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Fix You by Werewolfs Rule
Chapter 9 : Spring May 31, 2022 7:34AM
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I don’t know what it is about my birthday that makes me wake up early, every single year for the last, well sixteen now I’ve woken up early on today, May 31st. Mum always said that it was nerves, excitement, dad always said that it was how my body worked, it just told me that I needed to get up early.

I’m happy I did today.

No present will ever be as wonderful as the one waiting for me in the Great Hall. She was standing with a wild smile on her face, her eyes all lit up, she looked healthy and happy. Her uniform still didn’t fit exactly right and her hair wasn’t as long as before, but she looked perfect to me.

The rest of the family was standing around her, shielding her –no- protecting her from glares and mean words that were going to be shot at her without them, or me.




She was back.

In her arms she held the goldfish bowl from the beach house and inside was not one, but two fish, one white and the other black, like we always wanted. She would tell me later that they represent us, she was the black one and I the white, I was the better half.

She’s wrong.


We spent our birthday together, going to my classes and spending whatever time we could with one another, even got thrown out of Herbology –Professor Longbottom didn’t really mind. It was nice being back together again.

At dinner we got attacked by owls, they rained down around us with gifts from our family. Money and clothes and chocolate nothing better.


This time everything fit, wasn’t from a second hand store, and it was obvious they thought of me when they bought it. It was nice to know that mum and dad thought of me again, I didn’t have to be angry –I never had to be before, but they weren’t thinking of me at all.

The only gift that we got that was the same was the lockets, mine had an L, while Molly’s had an M. Inside of them were two different pictures, one was the two of side by when we were born, the other was taken when we were at the beach house.

It was taken the last night we were there, all of us had climbed up onto the roof and Freddie and James set off a massive display of fireworks. Molly and I were sitting together, our arms wrapped around one another smiling brightly at the camera.

This would always be my favorite birthday.



Its nice to have Molly back and of all days on her and Lucy’s birthday, its perfect. From the second Lucy enters the Great Hall the two of them are side by side.

It feels normal, like she was never gone.

I’ve missed her so much and having her here makes everything feel better, more enjoyable. I have more fun in my classes just knowing that I’ll see her soon. Louis is also more happy, brighter, now that he doesn’t have the burden of Lucy’s anger and hatred on all of us.

Molly isn’t the same as she was before, but its to be expected. She won’t have the same amount of energy as before, not for a long time, but that won’t change her.

She’ll still be Molly, a little quieter, little calmer, but still Molly.

I know that she’ll make it through the summer, through all of next year, she’ll graduate, she’ll live her life to the fullest and die old.


That’s the Molly I know, that’s the Molly she will be. Nothing is going to stand in her way, nothing will knock her down for good, nothing is going kill her young.

I’m happy that my wishes for Molly have come true, and even more happy that she’ll get that long and happy life that all of us –including her- want her to have.

I love you Molly.



He’s back to himself, happy, smiling, talking about the kids. I have my husband back, I have George, the man I fell in love with, the man I married, the father to my children, the man that means more than anything to me. I’m going to need him, more than anyone, as its only going to be us soon, our children will be gone with their own children –Freddie sooner than Roxy, but that’s how the cards fell. He would’ve had to come back soon though, I know this, especially when Johnny and Benji get here, he would’ve had to snap out of his trance.


He’s finally getting sleep and working at the shop has become fun again. He’s being himself once again, and I’ve missed him.

Thank you, thank you for getting better Molly.

Thank you, for bringing him back, for bring my husband back to me.


Thank you.

Everything finally feels right again. Everything feels safe and warm, we’re a family again and by taking on the curse that fell upon you, you’ve made everything right again. You’ve slayed your dragon without a knight in shining armor.

Thank you, Molly, thank you.


I’m happy your back in school, that your better, that things will get better with each passing day. Your happy now, so is your sister, and your parents. You’ll be able to do what you want, from taking your OWLs at school to opening the boutique Lucy and you have been taking about since you could decide what you wanted to wear on your own.


All of us are happy again and everything will be normal again.

Everything will fit back together, our routine will go back to normal, or at least as normal as things can be in this family.


This crazy and wild family that would be lost without you to lead them.

Thank you, Molly, thank you.

A/N: Last chapter before the epilogue! Please R&R!

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