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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 8 : A Helpful Gift
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By the time Draco got back inside that day Hermione was in tears. When Draco walked in Hermione was quickly wiping her face. But she couldn't hide it, her eyes were already to show signs of puffing up. Draco sat down beside her.

"Hermione what's going on?" Draco said worried.

"After Allen dropped Ronnie off she told me something and asked me if it was a good idea for that to have happen. She told me that a man came by. And was asking about you, was talking to Allen about coming here to take her and you away. Allen had thought she was asleep. She said that she stayed in her room that whole time she was there after her first day. She asked me if that was one of the people after you?" Hermione started to tear up again. Draco wiped her face dry with the end of his shirt. She smiled and shook her head.

"So when I asked you to take her outside I called my lawyer and talked to him about it. He told me I would have to put Ronnie in a safehouse. They are coming after her in within the next few weeks."

Draco pulled Hermione into his arms and she started crying again. Draco rubbed her hair till she calmed down a little bit. Draco sighed and looked her in the eyes.

"Hermione I have to go do something. You take a nap I'll take Ronnie with me. So you your mother and father can have a break. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"No Ronnie should be getting ready for bed soon anyway. I think I'll just get her ready and have her sleep up here with me tonight." she said getting up.

"No you lay down. I'll get her ready then send up here with you. You don't need to worry." Draco said kissing her forehead.

Hermione smiled a thanks and he nodded. He went down stairs and put Ronnie in the bath with bubbles. He washed her hair and then left the room to let her wash off. He grabbed some night clothes from her room and walked in the bathroom to give them to her. He had his eyes covered by his hands.

“Whenever you are done, get dressed. Is that okay?”

“Dracy ok.”

"If you need any help just let me know okay Ronnie." he said lying them next to her towel.

Ronnie nodded and Draco walked out to wait by the door. Ronnie walked out and gave Draco a funny look.

"Why didn't mommy give me my bath?" she asked.

"Oh umm see mommy is really tired so I told her to go ahead and lay down and you would be up there in a few to sleep with her. Does that sound fun?"

Ronnie nodded jumping up and down. Draco laughed and walked her up to the attic. Hermione was almost asleep when she heard the door open she shot up and seen Ronnie. Her eyes started to fill up with tears again. Ronnie walks over with a frown plaster on her face.

"Mommy why are you crying?" she asked in her "mommy if you cry i may just cry" voice.

Hermione smiled and shook her head. "I'm just really happy that your back sweetie. I missed you bunches this week. That's all."

“Mommy, is Dracy still safe with us. Did I make daddy send him away?”

“No baby it’s not your fault. Draco is safe with us, no matter what. I promise.”

Ronnie nodded slowly and hopped on the bed after Hermione moved over to let her on there. Draco smiled at the scene in front of him. Draco waved bye to Hermione and rushed outside.


Four days had pasted and Hermione hadn't seen or heard from Draco. After he had put Ronnie in her bath and sent her to bed with her he left. She was getting worried about him. Even poor little Ronnie was missing Draco.

"Where's Dracy at Mommy? I misses him." she would say every time she would see Hermione.

"Draco is out for now. He will be back soon. I promise." she would always answer.

After the third day Hermione was going crazy. Draco should have been back by now she thought. What was so important that it took days to do?

On the fourth day right when Hermione was getting ready to call the Order members for a watch for him he appears out in the front yard. Ronnie came running inside.

"Mommy Dracy's back. Dracy's back." she said pulling her mom up from the couch to make her come outside.

By the time Hermione got to the door Draco was walking in. Hermione smiled and have him the biggest hug.

"You’re okay?" she asked or said she wasn't sure.

Draco nodded and took a deep breath. He pulled back from the hug and Hermione hit him.

"Hey what was that for?" he asked.

"For making me worry. I thought a Deatheater got you. Even poor Ronnie was worried about you." she said.

"Oh sorry I just had to go get a gift." he said and moved to the side to reveal the last person Hermione thought to be at her house.

In the door way stood Harry Potter. Hermione couldn't believe it. Draco went and got Harry for her. She had major tears come from her eyes this time. This time from shock happiness and relief to know that Draco was okay.

"What? No hug?" Harry joked putting down a suitcase.

Hermione smiled and walked over to him and he pulled her in a hug. Hermione loved it. She had miss Harry so much during the time from the war to now. His hugs were the only thing that made her happy there for a few months of the war. That was until she got back with Ronnie. They pulled away and sat down on the couch.

"Harry what are you doing here? I mean it's not that I'm not happy to see you, cause trust me I’m beyond words, it's just that well. We really haven't seen each other since the war." She said with tears still forming in her eyes.

"Well I was checking out a flat in Hogmades and who do I get to run into from school rather than Draco Malfoy. Well he explained some things to me. Told me that you were having a bad problem with a family member. He said that he thought maybe you could have used an old friend." Harry said.

Hermione turned to Draco back to Harry. She took a deep breath. She turned back to Draco who had ahold of Ronnie. She took Ronnie in her arms and turned back to Harry.

"Harry this is Ronnie. Ronnie is my daughter. Ronnie this is mommy's friend from school. This is Harry." Hermione said.

Harry's eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. Hermione put Ronnie down and bent down.

"Ronnie I need to talk to Harry. How about you go up to your room and play."

"Okay Mommy. Dracy will you come play with me?" she asked in a soft voice.

Draco smiled and picked her up and tossed her on his back. He took off running up the stairs and into Ronnie's room with Ronnie giggling up a storm. Hermione sat down on the sofa followed by Harry.

"Hermione, why didn't you tell us you had a kid? She has to be a least five."

"She's four. As for not telling you I'm not sure. I guess I didn't want to have pity on me for having a kid so young." she explained.

"Who's the father? Is it Mafoy?" Harry asked.

"No. It's a boy named Allen. I met him the summer after fourth year and we had one night of not using a condom. When I got to Hogwarts I found out I was going to have a baby."

"But Hermione why did you do the DA then if you were well you know?" he asked not wanting to say the words.

"I found some spells to keep the baby safe during all that. I even found a spell to hide the fact that I was going to have a baby. Trust me Harry if I couldn't have kept that baby safe I never would have joined the DA."

Harry ran a hand through his hair. Hermione could hear Ronnie laughing upstairs. Hermione smiled and shook her head.

"I wouldn't change anything from that summer Harry. I'm so happy that I've got Ronnie. Lucky even."

"Is Ronnie the reason Draco came after me?" Harry asked.

Hermione nodded and started to tell Harry about Ronnie coming home from Allen's. About Ronnie asking Hermione about the man that talked to Allen. Then what her lawyer had said about Ronnie going to a safe house.

"Aww Hermione I'm so sorry. You must be so upset." Harry said giving her another hug.

"Yea. Ronnie is the most important thing in my life. I can't lose her Harry. I knew I shouldn't have let Allen know that Draco was here. It didn't even click in my head that he could have connection with them." Hermione blinked away tears again.

"When are they coming to get her?"

"In a few weeks. That's all I know. I'm meeting with my lawyer tomorrow."


The next day around 2 Hermione and Mr. Grayson were in the living room. Mr. Grayson had suggested that Ronnie stay in a muggle house with a family that knew about magic. Hermione just sat there and nodded not sure what to say. Cause for one she wasn't okay with her little girl going off without her or one of her family members.

"So you can look through these families and pick one." Mr. Grayson said laying out some pictures.

Hermione slid the pictures across the coffee table and then Ronnie came downstairs. She pulled on Hermione's arm. Draco came rushing down the stairs.

"Sorry she said she wanted to play hide and go seek. I guess she wanted her mother." Draco said. "Come back up to the room Ronnie and play. Mommy's busy with something."

"But I have to tell Mommy something innnportanntt." she said making important nice and long.

Hermione turned and look at her, "Okay sweetie what is it?"

Ronnie shook her head and pointed to the kitchen. Hermione stood up and followed Ronnie into the kitchen.

"Mommy that's the man. That's the man that was at daddy's." Ronnie said pointing at Mr. Grayson.

"Ummm Draco, Harry! Can you come in here for a second?" she shouted.

Draco was the first in followed by Harry. Harry seen Hermione's face and knew at once what was going on.

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