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Save Him by Jchrissy
Chapter 1 : Save Him
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“I’m afraid,” the voice shook, as if to further illustrate the statement.

“I am too. I will be, forever.”

“Not forever. I'll get us out of this, for him.” The hand touched a swell beneath the woman’s dress. New life beating under it.

“We have to give him stability, safety. Can he promise us that? Do you trust him?” Her voice broke, tears coating it.

“I, I don’t know. I was so young when I met him, began idolizing him. I don’t know how much is true, how much is fake, how much is lies.” He was honest with her, he always was.

“What happens if we just leave? Hide out, and never come back?”

“We will have abandoned our Cause. You don’t want that, do you?” He glanced at her face, such perfection. Who would their son look like? He hoped desperately he would have his mother’s eyes.

“No, I don’t want that. I just want him safe.”  They fell asleep together, fear mixed with exhaustion, two lovers terrified of the life they had chosen for their family.

1 year later.

“He’s only 10 months! He isn’t ready for that yet," she laughed, holding back her worry as the baby zoomed around on a toy broomstick. He couldn’t walk, but he sure could pretend to fly. 

“Did you speak to him? Do we have a new mission?” The happiness of the moment evaporated, fear filling the void it left.

“No. He is...sympathetic to our predicament.” His words came out in an annoyed tone, because of the question, or the man they spoke of, he wasn’t sure.

“It’s not a predicament, it’s a child! Our child! Does he realize the different danger we are now in, now that it isn’t just us to worry about?” She shot a fearful look towards their baby, who sat mumbling sounds to himself, her heart filling with joy at the life she had created.

“He does, he also sees benefits.” The man looked disgusted with himself for uttering the words, making their child sound more like a pawn than anything. Their perfect, beautiful child who looked so much like him, with his mother’s eyes.

“No! No benefits! We’ll be out of this long before then,” behind the anger of her sudden outburst stood fear, raw and alive, breathing down her neck. “We will be out of it, won't we?”

“I hope so. The cause, we can’t abandon it, we don’t even know if he will let us.”

“The cause won’t ever be as important as protecting my son! We can leave. We don’t have to stay.”

“It will be okay, we’ll figure it out. We’ll find a way. Nothing will ever hurt our boy.” He glanced to the clock, it had gotten late. Too many emotions for one day. His wife moved from him to their baby.

“Draco, bed time, darling.” Her arms gathered the bundle of blonde hair and blue eyes close to her chest, needed to feel their hearts beat together.


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