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If She Could Turn Back Time by luvdobby26
Chapter 1 : The Nightmare
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A flash of hope, a jolt of joy and then the call of death.

The small girl ran through the immense forest, dodging branches, jumping roots, looking behind her every few minutes, worry etched upon her rosy, innocent face. Her red curls swayed behind her, becoming more tangled as she ran through the wood, and her hazel eyes glistened with tears, filled to the brim with worry and fear.

There it was again, the same call. The call of death. She didn’t know whether it was an injured animal calling out for salvation or her imagination, but whatever it was, it was something sinister, calling out for her to run. And she did. She ran through the vast wood, tears blurring her eyes but she refused to let them fall. All she wanted was some light. All she yearned for was light.

An owl called from somewhere above, she heard a sinister hiss, saw a shadow move in the distance but she never stopped running.

The hiss was the trees, swaying in the slight wind, calling out to her, screeching to her, telling her to run, breathing in her ear...

She finally saw some light. A clearing in the distance where light shone through the gap in the trees.

She ran forward, hungry for light. She had been in the darkness for too long.

She ran fast, everything around her seemed to be spinning, becoming disoriented, making her feel dizzy, but she ran on, not daring to stop. The trees started to thin out and then there she was, standing on the long, dew covered grass, light pouring into the clearing around her.

She walked on, stopping by a tree stump slightly damp from the rain the night before, and sat down. The deafening calling had stopped. Everything stopped.


Only the hissing of the trees could be heard, but that too was getting quieter and quieter with every second until it was no more.

The little girl looked around cautiously, breathing as quietly as possible, trying to make out another sound that would distract her from her thoughts. But there was nothing.


Everything seemed to stop working. Her senses, her limbs. Everything.Her eyes only saw one thing. A flower, slightly withered, broken and battered but beautiful all the same. She focused on it, watching it sway gently in the breeze and then that’s all she saw, all she knew. Nothing else mattered now, nothing else existed. All she knew was she had to get that flower, she had to rescue it from this sinister, dieing forest.


She stood up, her eyes still resting on the flower, and moved towards it, her small, soft hand out stretched. The little girl bent down, brushing a stray hair from her face, and picked it, holding it on her out stretched palm, admiring it’s broken beauty.

Suddenly everything felt cold, everything became dark and the wind started to howl. The trees, calling louder than ever, swayed, hissing to her, screeching. She screamed out as a dark shape swooped down, almost hitting her head with it's long, sharp claws. She heard a screech, saw a pair of sinister, watchful eyes as it flew back up again, into the trees where it sat and watched.

She looked around with worry and fear and ran on, haunted by terror and panic.

The rain started to pour; hard, cold heavy drops pelted down from the clouded sky, soaking her emerald green dress she had been forbidden to get dirty. She splashed through the muddy puddles, not knowing nor caring where she would end up. All she knew was she had to get away.

In her haste and panic, she dropped the flower somewhere on the dark forest path where it lay as the droplets of rain poured down, destroying it even more, killing the once beautiful, now broken petals.

Once again everything felt disoriented, confusing the little girl. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. It felt as if the world was spinning, or she was in her own little bubble, but maybe that’s what nightmares were.

What was happing? Where should she go? She just wanted to wake up.

And then everything drew to halt, like the whole world had stopped breathing.



She felt her eyes flutter open, felt the warmth of the soft duvet, saw the light shine through the window and heard the scream of Lily Evans.

A/N I hope you liked it. If you did, please, please leave a review and let me know what you think, it only takes a second. :) 
I know it may be a little confusing, but thats what nightmares are. But I promise it'll all become clearing as the story develops :)  


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