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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 9 : Keeping the Scores
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I was having a nice dream, a really nice dream, I was with Al and we were at the lake underneath the tree and it felt like we were together. Unfortunately we all know how rubbish my luck is so when I heard a bang and my dream suddenly stopped I wasn’t that surprised.

“Shhush, Scorp you’ll wake her up!”

“Sorry, sorry, no need to look at me like I’ve just eaten your last
chocolate frog! I only dropped a bloody lamp”

“Seriously Malfoy, shut up, you don’t do yourself any favours by speaking”

“Oh and what’s that supposed to mean Weasley?”

“Well … only that you make yourself seem more stupid than we already think you are.” I had to hold in the giggles at this point! Atta girl Rosie Posie!

“Seriously guys Shussh, you’ll wake her up” said the first voice. In my
opinion that first voice needs to calm down, who cares if they wake me up? Well actually I did a bit since I was enjoying that dream but then again listening to Rose and Scorpius arguing is much more entertaining!

“For Merlin’s sake Potter, what are we even doing here?”

“I just wanted to check she was alright, it was sort of my fault”

“Not being funny but it does not take twenty minutes to check if Anya is alright, or am I missing something?”

“Well actually Weasley I would argue that you’re missing a lot of things”

“Shut up Malfoy, I was not talking to you so keep your snarky comments to yourself …ferret boy” Great, now I was literally biting my tongue to stop the laughter from coming out!

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” well someone clearly doesn’t find them as entertaining as I do…

“Seriously Lover Boy, you shut up, if anything was going to wake her then it would be your screaming at us”

“Don’t blame him Weasley, the poor sod doesn’t know what to do with himself.”

“Aww bless him, do you mean after giving my best mate concussion or beforehand?”

“Well to be honest I don’t think he really knew before either but let’s just say this has really put a spin on things … hate to say it mate but I doubt she’ll want to date a guy who put her in the hospital wing for two days and might, if she doesn’t wake up soon, cost her the chance to play chaser on Saturday. What do you think Weasley?”

What are they talking about? I’m so confused, why am I even in here. Well I can’t wake up now or they’ll know I’ve been listening in to their conversation. Wish I knew who the other person was!

“Well I’m hoping for the sake of his poor heart that she wakes up today and can play on Saturday… if not I don’t rate your chances however much she might rate your body”

“She rates my body?”

“Err, did I say that? I didn’t mean that! It was a joke… hehe”

“Yeah well it was bad joke Weasley… mate I think the sick chick rates your body… do well!”

“Rosieee, just tell me already!”

“No” said Rose


“No” said Rose

“Why not?”

“Because No” said Rose again, God she’s getting repetitive, I would have caved by now!

“Where is your loyalty”

“In the bed were you put her you moron” huh? I don’t get it? But go Rose anyway…


“Come on dude, we have places to be! You may be happy to watch her doing nothing all day but I want to get in some extra practise!” Stupid Slytherin! Malfoy just gets on my nerves sometimes. I was enjoying the previous conversation. First decent laugh I’ve had in ages!

“Fine, let’s go… Just tell me when she wakes up okay?”

“Okay, now get lost” Rose said.

I heard footsteps as the two boys started to walk away but then they stopped

“Why don’t you come with us Weasley? She’s not waking up soon by the looks of it after how loud we were so why not leave her a little while?”

“Yeah come on Rose, I can show you this new move I’m planning on using in the game … what would Anya say if you didn’t come and spy on our quidditch playing when you had permission?” I would tell her that she is a complete idiot and to get her arse to the pitch!

“Why not? … See you later Anya, wake up soon okay…” Rose whispered to me as she left

As soon as I heard the doors close I opened my eyes. The hospital wing, of course Al hit me over the head and gave me concussion, how could I forget? The one time he actually sweeps me off my feet and I end up in hospital. Oh well I’m totally getting him back in the game on Saturday!

“Oh, Miss Parker, you’re awake. Here drink this, it should clear up the last bit of your concussion, you’ve been unconscious for two days.” Said Madam Carter, she was quite familiar with most of the Gryffindor quidditch team actually. After the Slytherin match the beds are normally full with players who are suffering after the rough match.

“Will I be able to play at the match on Saturday?” I asked

“I will never understand students and quidditch but yes you should be fine, you’re captain was in here earlier asking me the same question, I suspect he’ll be back later.” She looked quite happy about this, can’t say I blame her she’s only in her twenties and good looks are in the Potter blood… just like quidditch really.

As I walked out of the hospital wing I realised that nobody knew that I was awake yet let alone discharged. This meant I would have to go on a before dinner hunt around Hogwarts… totally not going to be fun, I always end up running into the worst people and never finding those who I seek.

“ANYA!” looks like someone has found me first… Unfortunately it’s James which means I’m going to get a long talk about being more careful next time with a quidditch match coming up and another dreaded tactics talk… Shit… why is it when I need a decent excuse to get away I can’t find one.

“Thank God you are awake, I was getting worried, actually thought you wouldn’t be able to play, can’t believe that Al knocked you out, it’s actually pretty funny when you think of it especially because… well yeah” James seemed to look as if he’d slipped up and just stopped speaking which confused me because normally you can’t get James to shut up…

“Because what?”

“Well because, umm of you two playing against each other on Saturday, haha” What, normally James jokes are hilarious but I’ll be honest I am not getting this one…

“Umm okay James, whatever you say…” I said and started to turn around thinking that today might be my lucky day and I might actually get away from the tactics talk for once… when James grabbed hold of my arm

“Anya, do me a favour and don’t be too angry with him. He didn’t mean to hurt you, stupid idiot has the Potter hero complex and thought he was helping” said James whilst looking down at his feet

“Why I would be angry? It was an accident and more my fault than his…”

“Good, I mean I’m glad you’re not angry, he’s been worried… I mean we’ve all been worried”

“Okay, well that’s lovely James but I’m going to go find the girls now.” This was just getting way too weird and uncomfortable… James does not talk worried or angry, James tends to avoid feelings.

I gave James a half wave and started to walk towards the main staircase when I saw the girls at the bottom talking in a circle. Now I just feel left out!

“OI… Over here you dunderheads!” at this everyone looked up which made me feel like a bit of an idiot but it didn’t really matter because my girls heard me.


“Oh My God, Parker you have no idea!”

“Ya-Ya, I missed you!”

These were the different greetings I heard whilst having three girls jump at me and send me crashing to the floor.

“Woah, I’ve only been out of the hospital wing for ten minutes I don’t really want to go back… plus think about what James would do to you all!” I said whilst they all started giggling and we started to pick ourselves up from the floor and head to the great hall where dinner awaited.

“You know we really did miss you” Rose said

“Thanks, it’s good to be back” I said smiling at her

I am nervous! Mainly because I have never ever wanted to win a quidditch match so much! After watching the Slytherins, talking for hours about tactics and practising non-stop I want to win. I got up when Kirsty and Helen did and put on my red quidditch robes and walked down to the great hall. Atfer finishing breakfast they said goodbye to Rose who was accompanying her cousin Roxanne to the stands in order to watch. We then found Lily and started our walk to the changing rooms. When we got there the boys were already sitting and waiting for us.

“Just remember, we can and we will beat them!” said Fred upon looking at our nervous faces.

“We can do this, they may play dirty but we don’t need to stoop to that, we can beat them by just playing our best. We all know that we have worked way harder than they have for this. Anya, Fred we’ll just keep scoring and be fine, Otis and Helen, you guys are the best beaters we’ve ever had. Helen, you’ll play to your usual super high standard and Lily, I know you’ll be fine out there just don’t let Jenna get to you. Let go kick some snake butt!”

As we walked on the pitch the crowd roared to greet us. There really was nothing quite like it. This moment always reminds me of why I love quidditch.

“Potter, Weasley, Parker, Palmes, Kingston, Wood and Potter” shouted the commentator as we mounted our brooms and kicked off into our starting positions.

This was when the Slytherin team came on. Did I mention that sometimes I forget how gorgeous Al is in quidditch robes, well I do and I did… That boy!

“Zabini, Malfoy, Potter, Flint, Foster, Newman and Smith” To give you a summary, Zabini, Malfoy and for today only Potter were playing chaser whilst Flint and Foster are a vicious beater team and the reason why we tend to end up in the hospital wing. Alexis Newman is their keeper and just for today Jenna Smith is playing seeker.

Madam McBryant blew her whistle and the game started!

James grabbed the quaffle in the toss up and was shooting down the pitch towards to the goal. I’d already lost Al in all the madness at the start of the game so shot off towards James to help him. He threw me the ball and I caught it before I released that I had Al on my tail… Who as I said before is looking extremely good today… Stop it! Must concentrate on the game! He was so fast and was gaining on my so I decided to flip and let him go past which then gave me time to shoot and … score YES

“Parker scores for Gryffindor 10 – 0 to the lions” screamed Suzie Jordan from the commentator’s box

The game went on for what felt like hours, we scored some but then they’d score some, it seemed like this match would be down to our seekers. Haha I bet Zabini wishes he’d kept Al as seeker, to be honest I do! He’s been a nightmare, the problem is as soon as he gets the quaffle he just goes and I can’t keep up with him to stop him from shooting. Kirsty is doing a fine job as our keeper today though.
As I zoomed up the pitch again after Al who had once again got the quaffle… God this boy annoys me … I decided to try a different tactic. Instead of following him directly I underneath him at which point he slowed down giving me the chance to block his path and knock the quaffle out of his hands. Although I didn’t mean to this made me laugh… in front of his face … the poor boy did not look happy.

With this I sped of down the pitch before I felt someone at my side who literally took the ball out of my hands, I realised it had to be Al so used some of my infamous technique moves in order to block his course and force him to drop the quaffle which landed directly into James hands below exactly where I had intended it too.

I looked Al in the eye as I heard through the commentator that James had scored “Potter scores for Gryffindor 140 – 120 to the lions”

Then all of a sudden just as I was looking directly at Al who was right in front of me, I felt a rush of wind go pass me and a blur of bright red hair!

“Huh?” said me and Al at the same time

At this the little bundle of red came back and the commentator screamed “Potter just caught the snitch for Gryffindor, Gryffindor win!”

“Oh My God, I can’t believe I caught it, It was flying right between you two, I saw you both looking at it, this is so cool” said Lily as she left to fly towards to ground

“I didn’t see it” said Al

“Me neither” I said

With this we both looked at the ground

“Will you come to the Gryffindor party?” I asked him, knowing already that he probably would

“Umm, yeah probably, I better go” he said somewhat distantly

“See you at the party?” I said hoping he would say yes

“Yeah” he said rather lamely before flying off towards to ground.

I decided to go back to the changing rooms and get ready for the party, hopefully he would be back to normal by then. If not then I’ll just have to drink a load of firewhiskey in order to forget the strangeness of his behaviour.

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