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How It all began.... by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : A tale of a sorting hat
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Nobody really knows how I started. Yes, I may have mentioned it when I sang the sorting song a couple of times, but nobody actually knows all the nitty-gritty things, so, since I've got a minute to spare, why not - why not now?    

My tale starts in the middle of the day, not a particularly special day, but a good day nonetheless.     
The first thing I remember is hearing a soft, cheerful sound. I didn't know where it was coming from, but it was pleasant enough - sort of relaxing. It appeared to echo around me, but I couldn't locate the source of the noise. Then it was replaced by a man talking. 
"Well Godric, as much as I would like to think your hat with a brain was going to be useful for something, I very much doubt it." That voice seemed to come from above me and so I looked up, not expecting to see four pairs of eyes staring back at me. From what I could see they appeared to belong to two men and two women, all vastly different.     
“Come on, old mate. Do you really think I would just put brains in a hat for no reason? Of course I have a plan," laughed the one I took to be Godric. He pushed his unruly red hair out of his face before continuing. “My plan is that this hat, this marvellous hat, can decided which of the school children each of us get to teach when we open the school in the fall.” The room was silent for a while, each person seemed lost in their own thoughts. It didn't last long though, as one of the women spoke up.     
"It sounds like a great plan, but I’m still a little puzzled as to how the hat can pick who we get?” The woman had curly hair that was almost ginger in colour and bright blue eyes. I was suddenly picked up by my point and swayed slightly. Not good. I'd been picked up by the other woman, and it looked like she was going to answer the first woman’s question.    
"Like this, Helga. The children will put the hat on their heads and since we will have told the hat what children we will teach, then it will be able to search their thoughts and find out which of us can teach the child the best. May I?" That last question appeared to be directed at Godric, who nodded eagerly.     
"Go ahead, Rowena." He smiled and I found myself being placed eloquently on top of her head. She had long, black straight hair and the others were watching intently as I started to read through her thoughts.     
Okay, children I want to teach. They should be wise, and ready to learn. I've seen a lot in my time, so I want to impart that wisdom, but only onto children who will understand it. Intelligence is important. I need the children I teach to be clever so that they understand what I tell them.     
So, smart children then. Okay, I guess that seems simple enough. If children have an aptitude for learning, then Rowena gets to teach them. She carefully took me off her head and passed me to Godric.    
"Good?" he asked and she nodded. "Perfect, I'll try it now then," he told the group before pushing me on top of his head.     
Children should be brave, they need to understand that courage and chivalry are important. That's who I want to teach. I'll make them brave and confident, but they need to have potential for it first.   

This was turning into such a simple job. Children who are brave go to Godric. Oh, but what happens if they're brave and smart. Who do they go to then? It seemed like an important question but I didn't have time to dwell on it as I was quickly passed on to the other male.    
"Salazar, go on, you try it now," Godric encouraged him before he took me and shoved me onto his head.    
Tradition must be upheld, Purebloods can help with this. I only want to teach the best, the ones who will go on to do great things. They have to have the ability to do great things, and the need to do great things, no matter the cost.   
Well, that was unexpected. Wanting to teach the best, that makes them sound like they have to be smart but that's what Rowena wanted. Hmm, maybe it'll be obvious when the children try me on as to where they go. I hope so. Salazar then proceeded to pluck me off his head and handed me over to the last person in the room, Helga.  
"Thanks Salazar," she told him as she took me out of his hand and placed me on top of her head.   
Equality should be upheld and every student has a place here with me. They should want to treat each other the way they want to be treated themselves.  They should be treated with patience and they will become loyal, hard-working students for the school.
That seems fairly nice, although I suppose that means anyone could go to her. So do they, or does that mean anyone who doesn't fit in with the other people go to Helga? Hmm, maybe this job is a little more difficult than I first thought. When Helga took me off her head she placed me back on the stool and looked around.

"I guess that's everything then?" she asked and murmurs of agreement could be heard from the others. There was then the sound of chairs scraping back and the four people vacated the room, leaving me on the stool.  

It was then, alone in the silent room, that I realised why my job wasn't going to be that simple - children aren't that simple! A child isn't necessarily going to be only smart or brave, they could be both and I have to choose where they go regardless of that. But what happens if they change after they've been sorted - do they have to stay with the wrong person? This was turning into a nightmare, one I was apparently going to be dealing with.

Oh, bother!

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How It all began....: A tale of a sorting hat


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