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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 5 : Sleepovers and Hogsmeade
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 "....So then Rox tied me up and poured that sauce all over me!" Fred finished his story.

Now these sleepovers are a tradition! We always take one day off once in a while and have a massive sleepover in the common room. We would have them up in our dorm but boys can't get up there. And their dorm smells!



I took another swig of my firewhiskey- I still do not know how Hannah sneaks it in?"You know it'll be Christmas soon you know!" Dom slurred.


"Dom you're so drunk right now." Jason stated as he drunk his water


"Wow, you can speak! And you're just boring with your water." She replied

We all just laughed.

Jason doesn't really speak, but that doesn't stop Lucy thinking he's the most fabulous person to walk the earth.


I personally cannot wait for Christmas! I hope I get another Weasley jumper. I really fancy a Maroon colour this year! No matter how much James' uncle Ron hates the colour, I love it.


"How did you do it Kate?" Jason asked


"Do what?"


"Have life handed to you the way it was and still turn out okay?"


I didn't get what he meant at first. Then I thought, he's right. My Mum left, my Dad hates me and my eldest brother could be anywhere? 


"You." I said bluntly


"What do you mean?" Lucy said


"You guys, you kept me sort of sane?"


Aw moment!! We all group hugged and settled down as it was like 3am. But we had to get up at 5am to go to either the stinky boys dorms or our own to hide from prefects, like Lucy's younger sister Molly. She is SCARY.


It must've been about 4 and I couldn't sleep. It wasn't dark, but the room was only very slightly lit by the dull fire.


I saw Dom in Lorcans arms and Lucy and Jason had obviously fallen asleep holding hands.


Hannah and Fred were quite close, they'd clearly been speaking before they went "night nights". 


It's really cold. Though it is like September and I'm in shorts...


"Titch, you awake?" I heard a whisper




It was James, I heard him shuffle next to me. He asked me if I was cold. I told him I was okay. Then he felt my arm and told me I was like ice. He pulled me into a hug and said


"We'll have to get up in an hour... That sucks."


"Mmm." I mumbled into his chest. I was too tired to reply properly


Soon I had drifted off into the land of Nod, dreaming about sparkles and girly things.

I was being lightly shaken by someone.


"Katy, get up we have to go to a dorm!" It was Dom


I grunted then I heard Fred offer to take me to their dorm, I was too tired to complain. I felt him pick me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, well they were sort of limp as I was half asleep.


"You know, her being so small is an advantage in these situations."


"Put her down on my bed. I'll sleep on the floor." I heard someone say


Then I was put on a mattress and I knew it was James' straight away.


"By the way guys, your dorm still stinks." I mumbled


I let the shower water run for a while, then I climbed in and just stood there, letting the water drip from my face down my body. I climbed back into my dorm about 9. I had Amelia deliver my letters to the dorm today as I wouldn't be going to the hall.


She was my present for going to Hogwarts. Elle got a Cat and I chose an Owl. Dad bought me her.


"I know you two will be in Hufflepuff I know it!" He had his arm wrapped around my Mums waist.

"Never know, could be a Slytherin!" Sophie remarked

"Well we've only ever had one Slytherin and look how he turned out." Mum said bluntly

Michael mocked offense but we all knew it was true. 

We must've looked so happy, who knew a year later it'd all fuck up.


I always reflect on things, I think back to my childhood and stuff.

I wonder how I'm friends with Dom- we're polar opposites. She comes from a loving family. I come from one where Alcohol is more common than water.


She doesn't cry. I cry to get to sleep.


Oh well, opposites attract.


Amelia had two notes to her leg, I gave her some owl treats and opened them.


Dear Katy,

Yes, you may come home for Christmas to see us. 

Are you behaving? I haven't had a letter yet so I'd presume so.

I'm glad you've passed. Elle wrote to say she got all E's and O's. 

But I am impressed all the same.



Well that is bullshit, she only got a O in Divination and an E in Herbology. She got A's in everything else.


Divination is easy to pass if you can make up the right amount of shit. I dropped it last year, I remember Trelawney took all the rubbish I wrote. Even about evil cereal that had been cursed. 


I don't even know...


Oh, second letter!



How are you dear? Are you behaving, I hope. Is Dom, of course not! 

I hope you are staying with us for Christmas? I do hope you are.

All the best and our love

Fleur, Bill, Victoire and Teddy. x


This is why I love Doms family. I'm sort of one of them.


"So my Mother wrote to you and all I got was another warning about detentions. This is stupid!" Dom exclaimed into her bacon and eggs.


I told Dom about Fleurs letter, she was shocked. I made my way down to the Quidditch field for practice. It was Friday and it was Hogsmeade tomorrow.  My date with Danny.


It was also 6am.


It was raining hard and James was having no sympathy. He worked us to the bone. I think I've broken my finger. Rose has a bloody nose from where a Quaffle got her in the face.

Jack and Lily are loving every second though, yeah try doing it every year for 4 years. 


"C'mon guys! Our match is next week! I know it's the 'Puffs but I've seen them train- they've got better! They have a new seeker and 2 new Chasers so we need to get our heads into it!"


I had the Quaffle and I tossed it to Jack. Who swerved around Albus and Scorpius (who were playing opposition to help train up Jack and Lily) and threw it quite hard to Lily who even though she's small caught it well and tossed it through the hoop- to be caught by Rose. 


This routine went on for another hour and by the end of it I could lay down and die.


"Never. Work. Me. That. Hard. Again Potter!" I panted as we walked into the changing rooms. I didn't care who was in there, I stripped off and got a shower.


"NICE RACK ANDREWS!" I heard him shout


"Fuck you Potter!"


My body was bruised and cut. I had one sharp scar across my head and temple. But that was an old scar- from a long time ago.


I try not to remember how I got the scar. 


"Today we will be workin' on Crups and Kneazles. Just as revision ok?" Hagrid asked


"Now get into partners."


I felt someone at my side- Danny. 


"Hey mind if I work with you?" He asked


"Do I have a choice?" I winked


We chose a Crup- I want one. They are ADORABLE!


We sketched them out and wrote all the features


"Wow, you're amazing at art Danny!" I exclaimed, his sketch was amazing. "Do mine!" I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. 


He agreed to and I just watched him. He's got nice eyes, they're dark blue, like the sea. A sample of freckles over his nose, he's not just good looking- he's astounding!


He must've realized I was staring as he coughed to get my attention


"Merlins Pants! Sorry." I felt a blush creep up on me


"It's okay, ready for Hogsmeade tomorrow?" He asked


I told him it was all I could think about today. He blushed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 


"I'll see you tomorrow then" And then he left.


I had two free periods after that and I didn't feel like going to Herbology as I'm crap anyway. I went to the dorm to get writing to Sophie.



I need your help. I don't know what to do about James or Danny- James I've fancied since like fourth year but I am FRIENDZONED. But Danny pays attention to me and cares for me.

But James is James. My best friend.

I don't know... Write soon please?!?! I love you- 

Katy xxx


I tied it to Amelias leg and watched her take off- until she was barely a speck in the distance.


I woke up the next morning. Saturday, Hogsmeade. I looked out the window. Grey and overcast. Brilliant.


Dom was already up apparently as her bed was empty... That or she's in with Lorcan- Too much info.


I got into the shower and stole some of Doms top notch shower products. Shh don't tell! I got out and checked the time- Half 10. I had half an hour! Shitty shit!


Hannah then decided to wake up and helped me choose an outfit.


I had my hair in a ponytail, a pair of dark jeans with boots and my Pink Weasley jumper.

I ran down into the common room. Gave James and Fred a nod before rushing down into the hall. 


"Danny I'm so sorry I'm late- I got up at a normal time but I took too long in the-" I was cut off


"Shh, Katy don't worry about it, I don't mind!" I was so glad. "You look nice by the way" he added in a quiet voice.




"You too." I said quietly


We left the castle and made our way to Hogsmeade. Danny told me all about his family life- his two younger sisters and his parents. We hung around for a bit- just talking. I enjoyed it


"So what about you?" He asked me 


"You don't want to know about my family- we're fucked up." 


"Yes I do. I'm sure it's not!" He smiled at me


"Fine- I was born on the 27th of July. I'm 3 minutes younger than Elle. My little brother Jack still attends Hogwarts. My 2 older brothers and sisters have left." I said it rather quickly.


"That's not so bad!" He laughed


"My mother left when I was 11- Couldn't handle it anymore she said. My Eldest brother fucked off not long after. We haven't heard from him. My older sister I never see and her twin is a workaholic. Elle is a little bitch who gets what she wants. Oh and my Dad hates me!"


It went kind of silent...


"Okay. So you do have a pretty fucked up family! At least you turned out okay." Why isn't he disturbed by this?! Everyone is. 


That was what I liked about Danny. He never judged. Ever. 


We walked around Hogsmeade for a while


"Fancy a Butterbeer?" He asked after a while


"Sure!" I was happy. I loved Hogsmeade. It was such a nice little village.


We walked into the Three Broomsticks and we immediately sat at a booth near the window. I like sitting at the window. Always have. 


Danny soon returned with our Butterbeers and we just sat and chatted. All day until we went back to the castle.


"So I'll see you in class?" He asked after he'd walked me to the common room


"Yes. You will." I tip toed (yes I am that short.) and kissed him on the cheek.


"Bye Katy. I had fun today." He said as he walked off.


"Me too." And I meant it. I really had.


I sat in the common room later that night by myself. Everyone was up in the boys dorm playing a game or something I don't know.


I was thinking about Michael and how much fun we had together.


"Michael? Is Hogwarts really what Soph made it out to be?" I asked


"No! She's just being a drama queen. Hogwarts is great fun! You'll love it Kate." He assured me.


We were walking around our town. All Muggles. I had never been out before without my Mum or Dad and I was grasping onto his hands. I was only little about 7 or 8. Sophie and Tony had just started and Michael was in his third year. 


He had asked my Mum to take me out- "bonding" he called it. We never spent time just me and him. I nagged him to take me to the park but when we had gotten there


I had ran ahead. I couldn't see Mike anymore. Some big kids were there. I'd been before with Tony. These kids were not nice.  They were about 10


"Ah little Andrews. Back again? After last time. Really?" One of them said and they all got up.


I didn't say anything. I just whimpered.


"Scared are we?"


I didn't know what to do. So I just nodded and let a few tears spill over. That was when the biggest one pushed me over. They all laughed.


They never noticed Mike walk into the park at that moment. 


"Oi! That is my sister!" I heard him bellow "Don't you walk away come back!" 


That was when I knew I loved Michael a lot more than I had thought. I was only young when he left for Hogwarts and we never got bonding time like the rest of us.


But then after the punched those bullies. I knew he was the best big brother ever!


I cried as he carried me home. I hung onto him for my life.


He stayed with me all night. He promised he'd never let anyone hurt me again. Not even Elle or Sophie or even Tony. Nobody.


As I thought of my big brother. I realized just how much I missed him. The ways he'd answer back to my parents but in a jokey way.


The way he'd ruffle my hair in the mornings. I used the let him call me all sorts of nicknames. Like Midge or Tiny.


I didn't mind as it was Mike.


My Michael.


My big brother Mike.


I cried then. I wont deny it. I miss him loads. 





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