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Half and Half by K_Bear
Chapter 2 : Oh... Now I Get It
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I was glaring daggers at the Gryffindor table. Yesterday I was totally willing to forgive James for nearly killing my best friend. What was I supposed to do with his hard chest pressed up against me? My brain was all foggy and I couldn’t think.

But oh, that fire in my belly was reignited yesterday when I found Cal sitting in the common room, trying to do his homework one handed.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Cal’s sea-green eyes calmly looking at me. “Beth, calm down. It was an accident.”

“It was not and accident. The only reason he bumped into you was because you were about to make a goal, giving us a larger lead on Gryffindor. We were close to beating them and the stupid git panicked!”

Cal shrugged, “So? I’m over it and you should be too.”

I snorted, “You are such a Hufflepuff.”

Cal looked shocked, “Um, news flash… you’re a Hufflepuff too.” I waved my hand dismissively before stabbing my hash browns angrily.

“Oh, no. You’re stabbing your hash browns again,” Al complained, dropping down in front of me.

“Yeah, ‘cause your brother is an-“

“Arse? Git? Player? Wanker? Which one is it this time? I’ve heard them all,” Al supplied for me.

I glared at Al before I went back to stabbing my potatoes. I felt a hand on my clenched fist and looking up I found Al’s tender green eyes. “Beth, we need to tell you something.” He exchanged a look with Cal who nodded.

I shoved a fork full of hash browns into my mouth, “Are you two pregnant?”

Al looked shocked and Cal slammed his head on the table. “Beth,” his voice was only slightly muffled by the wood. “First of all, “ he held up a finger, “we are both guys meaning neither of us has the ability to bare a child. Secondly,” he held up a second finger, “we are both straight, and thirdly-“

“I have a girlfriend!” Al managed to croak out. Cal pointed as if saying Al had made his point for him.

“I was just joking. Merlin! Sue me for making a joke.”

“Will do, baby sis.” Adam sat down in the empty seat next to me, his dirty blond hair tickling my nose as he bent over to eat the hash browns already poised on my fork.

I yanked the silverware from his teeth, “Where’s your twin?”

“Behind you,” I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders as a kiss was planted on my hair.

I began scrubbing my head furiously, “I’m going to get cooties.” I could practically hear Erik roll his eyes as he sat down next to our brother. The two were almost identical- same height, same strong build, and nearly the same gray eyes. The only thing that differed between the two was Erik’s auburn hair and Adam’s dirty blond hair.

I suddenly realized the unusual amount of Gryffindor’s at the Hufflepuff table. “Shouldn’t you two be at your own table? House pride and all that.”

Erik cocked an eyebrow, “Al’s sitting here.”

“Al, Cal, and I always sit at each other’s house tables. It’s been a tradition ever since first year.”

“Anyway,“ Al interrupted loudly, “like I was saying, Bethany, we need to talk to you.”

Uh oh, they never called me Bethany unless something serious was happening. My fork slipped from my hand. “What’s going on?”

All four boys exchanged a solemn look before Cal placed his good hand on my shoulder. “James broke up with his girlfriend a few days ago, and-“

“Yes!” I screamed and stood up with my fists raised in triumph. “Why all the long faces? Isn’t this good news?”

Al scoffed, “Weren’t you just talking about how much you hated him?”

“Well, now I’m talking about how much I love him. Keep up with the program, Al.”

Adam pulled me back down and I landed on the bench hard. I mumbled, rubbing my sore bottom. “Let us finish.” He was obviously losing his patience.

“Yeah, now he has his eyes on someone new, and she’s in your house.” Al said slowly.

My shoulders slumped. I hated when he dated Hufflepuffs. It was like a punch in the gut every time he sat down at my table and it wasn’t with me. It was awkward whenever I was walking towards the common room and I would run into James and the girl snogging. And I wanted to cry whenever I would walk into the common room early in the morning and find him sneaking out, tucking in his shirt and pulling up his pants whilst giving me a casual wave and saying, “Morning, curly top!”

I rested my head in my hands, covering my face. “Today could not get any worse,” I mumbled sadly.

“Why can’t it get any worse?” The voice made me jump and I looked up at Hufflepuff’s head girl, giving her a weak smile.

“Don’t worry about it, Rebecca.”

She didn’t look convinced. “You know you can talk to me if you need to.”

My grin became genuine. Rebecca was the one girl in my house that I liked. She was sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, and reliable. Not to mention really pretty. With her dark brown flowing locks, and green eyes set into a soft face it’s no wonder most guys in the school were chasing after her. You think she’d be a slut with all the attention, but she barely pays them any notice and rarely dates. I’ve actually turned to her for a lot of my problems, so she’s heard me rant about James a fair amount.

“Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer. Thanks.”

Rebecca flashed me a dazzling smile before sitting next to Al. Everyone seemed to stiffen. I gave Al a quizzical look, and while Rebecca was busy filling her plate he gave his head a jerk in her direction. I gave him another questioning look. Adam nudged my elbow and followed Al in jerking his head towards Rebecca. Yeah, it’s Rebecca. I get it. I looked towards Cal for some sign of help but his eyes kept flashing in Rebecca’s direction. What in Merlin’s beard was going on?

“Here are my friends! Not trying to steal my posse are you Heart?” James sauntered up to the table, his messy hair just as sexy as always and his hands stuffed deep into his pockets.

“Good morning Al, Cal, Adam, Eric, Miss Bethany, and hello Rebecca.” James said the last name seductively. I eyed him cautiously and Rebecca gave him a quick wave without really looking up. I didn’t like the way he was looking at her hungrily. His eyes roamed slowly up her body and back down. He was making it blatantly obvious that he was checking her out. But why would he be checking out Rebecca-

Oh… now I get it.

Ah! My second chapter of my first official fan fiction. I think this is cause for celebration. We should have a party. :)

Thank you all who reviewed the first chapter! Reviews are always welcomed with open arms. :D

I realize this chapter was shorter but the next chapter is where the plot comes in! Here's a preview:

He grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the great hall, passed the grand staircase, and into a broom cupboard. Whoa, hold the owl, I’m in a broom cupboard with James Sirius Potter. This could only mean one thing.

“I need to ask you a favor.” He started bluntly.

Oh, well that was a let down. Calm down my speeding heart, we aren’t here for the reason you think we are. “Shoot.”

"I need you to be my girlfriend for a while."

I already have like eight or nine chapter of this story, so i'll be posting pretty regularly. Hopefully this is good news. ;)

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