else was around and knocked Cassy's office door. She opened it looking a little surprised.

"Oh! Miss Potter, I though you weren't coming."

"Sorry I'm late Madame Pomfrey I was in Hogsmeade and lost track of time."

She smiled, "Call me Cassy and it's ok child, not to worry. If you could hop onto a bed I shall be back now."

I did as she asked and sat on the bed nearest her office, I really do not need someone to see me in here. The news that I was in the Hospital wing would probably spread around the school like wildfire. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when people realise or find out that I'm pregnant.

Madame Pomfrey came back with a machine that looked a bit like a muggle computer on wheels. She placed it beside the bed and went to pull the screens around me. Thank god for that. Al sat on my left and held my hand which I squeezed and Kayl and Livi stood behind him.

"I'm guessing these three know then," Cassy said and I nodded, "Very well, if you could lift up your top please."

I lifted my hoodie up and t-shirt up so that they stopped just under my bra while Cassy explained what she was going to do, "I'm going to squirt some gel onto your stomach, it may be cold but don't worry. I will then find baby's heartbeat as I did before but this time I'll say a special spell and an image of baby will appear on the screen." She pointed at the monitor.

I nodded and she proceeded to squirt the gel on my stomach. I squealed as it was really cold, Madame Pomfrey ignored me and carried on. She got her wand out and placed the tip near the center of my stomach, I didn't here the spell that she said so I'm guessing she did it no verbally. Her wand then moved across my stomach and hovered over one specific spot, she gently tapped the area which filled the room with the same rhythmic beating as last time and then the monitor came on. There was a black background with a lot of white stuff inside. I saw an oval shaped area that had a small shape inside which looked like a jelly bean.

Al was squeezing my hand so hard that I starting to think I lost the feeling in it. "Al loose go please." I whispered.

"Sorry Lil." He replied.

I looked at the monitor again and Madame Pomfrey pointed out the jelly bean shape. "There is your baby Miss Potter at your next scan you will be able to see it much clearer and I will be able to tell the gender."

This suddenly felt a whole lot real. There is a baby inside of me, a baby is growing inside of me. This is real, why am I freaking out this bad now?

"Would you like a picture?" Cassy asked.

I nodded as I was still lost for words at the sight of the little jellybean and that I swear if I opened my mouth I would freak out.

I watched as she pressed some of the buttons on the machine and she handed me a paper towel to wipe the gel off which I did. Next thing I know Cassy's handing me a picture, I sat up and rolled down my top and hoodie. I looked down at the picture and the small jellybean shape was moving slightly and I smiled.

"You will need to come back for your twenty week scan. Make sure that your taking your vitamins, eating healthy and resting. And certainly no quidditch."

I nodded as I picked up my bag and asked, "Can I have a word in private?"

Cassy smiled at me, "Of course, come into my office."

I hopped off the bed and hoped that Livi, Kayl or Al wouldn't question me as to why I had to speak to Cassy in private. I entered her office and took a seat as she closed the door.

"What can I do to help Lily?, is there anything wrong?" She asked as she sat down.

I tried to think how I was going to say this, I've been thinking of this since Jake left me. I had been looking at the leaflet Bee had given me and I think I've made my decision. "Well the father now know's and he's completely vanished. I haven't seen or heard from him in a whole week and I think he may have left me. I want this baby to have two parents who love it and can support it financially. What I'm trying to say is that I'm thinking of choosing adoption." I told her saying the last bit quietly.

"Are you sure Miss Potter, it's a very big decision to make."

"Yes." It's the right decision and what's best for jelly bean, I thought.

"Right, well there are two types of adoption: open and closed." Cassy stood up and went over to a filing cabinet where she pulled out a booklet. "Have a look through this and once you have chosen which type come and tell me and we can go from there. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask."

"Thanks Cassy." I said quietly as I put the booklet in my bag along with my scan picture.

We both left her little office and I collected Al, Kayl and Livi. Al was clearly worried as from the looks of it he was pacing. When he saw me he bombarded me with questions. "Lil are you ok?, is the baby ok? Why did you want to talk in there?, what was it about?"

I held my hand up to stop him from talking any more, "Al I'm fine as is the baby, I just had some questions that's all."

He huffed, "Well why couldn't you have asked them out here?"

"Because..." I trailed off trying to think of something to pacify him.

"Girl stuff, she doesn't want her brother knowing. It's a little embarrassing." Livi interrupted.

I honestly could kiss her right now, I mouthed "Thank you." To her and she gave me a little nod.

Al insisted on staying with me when we left the hospital wing but I told him to go and fine Jamie to hang out.

"Um small problem Lil. I'm not talking to him and he's not talking to me."

"Why?" I moaned stopping to look at him. I just need to be with my best friends right now, why must he insist and hanging around.

He scuffed his foot on the floor and he looked like he was five years old again, "Well the fact I punched his kid brother and said kid brother knocked you up."

Just then Rose and Scorpius came around the corner hand in hand and giggling. Thank god. I'm not being mean but I really need to get rid of Al so I could talk to my girls alone/ He's bound to try and change my mind when I tell him my decision.

"Hey Al, wanna come and play quidditch. We could do with a practice and I know the others haven't got anything better to do."

Scorpius do you know how much I could kiss you right now, although I won't as Rose may kill me. I seem to be in a very kissing mood today, maybe it's because I haven't been kissed for roughly a week or maybe it's just the hormones. I blame the hormones.

Al looked unsure and I hit him playfully, "Go and practice Al, you need to get the team in shape if you want to beat us."

Maybe Al know's occlumency, if you can read my mind Al then go with Scorpius. Go and have fun, I'm fine. See, all happy and smiley. I grinned and he looked at me funny.

"Um Lil are you ok, you just randomly started grinning."

Oops ok so maybe Al doesn't know occlumency and now I just look like a complete and utter mad fool. "Don't worry Al."

After much persuasion from us girls he and Scorpius eventually went off discussing tactics on how they could beat us. I started walking and left Livi, Rose and Kayl behind. I could hear Rose interrogating then and Kayl mentioned the fact I had asked to speak to Cassy alone.

Rose tried to catch up with me, "Hey Lil stop." She called.

I turned around, "What?" I said impatiently.

"So how did it go?" She asked as she tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear.

I shrugged, "Fine and I've made my decision."

I made my way to the second floor and left the others behind me, I need to think. I checked that no one was around as I entered Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. She floated up out of her cubicle as the door creaked open.

"Oh it's you."

I head the door creak again and Rose's voice filled my ears, "Why are we in here, she's not going to give it to Myrtle is she?"

Livi giggled as did Kayl but I ignored them.

"Hello Myrtle," I said brightly, "Now if you excuse us we have some business to sort out and it would be really nice if you left for a little while."

Her pale face looked horrified at the though of leaving, "You're not going into the Chamber Of Secrets are you, students are not allowed down there."

Why does she have to make things complicated, she's a ghost for fuck's sake. It's not like she can get pregnant.

"If you tell anyone that we're in her then I might let slip to Filch that you keep upsetting first years and that you're very rude to them. Filch will probably suggest removing you from the toilets and from Hogwarts completely to Professor Mcgonagall. And I'll tell Peeves you fancy him."

Her face looked shocked and I swear if she was alive she would have been blushing. "I well, of course I wouldn't tell anyone Miss Potter. I shall leave you alone now." And with that she zoomed down a toilet creating a big splash.

Whoo hoo, I won. Lily, one. Myrtle, zero.

"Problem solved."

"That was brilliant Lil." Kay congratulated me.

"Why would she think you were using the Chamber Of Secrets unless you want to get expelled. Your not are you?" Rose added hastily.

I laughed, better not tell her what James and Fred used to get up down there then.

"Course not Rose, we just let her think we use it when we come in here."

I walked passed all the toilets and stopped at the wall, I pulled my wand out and tapped six bricks in the specific order. "What on earth is she doing." I heard Rose ask as the last brick flashed blue. I leant against the wall and came out in our secret room.

I collapsed on one on the bean bags and was shortly followed by Livi, a scared looking Rose and Kayl. Livi sat on the sofa whilst Kayl raided the cupboards and pulled out a packet of crisps before sitting next to Livi.

Rose stayed standing and looked around the room, "What is this place?"

"Our secret room, remember when I blindfolded you and asked you to make me a room. Well this is it."

How could she not remember, I mean I walked up to her one day and asked if she could make a room in a wall. Now it's not everyday that someone asks you that is it.

"We come in here to hang out or to do homework if the common room is busy." Livi explained, "We also have cupboards and a fridge which the house elves fill for us."

"We never told Myrtle about the room so she assumes we use the Chamber Of Secrets for something just like James and Fred used to." Kayl told Rose as she munched on her crisps.

I shot a look at Kayl, which said 'you should have not said that'

Rose turned to me, "And what did James and Fred use the Chamber Of Secrets for, may I ask?"

Ahh crap.

"None of your buisness Ro and it was years ago, don't worry about it."

Rose looked deadly serious as she said, "If you don't tell me then I'll ask them."

"Go ahead if you want to be laughed at, they won't tell you Rose and if you threat them that you'll tell my mum or auntie Angelina it won't work. Just forget Kayl said anything."

She huffed and crossed her arms, Ignoring miss huffy knickers I started to explain, "I've made my decision as to what I'm going to do. I'm going to choose adoption, I don't know which one yet but Cassy gave me a booklet to look through."

Miss huffy knickers interrupted me, "Um Lil, I might have mentioned to Scorpius that your pregnant so he could take Al off out hands and that's the reason why Al and Jamie aren't speaking. He swears he won't tell anyone."

I nodded, "I guess you had to and thanks for making him get rid of Al."

I pulled out the booklet and my scan photo out of my bag, Rose held her hand out and I passed the scan to her. She started talking to Livi and Kayl and I blocked them. I picked the book up and started to flick through it, on the contents page it said that the two options were on page four.

I found the page and started reading: closed adoption, where I would never see the child again or open adoption where I would know the parents and have contact with the child a few times a year. I think that open adoption sounds better, I don't just want to hand my baby over to some strangers and never see them again. It wouldn't feel right me, it would feel as though I had just erased a part of my life. Open adoption sounds better and at least I would still have contact with my baby.

I skipped to page six where there was more information about open adoption, completely unaware that the others were trying to talk to me.

In the end Kayl clicked her fingers in front of my face, "Hello, anyone home." She said in a mystical voice.

I blinked rapidly, "Yeah I'm here."

"Come on it's nearly dinner time, we've already missed lunch."

Have we really been here that long? I followed them out of the room stuffing the booklet into my bag, Rose handed me my scan back and I put it carefully in my pocket. I've sworn the three of them to secrecy about me choosing adoption and that they cannot tell Al or Scorpius.

We stopped by the common room and I dropped off my bag. We met back up with Al and Scorp who sat at the Gryffindor table with us. I piled my plate full of curry, rice and chips. I was halfway through eating it when I saw that Jamie was sat on his own over at the Slytherin table.

I stood up and went over to speak to him. "Hi." I said as I slid onto the bench opposite him.

"Hey Lil." He said sadly.

"You ok?"

He shrugged, "Not really. Can we talk somewhere else please Lil. Al is currently glaring at us."

I nodded and got up, following out of the great hall and into a disused classroom.

"Have you heard of Jake at all?" He asked.

I hopped onto a desk causing my fringe to fall into my eyes, I pushed it back and said, "Nope, have you?"

Jamie shook his head, "It's been a week Lil. He sent our parents an owl telling them he got you pregnant and that he needed time to think. We haven't heard a word off him since. I'm so worried and Al won't speak to me and Scorp is stuck in the middle of it all."

Great, if Jake's told his parents that means I'm going to have to tell mine soon.

"Calm down Jamie, Al thinks your not speaking to him because he hit Jake and that your pissed. I haven't heard off Jake since he left me but I had my twelve week scan this morning." I told him as I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to him.

"Wow," He whispered, "Could I send a copy to my parents."

"I would say yes, but mine don't know yet. Can you make sure that your mum or dad doesn't say anything to my parents. I want them to hear it from me."

"I understand Lil," Jamie said as he passed it back, "I'm going to the owerly to send a letter to Jake and our parents. Oh and can you tell Al I don't hate him but yeah I am pissed that he hit Jake and tell him I still want to be friends. I mean we're practically family now." He joked pointing at my stomach. He hugged me goodbye before leaving.

I made my way back into the great hall and sat back down to eat the rest of my food.

"What did he want?" Al questioned.

"He says that he doesn't hate you, but he is pissed that you hit Jake and that he still want's to be friends since your practically family now." I turned to Scorp, "And he doesn't like you being stuck in the middle either."

I finished the rest of my food without being sick, hopefully I'll actually be able to keep this down. "I'm going to bed." I told the others.

"Night." They called as I got up and left the table.

When I got inside my dorm I got changed into my pyjamas and did some of my homework. I pulled the booklet out of my bag and curled up in bed. I started reading through it and as I did I realised I knew what I am going to choose.

Despite the fact it was half past eight, I snuggled down in bed and carefully placed my scan photo under my pillow. I rolled onto my right side and placed my hands on my stomach. My decision is final I am choosing an open adoption. I'll have to tell Cassy by tomorrow before we leave and of course I still have to tell my family and my parents. Well that should be fun. Not!

  Bomb Shell... What do you think of Lily's choice? Why do you think she has chosen adoption? Is Jake ever coming back?

The first half of this chapter is to show that not all teen pregnancies are sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Boys get scared and do stupid things like run away and most of the time it's the girl and her family picking up the pieces.

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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions: Confession 6 - Of Crying, Worrying and Jelly Beans


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