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After the Final Battle by HermioneGranger29
Chapter 2 : The DA Vacation
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Nearly a week later, Harry and Ron showed up on Hermione's doorstep.



"C'mon in!." Hermione yelled from upstairs.





The boys walked into the comfortable muggle home as Hermione came flying down the stairs and rushed around the corner, grabbed something and went back up.



"Nice to see you too!" Ron yelled up to her.




5 minutes later, Hermione came down the stairs trailed by a magically floating suitcase that seemed to be bursting at the seems.





"Pack much?" Harry asked.





"I couldn't decide what to bring." Hermione said sheepishly.





Harry checked the battered old watch that had once belonged to Fabian Prewett. "C'mon. We should get going, don't want to miss the departure."





She nodded and the trio stepped out into the humid air of June and disapparated.





They appeared at a dock packed with people waiting in line to board a magnificent ship called the "Wonder of Magic." They hurried over to where Ginny, Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean, and nearly all the DA stood waiting for them.





"Woah. We're going to be taking over this ship." Ron said. "How many of us are there!?"





"Man, its the entire DA. This is gonna be amazing." Seamus replied





"How many rooms did Kingsley give us?" Hermione asked.





"Enough for each person to have one roommate." Harry said checking the trip details.





"Okay. HEY! Everyone! Find a roommate! You're stuck with them for the rest of the week!" Ron told the group of friends.





As they began finding roommates, Ron turned to Harry and pulled him aside.





"Do we room together? Or do you room with Ginny and me with Hermione?"
"I dunno..." Harry said, but he imagined spending a whole entire week with Ginny.





"You're 18... I'm 17.... we can you know... room with our girlfriends..."





"Yeah.. yeah okay." Ron said turning back to the crowd.





Harry asked Ginny to room with her and she agreed immeadiately and then Ron and Hermione were left.





Hermione smiled happily and joined her boyfriend.















"Okay Harry. Your stuff can go in this dresser and I'll use the closet." Ginny said to her roommate as she organized her clothing for the week.





"Well sooner or later you're going to have to get used to the fact that I'm messy and that might not work out..."





"I have 6 brothers. Don't worry. I know how to handle this."
Harry smiled and walked over to her.





He took her hand and took her out onto the balcony. The ocean stretched to the horizon and the sun was bright in the afternoon sky.





"This is going to be amazing."
"Yes indeed." Harry replied leaning down and kissing her.




















"Ron! No! Your stuff goes over there!" Hermione said giggling as Ron threw his stuff out of the suitcase and all over the cabin.





She sighed and brushed her hair out of her eyes. "Which bed do you want?"





"Whichever one your sleeping in."










"You think I'm kidding?" He said laughing.





Hermione contemplated his words for a little while.





"I hope not.." she said sheepishly and giggled.





"Good. Cause I'm not." and with that he kissed her and then turned to the door.





"Get your bathing suit on. We're meeting Gin and Harry in a couple minutes." he said picking up a bikini that was lying in Hermione's suitcase.





Hermione nodded and went into the bathroom. She changed quickly and pulled on a coverup and then went back into the room again.





"Don't forget your sunglasses Ron." she said as teh yehaded toward the door.





Ginny and Harry were just coming out of their room across the hall, Ginny looking pretty as usual with her hair in a bun at the back of her head.





"Ready to go make the best of this?" Harry asked.





Everyone smiled and they headed up to the main deck.




















Hermione and Ginny sunbathed themselves as they watched Harry and Ron fly on broomsticks high above the ship.





"Magical Cruises are soo much better than regular ones." Hermione said.





I can't even imagine what muggles do without magic."





"We cope." Hermione said. "Well, I did cope."





Ginny smiled. "So tonight there's like a fancy dinner and dance, and I think it'd be neat to go."





"Yeah sounds like a great idea... I'm just not sure if Ron packed anything presentable.."





"Doesn't matter. There are shops on the ship and everything is included in the package Kingsley snagged for us."





Hermione nodded. "Gin I'm coming back to finish schooling this year, partly because I have NO idea what I want to do with my life."





"Well, you can be anythign really Hermione. You've got the knowledge."





Hermione nodded. "I kind of want to take S.P.E.W. furthe--"





"Not spew again Hermione! This is a cruise, enjoy it while you can." Ron said coming up behind the two girls unannounced and looking rather windswept from his flight.





Harry appeared behind them too, looking just as windswept. "I haven't had this much fun in my life."





"Good to know." Ginny said with a smile and leaned up to kiss his cheek which turned bright red.





Ron looked away pointedly and Hermione just rolled her eyes at him.




















"Hermione hurry up! It's time to go!" Ron called to her while he fixed his tie in the mirror.





The bathroom door opened and Hermione stepped out, dressed in a yellow strapless knee length dress, with white heels, and a pretty yellow and white flower in her hair, pulling back a section of her bushy curls.





"Well, don't you look nice Ronald." she said tapping his nose as she walked by to grab some earrings from the dresser. He didn't move but continued to gape at her beauty.





"What?" she asked with a laugh. "Leave me alone creep." she said jokingly to him





"Sorry, I just uhh... I'm not sure if yellow is really your color." he said, clearly not meaning it, but just trying to cover up his mistake of staring at her.





"Oh really?" she asked.





"Yeah I'm not sure I like it on you."





"Oh darn, this is all I have."





"FINE!" he said giving in. "You look beautiful." he said blushing.





She got up and hugged him tightly. "I love you."





The couple grabbed their things and headed out the door.





Ron knocked on the door on the opposite side of the hallway.





"C'mon Ginny, Harry! We don't care if you look ugly! We're gonna be--"





Ginny opened the door just then looking pretty in white. "Shutup Ron. We're coming." she said adjusting the purse strap on her shoulder.





Harry appeared behind her. "Sorry mate, we ran a bit short on time."





"Yeah, getting dressed was a bit delayed for certain reasons." Ginny said without blushing at all.





Harry however looked embarrassed and Ron was fuming angrily. Hermione took Ron's arm and led him away.





"Just ignore them." she told him.





"Which deck are we going to?" Hermione asked.





"Top I think." Harry responded. As they walked down the hall, fellow DA members joined them, dressed up.





They finally reached the fanciest restauraunt on the ship and sat down at a table.





After eating their food they sat for a while and chatted, before hitting the dance floor.





"Good luck Hermione, my brother, can't dance." Ginny said as Harry took her waist.





"Yes I can!" Ron said. "Gosh, I hate having Ginny here to make me look like an idiot!" he said angrily.





"Ron, you could be the most horrible dancer in the world and I wouldnt care. All that matters is that I love you for who you are, and I've seen you dance, and you're much better than most people."





The red head blushed before taking his girlfriend's waist.





He caught a glimpse of Lavender dancing with Seamus across the room.





"Tell me again why I dated Lavender?" he asked.





Hermione looked at him. "You tell me!"





"Biggest mistake of my life."





"I guess we all have to make mistakes sometimes... Like when I made the mistake of not believing Harry in 6th year."





"Oh come one, no one believed Harry and his Malfoy stuff. We all thought the kid was a wack."















The night was filled with dancing and laughter as the reunited DA enjoyed themselves.





Their trip came to a close with much dissapointment but then again, people were excited too, the war was over, everything was wonderful.





"Mum!? We're home!!" Ron walked in the burrow closely followed by Ginnyand Harry, they had just dropped Hermione off at her parent's. She and Ron made a rather lengthly goodbye, despite the fact that they knew they were seeing eachother soon.





Molly came running around the corner beaming. She hugged all three and gave them all kisses.





"Did you have a wonderful trip?"





They all nodded.





"Ginny, while you were away, your hogwarts letter came, we should get going to Diagon Alley to gather your things, contact Hermione, you can go together." Ginny nodded and went to her room to unpack and call Hermione.





"I still can't believe Hermione's going back to finish her seventh year." Ron said rolling his eyes but smiling.





"Well that's Hermione for ya." Harry replied.





"I think she's making a very good choice but I know you boys have other interests. I scheduled an appointment for you to visit the minister tomorrow afternoon so you can discuss your futures." Molly said putting a pot of stew on the stove.





"Awesome, thanks Mom!" Ron said grabbing a scone from the table and going up to his room with Harry.




















"Hermione can you just put the book down for a little while?" Ron begged her.





"No I can't. Unlike you, I am returning to school and I need to study."





"Haven't you studied enough? You're ALWAYS studying. Pretty soon you'll be at Hogwarts and I'll be alone without you."





"You'll visit me." she said still engrossed in her book.





"That's not enough. I'll barely get anytime with you and I rarely get any now."





"Look Ron." she said setting down her book finally. "Studying is important right now. School means alot to me."





"Apparently more than I do."





"That;s not what I said!"





"Well you don't have to say it to mean it!"





"Ron! I love you!"





"Oh yeah? Well you have a funny way of showing it!"





"This is so stupid!"





"No it's not! I've never loved anyone as much as I love you! And you seem to care less about me!"





She was crying now. "Fine! Just leave me alone. I'm going to Australia to find my parents. Alone, because according to you that's what I want!"





She left, slamming the door. Ron was left in silence and he picked up her book that she had left behind. Seh had scribbled various things in the margins. Except Ron took notice that they weren't notes, she had instead written "Hermione Weasley" in various ways.





He put his head in his hands, realizing his mistake at once.






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