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The Properties of a Rose by RupertsPheonix
Chapter 26 : Part Twenty Six
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Part Twenty Six

The Quidditch match was enthralling, even for someone who isn’t a sports enthusiast.  Albus made some incredible passes and scores for Gryffindor, leading to a fifty-point lead on Ravenclaw created by Al alone, which Scorpius couldn’t stop raving about.  (“That’s better than any of my chasers have done in all seven years here!” and “I can’t believe he made that pass!”)


But the best part of the match wasn’t the sport itself; Scorpius and Hugo were getting along really well, and I knew that was a huge step in getting my family to feel better about our relationship.  As much of an oddball as Hugo could be, my parents adored him and trusted his judgment.  I’m sure with the help of Albus and Louis, Hugo could convince my dad that Scorpius wasn’t a bad guy.


And Scorpius totally covered for me when Hugo brought up the Gobstones Club.  He’d asked if I’d ever given Scorpius the information on the Hogwarts’ chapter of Gobstones, and Scorpius blinked for a minute and then said smoothly, “Yeah, actually, but I just don’t have the time to properly dedicate to the club.  I didn’t think you’d want anyone who couldn’t truly devote to it.”  Hugo seemed content with that answer, and they’d gone right on talking about other various things—why they enjoyed wizards’ chess and what subjects they liked most.


Scorpius was proving to be an absolutely wonderful boyfriend.  I made note to thank him later.


After the win was declared for Gryffindor, Scorpius practically dragged me by the hand down to the field.  He found Albus right away and gave him a congratulatory punch on the shoulder.


“Good match, mate,” my boyfriend said enthusiastically.  “Have you thought about playing professionally?  My dad has a few contacts on the Ballycastle Bats, if you’re interested.”


Albus looked fit to burst with excitement.


I stepped away from the boys and let them have their Quidditch talk.  Instead, I turned to Lily and Roxanne to give them celebratory hugs.



Scorpius and I were lounging on the plaid sofa in his hidden room near the dungeons.  He was sitting up in the left corner, and I was laid out on the sofa, my head in his lap as he ran his fingers through my long, curly tresses. It wasn’t long after my meeting with Longbottom and Louis that I’d scrambled down to the dungeons to meet Scorpius.  The Herbology professor had wanted Louis and me to help him plan the Gobstones Club’s first trip to go to a tournament with another school.  We’d been given pamphlets to read about other schools that offered such tournaments in the spring term.  Somehow, I felt this was all my brother’s doing.


Scorpius cleared his throat as I paged through the pamphlets.  I craned my neck to look at him.


He looked mildly uncomfortable.  “Mum says she’d love to meet your parents at the St Mungo’s party.”


I smiled.  “Good, my mum will be happy to hear that.”  I wasn’t sure why he seemed so put off by this information.


“But she also wants your family to know that my grandparents are planning on attending.”




I blinked.  “So are mine… Maybe so many people will be there that they won’t spot each other,” I offered.


Scorpius gave me a look that clearly said I was being way too hopeful.


“She also said that the Zambinis will be there.”


“Damn it.”


His thin lips were in a tight frown.  I sat up to face him and put my hands on his shoulders.


“It’ll be fine.  They’ve all had to endure seeing each other at Kings’ Cross or in Diagon Alley before, and this shouldn’t be any different.”


He shrugged and turned to look away, but I grabbed his jaw and directed his face back to me.


“I mean it, Scorpius, it’ll be fine.”  With one last look of determination, I leant in and kissed him squarely on the mouth.  This seemed to be all the persuasion he needed to drop the subject.


He turned slightly, pulled me closer, and deepened the kiss.  It wasn’t long before I was feeling very breathless.  As I pulled away to get more air, Scorpius began peppering kisses along my neck and collarbone; I sighed contently.


He pulled away from my neck to capture my lips again, and I responded without hesitation.  As I granted his tongue entrance into my mouth, I felt him slip a hand under my jumper.  The feeling of his hands, slightly rough from Quidditch practices, on my back was surreal.  I never really felt this way about any boy before, and I had always told them to knock it off when they tried to get underneath my clothing.  But Scorpius was different—he wasn’t taking advantage, and we’d been dating for a while, and he wasn’t at all pushy.  He was just… Scorpius: a good kisser and an even better boyfriend.  I trusted him.


He started to pull my jumper up, but pulled away to look at me with those grey eyes clouded with what I could only assume was lust.  “Is this okay?”


I nodded, speechless.  I wanted to tell him that it was more than just okay, that it was perfectly and totally okay, but I didn’t trust myself to speak.


“You’re sure?”


I nodded again, and he pulled the jumper up and over my head, and tossed it on the floor beside the sofa.  He was looking at my torso in a way no boy had ever looked at me before.


He put a hand on my ribcage, and I could’ve sworn his touch felt lightening hot.  His grey eyes darted up to meet my gaze, and he said, his voice barely more than a whisper, “You are so beautiful, Rose.”


I felt the Weasley-red shade appearing on my face.  I bit my lip tentatively, and then bent to kiss him again.


He pushed me backward, onto the plaid sofa, and climbed on top of me, hands feeling up and down my side as he kissed me more fervently than he had ever before.  I finally gained enough confidence to yank at the bottom of his white T-shirt.  He immediately pulled out of our kiss and jerked it over his head, tossing it on the floor with my previously abandoned jumper.


It was my turn to gawk at him.  He was so fit and trim.  He had ridges in his stomach and abdomen muscles, and his arms and shoulders seemed bigger than they did when they were wrapped in constricting clothes.  I was suddenly and wholly becoming a fan of Quidditch and all that the sport had done for my boyfriend’s extremely fit body.  I ran a hand up and down one of his arms, and he leaned back down to kiss me again.


When our stomachs touched, I thought my skin might actually be on fire.


And when Scorpius reached around my back to unhook my bra, I let him.  I’d never let myself be so vulnerable before, even around him, and I could tell he was proceeding with caution.


“We’re not moving too fast are we?” he asked, looking almost angry with himself for asking in the first place.


I shook my head.  “I’ll tell you if we are.”


He seemed content with this answer and dipped his head to kiss me again, running a masculine hand over my torso with confidence.



A/N: I am so sorry for the extremely long wait.  School and wedding planning and life has gotten in the way of getting updates to you, not to mention my laptop completely crashing and having to rewrite this chapter and all the way to chapter 29, which is where I was before the lovely downfall of Lola, my laptop.


Anyway, thank you for the reads (and hopefully reviews).  I hope this chapter made up for some of the long, long wait.





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