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Wibbly by TheDoctor
Chapter 1 : Piper
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You know how most people have at least some small quarrel with gravity but it isn't like a full on vendetta? Yeah, not me. It's hard core, straight up, vendetta town right here. Honestly when I weigh myself I stick at one hundred and fifteen. Yet gravity and I have a bit of a communication problem, hence it is under the impression that I weigh approximately the same amount as a hippo, no, scratch that, a very pregnant hippo. Hence I get pulled down via tripping over such easily understandable things as... wait for it... oxygen! That's right folks, you've finally met someone with the magnificent talent of tripping over pure and simple oxygen. Yup, the stuff I need to breath in order to survive is out to get me. Good times.

Anyhow the point is that my face and the ground are reacquainted rather more frequently than I'd like to think about. Or maybe I used to be fine thinking about it but then all the thinking brain cells died on collision. That's a thought, a very terrifying one but certainly worthy of a follow up... Oh Merlin, it would explain rather a lot. Actually, it might explain the entire thing! Yes! It does! The reason I am madly in love with Albus Potter is due to a lack of brain cells! Well, at least that's figured out. Hmmm... I wonder how long it takes for those little buggers to grow back... hopefully not long... I wonder if St. Mungo's would have anything to speed up the whole regrowth process... yeah, if only.

Oh. I should clarify, when I say in love I mean... I mean I'm not actually in love, I'm just... erm, I find him... that's to say Al isn't exactly hard on the eyes... yes, good, now I sound like an elderly grandmother. Magnificent. Positively peachy.

No, I've been in love with him since the day we met, which surprisingly was only a month ago. He's a year ahead of me so we didn't have any classes together or anything. This year though I tried out for the quidditch team. Clever huh? If you have a vendetta against gravity the smartest thing you can possibly do is join a sport involving being way up in the air and putting all your trust into a bit of wood with some charms on it. Again. It's the brain cells I swear, I didn't used to be this daft.

Yes. Quidditch. As I was saying, so I joined the quidditch team, or rather I tried out for one of the beater slots and well... lets just say a five foot seven scrawny featherweight of a beater isn't exactly top notch. However, that is a pretty descent build for a seeker. So here's the thing, I was just minding my own business trying not to get killed and also trying to stay airborne with the added weight of the beaters bat (we've discussed my little gravity problem, no?) Meanwhile Fred, i.e. quidditch captain extraordinaire and idiot of the year for letting me even try out, had decided that whoever managed to catch the snitch first, regardless of how, would be this years seeker.

Before we go into that though I should explain, I'd only been flying for about six months. Yep. Six months total. Until then I had never even gone near a broomstick except for the mandatory class I had to take as a firsty. Let's just say the broom and I didn't get along back then and I expected this mutual dislike to go on until the day I would eventually die, possibly in a broomstick accident. Here's the thing though, when I get mad, I get... well. Crazy. I crave heights, I want to run, I want adrenaline. This also might have to do with the lack of brain cells, but I digress.

So yes. I found myself rather more than a little peeved one night when I discovered Scorpius eating the face off of a random third year, mind you this is the boy I've called a best friend since about the age of eleven and who Rose, who happens to also be one of my best friends, has been in love with for approximately the same amount of time. This also happened after he had finally confessed to me that he just maybe liked Rose back just a little. So, did he do the smart thing and ask her out or at least tell her how he felt? No. he grabbed a random third year Hufflepuff and snogged her senseless. And they say he got into Ravenclaw for a reason. Idiot. I started shouting bloody murder at him naturally. Interestingly little Miss Slaggy Third Year didn't take to well to being shouted at and decided to flounce her stupid curls and pop her hip out to the side saying “You're just jealous.”

Wrong thing to say kid. So very wrong. You know those flouncy curls of hers? Yup. Well. I think bald but with a rather flouncy beard is a very good look for her... well, when I say good... actually I think I saved her from a very horrendous future involving a probable teen pregnancy. I mean, don't get me wrong but I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the Hogwarts male population doesn't want to snog a chick who looks terrifying similar to their drunkard of an uncle. Though, that's just a theory. As I was saying, in a bit of a blind rage I grabbed whatever was at hand to start hitting Scorpius with it. The 'it' happened to be a broomstick left behind by someone or another.

There is a reason he was not put into Gryffindor and if I ever forget it, I'll just have to remember that moment. Though, if I'm already having trouble remembering things that might be hard... but still.

Scorpius screamed like a little girl and rather than fight back he took off running down the hall full tilt into the waiting arms of Filch. Oh could things not get more magnificent? And here comes the reason I am a Slytherin. Filch started screaming at the both of us for about a million different reasons, interestingly very few of them seemed to involve us. Still he threatened twelve months worth of detentions (and mind you this was last year so we were so very close to summer so we would have been serving detentions right on through to this year) instead however I came up with a plan. Well, when I say plan I mean I told Filch that Scorpius and I had been sweeping the hall as a favour to him because we could see how much work he was doing, then Scorpius was running off to get more help from a few of his fellow Ravenclaws. Now, I may not be the best liar in the book but let's just say Filch isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer either. So, he started crying. I mean full on tears and runny nose included. Twas high fantastical really. Still, I had better things to do so I grabbed Scorpius and told Filch we were off to do some more cleaning elsewhere, leaving a sobbing Filch and bearded Hufflepuff in our wake. Oh, and to clarify, by cleaning I meant more beating up of stupid idiot best friend and snogger of stupid Hufflepuffs, a.k.a. Scorpius Malfoy. I should really make him a badge.

I regret to say within the same week Filch discovered our little treachery and gave us both Saturday detentions for a month, but still, at the time I felt unstoppable. That is until Scorpius managed to get out of my reach for long enough to dodge into the Ravenclaw common room and out of my reach. I am so making him that badge and then pinning it to his forehead with a permanent sticking charm.

Anyhow what with him ducking out on me I was left with rather a lot of pent up aggression and a broom stick which I had somehow managed not to break over Scorpius' head. More's the pity. So I did what any sensible and logical girl would do, I went out onto the grounds and tried to fly.

So here’s the thing. I loved it. And even though I fell six times and by the end of the night I was pretty sure I must have broken both bones in my wrist (turned out to just be one) it still felt magnificent, well until Madam Pomfrey got to me. Still, it was madness and so much oxygen; it felt like I’d been drowning all my life and I finally knew what it was to breath. I wasn't very good of course, but still, I ended up practicing constantly right up till the last month of the school year and with Scorpius' help I managed to get at least competent. Though, I had to return the broomstick once signs started going up around the school saying it was missing. It also said there was a reward for returning it. So I returned it. Yup, and now who's twenty five galleons the richer?

Well, I was anyway, but then I spent the summer saving up and begging money off my parents until I had enough to buy the Firebolt two-forty, which admittedly isn't as good as the two-seventy, but still, you've got to start somewhere. So yeah, one summer and a few broken bones later I tried out for the quidditch team, for the position of beater. Did I mention I only chose beater because I enjoyed chasing Scorpius around with a bat and threatening him? Yeah. He squeals like a deranged bird and it is pure magnificence.

I didn't do too keenly though when the actual tryouts came, apparently hitting at things coming towards you is a lot scarier than hitting the ones running away. Who knew?

As I was saying earlier, Fred is a complete genius and so whoever got the snitch first was immediately made seeker. He's brilliant isn't he? So there I was, bat in hand and suddenly realizing that when a bludger is coming at me with the force of the Hogwarts express my first instincts was (shocker!) not to wait for it to come close then hit it. Yeah, too much risk involved right there. So instead I just went ahead and ducked out of the way, in the process I may have decided that beater was just not the position for me and maybe I should just go ahead and give up, but then Al saved me. He came out of nowhere and knocked the bludger (which had apparently decided to follow me) out of the way with the end of is broomstick. That kid is fantastic. Also, this is about where i decided him to be very attractive. Anyhow, during this process I suddenly felt a very odd pain in my head as though my hair were being pulled. Now, a quick note about my hair. It eats combs for breakfast and spits out their poor mangled bodies just to prove its' power over me. I have long since given up hope. So yeah, my hair is a beast. And it ate the snitch.

Apparently the snitch had simply been minding its' own (rather devilish) business when it had decided to pass by me, and in turn, my hair. Somewhere along this journey my hair decided that no, the snitch had done quite enough flying thank you very much, and it was high time to stop it.

So in short, the snitch got caught in my hair and according to Freddy's genius 'whoever gets the snitch, no matter how, is the seeker!' I was named Slytherin seeker, and for Al's brilliant 'save stupid crazy hair girl from bludger attack' he was made beater number one. Isn't my life just lovely?

Oh, but when I finally managed to remove the snitch from my hair, Al grabbed my hand and raised our clasped hands skyward holding the snitch. This is about when I fell in love with him.

A/n: Erm... yup... hehe, this is one of those theraputic fics that just made me happy to write and I've got a lot planned for it (insert evil laugh)

What do you think so far? Please do review, it would make me so very happy :)

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