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The Dream Barrier by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 23 : The Cure For Boredom - Part Two
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 “I managed to get us some vodka!” Shrieked Alice as she waved the litre bottle in the air.


“I got some fire whiskey,” I volunteered, holding up my bottle, which didn’t seem nearly as big as Alice’s.


“Well I got some mixer, and some muggle shot stuff,” Lily said. “So I think that we are set for drink tonight for sure!” She had a huge grin on her face. This was going to be a good night.


“Well I got us some food,” Leigh smiled. “Because with the amount of drink we have here we’ll die without it! Am I right?”


She was so right, we all laughed, it was as though we had been drinking already, we were just so excited. We were sneaking out and skinny dipping- well maybe underwear dipping, we weren’t sure yet- in the black lake tonight! It was going to be so fun! But at the same time… I knew that what we were doing was wrong, I was just pushing it to the back of my mind. If James or Sirius found out they would kill us. Well mostly Lily and I – the other two were completely oblivious. And if Remus ever found out that we had put ourselves in danger when he had been out and not in control of himself… well he would be terrified. He would probably hate himself. Leigh didn’t know about his condition- which was completely his decision. And Alice was as oblivious as always, so really Lily and I should be stopping this.


But Lily was determined that we had to do something drastic. And she wanted us to do it tonight. So I was being a bit of a sheep, a sheep that was terrified that we were going to upset the wolf… literally.


But it was seventh year, and I didn’t want to ruin the girls’ fun.  And honestly it was going to be so much fun! I just wished that we had planned it on another, less dangerous, night. Too late for silly thoughts like that now though, I was going through with this even if the girls had to carry me down and throw me in the lake (something which Lily had promised to do if I tried to back out).


So we all sat around in the heads dorms bottles littered around us and cups in our hands. We were playing a game of never have I ever. It was actually hilarious. At the moment we were all catching Lily out so that she would have to drink ever more. I had been a bit sensible, stopping drinking about an hour ago and just not telling the girls. I was being a worry witch and I knew it. But I couldn’t bring myself to care. What we were doing was so dangerous. It was pretty dangerous normally, but under these circumstances? Let’s just say I really hoped that James wasn’t going to catch us. I pushed it out of my mind and focused on what we were doing.


“Okay,” Alice started, waving her vodka lemonade in the air. “Never have I ever, been caught in a broom closet with a boy.” She squealed, giggling as Lily, Leigh and I all had to drink. Alice was a little bit of a pro at this game, I was grateful that I had switched my drinks, otherwise I would probably be as bad as she was right now. I looked around the circle, I was the only person who was even borderline sober. They had spilled drinks over themselves, make up was smudged and hair was in disarray. Maybe a little midnight dip would do them well, sober them up a bit.


“You guy’s are such sluts!” Alice giggled, taking the last gulp of her drink and rolling about on the floor a bit.


“Are not!” Leigh claimed, her tone feisty. “You know fine well you’d be doing the exact same thing if Frank was here!”


“Yeah!” Lily agreed, pushing her hair back out of her face, mock glaring at her friend. “Plus, I noticed you said ‘got caught’ in a broom closet- not that you’ve never been in that situation.” Lily looked so proud of her logic. We all burst out laughing again. Everything was hilarious. I looked at Alice and the indignant look on the face.


“She has got you there, Al,” I giggled, trying to regain composure. “Okay, my go, my go!” I demanded, but my mind was coming up blank. “Uh, never have I ever had a crush on James Potter..?” I said, trailing off towards the end making it a question. Leigh let out a taunt about that being a lame never have I ever, but Lily, and surprisingly Alice, took a drink.


“Alice had a crush on James?!” I asked, my voice going up around four octaves. Alice’s face was bright red and she looked incredibly embarrassed.


“It was third year okay?” She said. “Everyone had a crush on James at that point.” She looked down at the floor, clearly hoping that a big deal wasn’t going to be made out of this. I looked at Lily, she was bighting her lip, her eyes filled with mirth. I let the corners of my mouth twitch and the two of us were off, howling about how we couldn’t believe she had ever fancied James.


Alice glowered at the pair of us and Leigh just shook her head, amused by the lot of us.


“Whatever,” Alice grumbled, shooting daggers at Lily. “Never have I ever been caught doing stuff in the boys’ dorm with James Potter!” She said, effectively shutting Lily up.


“Alice!” Lily yelped, shocked.


“Eww!” I squealed putting my hands over my ears, “Not something I needed to know.”


“How did you know!” Lily asked shocked, looking at their friend.


“Leigh told me, apparently Remus is a bit of a loud mouth… not as loud as you were being though!” She squealed. I started squealing ‘ew’ over and over again, my hands over my ears. Lily threw a pillow at Alice, laughing a little, shouting about how she wasn’t that bloody loud. Alice was positively pissed herself laughing and Leigh was rolling about on the floor watching us all as though we were the funniest sitcom she’d ever watched.


We all settled down a little, giggling still coming from all of us.


“Can’t believe you’re such a loud mouth Alice,” Lily said, shoving her lightly on the shoulder. “DON’T make a joke about me being the loud one.” Lily said when Alice opened her mouth to retaliate.


That just set Alice, Leigh and I off again in hysterical laughter. It was so gross, yet so funny.


“Okay, okay!” I said, getting the girls attention after another moment of giggling, we were all sufficiently drunk- well the others were, I was still coherent thanks to my decision to stop drinking. “I think its time for us to head down to the lake girlies!” I said, a little excited about the idea now. I knew what could happen but there was no point in worrying about it. What were the chances that we would just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? They were slim to none, so I was just going to enjoy myself. and my attempt to believe that I was justified.


Quite frankly I have no clue how we weren’t caught by a prefect or a professor while attempting to get out of the school. We were anything but quiet. Four drunk seventeen year olds stumbling about the corridors giggling. It would have been a sight to behold if any prefects had seen us. Lily would have probably attempted to talk our way out of it too. If we had bumped into a prefect she’d probably have managed too- not a Professor though. If we had been caught by a Professor then we would have been royally screwed.


When we stumbled out of the castle the girls completely forgot about trying to keep even remotely quiet and started bolting down to the lake. Upon contact with the cold air my drunkenness seemed to be amplified- and as the most sober of the group that made me wonder how wasted Lily, Alice and Leigh were. We all sprinted screaming down to the Black Lake, Lily started stripping off clothes as she ran, tossing them aside as she ran. Alice, Leigh and I followed suit, the four of us leaving a trail of crumbled clothes in our wake. We were providing quite the show for any student who happened to look out of their dorm window.


It didn’t cross my mind at this point that anyone might be watching us. My mind was almost blissfully buzzed. We all stumbled to a stop at the edge of the lake, fumbling with the buttons on our bottoms. I giggled, pulling mine off standing in my underwear, and looked to the other girls with me. Were we actually going to remove the rest of our clothes? Now that the moment was here it felt a little… gay? I didn’t have any sort of issue with people who were gay, but honestly, me myself and I liked men. So getting nude in front of a group of women wasn’t what I fancied doing. So instead, I acted spontaneously. I made a run at Lily and grabbed her, pushing her into the lake and jumping in myself, giggling like crazy.


Lily squealed and splashed water in my face. It was freezing. I couldn’t believe we were actually doing this. Alice and Leigh were practically wetting themselves at the side of the lake. Lily couldn’t keep up glaring at me. The situation was too amusing for all of us.  


“Alice, Leigh, get your butts in here!” I shouted over to them, my teeth chattering. It was bloody cold. The joined us in the water, Alice taking a running jump and squealing, Leigh slipping in at the side. Bore. We honestly didn’t stay in the water very long, five minutes at most. It was cold, and beer jacket or not, the water was too much. Giggling and stumbling the four of us pulled ourselves out of the water.


Alice and Leigh were shoving each other, pulling on their shirts, but I was listening. I could have sworn I heard something off in the distance. I looked across at Lily, she had stopped, completely still. She seemed scared. She was staring at me, terror painting her face. I grabbed her hand and walked over to Leigh and Alice who were blissfully unaware of the seriousness of the situation that could quickly come on us. The boys weren’t in the shack. They were out and about tonight, that was so dangerous. Remus could smell humans as a werewolf. If he was anywhere near them… he would come for them.


“Hey guys, lets get back to the castle, I’m freezing,” I said, trying to keep my voice light, needing to get out of there. The girls giggled and stumbled, they were a lot more drunk than I had realised, apparently fear of someone getting hurt made both Lily and I a lot more sober. We were about half way up the hill, back to the school when I heard it. A snarl, it wasn’t soft, not by any means, but it was distant. I panicked, and did something I really shouldn’t have. “Guys don’t ask questions, just run. Back to the castle. Now!” I all but shouted, pushing Leigh to give her a head start. She couldn’t see this, out of everyone, it was her I couldn’t let find out.


Remus would never forgive me if he lost the girl of his dreams because we did something so stupid. Lily grabbed Alice by the arm and ran. “Last one there doesn’t get any ice cream.” She said, making it into a game, the girls ran at that. I could hear the struggle in the distance. I knew that it was starting to be more obvious, as were the looks of distress on both mine and Lily’s face. Alice and Leigh were starting to pick up that something was wrong. Something was very, very, wrong.


It was Leigh who saw him first. The exact opposite of what I wanted, we were just passing the womping willow, I only knew that it was her who saw it first because she was the first one to start screaming, and falling over. Lily and I tried to get her up, but it was too late. Moony was bounding towards us. Honestly, I hadn’t ever thought this might actually happen, I thought that Sirius was over protective and silly, but not that we might actually put ourselves in this level of danger. How could I have been so stupid? Let peer pressure take over. Moony was so close now, my legs gave out under me, as the screams of myself and the girls rang out.


Then they arrived, the beautiful stag and dog who I knew could save us. I watched as James and Sirius changed the werewolves path. My legs were shaking, but I knew we had to move, and fast. The boys got Remus off into the trees. “Go, now.” I hissed at the girls. “We have to get out of here now!” I said. That was when I saw Sirius emerge out of the trees, running towards us. It wasn’t until right now that I realised that I was only in my underwear. He had a shirt in his hand. He looked livid. Arrive at us he grabbed me by my arm roughly and started dragging me up to the castle. “Move it, all of you. Now.” He said, his voice low, serious and quite clearly furious. Lily and I looked at the ground and scurried back up to the castle, Alice was shaking violently, and it wasn’t just from fear. Leigh, however was sobbing hysterically. That was the only noise that followed us up to the castle.


“Lily take them back up to the heads common room. James says to go to bed, he wants to talk to you in the morning.” Sirius snapped, his tone curt and not exactly polite. He didn’t let go of my arm, gripping it more tightly when I tried to go with the girls.


“What about Kirs-“ Lily started.


“She’ll be up in a minute.” He cut her off, his voice not to be questioned. Lily glanced at me, but I just nodded her on. The girls rounded the corner and Sirius handed me his shirt. “Put it on.” He demanded. I did as I was told, the shirt covering me down to my thighs.


I didn’t know what to do. He was livid, I could tell. I looked up at him, still soaking wet from the lake, grass stains and a few cuts on my legs from scrambling back to the castle. I didn’t know what he wanted. Then his lips captured mine. It was hard and rough, filled with months of longing, needing. My arms automatically wrapped around his neck, pressing myself up as close to him as I possibly could.


He was over much quicker than I ever wanted it to be. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Go straight up to Lily, and Merlin help you if you don’t.” He said, his voice serious. I just nodded. I was star struck. The last ten minutes were so completely surreal. We had almost been attacked by a werewolf…. We could have been killed. And now I had to go and explain what had happened to a drunk Alice and Leigh.


But somewhere in my mind it all seemed like it was worth it. Because Sirius Black just kissed me. 

A/N- Wow... hi guys. I know, it has been a while... a long while. Honestly I have no excuse. It was my first year of university, I was out having a good time, meeting new people, I also was at the point in the story I wanted to be. And I couldn't for the life of me get it right! This chapter is no where near as good as I want it to be. It's awful compared to how good I wanted it. But I felt like you have waited long enough. So here it is. And I hope that the end of that chapter made it worth the wait. Please drop me a review and let me know what you think. People reviewing and wanting more is what pushes me to post! I love everyone who is still with me! - Kirsty xxxx

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