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Forever & Always by Pr0nqs
Chapter 1 : Forgive & Forget
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"Where did you find her!" bellowed Bellatrix "In her tent" replied GreyBack "How did she come by the sword?" "I asked her, but she would utter a word, except for her name of course" he snarled. "Who are you!" screamed Bellatrix at a sobbing Hermione. "P-penople C-clearwater" she replied sobbing harder than ever. "No your not, Crucio!" Bellatrix said still screaming. "I a-am" "Crucio, Crucio, CRUCIO!!!" "I'm Penople" "Stop lying to me!" Bellatrix cut a very deep cut on Hermiones tear stained neck. "Crucio" "I really am P-penople" "C-" "STOP!" "Excuse me Draco?" "She is that Mudblood Granger!" Bellatrix thought for a while and then finally came to an idea. "Draco take her to the Cellar, don't forget to drag her!" "I won't"

Draco began to drag her, but as soon as he had disappeared from Bellatrix's eye sight he picked her up and carried her. "What are you doing?" said a stunned Hermione. "Well I hate dragging people. Is that a problem for you Mudblood?" replied Draco "What? No!" "Good." Draco carried her down a flight of steps and then opened the door with a wave of his wand and chucked Hermione in. "Ew look your blood is all over my cloak, disgusting!" "I'm so sorry" "Shut up!" "Sorry" 'Whatever" Draco quickly washed off the blood with magic.

"Call for me and i'll take you to the toliet, and at 5:30 i'll give you you're dinner, okay?" "Yep sure" "Okay i'll be back on 3 minutes" "Bye" 'Whatever" Hermione sat down with her back against the wall crying. 'This place is excatly like hell' she thought. She heard foot steps coming down the stairs. "Draco, you back!" Hermione said excitedly. "You foolish girl! I'm not Draco, you idiot!" Bellatrix screamed....

Hermione returned to the cellar after being delt with by Bellatrix, Draco was waiting for here. "Where have you been!" "Shut up! Ferret" she sneered. "Whoa! whats gotten into you!" "Bella told me everything, your only being nice to because your hiding something!" she bellowed at Draco. He knew that Bellatrix had brainwashed her, but what she had made Hermione think? he had no idea. "What am I hiding?!?" Draco said defensively. "You helped Harry and Ron! You and Ron and Harry made me get caught so that they will get all of the fame!" "What! No!" Hermione still screaming and crying threw a punch at Draco. She kicked him and hit him. She wouldn't stop screaming or crying. "There going to kill me because of you!" as much as Draco hated to do this he...

Picked Hermione up and cradled her in his arms he rocked her and slowy whispered nice things in her ear. "It's all false Hermione, I help you you're goingto be fine" he murrmed in her ear. "I'll help you through this, Weasley and Potter didn't do a thing neither did I" He whispered. "Y-you didn't?" "Nope" "Y-you'll help me?" "Yes i'll help you, I'll be there for you, I'll listen to you, I'll hold you and i'll teach you to Forgive & Forget........ 

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Forever & Always: Forgive & Forget


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