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From Hogwarts to High School? by Dashaaugust7
Chapter 2 : Suprise to a Pureblood
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The only thing I own is the plot and OC's. Everything else is owned by the Fabulous J.K. Rowling! :)

A/N- I realize I made some huge typing errors in the last chapter and for that I apologize. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So here it goes...

                                                    Chapter 2: Suprise to a Pureblood

Draco's POV:
            'This is completely ridiculous I have to attened a muggle school! I signed up for my last year at Hogwarts to finish my Magical Studies so I could get a job at the Ministry next year, not so I could go to a bloody muggle school! True I will be able to attend my last year at Hogwarts next year but I first have to complete and pass a year of muggle school! I may not be as prejudice against muggles now that I’m out from under my fathers influence but hey old habits die hard right? I also dont understand how they expect me to know what to do there I have no idea how to survive in the muggle world let alone one of their bloody schools!' 

            “Draco your letter from Hogwarts arrived! Come get it!” His mother screamed throughout the mansion. 'oh well no better time than the present to figure out what in the world I’m going to do about this bloody school situation' He thought to himself before finally getting up and grabbing his letter.

Dear Mr Malfoy,

           I’m sure you have heard that all returning Hogwarts students are being sent to a muggle high school this year. Being as you are a pureblood I am aware that you probably have no idea how one of these schools work, therefor I am assigning one Muggleborn or Half-blood to each group to assist you in the muggle world.

- Headmistress McGonagall

You will be in the following group:

Your Group Leader: Hermione Granger

Group Members:

Ronald Weasley

Harry Potter

Ginnerva Weasley

Neville Longbottom

Luna Lovegood

Blaise Zabini

        I realize that you do not get along very well with everyone in your group but as I’m sure you know the war is over and there is no need to continue with the hatred. I expect you to get along with everyone dispite your diffrences.

-All supplies needed for the upcoming year are in the package.

- You will be required to meet Ms.Granger in her Living room at 2pm on August 2nd (2 weeks prior to the start of school) . Just floo to Granger Mansion so you may get aquainted with Ms. Grangers parents and get used to the Muggle World.

          “Wow the mudblood is going to be my leader well this year is certaintly going to be interesting.” he said to himself. 'might as well see all this nonsense that I'll have to learn this year.Lets see-'

12th Grade English

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Science

12th Grade History

A Guide To Muggle Sports

Muggle Technology For Dummies

'What the bloody hell are all these things math, science, technology I have no clue what this crap is! This must be how Granger felt before she came to Hogwarts.Oh well I better start reading some of this rubish if I want to know anything before I have to arrive Lets see its July 28th I have four days to learn all I can about Muggles oh well Ill start with muggle technology.' He thougnt bitterly to himself.

Just as Draco was about to start reading the fireplace behind him roard with green flames and out stepped Blaise Zabini.

" Hey Draco by the title of the book in your hand I'm guessing you got your letter too." He stated more as a fact than a question.

"Yeah so what do you thinks about Granger being in charge of us?"

"Not sure mate, but did you notice where we have to floo to?"

"Yeah, Granger's house. Where else would we floo to thats where we will be staying?"

" Mate you can be so daft sometimes, you relize that the letter said floo to Granger Mansion"

" What? No thats impossible Grangers poor she cant have a mansion! Here let me see the letter." he said snaching Blaises letter out of his hand. He re-read it a couple of times before looking up and finally saying " Well Granger has a little more to her life than she lets on" He smirked 

"Obviously she does I wonder how big her Mansion is?" Blaise stated with curiosity

"Probably not big, afterall her parents are muggles and muggle houses are very extravagant."

"Well why dont we find out?"

"Exactly how do you suppose we do that?"

"Easy we owl her and ask if she minds us stopping by and getting a tour before hand since Potter and Weasly probably already know their way around the place."

" Ok I bet she says no but hey it's worth a shot." With that Draco went over to his desk and grabbed a quill out and began to write.

Granger ,

           Me and Zabini wanted to see if it would be all right if we flooed over and got a look around your place before hand so we wont be completely lost. My owl will wait for a reply.


He walked over to the cage in the corner of his room and pulled out his grey barn owl. "Hello Kendra could you please deliver this letter to Hermione Granger?" The owl nipped his finger affectionatly and flew off with the letter.

"Well lets wait for her reply." said Blaise as he sat down on one of the armchairs in Dracos room.

The didnt have to wait long before Kendra returned with a reply.


              That will be quite fine. You and Zabini are welcome to floo over right now please scrape off your shoes on the mat as you get out of the fireplace because Martha hates to clean up soot.


"Well get up Zabini we have to go to Grangers house."

They walked over to the fireplace and threw down powder and screamed 'Granger Mansion!'

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From Hogwarts to High School?: Suprise to a Pureblood


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