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Lily Evans; 1st Year Prodigy by LyricalDancer
Chapter 1 : The First Encounter
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                “Kings Cross Station, here we go!” My never ending embarrassment began with that simple sentence as we hopped out of our little car. My mother had been the one to do the honors this time. Petunia just shook her short bob of hair at my parents, and quickly looked anywhere but them as a group of boys around her young age of thirteen passed by. Ever the sweetheart my sister. I grabbed the nearest trolley I saw when we walked through the entrance way to the station, and helped my dad load everything onto it.




                  I was to be going into my first year at Hogwarts; School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Very excited, I made my way to were the entrance should be, and found nothing but a brick wall. My family had already left upon my protests that I could find it myself, and the train to which I had a ticket was no in existence. I sat down on the nearest bench and cried into my hands. It was a childish action, but when you’re eleven, I think it was okay.




             Suddenly, I felt a presence next to me on my little bench, and looked up tearfully. “Are you lost sweetheart?” The red headed woman asked me kindly. I shook my head no. Because I wasn't lost, my platform just didn't exist.




              “I can’t seem to find Platform 9 ¾ .” I responded, who cares if she thinks I’m nuts for asking such a crazy question. If she could help me I would take it. Instead, she nodded understandably.




                 “I see, it was lost on me my first year as well. I’m Crissy Potter; this is my husband Jake, and my son, James. This is his first year as well. Why don’t you come with us? We’ll make sure to get you there safe.” She told me and walked me over to the brick wall.




             “Try walking through it, quickly now, we don’t want it to close.” Crissy prodded me. I closed my eyes, and with all the nerve I had left in me bolted through the wall, not thinking of the consequences that could have originated from this action. When I opened them again I saw the most magnificent sight, a steaming red train and a platform filled with dozens of students of all ages bidding their parents goodbye for the school year. I turned around to see James come through next, and then both his parents.




                    “Thank you Crissy. I never told you my name. I am Lily Evans; it was a pleasure to meet the both of you.” I told her curtseying. Old habits die hard. My dreadful Aunt Imogene would not stand for it if her nieces would not curtsey before her in respect. This just made Crissy grin; no doubt at my adorable foot wobble. The adults would always tell me how cute it was.




              “It was a pleasure meeting you as well Lily. Hopefully we will see you again.” Crissy then hugged me; I was shocked but hugged her back as well. I then smiled, and shook hands with her husband Jake, and ran off to load my trunk onto the train. I abandoned the trolley and an older girl helped me pull it onto the magnificent train. I thanked her kindly, and carried on my way.


                    Once I had finally arrived at an empty compartment, I opened my trunk and pulled out one of my favorite books that I had brought along for pleasure reading. I had, of course, brought all of my books in the magically enlarged trunk I had gone the extra galleon to purchase. This book however was a classic. Alice in Wonderland By: Lewis Carrol. We’ve all read the book at some point or another right? As I got deeper into the book there was an explosion in the corridor right outside my compartment. I peeked out my door, but was immediately forced back in by a group of four rowdy boys.




                 I recognized James as one of them almost immediately and gave him my best ‘explain’ look. “Okay, so there were these Slytherins, and they had Peter here up against the wall at wand point and we had to do something, so Sirius, Remus, and I decided to take action.” James started talking. I rolled my eyes at their immaturity, boys would be boys, and then decided I would let this one slide because they had been sticking up for whoever Peter was.




                      “Hi, I am Sirius Black, it is a pleasure to meet you, and you are?” The boy with the shaggy black hair said as he reached forward to shake my hand. I shook it, but before I could respond the boy with the sandy blonde hair and slight scars on his face interrupted.




                      “Lily Evans, that’s her name I mean. I am Remus Lupin.” He said and I shook his hand as well.




                “But how did you know?” James interrupted before I could ask the same exact question.




              “Simple, I can read, you know you might want to try learning sometime. I hear it comes in handy when going to school if you know what I mean.” Remus grinned at the obvious set-up that James had so daftly fallen for. I would have to, but I was glad it was him and not myself being ridiculed. I know mean sounding right? The other three burst out laughing as James stood to pout in the corner.




                 “And who are you might I ask?” I questioned the remaining boy in question, the short and stoutly boy looked at me nervously. It was like he didn’t want me to notice he was actually there. Odd huh?




                     “This here is Peter Pettigrew, and of course you already know me don’t you Lillers?” James said arrogantly as he put his arm around my shoulders. I shrugged him off, but not before he could get many encouraging woots from his ‘friends’ I guess birds of a feather flock together if I am not mistaken.




                    “How do you know each other?” Asked Sirius, now curious and almost looking left out.


                   “Oh you know, rescue the fair maiden in distress and you get a few favors if you know what I mean.” James said arrogantly, while wiggling his eyebrows up and down suggestively. I scoffed and pushed him away from me. Boys weren't supposed to act like this until third year for gosh sake! I had been informed that they would take the trunks after all the students got off the train, so I didn’t even bother bringing my bag with me as I turned and quickly escaped from the carriage.




                      When the train ride ended, the first years loaded into the boats and were taken to the castle from the water. I quickly denied to myself and everyone there that I didn't know them as the four boys waved to me and motioned for me to come and share a boat with them, which I knew, would be unbearable, so I pretended I hadn’t saw. I instead shared a boat with a boy named Severus Snape who was a character, but seemed nice enough, and a pixie like girl with the name of Dixon Sweet. I immediately hit it off with her, and we became fast friends. Severus was sweet and tried to make conversation but was truly failing miserably. I became friends with him as well, just so it made him smile.




                By the time we arrived at the castle I was smiling so wide my mouth hurt, and the three of us had vowed that we would remain friends no matter where we were sorted into. We were then herded, quite like cattle for the slaughter, towards what the Headmaster had christened the Great Hall. Imaginative these people were, truly. *Note the sarcasm* We sat at the base of the steps of the teacher’s table, and were called up one by one to try on the hat.


                   Severus was sorted to Slytherin, and Dixon and I were both sorted into Gryffindor. We waved goodbye to him as the three of us headed off to our two respectable tables. When it came time to retire for the night, Dixon and I picked the beds the farthest into the five bed room, and the ones right next to each other, and you know what? It felt like home.


A.N. Hey Everyone, I was just speaking with the review box, and he feels a little lonely, so give him some love, and pay him a visit. I promise it doesn't take too long, and you'll become fast friends! :)

LyricalDancer (Rina)


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