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The Sisterhood of Certa Viriliter by awkspenguin
Chapter 1 : The First Chapter of the Sisterhood
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Wonderful image of Allesandra "Alla" Williams

The First Chapter of the Sisterhood

“I call myself the Chosen One,” was my beginning statement as I smoothed out the long length of my grey skirt. “However, you should all feel extremely lucky as well. It’s not every year that we have as promising a group as ours.”

There was only one smile in response.

“What do you mean group?” Dahlia, an Asian girl with long black hair asked. Her brown eyes were narrowed with suspicion, unlike her basically identical twin sitting just to the left. “Is this another fan club? I received an owl telling me that if I didn’t attend this meeting, I wouldn’t be able to play quidditch for a week.”

“Seriously?” the golden blonde to her left asked, smiling. I was sure that I had seen her on the cover of some bubbly magazine before, although her first name was escaping me. Flora? Floral? “My owl said that it was an emergency, and my latest Calvin Klein ad had come out positively dreadful.”

“I thought this was a note from Louis Weasley,” Annaleigh, a Hispanic girl with dark brown hair admitted, blushing. From the way she was biting her lip, I could tell she knew that his older sister was in the room. I only hope that said sister keeps the claws away. “I’ve, er, received one before.”

“I thought you told me that stopped?” Edith the brunette beauty next to her questioned, clenching her hands into tight fists. “Merlin, you know what he’s like, Annaleigh. You could do so much better than that prick.”

“Pardon?” Dominique Delacour-Weasley hissed from across the table. Her blue eyes were narrowed and her platinum blonde hair seemed to billow out around her. The room suddenly charged with electricity. “That’s my younger brother you happen to be talking about, hon.”

“He’s still a whore,” Virginia, a tall Swiss-African with caramel skin and dark hair told her, shrugging casually.

“On what accounts?” Dominique growled, making a show of snatching her wand from the wooden table and waving it around with a flourish. I think Annaleigh cringed away from her.

“He’s only gone through half the girls in our year,” Edith pointed out, her tan cheeks flushing red. “What other word can explain his behavior? Disgusting? Pathetic? A git? Sorry, Weasley. He’s a whore.”

“Then what does that make me?” Annaleigh asked, causing them to stop. We stared at her, from her brown eyes shining with tears to her studded leather boots, one heel tapping nervously on the floor.

“I believe we have a better question,” one of the twins told her, reaching over and patting Annaleigh gently on the arm.

“How many dates did you go on before you shagged him?” Dahlia asked, crossing her arms.

Annaleigh mumbled something unintelligible, brushing a piece of dark brown hair behind her ear. Dahlia and Primrose shared a mixed look, the two Ravenclaws knowing that they had her cornered and one of them not liking it.

“That wasn’t the question,” Primrose hissed to her sister, smiling apologetically at Annaleigh.

“Whatever,” Dahlia waved it off.

“No, you always do this,” Primrose said, smacking her twin on the arm and turning away, her arms crossed. We all watched this, calculating. Two beaters that fight easily? Who knows if this information could be useful during a match?

“I’m sorry,” Dahlia simpered, ignoring her sister. “I don’t believe I heard your response. What was that, Finnegan?”

Annaleigh opened her mouth to speak, probably to admit it, but Florence cut her off.

“Come on ladies,” she giggled, her short blond strands flying. When Florence laughed, I noticed, the whole room seemed to brighten, even if her green eyes looked strained. “Haven’t we all been a bit slaggy in our days?”

“Nope,” I said quickly, maybe too quickly.

Completely focused on finding split ends in my strawberry blonde hair, I didn’t notice the room has gone quiet until Dominique burst into her tinkling laughter. The rest of them soon followed, leaving me clueless. Had I made a joke? I was being completely serious; I’m the opposite of a slag.

“You’ve never been a slag?” Virginia deadpanned, raising an eyebrow. “Not even once? Right.”

“Never,” I respond, shrugging my freckled shoulders.

Dominique let out a snort this time, giving me a look. She has this expression that she does, where she purses her lips, furrows her eyebrows, and tilts her head to the side. She gives it when she is in disbelief, and I’m currently at the receiving end of it, but I don’t understand why. I’m being positively serious.

“I find that hard to believe,” Edith laughed, before it died out at the intimidating look I gave her. Good to know I still have it, unless she was humoring me, because the smirk she shared with Virginia makes it seem that way.

“Why?” I pressed, crossing my arms.

“I mean you’re hot,” Florence announced, receiving murmured agreements, making me blush.

“Besides, the second you get a drop of firewhiskey in your system, your morals are out the window,” Dominique giggled.

“Which is why I don’t drink,” I countered, grinning widely.

“Which is why you don’t get invited to the good parties,” she teased.

I sarcastically applaud her, which made her narrow her blue eyes. But this was just how our relationship worked. It’s probably unhealthy, but it worked. We continued to stare each other down, until someone cleared their throat.

“Right,” I coughed, “where were we?”

“Louis Weasley is a whore?” Virginia supplied.

“And not to mention he just strings Annaleigh along, using her as a backup date to Hogsmeade when other girls cancel,” Edith told us, rolling her brown eyes when she heard Annaleigh’s sniffle.

“He’s pathetic,” the twins said in unison, one of them gently and the other mocking.

I winced, remembering the last time someone called Louis pathetic. It was back when Victoire still went to Hogwarts and she and Dom were quite the force to be reckoned with, when they weren’t bickering over everything. That girl was in the Hospital Wing for three weeks because Madame Pomfret couldn’t get rid of the antlers or tail.

“Yeah, I suppose that’s true,” Dominique admitted, and I released the breath I hadn’t noticed I was holding. You can never be too sure about her Weasley temper, and it has the habit of coming unannounced at the most inopportune moments. “I know he’s gorgeous, but he needs to learn to keep it in his pants. Love, you could do better.”

She high-fived the brunette beauty and I rolled my eyes.

“Right?” Virginia asked.

“We keep trying to tell her that, but she’s so adamant that he’s the one,” Edith told everyone, rolling her eyes again. She seems to do that a lot.

“Ugh, I hate when they do that,” Dahlia agreed, but I don’t know who ‘they’ are and I’m not sure I want to.

“Are you being serious?” Primrose giggled. “You have a new love, like, once a week. Remember how torn up you were about Cameron?”

“Walsh?” Dominique asked, perking up. “What about Cameron Walsh?”

The twins shot her a look, but chose not to question it. Smart choice.

“We dated last month,” Dahlia explained, frowning. “And he was so annoying. He kept trying to change me. Apparently, I don’t giggle enough. Like, if there was so much he didn’t like about me, why ask me out in the first place?”

“To make someone jealous?” I suggested, only to be ignored.

“Right,” Dahlia laughed. “I use boys to make other ones jealous. Not the other way around.”

“So humble,” Edith muttered.

“Try conceited,” Primrose giggled, causing the rest of them to crack a smile.

“He wasn’t even that great in bed,” Dahlia continued, looking thoughtful, “although that’s probably because he kept fumbling around in the dark. For some reason he wanted all of the lights off, always. Like, I’m not ashamed of my body. Is he?”

“Too much information,” Annaleigh told her meekly.

“Seriously,” Dominique agreed, glaring harshly at Dahlia.

“And what’s your problem, Weasley?” Dahlia asked.

“Problem? No problem.”

“Really? Because you’re not acting like that. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d almost say that you were jealous.”

“Can I have order?” I questioned loudly, banging my hand on the table for added emphasis before a fight escaladed. Seven pairs of eyes focused on me, apologetic. Or at least they were very good actresses. “Right. This ‘club’ isn’t for the faint of hearted, although I don’t see that as a problem. We’re all quidditch players after all, aren’t we?”

There were eager nods and I prepared the rest of my speech, thumbing through my neon green index cards.

Slytherins have to look prepared, after all.

“Just a moment,” Primrose, the other black haired twin cut across me, her curls swinging as she squinted at me. “Where have I seen you before? I mean obviously at Hogwarts but surely somewhere else. Right? Were you in Tokyo at the end of August?”

“Honestly, Prim,” her twin scolded, “it was obviously Madrid.”

“Actually, Madrid is highly overrated,” the golden blonde shrugged, her shiny bob swinging, and this time I was certain that she was on the March issue of the United States Witch Weekly last year, not that I read it much or anything. “Have you seen the Spanish men? I much prefer Swedes.”

“You’ve met a Swedish man?” Annaleigh asked, brown eyes wide.

“It’s not that impressive,” the twin with straighter hair mumbled. “You know that second year, Mauritz? The one who spiked the pumpkin juice at the Sorting Ceremony? Yeah. He’s from Sweden. Guaranteed, he isn’t exactly a man, but it still counts.”

“Oh,” Annaleigh murmured.

“Honestly?” the brunette beauty asked. “How did we even get off topic?”

“We were trying to figure out where we’ve seen Williams,” the caramel skinned girl supplied. “I think we got off topic talking about Madrid and other beautiful vacation spots.”

“It was a rhetorical question, Gin.”

“Sorry, Nott.”

“Ladies, she was on the cover of this year’s Witches to Watch,” Dominique told them, and even in her annoyed state she still looked brilliantly beautiful. I guess that’s a perk of being part-veela. “Not only is Allesandra talented, she’s this year’s Chosen One.”

I duck, blushing.

I’m not embarrassed about that cover, at all. It’s actually quite the compliment to receive such a high praise. However, it seemed a little pompous to do an interview about my family life and Hogwarts when I haven’t even done anything particularly spectacular. I’ve won one quidditch cup once in my two years of captaincy, which unfortunately doesn’t compare to the courageous, note the sarcasm, Gryffindor. And the fact that a few teams are scouting me doesn’t even seem real.

“The Chosen One?” Annaleigh questioned. “You mean like Harry Potter?”

“Don’t tell me people are still calling Uncle Harry that,” Dominique trilled, her blue eyes sparkling. She clapped her hands together, eyebrows raised. “He really ought to just choose a nickname. The Chosen One. The Boy Who Lived. My personal favorite: the Boy Who Lied. There are just too many.”

“Personally I prefer the Golden Trio,” the brunette beauty added in, her brown eyes daring us to challenge it. None of us did, but mostly because we don’t care. Who does she think she is? Merlin? “You have to admire teamwork. As you said we all play quidditch, so we have to encourage that.”

“No one cares, Nott,” the caramel skinned girl playfully teased.

“That’s a lie, Gin,” Edith countered.

“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is.”






“Actually,” Dominique drawled, “we really don’t care. Can we please focus?”

“Right. Thank you, Dom. Now, I understand how the change in conversation came about, but I am not pleased,” I told them, narrowing my blue eyes. How am I supposed to keep order with these hyperactive attention deficits? “To reiterate her point, we need to focus.”

“How can we?” Dahlia asked, cutting across me once again. “This room is honestly magnificent. I’ve never been in here before. Or is this the Room of Requirement? ‘Cause that would make sense.”

“It most certainly is not,” Dominique gasped, scandalized.

The room hadn’t changed from last year, or the years previous. The ornate carpet still had splattering of inks, wine, and other various solutions. The hardwood floor had scrapes and scratches, somehow maintaining an expensive feel.

The walls were stone with various tapestries and posters hung around, like the one of Abigail Appleby, original captain and founder of the Appleby Arrows. It was signed and she was winking.

There were a wide variety of couches, chairs, and loveseats, but we rarely sat in those. And in what appeared to be a supply closet, there were the sacred, silk robes.

I was perched on the edge of the wooden table, my toned legs swaying dangerously off the side. In my hand was a quill, made of phoenix feather and over two hundred years old. In front of me was color coded, using parchments of green, blue, red, or yellow. There were team rosters, separate notes for different players, their stats, their dating history, or even what nail polish was going to be the official color for the week. This week’s was going to be silver.

“Can we please get back to the point of this meeting?” the caramel skinned girl, Virginia, asked. “What even is it? You haven’t told us yet. I highly doubt it’s a bloody fashion emergency, or a stupid note from a man whore. Why are we really here?”

“Um, ouch?” the golden blonde teased.

“This,” I began, holding up the scarlet writing implement and ignoring her question, “is a blood quill. Blood quills have been around since before the Sisterhood even started.”

“A sisterhood?” the golden blonde asked, scandalized. “A blood quill? At Hogwarts? Is this even legal? I—I cant.”

I stared down at the scarlet quill in my fingers. I could still imagine my fifth year, trying not to cry as the seventh years smirked down at me. They weren’t the most emotional bunch, but they did mean well.

“A lesson you will need to learn,” I told them, glancing down at my neon flashcards, “is that almost nothing we do is legal. If you can't handle that, I highly suggest you leave right now.”

As expected, no one moved, not even the blonde.

“Years 1617-1789 marked the age of the Unbreakable Vow,” I stated, pursing my full lips. “This practice was outlawed, by the Sisterhood, due to the claim of being ‘positively barbaric.’ It led to the untimely death of several Sisters, which we don’t wish to go through again.”

There were murmured agreements.

“In a few moments I will pass out the sacred document, and you can either sign it or leave now. If you choose to enter the Sisterhood and write down your name, the effect will begin immediately and on the back of your neck.”

I took a deep breath, before unraveling the rainbow piece of parchment that had been haunting my nightmares for the entire summer. For the first act of my Presidency, I had decided to do things a little differently.

I passed around a scroll to everyone.

The Sisterhood of Certa Viriliter was first founded in 1453 after the fall of Constantinople, otherwise known as the pivot-point of history. Sister Agnes would like to recognize all of her Greek relatives who died in this horrific conquer, and wishes them well in the afterlife. Sister Margery requests that we pursue onwards and do not waste time with such insignificant matters. I, Sister Annabeth, always thought that Sister Margery was a bit of an insensitive trollop.

The Sisterhood has been formed to fight against the many struggles in our lives, including and especially the idea that women cannot do as well as men. Currently, there are three Sisters on quidditch teams for Hogwarts. Sister Agnes is Gryffindor, Sister Annabeth is Ravenclaw, and Sister Margery is Slytherin. We have banded together, despite our differences, to fight the common enemy: men.

Sister Margery would like to take the time to congratulate herself on being the first ever female on the Slytherin quidditch team, however Sister Agnes points out that her brother is captain and that must have something to do with it. Sister Margery is oddly quiet after this, before deciding that it definitely doesn’t. Sister Annabeth is rolling her eyes, and would like to add in that she has been on the house team for two years now without the aided help of family. Sister Margery silencio’d her. Sisters Margery and Agnes have high-fived, apparently agreeing on something for once in their lives. Sister Annabeth is not amused, and wishes she could tell them so, verbally.

The Sisterhood of Certa Viriliter would like to mention that their motto “fight like a man” has nothing to do with the idea that men are more powerful, because they are not, and more that ‘giggling girls’ don’t have much fight in them at all and we wish not to be associated. The Sisters would also like to take the time to create an elaborate list of rules the Sisterhood must follow. Or else, Sister Margery adds.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Margery:

This document is for Sisterhood eyes only. Failure to comply will result in a penalty, probably of death, but not before a cruel and unusual punishment is given. Sister Margery suggests methods used by filthy muggles.

(Note from Sister Agnes: the Sisterhood does not associate muggles with being filthy)

This document is more sacred than the new Grassgrazer 150, and can only be whispered from the lips of a Sister. If any man, including relatives or significant others, gets word of this, actions will have to be taken. This will probably result in the death penalty as well. Sister Margery does not think this is a shame.

This document is so sacred, in fact, that if a sister even hints to a man about the Certa Viriliter, they shall both receive the death penalty. Sister Margery would like to point out that the Sisterhood knows all, so don’t bother trying to blur the lines or find loopholes.

This document is so, so sacred that once a Sister views it, she will never forget it. In simpler terms: once a Sister, always a Sister. If a Sister decides to leave the Sisterhood, it will be the most horrific betrayal and again result in the death penalty.

This document recognizes the lack of appeal to men, but even more so the disgust of a man who does not play quidditch. This, of course, means that a Sister must never marry unless said man plays quidditch, and even more acceptably, if he plays well.

This document took quite the arguments to produce, and therefore if something happens it will be a great disappointment. However, if the document is ruined, this rule won’t mean much anyway.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Agnes:

This document is legally and morally binding, however Sister Agnes would like to stress that any and all rules from Sister Margery may be adjusted to potentially save lives. The Sisterhood does not want another lawsuit on their hands.

This document not only recognizes how absolutely brilliant quidditch is, it recognizes how disturbing life without quidditch would be. If a Sister quits quidditch, she is completely banished from the Sisterhood and will be written out of all memories, forever. Due to the sheer idiocy that comes with quitting quidditch, she may suffer the death penalty, be tortured, or sent to therapy.

This document stresses the idea of family, especially a quidditch playing family. Sisterhood means family, and family means no one gets left behind.

This document orders that the Sisterhood must meet at least once a week, but is not limited to only once a week. In fact, it would be quite nice to catch up with other Sisters multiple times instead of having to wait.

This document also orders that there is to be a required, mandatory Tea Party for the Sisterhood once a month. Absence is not allowed, and will result in either suspension or expulsion. There is a dress code, and a Sister must wear either a dress or a skirt. After all, we are ladies, and we have appearances to uphold. No gentlemen allowed, no matter how flattering or trustable they are.

This document states that there is never a dull moment for the Sisterhood. This document also never lies. Make your Sisterhood proud. Be proud.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Annabeth:

This document outlines that in order to become a Sister, you must actually be a member of a Hogwarts quidditch team and not a manager, water girl, or cheerleader. To qualify as a member, you must play in actual matches. We do not need reserve players.

This document recognizes how unrealistic some Sisters can be, and allots that you may miss a Tea Party for illness, death, or anything else approved by Sisters. However, lying is not tolerated, and punishments will be made accordingly.

This document has decided to place upon you the task of choosing a new President each year, or until said President graduates. There will be an honest vote, no cheating, and it must be unanimous. Possible candidates may not compete, they must be chosen. The document will know who cheats. The Sisterhood knows all.

This document states that you are in the Sisterhood for life. Graduation is just a word, and graduating from Hogwarts is just a phrase. Once a Sister, always a Sister, unless an act of crime against the Sisterhood is committed.

This document agrees with the idea of blood sisters. The Sisterhood must be cemented into your veins till death do you part. It’s like marriage, but better, because we all play quidditch.

This document wants to acknowledge that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There is never a dull moment in the Sisterhood, and therefore never in a Sister. Create memories and play quidditch.

This document enforces spicing things up.

This document allots more rules over time.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Beatrice, 1455:

This document would like to say that accepting alumni money is allowed, and even encouraged. We’ve got to get funding for our extravagant tastes somehow, after all.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Lenore, 1530:

This document would like to officially ban all female quidditch players under the age of 5th year from the Sisterhood. They clearly can't handle the pressure, and our members have been dropping like flies. All sisters are in agreement.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Esther, 1617:

This document realizes the importance of becoming blood sisters, however it has found a new alternative. The scars on a Sister’s hand make it rather hard to keep the secrecy. Therefore, we have decided to use an Unbreakable Vow. Most Sisters are in agreement.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Vanessa, 1650:

This document states that in order to be officially banned from the Sisterhood, a serious crime has to be committed. This does not include stealing a Sister’s boyfriend, however, that should result in punishment and suspension.

This document would also like to stress that a Sister should never steal another Sister’s boyfriend, especially if said boyfriend doesn’t even play quidditch. Clearly he is not worth it, and a man should never come between Sisters.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Dorothy, 1680:

This document would like to announce the unfair age requirement just passed. According to the Ministry of Magic, it is deemed ‘unacceptable’ to play quidditch for girls year 4th and under. Apparently, we’ve been taking the Minister’s sons spots. It is complete bollocks, but for now the Sisterhood will stay 5th and up.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Talia, 1710:

This document now has an equal matter of protection. The Sisterhood of 1712 has come up with an enchantment to make the sacred meeting room hidden. If a Sister comes into the room, she will see everything. If someone outside of the sisterhood peaks into the room, it will be a disgusting broom closet. Only potential sisters may enter with the Sisterhood.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Alexandra, 1722:

This document stresses the importance of appearance. A Sister must always look her best and to do this, we have been generously donated dress robes from Malkin Couture, as Margaret Malkin is a Sister herself. Sisters wear silver, and the President wears Gold. Sister Alexandra would like to point out that the colors have nothing to do with either Slytherin or Gryffindor house, because Hufflepuff is clearly the best.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Pandora, 1789:

This document has decided to go in a new direction to maintain the secrecy. Haven just lost three Sisters tragically; the Unbreakable Vow will no longer be practiced. Instead, the blood quill will move to the position of the back of a Sister’s neck. All Sisters are in agreement.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Chelsea, 1890:

This document informs you all that it has been decided, due to many sisterly complaints, to allow husbands in on the Sisterhood. This does not mean that they can attend meetings, or even know what goes on in said meetings, but they can be aware that the Sisterhood exists. If they leak it, they shall be punished. I think Crucio would suffice.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Jennifer, 2025:

This document announces the decision of the Sisterhood of 2025 terminating fifth years from joining. We feel it might benefit the Sisterhood for a year, and apparently there are reasons but Sister Haley did not wish to disclose them.

The Rules of the Sisterhood According to Olivia, 2025:

This document announces that as of next year, fifth years will be allowed once more. It was pointless to not include them, as fifth years have just as much experience as sixth. Sister Addison learned this when her boyfriend left her for a fifth year for that very reason. Julia Richards will forever be shunned. All Sisters in agreement.

“As President, I suppose I’m first,” I announced, and everyone stared at me without blinking. This was bound to be a painful experience, as it always was, and I knew better than to prolong the experience. “Leave now or forever hold your peace.”

I slowly picked up the quill, wincing as I placed it onto the parchment.

Allesandra Williams

The words carved themselves into the back of my neck slowly and precisely, where I had already written it merely twice before. Tears pricked at my eyes, and I shut them tight. The pain would eventually subside. It always did.

Eventually, everyone followed suit.

Dominique Delacour-Weasley

Florence Washington

Edith Nott

Annaleigh Finnegan

Virginia Johnson

Primrose Chang

Dahlia Chang

“Welcome,” I smiled, “to the Sisterhood of Certa Viriliter. As President of the Sisterhood of 2026, I have given you each a new task. What we do, Sisters, is spice up the competition. Please open up your folders and read the background information for the next meeting.”

Author's Note:

I would like to say thank you to whoever read this. I've been toying with the idea of a quidditch sisterhood for a while now, and finally decided to go for it! I know it seems like there were a lot of rules and you probably didn't read them all, but if you did, I love you. They will play an important role in the future.

This is just the introduction, so get ready for quidditch, hilarity, and plenty of boys (James Sirius Potter especially)

Love you all,

Anything that looks familiar, I do not own, although I really wish I did

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