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How It all began.... by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : A tale of a sorting hat
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 Nobody really knows how I started, yes I may have mentioned it when I sung the sorting song a couple of times but nobody actually knows all the nitty-gritty things, why not, why not now?

My tale starts in the middle of the day, a day more commonly known as Christmas…

The first thing I remember is hearing soft, cheerful music, it echoed around the grand circular room I was in. I was situated in the middle of this room on what appeared to be a newly polished three-legged stool. There were four faces just staring down at me; two men and two women. They were all as different as night and day. The first women had long black, straight hair and deep brown eyes that looked like they had seen the deepest darkest secrets of the earth. The other women had curly, gingery-red hair and trusting blue eyes; she reminded me of someone’s kind grandma, always ready to help anybody. Now the men; one of the men had bright green eyes and red mane-like hair that made him look like a lion; brave. The last person was of course the other man, he had a long pale beard and cloudy grey eyes that gave off the impression that he couldn’t be trusted. It was him who spoke first.

“Well Godric, as much as I would like to think your hat with a brain was going to be useful for something I very much doubt it.” He sneered to the red haired man who I now took to be called Godric.

“Come on old mate, do you really think I would just put brains in a hat for no reason? Of course I have a plan” Smiled Godric to the group before continuing. “My plan is that this hat, this marvellous hat can decided which children we get when we open he school in the fall.”

“It sounds like a great plan but I’m still a little puzzled as to how the hat can pick who we get?” Asked the grandmotherly type witch, it was the other women who answered her.

“Isn’t it obvious Helga, we tell the hat what type of children we are looking to teach and then the hat, when it is placed on the child’s head, will search through their thoughts to decided where it is best suited.” Ahh, so the grandmotherly type witch was called Helga, just two more names to know.

“I couldn’t have put it better myself Rowena, now we just put the hat on and tell it what kind of children we want. Salazar would you like to go first?” My curiosity is now officially settled, all four names are known. Salazar just nodded and then his long snake like fingers picked me up and placed me gingerly on his head.

Slytherin qualities: - Purebloods are best….Magic is might….Mudblood…Cunning plans….Power hungry!

His thoughts were horrible! The only children he wanted to teach were purebloods and haters of Muggleborn. They had to be cunning and willing to do anything to achieve their goal-well they sound like a lovely bunch, not! It wasn’t a moment too soon when he plucked me off his head and handed me to Godric who pushed me on top of his head.

Gryffindor qualities: - Bravery….Daring nerve….Chivalry….Courage….Confident….Heroic activities!

Well I suppose that wasn’t so bad even if the children he wants to teach sound like reckless heroes; but that’s just my personal opinion. Godric then preceded to hand me over to Rowena who delicately slipped me on her head.

Ravenclaw qualities: - Wise….Witty….Clever….Intelligent….Ready to learn!
Wow, she liked her children smart didn’t see? She took me off her head and passed me along to Helga; hopefully she would want to teach normal children. She placed me on top of her head and I started to pick apart her thoughts.

Hufflepuff qualities: - Patience….Loyal….Hard working….Equal!

Not too bad I suppose but they all sound like goody two shoes, I mean yes that isn’t a bad thing but it isn’t exactly a good thing either. When Helga took me off her head she placed me back on the stool. Nobody spoke for several minutes and the only sound that could be heard was the soft, cheerful music that had been playing continuously through all of this. Suddenly the music stopped and the four people got up and vacated the room leaving me on the stool in the now quiet room.

It was then, alone in the silent room, that I realised what was wrong with the different types of children; they weren’t enough! A cunning child isn’t going to get very far on its own, neither is a brave child. A wise child won’t get far either, nor will a loyal child. They had to work together. Separately they are average at best but together, a cunning, brave, wise and loyal child will go far. They needed to stand together and here I am separating them.

Oh, bother!

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How It all began....: A tale of a sorting hat


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