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The Ever Expanding Potter Family by Hufflepuff_Pie
Chapter 1 : Life in the Potter Household
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 An ear-piercing  scream filled Harry Potter’s bedroom on a beautiful spring morning: his son, John, being the source of the noise. Harry awoke and looked towards the 8 month pregnant woman sleeping blissfully next to him, thankfully she was unaware of her son’s abrupt awakening.






Ginny was having trouble sleeping lately, her aching back and the sharp kicks from Baby Potter was giving her were just the beginning of her worries. All 5 of her children insisted on causing havoc on a daily basis: James Sirius was constantly moaning about wanting to go to Diagon Alley to visit Uncle George’s shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. James was getting towards the end of his  first year at Hogwarts and was currently at home for the easter holidays, James was determined to prank his siblings to say the least, alas, his pranking supplies were nearing an end.




 Albus Severus was a quiet, studious boy; the complete opposite of the older brother. Al was no problem for Ginny- half the time he had his nose in a book, like his Aunt Hermione, the problem, however, was when James decided to play another prank on his favourite victim…




Lily Luna, an excitable girly girl who loved spending time with her family especially her cousin and best friend: Roxanne Weasley. Lily and Roxie spent nearly all their time together with either Lily going over to Roxie’s or Roxie coming to Grimauld Place for the day; which normally made Ginny’s day worse as she then had another young child to look after, something she wouldn’t normally mind.



Harry and Ginny’s second daughter: Arianna Molly created mess everywhere she went. She couldn’t stand still for more than two seconds- but what more would you expect from an adventurous four-year-old? Ginny was always worried about Anna- mainly because if she would disappear in a blink of an eye- this added stress meant Ginny didn’t go out with Anna unless Harry was with her, especially whilst pregnant.



Finally, there was John Arthur Potter, although only 2 years old, John was by far the loudest Potter child- even surpassing James- meaning Ginny was unable to get much done when he started calling for her…







… This morning was one of those days when John Potter would not give up until he was given some attention. Harry silently climbed out of bed and walked down the one of the long bright corridors in Grimauld place, towards his son’s bedroom.



 John stopped yelling as he saw harry enter his room, “Dada?” John asked innocently. Harry chuckled inwardly,


“Hey  Johnny-Boy. Good Sleep?”  John nodded his small head enthusiastically,




“Where Mummy, Dada? She still sweepy from balwoon in her tum-tum?”  


Smiling at his son’s abstract view on Ginny’s pregnancy, Harry picked up John out of his cot and held him close,



“Come on, let’s get you some ‘brekkie’; Anna will be down shortly so you can play together huh?”

 On that note Harry carried john down stairs, placed him in the high-chair and made breakfast for his ever expanding family.


A.N.   Sorry this is so short, it's kind of an introduction really. I don't own Harry Potter JK Rowling does.

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