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This is it. by weasleyismyking6
Chapter 2 : James
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                                                             Chapter 2: James

Well let’s see there are two things on I James Sirius Potter’s to do list before I graduate Hogwarts. Number one is throw a party at Fred’s house during Christmas break. Number two is helping my best friend Sam lose his virginity. I mean christ sakes he’s almost 17. If he doesn’t lose it by then I can’t be his friend anymore. It’s crazy how he can’t even get a girl. I mean honestly.
 As if right on cue he walked into our dormitory door.

“Okay James?” He asked wiping his glasses off on his shirt. His filthy disgusting shirt. I swear the boy doesn’t understand personal hygiene.

  “Do I look bloody okay? I’ve got parties to plan, girls to shag, do coursework, look after Lily, write mum and dad, and to top it all off take care of you. I mean Sam honestly. Go shower and change into fresh clothes. I mean bloody hell can you be any dirtier?”

 “Actually I mean I think I..”

 “No shut up. Shower.” As I said the last words he headed off to the showers with only a towel. I set out a fresh pair of clothes for him, I swear I have to do everything around here.

 “You should cut him a break you know.” I turned around to see Albus in the door looking highly distressed.

 “Says you! The boy has no common sense.”

 “I don’t understand why he’s even still your friend. I wouldn’t be if my supposed best friend treated me like I was shit.”

 “Albus honestly..”

 “ No James, looks and girls don’t make the world go around. I swear you’re so big headed.”

 “Get out.”

 “No. Why should I? So when sam comes back you can treat him like shit? No.”

 “Fine whatever you say Albus. I’m going for a run on the Quidditch pitch, gotta stay in top shape. Oh and don’t forget, tryouts are Saturday morning at 8.”

 I don’t treat Sam badly. Do I? I don’t think so. I mean everything I do is for him. As I went down to the pitch I plugged my headphones into my Ipod and started listening to some form of music. I wasn’t quite paying attention to be honest. I just broke into full sprint. Round and round I went. Running is a bit of an escape if you ask me. Not to mention I’m excellent at it.

   I don’t know how long I was running honestly but when I collapsed to the ground and looked at the darkening sky I realized it had been awhile. I laid there looking at the clouds until I caught my breath and got up. When I got up though I noticed a girl staring at me from the stands with a curious yet confused look. Probably another girl wanting to shag.

 I looked straight at her and yelled “Here to shag then?”

 “No actually. I was here to look at the stars. Yet when I got here a brainless moron was running non stop with a very sad yet distracted face on. The thing is James Potter, there’s another side to you. A nicer one. Why not show it?”

 I recognized the girl by her odd voice then again everything about this certain girl is weird. I believe her name is Kaitlyn McCoy. She was actually quite pretty, with long blonde locks and a very small tall body. Looked like a muggle model if you ask me. She was never one to speak much really.

 “Who says I’m nice?”

 “Oh no one really. It’s just when you’re alone you let nothing stop you. You talk when you run, you know that right? Oh and if you ask me, you’re a complete wanker to Sam.”

 “You know Kaitlyn, it’s highly rude to intrude. Please sod off.”

 “No. I’m here to look at stars. Either join me or leave. I’ve always got an extra telescope.”

 “You..are..crazy.” I said it with aggravation.

 “Is that a yes then?”

 “No. It’s not.”

  I jogged up to the top of the benches with a lot of aggravation. It was more like stomping

  “This is only because you’re actually standing up to me. Now, may I have that telescope?” She chuckled.

  “Yes you can Mr. Potter.”

  Light as a feather she plopped the small brass telescope into my hands. We sat looking up for a while. After she taught me to use a telescope properly of course.

  “You can’t be a true asshole you know.”

  “How do you know?”

  “Well, you wouldn’t have come up here if you were.”

  We talked about everything after that. It was very unfortunately yet fortunately great.   

  We walked back to Gryffindor tower together in silence. Then a question hit me when we were almost to the top.

  “So why the Quidditch pitch?”

  “What do you mean?”

  “Well, we do have an astronomy tower you know.”

  “Yes but I don’t like it up there. Many tragedies have happened in that tower.” She said it with a very sad mysterious look.

  “Well I guess I’ve never looked at it that way.” In all honesty I hadn’t.

  “Well now you have.”

 By this time we had made it to the top.

  “Well I guess this is goodnight then.” She said it cooly.

  “Yeah..guess it is..” I didn’t want to leave her.

  “I’ll be there tomorrow night. At seven. You can join me if you want.”

  “Yeah yeah, I don’t think you want me there. You can’t get rid of me easily. I’ll be there.”

  “Well then we’ll see about that.” She laughed.  

  “Goodnight James Potter.”

  “Goodnight Kaitlyn McCoy.”

  As she headed up the stairs I stopped her

  “Sorry I was so rude earlier.”

 She just smiled caringly and headed up to the girls dormitory.

As I headed up mine, I got to thinking of how, in approximately three hours I had met her, learned her likes her dislikes, her favorite band and color. Everything about her I could. I wanted to know her more. She learned me as well. I never thought I’d ever ever be her friend.

  The next morning I was bombarded by Freddy.

   “So...who were you with last night?” He said it with a wink.

   “No one, at least like that.”

  “Bull shit. I know it wasn’t Haley I was with her, or Albus because he ranted about you to me and Haley, or Sam because he was hanging out with Albus.”

  “Okay, it wasn’t anyone you know personally. Call the feds. Just because I met some new friend who I didn’t quote on quote hit and quit doesn’t mean anything.”

  “Okay jeez. Chill out would you? It’s just unusual for you.”

  “Alright whatever. Can we just get food?”

  “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

 We headed down the ever so moving stairs. Then I was knocked into by one of the best friends a boy could ask for, Haley Banvard. The curvy long haired brunette squeezed me from behind. Let’s face it though, 5’5 versus 6’1? She had no chance. I grabbed her up and threatened to drop her.

  “James stoopp!” She giggled squealed and screamed along with painful flailing punching and kicking until finally I put her down.

  “Thank you.” She said with an incredibly wide smile.

 “Whatever midget.”

Her mouth spread into a thin line and her bright blue and green eyes peeled.

“Haley don’t listen to him, you aren’t a midget.” Fred said grabbing her up and running down to the great hall with her. Those two are going to get married.

 “My dear cousin, how might you be this morning?”

 I turned around to my frizzy red head of a cousin Rose.

 “Do I really need to answer that?”

 “Well, I think it would be polite but no I guess not.”

  “Okay then so food?”

  “Food.” She said laughing as we raced down to the great hall. Inside of it was something I could’ve gone without seeing though. Yep. Definitely could’ve stayed in bed this morning. Shit.

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