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White Flag/I Do It For You by Scriptie
Chapter 5 : Quit Playing Games With My Heart
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 Chapter 5


Hermione lay with Fred's arms around her and smiled. Last night was wonderful. She turned to face Fred and kissed him lightly on his cheek. Fred's arms tightened around her and she giggled. "Wake up sweetheart," she whispered. He let out a noise of protest. She smiled and shook her head,"You don't want George to come in here and drag you to the shop by your-" "Fine I'm up. But first things first," Fred put himself on top of Hermione and began kissing her. A moan escaped her lips and she didn't want to him to leave. The door opened and there stood George with his wand pointed. He put his wand in his pocket and saw what was going on;he cleared his throat. Hermione broke the kiss and cursed. Fred resumed kissing her and George spoke,"Fred! This isn't the time for that! Get dressed!" The door slammed shut and Fred jumped out of bed. He quickly got dressed as Hermione sat up covering her body with the sheet. Fred kissed her on the forehead,"Love you." "Love you too," she called as the door closed. Hermione grabbed some clothes and got dressed. She grabbed her wand, conjured her Patronus and sent her it with a message to Ginny about seeing each other today. She walked to the table in the kitchen/living room with a book in hand, sat down and opened the book, staring at the pages waiting for Ginny's response. She didn't have to wait for long. "Feel free to come over in an hour," Ginny's voice spoke then her horse Patronus disappeared.

Hermione got up from the couch and made herself some oatmeal. She quickly finished and cleaned her plate. She grabbed some towels and different clothes for after her shower. She walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door then started the water.


Hermione was dressed and dried her hair. She brushed her hair and pulled her hair into a low ponytail. She wore pants and a red shirt with her converse. She grabbed her wand from the nightstand and made sure she was set. Ring? On. Wand? In hand. Bag? In the closet... Accio Beaded Bag, her bag came out of the closet and went into her hands then she smiled, I don't think I need anything else... She opened her bag and summoned a dark hoodie from the closet and stuffed it in her bag. Now it held her wallet, a mirror and her jacket. She closed the bag and apparated to Harry and Ginny's. 

Hermione was at the door and she knocked. "Come in," Ginny called. Hermione entered the house and found Ginny in the kitchen. "Can I get you anything?" Ginny asked. "Water, please," Hermione answered. Ginny got a glass of water and sat at the table with Ginny. The red haired woman knew something was bothering her brunette friend. Hermione asked the question that was in her mind all morning,"Am I making the right choice?" "Excuse me?" Ginny asked needing clarification. "Am I making the right choice marrying Fred instead of Ron?"

There was silence in the room. Ginny finally spoke after five minutes,"Ron is already married so your question is invalid."

"I'm serious Ginny! Tell me. Am I making a mistake?"

With a sigh Ginny responded,"Possibly. I mean, you and Fred showed no real interest in each other. You and Ron did. Look at all the times you and him argued or got mad at each other. That never happened with Fred at all."

Hermione sat in silence. Ginny does raise an excellent point...but why did Ron marry Lavender Brown? She remembered when Ron and Lavender broke up during their sixth year at Hogwarts. Lavender was crying when Ron was with Hermione. When did they get back together? Hermione silenced the internal questioning coming from her mind. She had to take it one question at a time. "Why did Ron marry Lavender?" Hermione focused her gaze on Ginny.

Ginny was stumped. Why did Ron marry Lavender? She remembered back to that day. Lavender looked pleased as punch and Ron...he looked blank. When he said "I Do" it was robotic and monotone. "I have no idea," Ginny said unsure.

Hermione sighed. Onto the next question, she thought glumly. "When did they get back together?"

"About two weeks after you disappeared. It was already obvious that Ron was with Lavender but everyone wondered when they'd make it official."

The worst picture formed in Hermione's mind. Ron laughing and smiling with Lavender, his blue eyes looking at Lavender lovingly as she kissed him on the cheek. "What's on your mind 'Mione?"

"A lot."

"Like what?"

Hermione leaned forward on the table while still sitting, her glass of water was to her right,"How did Ron act around....?"

"Before or after he got married?" 


"Before, he was all smiles for a few months. But after, it was like he wasn't there at all. Like he wasn't happy."

Hermione felt bad. Here she was, about to get married, feeling happy as can be and hearing about how Ron didn't look happy on his wedding day. A person's wedding day should be one of happiness and joy, not blank-ness and void of emotions. Maybe she should reconsider marrying Fred...would she be staring blankly into space without a smile upon her face when it came time for that day? Of course I would be smiling! I'm marrying Fred. How would Ron feel? He wouldn't care. He is married to Lavender and has a kid! Yes, I know he has a kid. But you can tell he isn't happy with his beloved Lav-Lav. If he wasn't happy with her, he wouldn't have had a kid with her. You're just saying that. Before people married for love they had arranged marriages and those people had kids. Good point but he has to raise the child with his wife. No he doesn't....

"Hermione!" Ginny got Hermione's attention after five minutes,"This is the third time this has happened. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just got a lot on my mind."

The red haired woman raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously. Gin, I gotta go," the brunette stood up,"Thanks for having me over." Hermione began walking away and Ginny caught her arm. "Whatever it is that you're doing, make sure it's the right choice," Ginny said her eyes on Hermione. She nodded, resumed walking as she pulled out her wand and apparated away.

"Think it'll work?" a man's voice spoke from the doorway. 

"Shut up," Ginny glared at the door,"She doesn't deserve you, she deserves Fred. You've hurt her too much, Ron."

Ron laughed,"You and I both know Hermione should have ended up with me. Not Fred. I have no idea what she sees in him."

Someone she can trust, someone she loves, someone who would never hurt her and her other half, Ginny thought fighting the smile that was about to appear on her face. "Does Lavender know what you are planning?"

"What she doesn't know won't hurt that I think about it, yes it will."

"You're despicable."

"Thank you," Ron grinned and Ginny rolled her eyes.

"If 'Mione does call it off with Fred, are you going to-"

"Yes I am. I already have most of the paperwork filled out."

"If you're doing this then why did you marry Lavender in the first place?" Ginny asked.

"I didn't expect my dearest Hermione to return and be with Fred of all people."

"Why am I even helping you with this again?" 

"Must I remind you again?"

"No," Ginny replied quickly.

"Good. I'll be leaving and don't you screw things up for me or else," Ron said in a threatening tone.

"Ok. I get it."

Ron turned on the spot and left to his and Lavender's house.

Hermione please pick Fred, Ginny thought pleadingly. 


Hermione paced in the bedroom she and Fred shared with one question on her mind. Fred or Ron? Ron made you disappointed and depressed. Remember when you caught him that night when you went grocery shopping? The face from that night was in her mind and she put together who it was. Ron was with Lavender that night! Unbelievable! Un-fucking-believable! He was cheating on me! That explains everything. The distance he kept and his actions. Hermione was livid. Who cares if he was unhappy! Ron deserves to be miserable for that! Forget Ronald Weasley! I am going to get married to Fred and be happy for the rest of my life.

Hermione summoned a quill, some ink, and a piece of parchment. She began her note to Ginny. 


I have some things I want to tell you tomorrow. But first things first, we need to go shopping tomorrow. Meet me at The Burrow around 10 a.m. 


Hermione smiled and walked to the window where Archimedes was. She got a treat for her owl and wrapped the note around his leg,"Take this to Ginny Potter please." The owl clicked and flew away when she opened the window. Hermione watched Archimedes fly and closed the window. She walked away smiling and thinking about her upcoming marriage to Fred Weasley.


Sorry for taking so long! I had a lot going on and I had writer's block for a while... Hope you enjoyed this chapter and please tell me if you like this so far. I like to know what y'all are thinking :)


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White Flag/I Do It For You: Quit Playing Games With My Heart


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