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A Love Story Like No Other by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 2 : Salazar
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“My prince, you are most certainly covered in dirt and your father is arriving home this very day.” The voice of my squire scolded me as I entered Slytherin Castle.

“Jacob, practicing swordsmanship for several hours each day, usually results in one being covered in dirt. Practice must go on regardless if Father returns this day or not. He is still not due until mid-day and that is still an hour away yet. I have plenty of time to wash and re-dress.”

“Yes, my prince, if you say so.”

“I do.”

“Well get to it. Your father will have my head if I do not have you presentable and present at his welcome reception.”

“You think Father will have your head over everything that goes wrong concerning me.” I laughed at the waves of fear radiating off of Jacob.

“You laugh now, but trust me; you will not be laughing when it actually happens.”

“No worries Jacob. I won’t let father behead you, I need you to keep me behaving in a Princely manner. I’ll leave a good word for you with Father.” I said laughing even harder at the poor fellow. My only reply was a sigh that was barely audible because he was too afraid to offend me. I ran through the halls until I reached my private chambers. I washed and changed into fresh garments worthy of a welcome reception for a King.

An hour later, the hooves of the oncoming assembly were as loud and thunder. All of the nobles at court stood in the courtyard watching and waiting for the arrival of the Majesties. The royal family, meaning my mother Queen Gwendolyn, My younger sister Cherise, and me stood in front. Father and his entourage finally passed through the gates of the castle and dismounted from their horses. Servants bustled around removing traveling trunks and tending to the animals. As father, moved away from his stallion and faced the crowed, there was a rush of movement as the ladies curtsied and the gentlemen bowed.

Father waved the attention away and the crowd dispersed back into the warmth of the castle, eager to leave the blistery wind, and snow from the cold, cloudy December day.  Father Greeted my mother with a kiss on her cheek, and then my sister with a kiss to her cheek. He paused when he got to me and looked me in the eyes.

“We have business to discuss Salazar. Now.”

“Yes Father.”

“Does it need to be now Lucan? But the hour for supper is almost here. Would you not like a rest and a warm meal after your travels?”

“Do not question me Gwendolyn. I need to discuss matters with my Son. Now. Supper will wait.”

“Yes, I’m sorry My lord.” My mother said and frowned. She hated when he wouldn’t see reason and when he yelled at her for trying to make him happy. She turned with one soft glance back at father and ushered Cherise inside the castle.

“Come Salazar.” Father barked at me as if I were nothing more than a dog. To him, I don’t think that I was. I followed behind him and sat when he waved his hand at a chair in his study.

“How does the Treaty stand with King Ravenclaw and the English?” I asked father.

“He agreed on several conditions, as was expected.”

“What are the conditions?”

“We send knights to help him in his war when he needs them, pay an annual tax to his kingdom. The Final Condition is what we really need to Discuss.”

“I assumed as much Sir. The treaty is the only hope for our people as well as our stance as Royals. When England took over Wales, we tried to fight them off, but their army was too strong. Now here we are finally paying the price of a battle centuries old. Either we agree to these conditions or no longer are Royals.”

“I hate, no I despise being lowered to such conditions. But the people are paying the price of a war, that Wales can not win.”

“What is the final condition?”

“Ravenclaw has a daughter of 17, same age as you.”

“Yes. I have heard many rumors about the Princess Ravenclaw.”

“The Man is a fool to have his daughter as an heir to his throne, but she is all he has. The girl is his pride and joy. He wants to make sure that she will have a husband who will take care of her and Rule aside her when he dies.”

“I am to be that man I take?”

“Yes. In order for him to agree to the treaty, you must wed the Princess.”

“And you agreed?”

“No. I have yet to make the decision. I decided to consult you on the matter before agreeing to the conditions.”

“When is your reply expected?”

 “In a fortnight.”

“I accept the conditions. It is my duty to the people of Wales. They have suffered enough for the stubbornness of a kingdom that does not want to be conquered. The only thing is, we have already been conquered long ago, but they still suffer because our refusal to accept it.”

“You are clever son. You have a way with words. But I do not think that you meant to offend me by saying that I am too stubborn to accept that Wales has been conquered and rebel against the conqueror, and that my people suffer because of my decisions?”

“No father that was not what I was saying.” I lied.

“Good. I will write to Ravenclaw and tell him that the decision is final and you will marry the Princess by the start of spring.”

“Yes father.”

“You are dismissed.”

He waved me out of the study and I left, walking down the halls in a strange state of mind.

Betrothed to a Princess hose beauty was almost as well-known as her spirit. Well they never said life wasn’t interesting. Rowena Ravenclaw, Heir to the English throne and I her Husband to be. 

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A Love Story Like No Other: Salazar


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