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Opened Doors by pipergurl03
Chapter 5 : The Letter
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A/n Hermione and Draco sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S *trails off when a very angry Draco is tapping his foot in front of her.* what it’s true, well not the tree part, here is this better Hermione and Draco, standing in his bedroom, K-I-S-S-I *continues sings as she skips off. Draco rolls his eyes and glares after her*

Okay, well guess what you guys, I don’t own Harry Potter, or that good-lookin guy that plays him, Dan Radcliffe. *thinks out loud* “Did I just say that.”

Chapter 5


It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing


Draco couldn’t believe he was standing here holding Hermione Granger, Gryffindor Golden Girl, muggle-born, someone he had despised since she made friends with Potter and Weasley, yet, it seemed so right. He could feel comfort at her touch, something that he hasn’t ever felt before. It was strange, but he liked it. He liked standing next to her, them swaying to unheard music. For him, it was a dream come true.

Hermione couldn’t believe it either. Here she was, gripping onto the Slytherin King, and liking it. It felt very unusual. She was standing next to, and finding comfort, in some who has put her hell for the past six years. Yet, come to think of it, he wasn’t that bad on her. He seemed to like to taunt Harry and Ron, but the worst he did to her was call her names. It was mostly all directed to her friends. Right now, all of that didn’t really matter. All of a sudden, Hermione broke off.

“What’s wrong?” Draco looked confused.

“I-I’ve got to go,” she turned to leave and Draco let her go. He wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Instead he slowly walked over to the door and shut it. He turned and leaned against the door. What was he thinking, she’s a Gryffindor, what would his, he stopped thinking that. ‘My father can’t do anything,’ he thought, ‘I could care less what my father would say.’

Walking over to the desk, he started a letter to her. He wrote for a while, concentrating on what he put into the letter. He spent a whole hour working on it. He decided to give her a nickname so that no one would know who was writing. Looking over at his new owl, Silver, he got the idea of a nickname for himself, so that it would be hard for anyone apart from her would know it was him. Tying it to silver’s leg he said, “Take this to Hermione, alright.”

Silver blinked at him with those big amber eyes and she soared out the window. He watched the eagle owl until it was nothing but a dot in the sky...


“Hermione, where have you been?”

“Nowhere, It’s getting late, let’s get back.”

The trio headed toward the Leaky Caldron so that they could Floo home. Harry had already passed his Apparition test, so he said that he would meet them back, dissappearing with a crack. “Well shall we,” Ron gave her some Floo powder and she stepped into the fireplace. Dshe threw it down and said, “The Burrow,” clearly. The last thing she noticed was Malfoy at the top of the stairs, clearly waiting for Ron to leave. Praying Ron doesn’t see him, she stepped out of the Weasley’s fireplace and got a surprise.

“What in the world,” she said under her breath. Ginny and Harry were both jumping around the living room, trying to grab a certain flying object.

Silver, noticing Hermione, flew down and rested on her shoulder. She could feel Ron step out of the fireplace behind her. “Who’s the letter for?”

“WE don’t know Ron, we’ve been trying to catch it to find out. Must be Hermione’s, seeing as it’s holding out it’s leg for her.”

Hermione took the letter and read the front, GoldenGirl. Hermione didn’t know whose handwriting it could be. She took it, and opened the letter. Reading who it was from it dawned on her, Malfoy.

She folded the letter and smiled. They were all looking at her, expecting an answer. “Well, It’s mine.” She put in the pocket of her jeans. “Who was it from?” Ron raised an eyebrow.

Hermione shifted a bit. “No one.”

“Well, you had better go up and pack. There’s a week before school starts, and I don’t think you want to spend the last night doing nothing but packing, go,” Mrs. Weasley ushered all four of them upstairs.

Hermione was fingering the letter in her pocket. She couldn’t help but feel guilty. Keeping something like this from Harry and Ron. ‘Of course, it’s never going to happen again.’ she thought, ‘that’s probably what this is saying. Saying something about not believing he kissed a mudblood.’

“Hermione, you there.” Harry was waving a hand in front of her face, “You seem gone.”

“Oh, just thinking of homework.”

“Are you mad,” Ron’s mouth was open and he was staring at her, “We’re not even in school yet.”

“Come on, Hermione.” Ginny grabbed her arm and pulled her into their bedroom, shutting the door in the two boys’ face. “So, whose the letter from?”

It was only a mere question, but it hit Hermione like a ton of bricks. “Oh, Hermione it was just a question.”

Hermione grinned and pointed at the door. Catching on, Ginny silently began to laugh. “Krum, your still writing to him.” Ginny knew full well Hermione wasn’t writing to Krum. He had mentioned House Elves at Durmstrang. Hermione and been furious. She hasn’t written him back since. Hermione smiled, “Yeah,” but as she did this, she shook her head and mouthed, ‘NO.’

There was a thump on the other side on the door and Hermione could here Harry’s voice, “Ron.” Hermione couldn’t help but laugh. She then heard retreating footsteps going away from the door. When they were gone, Ginny started in again, “Who wrote the letter?!”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Ginny rolled her eyes and gave a dramatic sigh, “Fine, if you won’t even tell your best friend.”

“Ginny,” Ginny raised her eyebrows at Hermione, “Fine.” Hermione dropped her voice to lower than a whisper, “Malfoy.”


“Ginny, shush,”

“Sorry, but I mean, why would he write you. Wait, I bet it’s just to torment you.”

“Probably,” Hermione couldn’t believe that voice belonged to her. Her mind was telling herself Ginny was right, but something else told her, ‘Maybe not.”

When Hermione had all her stuff in her trunk, she bent over to close it, and out fell the letter. Feeling as if now would be a good time to read it, she carefully picked up the letter and sat on her bed. Leaning against the wall, she took a deep breath. ‘It shouldn’t be this hard to read a letter.’ She unfolded the letter and read the first line, a slight smiled playing at her lips.

~Dear GoldenGirl

I thought the name fit you perfect. You are a now-it-all bookworm. The golden girl of Gryffindor. Still, thank you. You helped me through that moment of my life. It seems that when I think of the troubles, I see your face, and it all disappears. I do ask you this, lets keep this a secret. Not just for my reputation but safety of both of us. If they found this out, it could put you in danger. I’m in enough as it is, I don’t need to put any of it on you. Plus, your two friends, (not going to mention them, you can guess why) might not agree. Course, you may feel 100% different than what I feel. If that’s the case, I won’t have to worry about you telling any one.


Ginny was looking at Hermione, reading her expression. “I guess he’s not calling you a mudblood in that letter.” Hermione looked up and blushed. “Ginny, could you keep a secret.”

“Yes I could.” Ginny sat next to her, eyeing her with confusion.

“Even from Harry and Ron. You can’t tell anybody.”

“Alright, Hermione your making it sound like you kissed him or something.”

Hermione looked at her hands. Ginny gasped, “You did.” It surprised Hermione that Ginny wa smiling.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Well, he is one of the hottest guys at Hogwarts.”


“What?! He is. Of course I always thought it would be you and Ron.”

“This stays secret to, Okay.” When Ginny nodded her head, she continued, “I always thought so to. It’s weird. I used to see him, I’d see, well...” Hermione began to blush.

“Go on,” Ginny urged her.

“Well, now I look at him, I still feel what I felt before, but it’s like-“ but Ginny cut her off, “like it’s fading. That’s how I felt with Harry.”

“Yeah, but it hasn’t ever gone away completely,”

“And it probably never will.” Ginny looked at Hermione with sympathetic eyes. Let’s get down to dinner.”

“Okay, let me just finish up here.”

After Ginny left, she reread the letter. ‘It seems like he’s changed so much,’ she thought to herself, ‘how could that happen.’

Hermione went over to Ginny’s desk and pulled out a peice of perchment. Sucking on the tip of the quill, she tried to think of what to write. How could she get all her feelings out in a letter. Everytime she thought back to this afternoon, she felt her stomach go quesy. Butterflies began to rise, and she felt lightheaded. Dipping her quill in ink, she wrote.


Is it true, have you really changed? You seem so much different then what you’ve been he past few years. You were so cold and heartless. Now you’re, dare I say, kinder. How are you going to be at Hogwarts, just your old self?

You did help me through that one moment to. Thank you.


The song at the beginning is by Alison Krause, entiled When you say nothing at all.

Don’t hurt me. I’m so so so so sorry I haven’t updated. I rewrote this chapter like 5 times and I still don’t think it’s god enough. Anyway, on to a happier not, *Drum begins to roll*


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By the way you guys, I have a role-playing site that I'm the Admin of. There are a lot of characters still open, and we really need people to sign up. If your interested go to:

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