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The Crystal of Sayan by clari_tries_writing
Chapter 17 : Chapter 14
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  Chapter 14

Harry scanned the Great Hall anxiously, looking down at all the students from his position at the Teacher's Table. However he could not see his daughter amongst the pupils tucking into their Halloween feast.

'Are you ok?' Ginny asked, noticing Harry's preoccupation and the way he was not eating his food.

'Yeah, I'm just trying to find Ollie, I can't see her' he replied

'She's probably at the back of the hall with Jon, Phoenix and the rest of the 7th years' Ginny replied, before having another mouthful of pumpkin pie.

Harry just nodded at continued to push his uneaten pie around his plate.

'Professor Potter'


'The black haired man in question turned his head and noticed a group of Gryffindors with their head of house, Professor Longbottom, beckoning him over.

'Professor, Ollie's missing, have you seen her?' Phoenix asked quickly once they had got the defence against the dark art teacher's attention

'Not since before the feast when she told me that she had sent off her applications to Healer School' Harry replied. 'I thought she headed back to the Gryffindor Common room to get ready for the feast.'

'She didn't come back to the dormitory professor' Maisie, one of Ollie's dorm mates, and the person who took the longest to get ready, reported. 'I was there all afternoon and she never came back after she finished proof reading her applications'

'I walked with her up to the Owlery to sent Bluebell off with them' Jon stated 'but then I came back to the common room when she said that she wanted to go and see you'

'-but she didn't come back to the common room afterwards' Archie another 7th year supplied

'It seems Harry, that you were the last person to see Ollie' Professor Longbottom stated. 'Do you have any idea where she could be?'

Harry shook his head. He had not a clue where his daughter could have run off to in her anger. He just hoped that she had stayed in the castle.

'Maybe she went to the war memorial' Heather suggested, remembering where her friend had spent Halloween in their 3rd year, when her father had been away.

'She went there this morning' Harry said.

'If she missed the feast, then she could be in the kitchens' Ellie, Maisie's best friend and the resident Gryffindor gossip, suggested.

'Why don't we all split up and look for her?' Heather suggested, assuming her role as Head Girl.

'Good idea Heather' Professor Longbottom stated. 'Why don't you go and visit Hagrid and see if she is somewhere in the grounds, Maisie and Ellie, the bathrooms and lower corridors, Archie and Dylan, the kitchens and the classrooms, Phoenix-'

'-I'll take the common room and ask the portraits' the girl in question interrupted.

'Which means Jon-'

'-I have everywhere else including the towers' Jon finished.

'Professor Potter and I will also look'

'You all know how to produce a patronus?' Harry asked,

'Yes Professor' they chorused

'Then sent one when you find her, to let the rest of us know'

With that the 7th year Gryffindors headed off to the four corners of the castle looking for their friend. They were not particularly worried about her, they knew Ollie could take care of herself but it was a bit odd that none of them had seen her.

'You know what would be really helpful' Professor Longbottom commented to his old friend as they watched the 7th years leave the great hall 'that old map of yours'

'I'm afraid Teddy has the map' Harry replied 'but I can go and get it off him, good idea Nev' he called out before running in the direction of the Gryffindor tower, hoping to gain a glimpse of his daughter on the way.



Ollie stared out over the Hogwarts grounds which were visible in the moonlight. From where she was sitting, at the top of the old abandoned astronomy tower, she could see right over the castle, over the grounds, past the quidditch pitch over to the black lake, which was currently reflecting the stars off its still surface (the giant squid was obviously having a night off).

She did not know how long she had been sitting there on the old stone floor, but she had watched the sun set and the moon appear and now her stomach was rumbling loudly, meaning that she had definitely missed the feast. There was a gust of cold wing which made her shiver and pull her thin school robe, that was getting a bit small, tighter around her as he teeth chattered. It was times like this when she really wished she was like Hermione, always prepared for anything and carried a magic blue fire in a jar in her pocket. Ollie knew that she should probably head back to the Gryffindor tower, knowing that everyone would have noticed her absence by now, but she just did not want to face them, not until she had sorted out everything she had just found out.

She reached into her pocket and with her nearly numb fingers, felt the edges of the piece of parchment she had discovered on her father's desk. Ollie could not believe that her Dad had discovered her mother's identity and had then kept it secret from her, having no plans to actually tell her about it. She knew she had said some hurtful things to him but she was not sorry, not in the slightest and she was still fuming.

She carefully extracted the photo, which came with the parchment, from her pocket and looking closely at it, she caught sight of a familiar pendent peeking out from beneath the young woman's blouse. Instinctively she reached for the same pendent which she wore around her neck under her school shirt. Ollie was now happy she had proof that her beloved pendent, the only link she had to her real parents, had actually been her mothers, it hadn't just been the nuns making things up. Her mysterious mother now also had a name.

Katerina Alexandrovna Volkova, Ollie mused. An impressive name, almost as complicated as hers! However she also wondered how a woman, whose name sounded distinctly Russian, was doing in the south of France and how she had met the infamous Sirius Black, who at the time was meant to be on the run. Ollie also wondered what the missing, which had been scrawled on the back of the parchment, meant and why was she born in an orphanage. She had so many new unanswered questions and she could find out the answers. Ollie sighed, leaning back against the cold stone wall as she tried to keep the feeling in her limbs, telling herself that she should be thankful that she had actually discovered who her mother was. Suddenly she heard footsteps coming up behind her. Ollie quickly whipped out her wand using her quidditch honed reflexes and jumped to her feet, pointing her wand in the direction of the person who was standing in the shadows.

'Oh, it's you' she stated as a face came into view.



Jon knew that as a quidditch player, he shouldn't be this out of breath as panted heavily after running up three flights of stairs. He knew he had drawn the short straw, searching all the towers which were all spread out. As he came down from another empty tower, he was beginning to give up hope that Ollie was somewhere in one of the school's towers.

'Have you tried the astronomy tower?' came a voice down the corridor. Jon snapped his head around trying to work out who was talking to him. He then caught sight of Professor Swann, the transfiguration teacher at the end of the corridor.

'Yes Professor' he replied

'I mean Mr Wood, have you searched the old Astronomy tower?' the professor asked, raising an eyebrow and giving Jon a knowing but slightly mysterious smile.

' you don't really think she would be up there?' Jon asked 'Isn't it meant to be haunted?'

'What better place to be on Halloween' Professor Swann replied 'good luck in your search' she added before continuing to walk down the corridor.

Summoning his Gryffindor courage, Jon headed towards the old astronomy tower, the tallest tower in Hogwarts castle. No one ever came up there since it always seemed like it was permanently dark and cold. During the repair work on the castle after the war a new astronomy tower was built on the other side of the castle as people could not bear going up to the tower from which Dumbledore, undoubtedly the greatest wizard of the last century, had fallen to his death.

He slowly climbed up the spiral stair case which led up to the top of the tower and stopped at the top as he caught sight of his friend sitting with her knees tucked up close to her chest, staring out into the distance.

'I've found her, don't worry' he whispered as his peregrine patronus flew out of the tower, top alert the other searchers that he had found the missing girl. He then pocketed his wand and headed towards Ollie, only to find her wand pointed in his face. Jon cursed quietly to himself, forgetting Ollie's lightning quick reflexes and her defence mechanism which had been honed since she could hold a wand. He put his arms in the air and stepped out if the shadows.



'Oh it's you' Ollie stated, slowly lowering her wand

'We've all been looking for you' Jon said 'we were all really worried when you did not turn up to the feast'

'Did my father put you up to this?'

'Well he is looking for you as well' Jon replied, wondering why Ollie sounded so bitter. He looked closely at his friend and could see tear tracks illuminated by the moonlight running down her face. 'What's the matter?' he asked, approaching Ollie slowly. 'Ollie, please tell me, I hate seeing you like this'

'I'm so stupid' she cried

'No you're not'

'Everyone I trust seems to betray me'

Well you trust me, don't you Ollie?' Jon asked, taking another step towards his friend. 'And I haven't betrayed you?' Ollie shook her head. 'And neither had Phoenix or ...'

'-It's my Dad' she cried 'and Austin'

'What about them?' Jon asked, taking another cautious step and then wrapping his arms around her shaking form. 'What happened with Austin?' he asked, deciding to tackle the latter cause of Ollie's distress. He wondered what had really gone on between Ollie and the Head Boy. He knew that their relationship had been a bit shaky at the start of term but since then it seemed to going really well – well that was until they suddenly broke up.

'I was so blind' Ollie whispered into Jon's shoulder 'so stupid and blind! How could I have thought that he actually liked me? I mean look at me, I'm a wreck'

'No you're not' Jon stated pulling out of the hug and looking down at his small friend firmly, his blue eyes staring into her violet earnestly. 'You're Ollie Potter, the smartest, bravest, maddest person I know'

Ollie gave a weak chuckle. 'I don't know whether to be offended or happy about that description!' she muttered

'I did mention that you are the most beautiful when you smile' he whispered, leaning towards her.

Ollie could see it coming. It wasn't that she didn't like Jon; she had always felt that they were more than just friends but she could still remember what Austin had said and what he had done. 'Look at what my father failed to tell me about' she said, thrusting the picture she had had been holding in her hand towards Jon, pushing him discreetly away.

'Who is this?' Jon asked curiously, staring at the older blonde version of the girl stood in front of him. Ollie wordless reached into her pocket and handed him the document which the picture came with photograph. Jon read it quickly, trying to work out how this could have caused so much upset between his friend, the girl he had almost just kissed, and his defence against the dark arts teacher. 'Is this..?'

'My mother' Ollie supplied, finishing his sentence. 'Yes, I think so'

'And your Dad just discovered this, or has been keeping it a secret your whole life?'

'He discovered it just after the quidditch match'

'So just over two weeks' Jon stated. 'Maybe he was just waiting for the right time to tell you' he suggested.

'Jon, he was hiding it from me and then when I did confront him, he basically admitted that he just planned on keeping it from me for the foreseeable future'

'Um' Jon did not know what to say to that. 'It said that she, your mother, was missing, does that mean that there is a change that she is still alive?'

'She's dead' Ollie stated bluntly 'and buried in the grave yard of the church near the orphanage where I was born, she died giving birth to me'

'I'm sorry, I didn't know'

'I just want to get away from everything' she said wistfully, walking towards the edge of the tower. 'This year is mean to be my best year at school, my last fantastic year and everything seems to be going wrong' she said leaning on the old railing which went around the edge of the tower and looking up at the stars.

'Do you see up there?' Jon asked joining Ollie and pointing up to the sky.

'Where?' Ollie asked, looking up trying to see what Jon was pointing at in the ink black sky.

'That's Hercules' Jon told Ollie, pointing out the particular constellation. 'Can you see it?'

Ollie nodded, following Jon's line of sight and remembering enough of her astronomy lessons to make out the constellation of the demi god. She wondered why Jon was pointing this out to here, though she was grateful that he was taking her mind off everything.

'Well maybe you're like Hercules' Jon suggested 'you've been set all these trials but you will overcome them'

Ollie started up at the stars, twinkling innocently in the darkness. She remembered the story of the twelve trial of Hercules which she had to research for a history of magic project. 'I just hope I don't have to face twelve' she replied 'two is quite enough'

'However many trials you face, you'll come out fine' Jon said reassuringly

'How do you know that?' Ollie asked turning to face Jon

'I know you Ollie' her friend replied, putting his arms around her 'and there will always be people to help you. I'll be there'

When she looked back at what happened next, Ollie could not remember how she had Jon had ended up kissing each other. Sparks shot through her numb body as their lips met. Unconsciously instead of pulling way she leaned in closer, wrapping her arms around Jon's neck as his hands made their way from around her shoulders, down to her hips, drawing her nearer.

Suddenly as she was about to deepen the kiss further something snapped inside Ollie's mind. She was kissing Jon the same Jon who was her best friend. She did not know what was happening and she pulled away sharply. 'I'm sorry, it's just too soon' she whispered, her lips still tingling.

'I know, I shouldn't have, you're still getting over Austin-' Jon's nervous babbling was silenced by Ollie placing a finger on his lips.

'Thank you' she whispered 'Thank you for being here'

Jon drew Ollie back towards him, wrapping his strong arms around her small body as she burrowed into his embrace, relishing how warm he was in contrast to her cold body, how safe it felt to be in arms.

'I'll wait for you' Jon whispered, placing a kiss to the of Ollie's messy back curls 'I'll wait until you're ready.'


A/N: Thank you to everyone who is still reading this story and I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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