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Simple Lives. by heyImcrazy37
Chapter 3 : Secrets Revealed
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Chapter 3

Secret 7: During second year, I had an obsession with sunscreen.

The holidays came and went. We are now currently running around the house screaming bloody murder for our missing socks. We're gonna be late for the train. Oh god, if we miss it again, I am eating my own hair. Last year, we managed to get Hugo's trunk on the train, but the door closed before my trunk was pushed inside. So for the whole trip, half of my trunk was stuck in the middle of the door, and I had to sit there with it or else some sixth year would jinx it to snap at people's legs.

It was humiliating. So now you can see my concern.

Finally, Hugo has found his hair gel and is now no longer screaming in my ear. We jam everything in the car and set off for the station.

The trip went smoothly, Dad barely swore and we made it to the train in time. I quickly hugged both my parents and boarded the train to meet my waiting friend in the first carriage.

Angela grinned and gave me a hug before filling me in on her holidays. She apparently met up with a guy from school and started a relationship. She stayed over his house for a week before he went over to his friend's house to stay.

"Who's the lucky boy?" I ask.

"You won't believe this, it's Scorpius Malfoy." she replied seriously.

I burst out laughing. "I just saw him yesterday! At Al's!"

"Really? Did he say anything about me?" she asked frantically.

My broad smile faltered slightly. No, he didn't mention her at all. "Nah we only saw each other for a few minutes, sorry," I lie.

Her face fell but immediately brightened when she saw who walked though the small sliding door. The man himself. Looking as devious as ever, he grabbed Angela by the waist and planted a small kiss on her lips. She giggled and he looked over at me in shock.

"How do you know Rose, love?" he addressed Angela.

"She's my best friend, Scorp, I thought you knew!"

I rolled my eyes and dragged my trunk over to the next carriage, leaving the lovebirds to themselves.

"Hey Rosie," I turned to see the smiling face of Al.

"Hey," I reply,"Did Scorpius ditch you? 'Cause I ditched Angela."

"Yep," he laughed. "Let's go find a compartment.

The train ride was filled with games of Truth, Dare or Jinx. It's almost like that muggle game, Truth or Dare, but it's an actual magic box being able to tell who is lying, to give a choice of appropriate dares or provide new jinxes to use on victims.

I have been forced to tell the truth about my who turned Hugo's armpit hair green, to do the dare of setting off a dungbomb inside the Gryffindor Prefect compartment and to jinx Teddy and Angela.

Most of the evening followed the same process as last year. We hopped off the train and into the Thestral-drawn carriages. We all piled into the Great Hall and sat down eagerly. I never knew the Sorting could take so long. My stomach was grumbling loudly by the time 'Zabini, Laura' was sorted into Slytherin.

We clapped and waited silently as Professor Longbottom stood and spread his arms. "Eat." he said, simply.

Gotta give it to him, he knows how to make a speech. Dessert, I must say, was the best. Hmmm... apple pie drenched in custard.

By the end of dinner, I was feeling drowsy. Al found it the perfect time to shove a jelly bean into my mouth. I choked and spluttered as Professor Longbottom stood up once again. "There have been a change in dormitory arrangements."

He paused as frantic whispers broke out through the large crowd.

"The lists are stuck up on the house notice boards. Good night, Hogwarts."

I grabbed Angela's hand and barged out the Great Hall. We sprinted to the common room before anybody else and gave the password- "fudgeticles"

We were basically tripping each other to get to the notice board first. I searched for my name, my eyes finally settling on the lower left of the parchment.

Dormitory 14:
Angela Meng
Rose Weasley
Al Potter
Scorpius Malfoy

I can never seem to get rid of this young Malfoy, can I?

After five minutes, people began filing into the common room, trying to get a look at the notice board. There were various reactions, some found it funny and others were horrified (namely most girls) who cried "We're stuck with stupid horny teenage boys?! What were the professors thinking..."

We moved away from the crowd and climbed the steps to our new dormitory. It had the typical Slytherin theme, covering anything that could be colored in green. It was much smaller than last year, most likely since there are only four students living here. I immediately chose the second bed from the right and levitated my trunk towards me, setting it down at the foot of the bed.

While I was busy settling down, the boys walked in. I exchanged a glance with Angela and she nodded curtly. "Albus, Scorpius, sit... now," I ordered.

They obeyed due to the tone of my voice. Angela stood next to me to face them. "Let's lay down some ground rules, shall we? Angela, you first."

"No visitors into our dormitory."

Scorpius shrugged and said "I have everyone that I need right here," he grinned.

"No going through our stuff. You have never lived until you have been on the receiving end of my Bat-Boogey Hex that Al's mum taught me, so don't even think about touching our property,"

Al gulped and Scorpius looked downright terrified. "Be afraid, be very afraid." I hissed.

I looked at Angela who shrugged and said "That's about it, really. Your rules?"

"Don't interrupt my when I'm studying." Al said casually.

"Don't touch my hair products, don't try to wake me up in the morning and ... that's about it," he counted off his fingers.

"Okay then, if that's it, G'Night everyone."

"Goodnight Rose," three voices chorused. But by then I was already fast asleep.

The next morning was a blur. I was dragged out of bed by a certain Slytherin and pushed into the bathroom. I wearily took a quick warm shower and prepared for an exhausting day of class. I was halfway out the door before I spotted Scorpius still in bed. Muttering a spell, I conjured a muggle marker and drew a mustache on his face. For extra measure, I added thick hairy eyebrows. Loophole: I wasn't actually trying to wake him up.

I skipped happily downstairs to an impatiently waiting Angela. Oh yes, you don't know much about her, do you? Well she is a pretty Asian Slytherin, slightly taller than average. She has a slim figure which makes boys stare and girls frown with jealously (even me). She has long dark silky hair and has a cat-like posture. I met Angela near the end of last school year when I tripped over her bag on the way to my desk in Charms. I ended up sitting next to her and becoming her friend. I've been owling her all summer and have learned a great deal about her and vise versa.

I grinned at her and she hooked her arm with mine.

"Did you have a good night?" she asked.

"Sorta. What day is it today?" I said groggily, rubbing my eyes.

"Friday," she answered.

My eyes snapped open. That's good. I only have to survive today before I have a whole weekend off. "Great!" I grinned.

We had reached the Slytherin table and I grabbed a piece of toast and an apple, already late as it is. I accepted the timetable that was handed to me. Herbology first, Transfiguration and Charms after lunch and History of Magic for the rest of the day. I tugged at Angela's sleeve to compare our classes. I have nearly the whole day with her and I only have Al for Charms.

I pulled them both to Herbology where I found Professor Longbottom waiting outside for stragglers. I apologized repeatedly and he let me off for today. The rest of the day went the same, minus the tardiness. Re-energized at lunch and dinner, I realized that I wouldn't be able to sleep early, even if I wanted to, neither could Angela, Al and Scorpius.

So, what most fourth years would have done, we played Truth, Dare or Jinx. I dug around my trunk for an old Butterbeer bottle and the magic box and placed it in the middle of the floor as we crowed around them.

"I'm first!" Al called.

He spun the bottle.

"Truth, Dare or Jinx?" he asked me.

I thought for a while before replying "Truth."

"Which boy in Hogwarts has caught your eye?"

"No-one," I said, blushing like a tomato.

The box flashed red. "You're lying!" Angela sang gleefully.

I sighed and said "Brandon Jones. He's cute I guess."

Angela giggled and the boys snorted in disgust. It was my turn to spin the bottle. It landed on Scorpius and I said "Truth, Dare or Jinx?"


"Go to the common room and hex someone who you are very afraid of." I said, grinning mischievously.

He shrugged and made is way down the stairs. We followed, hot on his heels as he stopped to survey the people in his room. He finally settled on a beefy looking boy in fifth year. He muttered a quick spell and dashed up the stairs before the slow boy had a chance to retaliate.

We started laughing at the boy's reaction and how fast Scorpius flew up the stairs before following. We found him cowering behind his bed which made me laugh even harder. It was his turn to spin the bottle. It landed on Angela.

"Truth, Dare or Jinx?"


"You asked for it," she giggled before raising her wand and performing a non-verbal spell. Scorpius sat up suddenly and did the chicken dance. Now that was a sight forever implanted in my memory.

It continued like this for a while, being very eventful. Scorpius admitted he didn't really like Angela and only intended for her to be a snog buddy. After that, Al looked considerably cheerful so I had asked him if he wanted to be Angela's boyfriend. He blushed fiercely and replied with a 'no' several times, even when the box flashed red. So basically we knew The answer anyway.

Ooft. Talk about a bomb-dropper.

Angela spun the bottle and it landed on me again. "Truth, Dare or Jinx."


"Okay, I dare you to let me, Scorpie and Al help you get Brandon," she said, looking pleased with herself.

"What? No!"

"It's a dare mate, you gotta do it," Al warned.

"Fine-" Angela cheered, "but tomorrow. Let's go to bed now."

Angela had a smug look planted on her face, but went to sleep anyway. I drew the curtains around my bed but didn't fall asleep immediately. Maybe finally, these people are gonna help me get a first date.

I thought of Brandon Jones in Ravenclaw. Smart, good-looking and Seeker on his Quidditch team. But then my thoughts drifted from Brandon to Scorpius. Why was he looking at me when I mentioned Brandon? I can't describe the look he had on his face...

Secret 8: My favorite teacher is Professor Longbottom

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