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Hogwarts for dummies by littlemisssnape
Chapter 13 : Month-aversary
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“When we're apart, you're breaking my heart, can't see what you have to say, when you walk away. Goodbye...I fell like I can't fly...”

“Dom, shut the fuck up or I'll stuff this hairbrush down your throat,” I warned her, while I was brushing my curls.


For the last half hour Dom has been gracing us by singing heartbroken songs, by an apparently new star Serena del Sol. Her love life is so terrible, she has enough material to fill at least twenty songs and we were so lucky to hear almost all of them right now.


“Serena has talent, it's not my fault you don't appreciate it,” Dom told me, her nose stuck high up in the air.


“She might have talent,” (which she doesn't), “but you most definitely don't.”


“Hmph,” Dom said haughtily and threw herself on her bed, opening the new bestseller by Fifi Lafolle called 'Just a girl with a passion for men'. I personally, would rather be serenaded by Dom for another hour then to be forced to read that (I can't even call it a book, books everywhere would be committing suicide).


I will be honest, I am being unfair to Dom, because she is in fact a good singer. Being part veelya, there was nothing else to be expected, but that doesn't mean I wanted to listen to ballads about burning and unmet love.


“Are you going to Hogsmeade?” I realized I didn't even know what Molly's plans were for the day.


“No, I think I'm just going to stay here and finish writing that essay for charms that's due on Monday.”


Oh drats. I totally forgot about that. And it has to be like five feet long. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but it's sure going to feel like five feet when I'm going to be writing it on Sunday before I go to sleep. I hate professors. Why is their life mission to make our lives a living hell? If I would become a teacher, I'd spend all day making up seat plans based on who would look cute together as a couple. Ah, this is the beginning of a truly wonderful matchmaking business.


“Let's head down,” Rose gestured towards the door.


“Yeah, Louis must be waiting for me already,” I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already ten past eleven. It was understandable that girls needed their time preparing, but I wasn't sure Louis was going to be very sympathetic.


“There you are,” Louis said as we finally appeared in the Gryffindor common room. He was waiting with James and Mark.


“Where's Albus?” Rose asked.


“He was meeting Megan at eleven, so he already left,” Louis explained and then turned to me, offering his arm, which I took.


We all walked down together and I noticed that Alice was looking very off, not participating in the conversation and staring somewhere into space.


“Just a second,” I let go off Louis's arm and hung back so that I was now in front of her.


“Are you ok, Alice?” I asked quietly.


“I'm fine,” she said.


“Why are you being so shy and quiet?”


She blushed visibly, “Really, it's nothing,” she waved it off.


I looked around at all the people there, someone or something was clearly making her uncomfortable.


“Cece, let's go!” Louis called out from a few meters ahead. I saw he was eager to get away from the group.


“I have to go, but I'll talk to you later, ok?” I asked her and then gave her a quick hug. I hoped she was going to spill everything in the evening.


I grabbed a hold of Louis's hand and we walked a bit faster so that we separated from the group quickly.


“I thought it would be nice to get some time alone,” Louis smiled and I mimicked him in return, “It's so hard to get any privacy in the castle, there is always someone there.”


“That's true,” I nodded.


“It looks like the clouds are going to clear, we might even enjoy a nice day weather-wise.”


I looked up at the sky and saw that he was right. The sun seemed to be peeping out through the thick layer of clouds. If we're lucky it will get a bit warmer and we can still enjoy a pleasant November day.


“This weather reminds me of France, but I don't know why, because it's always warmer there. When I was little and visiting my relatives in the autumn, I remember there were these two days where it was pouring rain and me and my grandma curled up by the fire. She would tell me all kinds of stories about a French warlock and his quests, then she would tease me about the weather and say that I brought it along from England,” Louis smiled as he thought about the memory.


“That sounds lovely,” I gave him an encouraging grin, glad that he was telling me this.


“She would always bake little macaroons just for me, because she knew they were my favourite.”


“I've never had any, what do they taste like?” I asked.


“You've never had any? That's just terrible, you don't know what you're missing out on. Come on!” he pulled on my arm and we started running those few hundred meters that separated us from Hogsmeade.


“Where are you taking me?” I laughed.


“You'll see, this will be the time of your life.”


We ran till we reached Honeyduke's.


“Wait here,” Louis ordered and then he went inside, coming out with a small paper bag, holding it tightly against his chest.


“Ok, now close your eyes.”


I did, but reluctantly. I hated not being in control and when he blocked one of my senses I felt so weak. But I couldn't say no, he seemed to be enjoying himself and I didn't want to be the cause of his unhappiness.


“Now bite,” I felt his warm breath on my ear as he told me in a whisper.


I opened my mouth and bit into a chocolate texture that seemed to melt in my mouth like a snowflake. But then again, it was also quite chewy and crunchy. All together it was the best thing I have ever tasted.


“Now this one,” he put another one into my mouth.


This time the taste of strawberries spread in my mouth and with the feel of chocolate still lingering, they combined a strawberry-chocolate mixture. Suddenly a memory hit me: Al and me in the kitchens, eating chocolate covered strawberries.


I quickly opened my eyes to get rid of the warm, yet uncomfortable feeling that started over-taking all of my body because of what I remembered at the moment. Louis seemed to notice my sudden change of expression.


“You don't like them?”


“No, no!” I reassured him, “They are hands down the greatest thing I have ever tried.”


He smiled, “Well you haven't tried the ones my grandma bakes, they are a hundred times better. You'll have to come to France with me once.”


Before I could answer this idea, that frankly made me slightly uncomfortable, he started kissing me. My lips reacted automatically and it felt like my body was used to Louis's presence. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get rid of the chocolate-strawberry taste in my mouth.




The day passed quickly, because Louis was easy to talk to and I enjoyed his presence. He amused me with stories from his childhood and told me the adventures he and his sisters used to have during their holidays in France. One time he asked me about my childhood, but quickly learned not to do that again, because it made me extremely uncomfortable. I just mumbled something along the lines of “it was normal” and asked him more about his relatives.


I never talked to anyone about my life before Hogwarts, it was just an unpleasant time for me and it was hard enough going back during my holidays, I didn't want to be reliving it in my time away.


When I got out of a hot shower that evening I remembered that I needed to ask Alice about her rare behaviour this morning.


“Ali, did you have a good time today?” I started the conversation.


“Yes, I did, it was just James, Fred, Rose and me, we met at the three broomsticks.” she shrugged.


“Oh, that's great, what did you do after that?”


“Cece, I'm not stupid, just cut to the chase and ask what you want to ask, there is no need to lay the floor with roses before-hand.”


Damn, she was good. Curse her stupid psychology mumbo-jumbo or whatever she had going on in her head.


“You got me,” I admitted, “I wanted to know why you were so strange this morning, did you get some bad news?”


“I don't know what you're talking about, I was just being myself,” she shrugged.


“Alice you're usually very polite, so you never want so stay out of the conversation, worrying someone will find it rude.”


“I was just thinking about something else.”


“Which is...”


“Just about the...charms essay.”


I could see though her lie easily.


“Alice, lying goes against your nature, you're such a good soul. Something must have happened.”


“Everything is ok,” she assured me.


“Well, if you change your mind and want to talk, please find me.”


She nodded and got into bed.


I was sure something was going on, I knew her well enough to see that, but I couldn't figure out what it could be. I'll just have to keep my eyes open for any clues.


Another few weeks passed and it was the end of November already, when one day Louis pounced on me from behind yelling:
“Happy one-month anniversary!”


I was too surprised to cover it up and I hoped he wouldn’t be too upset that I forgot this mile-stone in our relationship. Has it really been a month?


“Oh, Cece, it's ok, if you don't remember. It's not really carved in stone, I was just counting from the day of the dance and that's one month,” he smiled.


That means Al and Megan are also celebrating their month-aversary (that is the cheesiest thing that's ever run through my head). I'm sure she remembered that it was today.


“Louis I am so sorry I forgot,” I told him sincerely.


“It's ok,” he looked honest.


Why was he being so great? He should be yelling or at least be offended for a day.


“I got you a little present, it's nothing much,” he said modestly, handing me a little box.


I opened it cautiously. Inside was an elegant necklace with a little charm that had a sun on it. Jewellery wasn't really my thing, but this was beautiful.


“It' because you're the brightest thing in my life, like my sun,” Louis blushed and fastened the necklace around my neck. I felt sick to my stomach. He was perfect. He didn't deserve me, I was being unfair to him.


“Thank you so much,” I gave him a kiss, still feeling shaky in my bones.


How can he want to be with such a selfish creature like me? I should break up with him. But on our month-aversary? That would be just cruel. And Dom would point a shot-gun straight to my head. I definitely do not have a death wish. There is nothing wrong that I am not in love with Louis after a month. Even more, it would be extremely disturbing, if I would be. He'd probably run away from me and I would chase after him screaming 'I love you'. That is a mental image I want to get out of my head. I like Louis a lot and I am having a great time with him.


The whole way to class I was reassuring myself on this thing I had going on with Louis.


“Cece!” Rose yelled as I entered the classroom.


I let go of Louis's hand and gave him a parting smile as I walked to my seat.


“What is it Rose?”


“I just got a letter from my mum. She said I should invite you to Christmas and New Year's, can you come?” Rose looked at me hopefully.


“Well I promised my dad that I would stay with him on Christmas,” I winced, “And my mum said I should stop by for a day, although I know that in reality she really doesn't want me, but I guess I could come a few days before New Year and then we could go back together?”


“Yes! You most definitely have to be there for the New Year party.”


“What party?”


“Didn't I tell you?”


“No,” I shook my head.


“All the adults are going to be staying at our place so James asked, if we could have a little quiet children's gathering at theirs. I don't know how they let him do it, but he's going to invite quite some people, I mean it will be mostly family and close friends, but it's still enough for a party!”


“Harry and Ginny are so stupid sometimes, don't they know their son at all? A quiet children's gathering? Oh, please, who do they take him for?” I snorted.


“I know,” Rose laughed.


“This is going to be so awesome,” I was excited already.




A/N: A bit of a filler chapter, but it's going to get better, trust me. And what do you think about the upcoming party? I know it's going to be gooooood (: if you have the time, leave a review!

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