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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 19 : Color of Death
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 The night sky was tinted red. Not the pretty pinkish red. It was blood red, the color of death and it only increased my feelings of foreboding. Fabian and I were patrolling a muggle village that an informant had said would fall under attack. Right now we were in the town's square and were sitting in silence, listening for any noise, watching for any type of movement. I could only imagine how the waiting was probably driving Regulus insane back home. He had wanted to be the one to do assignments with me, but Dumbledore hadn't allowed it. James and Lily weren't allowed to patrol together either. Regulus had wanted Sirius to go and that idea was nixed also by Dumbledore. Then Remus, but Dorcas vetoed that suggestion. Usually I liked the girl but she was being a bitch lately and I had no idea why. Finally, Fabian and I had been partnered together.


"Are you nervous?" Fabian asked putting a hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him, but it was hard to read his expression. He had the perfect mask of confidence covering his features.


"Is it that obvious?" I asked and I couldn't miss the grin that graced his handsome features.


"You're shaking so bad the ground is moving, McEwen. Or should I call you Black now?" He asked and I smirked.


"Give it two weeks and you can." I told him and he laughed. He and his brother had this infectious type of laughter. It was like you didn't have a choice but to join in with them.


"So what is going on with Ann and Gideon?" I asked and he shook his head.


"My brother is remaining silent on that, but I know for a fact that he visited your place without me accompanying him a few times." Fabian said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and I scrunched up my nose in disgust. I wasn't sure I wanted to know what happened during those visits. I opened my mouth to response, when a shrill laughter filled the air. My hand went for my wand immediately and I saw Fabian tense, before paling considerably. A group of people in black cloaks had appeared a few spaces down from where we were standing. It was Death Eaters and there were quite a few of them. They probably had new recruits with them.


"Expecto Patronum." He whispered and a bright white light in the form of a fox appeared. He was sending a message to the order.


"The village is under attack, we need back up." He said to the silver fox and just like that his patronus was off.


"Come out and play I know there is someone here." A voice called out, followed by the same shrill shriek of laughter.


"Bellatrix." I whispered and I in that moment every feeling of grief and pain I felt sense that night in December changed into vengeance. At the same time bright orange flames erupted from a building two down from where Fabian and I were standing.


"We have to get in there now." Fabian said. "The rest of the Order will be here soon. Are you ready?" He asked and I didn't respond with words, I responded with action. I ran forward and out into the middle of the street and came within sight of a group of people, who had their masks off. I could hear Fabian's footsteps pounding on the dirt behind me and I shot the aguamenti charm at the building, hoping to extinguish some of the flames. The night air was filled with screams.


"Oh, look it's a Prewett come to play and he's brought a friend." A tall dark-haired woman called out. She didn't recognize me, but I would know her face anywhere. Any article printed with a picture of her in it I had stared at it memorizing every line, every feature. I would recognize that look of insanity anywhere.


"What's your name dear?" She called out, giving me a sadistic smile. A jet of purple light went flying out my wand, and directly at her chest. A look of surprise graced her features and she didn't have time to react. Someone blocked it for her and I saw the grease dripping down onto the ground. It was Snape. A little over a month out of school and he was already set on killing and torturing the innocent.


Fabian quickly shot a spell at a large, deranged looking man. Soon curses were flying every which way between the two. Every now and then Fabian would shoot a jet of water at the building burning. I could still hear shrieks coming from inside it, and it killed me that there was nothing I could do. If I stopped dueling that would only work to the Death Eater's advantage and more lives would be lost. Sometimes the choices you had to make aren't always easy and this was one of them. Bellatrix and I began to circle each other. We both had our wands held directly in front of us and I was waiting for her to realize who I was. To see the dawning of realization on her crazed features.


"You're a feisty one aren't you?" She snapped and my eyes remained hard. I shot another spell her way and she was ready for that one, blocking it with the flick of her wand. A jet of red light came shooting at me and I jumped to the side to avoid it. From the looks of the tree behind me the spell was a nasty one.


"Better luck next time." I said and whipped my wand in a circular motion. I heard faints pop and recognized that the rest of the Order was arriving. People began squaring off with one and another. I heard Edgar Bones, yelling along with someone else as they rushed forward into one of the now many burning buildings. Pretty soon Bellatrix and I were shooting spells back and forth at each other. Dueling against her was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Her spells were dark, intending to maim or kill me. I could tell I was giving her a run for her galleons though as she danced around my spells.


"Crucio!" She yelled and I ducked. She was getting frustrated and it was working to my advantage.


"Well, well, well if it isn't Katherine McEwen?" A voice sneered from my left. Evan Rosier had appeared to my left and I was livid to see that no one was even dueling against him. I had no idea where Regulus was, but I knew he had to be close. Sirius was throwing spells back and forth between Snape. Both of them looked like they were intending to do as much damage to the other as possible. Besides that the air was a blur of color and smoke.


"What did you just say?" I heard Bellatrix growl and I smirked at her. I shot the langlock curse at Rosier and he was so caught up in trying to egg me on he didn't even realize it was coming.


"Recognize me now, Lestrange?" I sneered and in a moment of rage I saw a green curse come flying at me. It missed me by a near inch and I'd be a fool to say it didn't rattle me.


"You're the muggle filth that my cousin abandoned the family for? I've had the pleasure of meeting your parents." She sneered trying to get a rise out of me. Her mentioning my parents made my blood boil. I clenched my jaw knowing that she was watching my every move and trying to gain confidence out my reaction.


"Well, yes but I'm also the same filth that is going to make you suffer." I said and sent a conjunctivitis curse at her face. This time it made contact and I watched her grab her eyes in pain. The taste of satisfaction felt so sweet on my tongue at first, but it left a bitter aftertaste knowing that no matter what I did to her my parents would always be dead. I felt a searing pain slice through my body all of the sudden.


"Fuck." I yelled as I felt my skin rip open. Blood began pouring out of the side of my neck and I clutched at my skin desperately. Evan Rosier was grinning evilly in my direction and I realized that I had let my guard down. He lifted his wand to strike again and between the pain and the loss of blood I froze, but Rosier didn't have much time to look victorious as a fist connected with his face, sending him sprawling across the ground.


"Don't you dare touch her!" Sirius yelled, completely forgetting about the fact that he had a wand and continuously punching Rosier everywhere his hand would connect. I felt someone grab my waist and pull me down to the ground carefully. I was so dizzy that I didn't even know who it was at first. Everything around me was so chaotic and the air was filled with screams of pain.


"Katherine, are you okay?" A voice whispered into my ear and I recognized the concern and fear in the tone as Regulus. I nodded my head before glancing back over in the direction of where Bellatrix was. It seemed the spell was finally wearing off of her as she began to gain her focus back.


"Bellatrix." I said as loudly as I could muster. Regulus looked in the direction of his cousin just as Lily joined us. No one else had red hair that long.


"Lily, take her back home. I love you, Katherine." Regulus whispered quickly giving my hand a gentle squeeze and standing to face a livid Bellatrix.


"Come on, Katherine. We have to go." Lily whispered holding her hand against my neck to apply pressure. I tried to struggle and crawl to where Regulus was, but Lily had a firm grip on me.


"I can't leave him." I yelled and the last vision I had before Lily and I disappeared was a jet of green light hurling at Regulus. We landed with a loud thump in the sitting room of the house and we weren't alone. Ann and Russell were rushing back and forth tending to a bloodied Gideon, doing the best they could without magic.


"Lily, I have to get back there. I can't just leave him to fight against that deranged psychopath." I choked out and she ignored me, instead concentrating on my neck. The look on her face told me it wasn't pretty, but that was the least of my concerns at the moment.


"Sit still Katherine, I have to close this up before you lose any more blood." She said furrowing her brow and holding her wand against the skin. I could tell she was reluctant to remove her hand and she eventually called Russell over to help.


"Hold this to her neck while I try and close the wound." She said her voice full of authority and Russell didn't argue, grabbing a small piece of torn shirt instead. He looked worried. I felt my neck become almost unbearably hot, before cooling considerably in a matter of seconds. The cold trickle of blood ceased and Lily looked relieved. I lay still for a moment taking everything in.


"Thank you, but I need to get back there." I said attempting to stand up but Russell had to grab on to my shoulders to keep me steady.


"You've lost too much blood, Katherine. I promise Regulus will take care of himself." She said sounding irritated. I noticed James hadn't returned yet either and that she was probably worried about him as well. She had a few minor scratches, but besides that she was relatively unharmed.


"Did you see who all was there?" I heard Gideon grumble from another chair. His face had two deep gashes across it and his bare chest seemed to have the same issues.


"Bellatrix." I said. "And Rosier." Ann looked up at me with shock and I saw Lily rush forward to tend to Gideon's wounds.


"Who did that to your neck?" She asked biting her lip.


"I was momentarily distracted by Bellatrix and Rosier took the opportunity to curse me." I said and she nodded her head trying to hide her fear.


"Snape was there as well." Lily said and it was obvious that that had some effect on her.


"Dolohov, Mulciber, and the older Lestrange brother teamed up against me." Gideon said clearly pissed.


"You took on three of them?" Russell asked in awe and Gideon nodded his head. He winced in pain with the movement, but I can't say I was surprised that he was able to battle all three of them at once. He had skills that people could only dream of. A loud pop filled the room and Sirius appeared on the ground with James and Dorcas following him. I looked around wildly for Regulus, and my heart filled with worry.


"Where is he?" I asked the fear evident in my voice. James had his arms wrapped tightly around Lily and Dorcas was the first one to speak. She seemed to have dropped the bitch act after what we had all just been through.


"He's back with Remus looking for survivors." She whispered.


"He's alright?" I asked. I wouldn't really believe it until I saw it, but her reassurance would be greatly appreciated it.


"He's fine. Bellatrix did her best to kill him from what I saw, but then…" She began but trailed off.


"But then what?" I whispered trying to look into Dorcas' brown eyes, but she avoided my gaze.


"Voldemort was there." Sirius said speaking for the first time. He rushed over to my side and pulled me into a hug, but I didn't make any movement to return his hug. My blood ran cold. Voldemort was there?


"I got Lily away from him just in time and she ended up over by you. Then he turned his wand on me and Dumbledore showed up. There was so much going on." James said breaking in just as Sirius released me from his arms. I did owe him for beating the shit out of Rosier. Another series of pops filled the air and relief filled my heart when I saw the familiar short black hair of Regulus. I jumped out of my seat, staggering a little bit, and then throwing my arms around him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he held onto me in a similar way to what his brother had been doing moments ago.


"You're okay?" I whispered and he held me closer.


"Now that I know you are." He replied back and he pulled away to get a better look at me. He brought a hand to gently touch the side of my neck. The skin was still sensitive and the dried blood was still all there. I was lucky that Rosier didn't get the front of my throat.


"What about Bellatrix?" I asked hesitantly.


"She got away, but the curse you had put on her eyes did some damage. Thankfully, because I don't' know if I could dodged all of those killing curses she sent my way if her aim wasn't so off. She was determined to kill me." Regulus added and I shivered. I couldn't imagine what I would do if anything ever happened to him.


"She's an absolute bloody lunatic when she's angry." Sirius added. The room was silent for a moment.


"Did anyone die?" Gideon finally asked. I noticed that Fabian hadn't returned yet and I was thankful to see Remus shake his head.


"None from our side, but one Death Eater was killed by his own stupidity." Remus said. It's a sad day when you find hope in the loss of someone's life.


"Is everyone else still there then?" Lily asked. I noticed from the corner of my eye Remus and Dorcas still avoiding each other. What in the hell was going on there. Sirius had made his way closer to where Reg and I were standing.


"Fabian, Marlene, Benjy, Edgar, and Moody are still looking for any muggle survivors. Dumbledore and Moody are speaking to Barty Crouch from the Ministry right now." James said and I noticed he didn't have any significant damage either.


"We were lucky this time." Gideon said from the couch, and it was like he took the words right out of everyone's mouth.


Later that night Regulus and I were lying in bed, neither of us successful in falling asleep. Six muggles had been killed, all of them dying in the fires that the Death Eaters had started.


"Bellatrix tried so hard to kill me." Regulus whispered and I turned towards him resting my forehead against his.


"Me as well once she found out who I was." I replied and his eyes met mine.


"I should have been there to protect you. I couldn't find you once I got there and I was almost immediately paired off against Malfoy." He said. I thought I had glimpsed the long blonde hair of Lucius Malfoy. Stupid bastard.


"It's not your fault and I held my own against Bellatrix until Rosier showed up." I said my eyes narrowing at the memory. I can't believe I let Rosier get the satisfaction of wounding me.


"If Sirius hadn't taken care of him when he did…" Regulus trailed off his eyes filled with worry.


"You can't think like that. I'm okay and you're okay. We're getting married in two weeks!" I said trying to lighten the mood and it seemed to have worked a little bit as he pulled me closer to his body. I could feel the heat radiating off his chest and his stomach moving up and down from his breathing. I could feel my eyelids grow heavy and I finally drifted off into the sweet release of sleep.


It didn't seem like I had been asleep long when I woke up. My throat was incredibly dry and I desperately needed water. The side of my neck was really painful and it just made me more pissed off about Rosier. Regulus was sleeping, his breathing light, and I gently removed his arm from my waist in order to get out of bed. He looked so peaceful as I slipped on my robe, because I was only wearing an old shirt of Regulus' and turned back to quietly shut the door. Keltie was around here somewhere and I didn't want him waking him up. I loved the dog, but sometimes he was just a pain in the arse. Kind of like his owner. I walked down the stairs, praying that the creaks wouldn't wake anyone up and was surprised to see a light on in the kitchen. I saw the back of Remus' head and Sirius facing toward the door. Neither of them had seen me yet.


"Meadowes is just being a bitch about this whole situation. It's none of her business." I heard Sirius say. My eyes went wide with surprise. I had never heard Sirius speak so harshly about anyone besides his mother, Death Eaters or Ann.


"Well, she knows I'm hiding something from her and I can't bring myself to tell her yet. The whole Order is going to have to find out soon anyways and she's going to be livid." Remus replied as I stood still at the bottom of the stairs.


"You can do better than her mate." Sirius replied shaking his head.


"I would say the same to you, but the girl you're chasing after is pretty spectacular." Remus said giving Sirius a cheeky smile and Sirius glared. I wondered who the girl in question was for Sirius. Deciding now would be the best time for me to make my entrance I made my footsteps a little bit louder than usual to announce my presence and they both turned in surprise when I walked in.


"Sorry to interrupt, but I am in desperate need of something to drink." I told them opening a cupboard to get a glass out.


"You're not interrupting." Sirius said and I rolled my eyes turning to look at them while sipping some water. That helped the dryness of my throat and the pain I had been feeling numbed a little bit.


"Thanks for earlier by the way, with Rosier and everything." I told him and I saw his features soften.


"There's no way I'd let that bastard get away with anything like that." He said and I noticed Remus looking down at the table.


"He'll regret what he did next time he sees me." I said viciously. I was going to make him suffer that was for sure.


"Don't go looking for trouble, Katherine please?" Sirius whispered and I shook my head.


"Trouble has its way of finding me." I told him truthfully. It's not like I wanted any of this to have happened. Sirius looked like he was about to argue, and I decided to change the subject quickly.


"Is everything alright with Dorcas?" I asked Remus looking into his brown eyes.


"You listened in on our conversation didn't you?" He asked flatly and I faked a gasp of shock.


"Not exactly I more of like stumbled upon you two talking and didn't want to interrupt right away." I said giving him a hesitant smile and he shook his head. Sirius' face flushed a little bit next to him. It made me think that maybe he liked someone who was completely off limits. Like Lily or Marlene. Well, technically Marlene wouldn't be as bad as liking Lily, but it would still be pretty terrible, because she and Benjy had been dating forever.


"You're a terrible liar, but to answer your question no everything is not alright with Dorcas."


"Well, as your best mate," I began but Sirius let out a cough and I glared him. He had Potter to be best mates with. "Like I was saying, as your best mate I find it important to inform you that there are plenty of girls out there that would be lucky to have you. If you don't feel comfortable enough with Dorcas to tell her about your furry little problem then maybe she's not the right girl for you." I told him. I know it sounded harsh but it was true. Dorcas was a nice girl, but I don't know if she was the one for Remus.


"You're right." Remus said and looked down at the table.


"That's what I've been saying for the past month!" Sirius yelling in Remus' direction.


"Oh shut it will you, people are sleeping right now." I said and he mumbled something underneath his breath while crossing his arms over his chest.


"You said that she was a bitch and I should ditch her for someone classier." Remus said pointedly and I snorted. I agreed with Sirius on the fact that Dorcas was a bit more on the wild side, but he was the last person that should talk about dating someone with class.


"I will have you know that I didn't date anyone, or mess around with anyone all of seventh year." Sirius said and there was almost a sound of a pleading in his voice, for what I wasn't sure.


"It's true." Remus added and I set my glass in the sink.


"Alright, alright." I said holding my hands up in defense. "If there is someone you're interested in you should go for it, Sirius. You deserve a nice girl; just make sure she's actually available though. You don't want to be someone who ruins another person's relationship." I told him and this time Remus snorted.


"Thanks for the advice, Katherine." Sirius replied avoiding my eyes and I decided it was time to go back to bed. I could see the sun beginning to rise from the window and I started to walk back over to the staircase.


"Anytime, see you in a few hours." I told them bidding them goodnight. I crawled back underneath the covers and Regulus' arm slipped around me automatically pulling me to him once again. His action made me smile and I snuggled closer to him, falling asleep again almost instantly.

Over the next week I found myself going insane with everything there was too do. The muggle newspapers had said the fires that killed those muggles where from a faulty wire in one of the houses and that it just continued on down the street, because of how closer the houses were. Obviously, the truth was much worse than that.


I was currently in my room trying on my dress for the last time before the wedding with Lily and Ann just to make sure everything fit right. It wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't on the wedding day, because we were witches after all, but I didn't want the added stress on that day. Regulus, Russell, and Sirius were downstairs working on magic. Russell was having a hard time mastering spells, but when he did I'm pretty sure everyone in the next town heard all about it from the way he yelled. I was still hard of hearing from when Russell had successfully used the Expelliarmus charm against Sirius the other day. He was still a very long way away from being an expert, but every bit of progress he made I was proud of him for.


Lily walked over and adjusted the straps on my dress and I smoothed out a free creases. Every time I glanced up at the mirror and saw myself in my dress my heart sped up with excitement.


"It's perfect." Ann said giving me an approving nod and I blushed. I never knew how to take compliments very well.


"Wow." A voice said from the doorway. I let out a squeak, praying to the founders of Hogwarts that it wasn't Regulus standing in the doorway. Lily had threatened him to not go upstairs for the next hour, and threats from Lily were not to be taken lightly. I didn't have to worry, because it was Sirius standing there in the doorway looking at me.


"What are you doing up here?" Lily snapped putting her hands on her hips. Merlin, she would make a good mum someday, terrifying, but a good one. Sirius opened his mouth to speak, but his eyes never left me.


"He's not the groom so it doesn't matter." Ann said smirking.


"You know I just saw Gideon rather cozy in the kitchen with Dorcas." Sirius shot back and Ann's face turned bright red. I still had no idea what was going on there and things just seemed to keep getting more complicated. As far as I knew Dorcas was still with Remus, but for heaven's sake I couldn't keep up with everyone anymore. Ann stormed out of the room and I heard her thunderous footsteps going downstairs.


"Is Gideon really down there with Dorcas?" Lily asked and Sirius grinned.


"Yeah, but Fabian is there as well as Remus. I just wanted to piss her off." He said proudly and Lily rolled her eyes.


"Why are you up here again?" She asked and he turned back to me.


"Russell wanted me to get Katherine so he could show her the spell we just taught him and sense Regulus has been banned for the time being I volunteered to go and fetch you." He finished his eyes sparkling.


"Well, since you're up here what do you think of the dress? I need a gentleman's opinion." I asked him, exaggerating my British accent. He rolled his eyes, but he was still grinning.


"I don't think there's ever been a more gorgeous bride." Sirius said and I blushed.


"How many brides have you seen? Probably zero." I told him and began to walk to the closet. I needed to get out of this dress, because the longer I wore it the more I just wanted to go downstairs and marry Regulus right then and there.


"Alright, get out I have to help her out of her dress." Lily said shooing him away with her hand and he gave me one more small smile before backing out of the room with his hands in his pockets.


"Sirius and Regulus are definitely not lacking in charm." Lily commented as she undid the corset back of my dress.


"It's maddening sometimes." I told her seriously, and she let out a small sigh.


"There you are. I'll meet you downstairs; I want to go make sure those two are teaching your brother correctly." She said and walked out closing the door behind her. I dressed quickly and checked my appearance in the mirror behind me. My blue eyes were shining brightly and my long brown hair was hanging loosely at my shoulders. The newest addition to my appearance was a long scar going down the length of the side of my neck. Courtesy of that bastard, Evan Rosier. I heard someone yell my name from downstairs, it sounded like Russell, and I brushed my hair out of my eyes before going down to join them.


"Alright, so show me this spell." I told Russell who was laughing about something with Regulus. When Reg saw me he walked over and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek in form of greeting.


"Hello there." He whispered into my ear and I shivered. We were in desperate need of alone time after Russell showed me whatever this was. Regulus seemed to be thinking along the same lines as me as he gave me a quick wink and then turned to Russell.


"Don't keep us waiting mate." He said and Russell gave him a nervous look before pulling out his wand. Mr. Ollivander had asked him some questions and eventually sent over a cypress wood, same as mine, with unicorn hair as its core. His eyes focused on a feather in front of him and with a swish and flick of his wand he said the spell.


"Wingardium Leviosa." He said determinedly and to his relief and mine the feather began to rise gracefully into the air. I clapped in excitement and my brother's worried face broke out into a large grin.


"That's fantastic!" I said and the feather came back down and Russell's face flushed, but he looked pleased.


"Thanks. Reg and Sirius are really great teachers." He told me and I nodded my head. It was a miracle that those two could agree on how to teach him without murdering each other in the process.


"Well, I'm feeling exhausted and I think I'm going to go lay down." I told them and Regulus yawned.


"You know I am too. I think I'll join you." He said grabbing my hand and Lily gave me a knowing look. I stuck my tongue out her, which screamed maturity. I didn't have time to see her response as Regulus dragged me up the stairs. When the door shut firmly behind him he pulled me into a kiss and my lips began to tingle. My hands slipped underneath his shirt and I felt him shiver. He backed me up into the wall and began trailing kisses up my neck. We were not wasting anytime.


"It was driving me crazy being downstairs when I knew you were trying on your dress." He said in between kisses and I began to run my hands through his dark hair.


"Only five more days." I said in a breathless tone and I pulled his face back to mine. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I let out a soft moan. There was nothing better than kissing him. Well, making love to him would be, but we had to wait for that. I lifted my legs around his waist and he wrapped his hands around my bum before walking us both over to the bed. Thank Godric for his Quidditch muscles, because this was incredibly hot.


He laid me down gently and climbed on top of me. I pulled his shirt over his head while his hands slipped underneath mine and he let out a low groan.


"I want you right now." He growled before kissing my stomach and making his way up higher and higher to my neck and eventually back to my mouth. 


"I can't wait for you to have me completely." I whispered into his ear and I felt him smile against my skin. Each kiss felt like fire burning against my skin. My shirt soon came over my head and his pants joined them on the floor of our bedroom.


"You drive me absolutely crazy." He nipped playfully at my skin and I let out a soft moan. His hand began to slip beneath my pants, which for some crazy reason, I was still wearing. That’s when the bedroom door opened. We both jumped and Regulus threw a blanket over me to cover myself up.


"Oh my god, Russell said you were napping! That is not napping." Ann screeched covering her eyes and turning around.


"You should try knocking!" I yelled at her and just when I thought this situation couldn't get more mortifying it did.


"Ann, what is with all the yelling?" Gideon said and of course when there's Gideon…


"I don't think I'll ever hear properly again." Fabian said and then they both realized what was going on when they looked into the bedroom. Regulus hovering over me in just his boxers and me covering myself up with a blanket.


"Get out!" I screeched and threw a pillow at the door. I was wondering why Regulus didn't get up and shut the door, but realized that might be even more embarrassing for him. He was giving them all murderous looks though as he wrapped the blanket more securely around me.


"Aren't you supposed to save that for the wedding night?" Gideon asked turning around while Fabian gave Regulus an awkward smile before closing the door. I could hear Ann still screeching about what she had walked in on and Gideon trying to tell her to be quiet.


"I'm going to kill them all." I growled throwing my head back onto my bed. Regulus pulled himself up to be closer to me and shook his head.


"We need our own place." He told me laying his head on my stomach. I was beyond disappointed, but it was probably a good thing that we were interrupted, because I don't think we would have controlled ourselves. If only we could have gone without Ann and the Prewett brothers walking in on us. I don't think I'll ever be able to look Fabian in the eye again on patrols after that. Then my brain processed what Regulus had just said.


"What?" I asked sitting straight up and Regulus looked at me his grey eyes sparkling.


"We should move into our own flat." He said again with more enthusiasm and grabbing onto my hands.


"Why?" I asked dumbly.


"For privacy, for independence, for me wanting to be able to be with my future wife without constant interruptions and for a million other reasons that I can't think of at the moment." He whispered. The thought of our flat made me excited, but would it be safe? Where would Ann and Russell go? I liked this house, but I could definitely see were Regulus was coming from. It didn't help that a lot of the Order members just came and went here as the pleased.


"We could move into a muggle neighborhood. Anyone that is after us will just automatically assume that we are still living here. I can put protective charms surrounding it, just like here. Plus this house is still partially mine and Ann and Russell don't have to leave." He said answering all of my questions immediately.


"What about the money?" I asked. We would have to pay rent if we moved out.


"I have plenty of it from what my Uncle left and you have money that your parents gave you as well. Money won't be an issue." He said and he was right. We both had plenty of money between the two of us.


"Okay." I said quietly but a smile began forming on my face. He did a double take for a second before wrapping his arms around me. The thought of us living in our own flat and married made my happiness increase every second.



Author's Note: What does everyone think? I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been reviewing, and I hope you continue to do so. Who knows it may even get me to update sooner! Also, what do you guys think of a sequel once this story is done? 

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