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Enchanted by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 6 : Clearing the Air
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!TheInbetweener @ TDA


I love Sundays. There's no school, no one making do homework and, most importantly, absolutely no getting out of bed. I refuse to get up until dinner this evening and no one is going to stop me. Although I'm not so lazy that I'll go down to dinner in my pyjamas again (it's how the rumor that I can't get myself dressed spread). Admittedly, I was twelve and wearing dragons. Now I'm seventeen and wearing a plain, dark green top with black cotton pants (I know because Delcan pointed it out when he got them out for me. Weird, right?); I could actually get away with that.

If this is heaven, I died a happy man.

And the door opens. I'm getting the feeling that the saying 'all good things come to an end' is very much true when it comes to me because even the little things that make me happy have a habit of disappearing. 

I groan into my pillow. 

"You actually are still in bed," he says quietly, yet disbelievingly. I don't know why, you'd think he'd get me by now. "You really do love your sleep, don't you?" 

"Not one of my better traits," I mutter honestly. "It's too early."

"It's one in the afternoon." 

I don't even resist the urge to not roll my eyes. "Like I said; early." 

Go away. Go away... Louis makes his way over to the bed. He kneels down in front of me, I can feel his breath on my face and my fingers brush his arm when he folds them on my bed. 

Oh. There's no sleeping for Ciaran just yet. I say just yet because he can't stay here forever... Can he? 

"I just want to talk to you about yesterday," he tells me softly. If he wants to keep me awake, he should really talk louder. 

"What about yesterday?" 

"What you heard. What you think," he mutters. Ah, now I understand what he means. I don't understand why he wants to tell me. "I'm not like that. I've only ever been with three guys in less than two years." 

If he wants to defend his actions, shouldn't he be telling Lucy this? I'm so confused and being half asleep is not helping that. But he still continues. "Yes, I was with Tyler in that classroom, but I should have clarified in the hospital; I did not sleep with him, we were just kissing. We were seeing each other and we were on our way to Hufflepuff and he saw Lucy, he took me to the classroom instead because I'd already said no to Ravenclaw. They're the biggest bunch of gossips I've ever met and I wanted the relationship private. Kissing was as far as it got. Despite what Lucy tells you, I can say no."

I should hope so...

"As for Justin, it was a couple of weeks and a... A date," he continues, hesitating slightly at date. I understand what he means, I don't know why he hesitated... Unless Meyer's bad in bed. Please universe, let him be bad in bed.

...Was that jealousy? Uh oh. 

"Neither lasted very long," he says, still keeping that soft, quiet voice, but I'm now wide awake. "Tyler was talking about Lucy and her 'idiot friends' as he put it, I didn't like it. And Justin started talking about something Daniel was going to do to you all and how great it was going to be and I just got up and left. I dumped them for who they were, but it would have happened anyway."

"Why?" I find myself saying. Why? Why do I want to know? 

"We spent all day together on Wednesday and I still forgot and ignored you, can you see me in a relationship?"

"That was one time, you were getting used being in a new situation. You got better," I defend him. I'm absolutely defending him as someone who can be trusted to help me, so he doesn't feel bad at all because I don't want to deal with an upset Louis. It has nothing to do with him being in any relationships with anyone, specific or otherwise, because I don't care about that. At all. Nope. 

"Yeah," Louis says and he sounds a little happier than when he came in. "Well, I just wanted you to know that I'm not like how it might have looked. I don't do that." 

"Why did you want me to know?" 

"I -" He stops himself and seems to really think before answering. "I don't know really. I guess it's because we spend all day together; I'd rather tell you the truth now than wonder if you're jumping to conclusions and giving me weird looks." 

I have to laugh a little; if it had bothered me, I'd have given him weird looks from the beginning. I tell him just that and then he has to laugh while he agrees. "Who was the third guy?"

Oh, Ciaran. Why can't you just let it go? But he answers me. "My first. He lives in France, near my grandparents. He was just a summer romance, you could say. I didn't see it going anywhere; he was a few years older than me. I came back to England and he met someone new. Anyway, I'll leave you to sleep now. I just wanted you to know."

He gets up and walks away. He's probably almost to the door when I lift myself up from my stomach and call him back. "I'm not a gossip, people talk about me and I hate it, I would never do that to someone else. I heard you and I told Lucy, Jack was there, too, and he heard. They didn't believe me, though, for different reasons I'm sure. It was rarely spoken of after that, only when Jack wanted to get a reaction out of Lucy. No one else knows, we never told anyone. And it was Davies who told me about you and Meyer, he probably thought the same as Jack, being 'enemies' and all. He thought he'd get a reaction, but it didn't work and I don't think he told anyone else either. I just wanted you to know that." 

"Thank you." I smile, nod and lie back down. I feel better, maybe I can sleep again. But then he's back at my side, in the same position as before. "Can I ask you a question?" 

I nod slowly, if it means I get to sleep afterwards I welcome his question. But when I feel his hand trace the side of my face, near my eye, I wish I could take it back. I don't want his question. "What's it like?" he whispers. 

I shrug in reply, then sigh. "It's like someone turned the lights out and I can't find the switch. It's been so long that I don't remember where the switch is." 

"How -"

"That's two questions." I interrupt him, burying my head in my pillow. "And we've run out of time. Join us next week for another episode of Awkward Talks." 

Laughing softly, Louis gets up. "I'll see you later." 

My lip curves up a fraction. "See you." 

As soon as the door closes, I lift myself up to turn my head and drop back down like dead weight, thinking of Louis.

Man, that's bad timing. 


"It's five thirty, Earthling." 

I really hate the alarm clock Declan got me last Christmas. It wakes me up by talking to me. It's not just a beep or some music, it talks to me. And it calls me 'Earthling'.

When you can't see what it is, you have a habit of forgetting you have it and hearing that weird, whiny voice and 'Earthling' can really scare you. 

No? Just me? It terrifies me. 

It takes me a few minutes to turn off the damn thing and I literally crawl out of bed, getting off my hands and knees once I feel for the door. 

I don't have my stick (it's a stick today), I left it in my room, so once I find the wall at the top of the stairs I lower myself down. When I was little, even before I lost my sight, my parents would tell me to sit on my bum on my way down the stairs because then I wouldn't fall. I admit, I still do that when I'm lazy or tired. Today is a bit of both. 

Sliding down marble is just not that same as carpet, it can hurt, but I'm careful, even though a little cold. I wish I had put socks on before coming down, but I don't wanna go back up the stairs, so I ignore the chills and continue to the couch. I get a little grouchy when I hear voices, they know I like my corner on a Sunday. But then I recognize the voices, particularly the male voice on the right. 


"Hey, CJ. Told ya I'd be out soon." 

"I didn't think you meant the next day." I move to sit in my corner (on my left) and put my feet up on the table. They're nudged slightly when someone steps over and Lucy sits in the space between the arm rest and my leg, her legs over mine and stretched out across the couch. "Who said?"

"Shush, you took my seat," she says, getting comfy. 

"I look at you two and it amazes my why people think you're together despite the fact that one of you is gay." Jack is heavy on the sarcasm. Although, now that I know about that rumor I'm starting to see it more. I don't care and this probably won't change, but I get it now. 

I change the subject. Quickly (the thought still makes me a little ill). "Why did they let you out today?"

"I told you, I can walk. I just need crutches because of my left leg," he explains, chuckling. "They put on a stronger cast because I wouldn't wait until the end of the week. If I spent another moment in there, they'd have to move me to the psych ward. I refused."

Lucy tuts. "Personally, I think you'd fit in that ward very well, Jackson. It literally screams home." He mutters something I don't hear and she cuts him off. "So, what did Lou want?" 

I don't know what to say; Louis wanted me to know, but did he trust me to keep it quiet? Was I to keep it a secret from Lucy? He trusts his cousin and I'm not entirely sure why he's so secretive, but it's his life. I decide to play it safe; if she wants to know more than I tell her, she can go to Louis herself. "He told me what happened that day; they were only making out, no sex." 

"So, you were wrong?" 

I hope my shock looks genuine. "No, I was right; I said he was with Davies in the classroom, I never said anything about sex." 

Truthfully, I didn't care. I do now, it seems, but I didn't then. I'm still not exactly happy about that, it's odd, but I think once I cleared my head I started to understand. 

"Luce, you can like someone after a few days, can't you?" 

I hear them both gasp. Jack gasps? 

"Oh, no."


I roll my eyes. "No, not like that. I don't have those feelings for him. God, it's only been four days."

"Never heard of love at first sight?" she asks with a smug tone and she runs her finger down the side of my face again. I surpress a shiver, remember Louis and his question. "Well, kinda." 

"You're evil," I tell her, glaring, and Jack agrees with me. "But I do like him and I think that -"

"Oh, no."


"Please say no."

I hold out my hand and, as always, they shut up. I love that; it's the only thing I've got. "Yes, Jack."

"But he's a traitor!" 

"I don't care," I innunciate each word slowly. "I think Louis should stay. We can add another member to our group." 

"I don't even like that she's in our group, at least she hasn't dated people we hate."

He lets out a small yell in pain. "I hate them, Lewis is impartial; he doesn't count." 

"Two things. Did you kick him? And why Lewis?" 

"What makes you think I kicked him?"

"Your legs are by his and your hands are on my chest."

"Oh. Brilliantly deduced. Well done," Lucy approves. "I'll explain Lewis later, I'm hungry. Go get dressed."

"No. Just be thankful I'm wearing underwear this time." 

Yeah, I decided to just leave it. Screw Scott, his bullies and everyone else. I'm too lazy and tired to want to get dressed. They both scoff (yet they think they have nothing in common. Yeah, right...) and stand up. I hear clanging metal on the floor. Jack's crutches, I bet.

You know, I think I'll leave my stick upstairs. Jack's got enough for the both of us. Let's see how he likes it...

A/N: Okay, so I've decided  to update this whenever I have a chapter done because I wanna get enough in for the challenge. I'm thinking every couple of days, though no more than a week for each. Maybe after the challenge, I'll go back to Sundays, but probably not. :)

Next chapter: Ciaran plays one of his games on Roxanne...


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