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Trying not to love you by Elenia
Chapter 13 : Chapter thirteen - No Surprise
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else that you might recognize.

Absolutely amazing CI by atellam <3


Chapter thirteen – No Surprise

“Bye girls,” I said once more before the door closed and the moment I‘d been dreading for the past few hours finally arrived.
Oh Merlin, please kill me now! I really don’t want to handle this right now. Please, I’m begging you, do something – anything – and don’t let this get awkward!
But when had Merlin ever listened to me? And even if he did, how in the world could he help me? He’s not a god, just an old, dead wizard. I’m sending my prayers into the wrong address. Maybe that’s why they never work?
“You tired?” James questioned casually, finally breaking the ice. I glanced nervously in his direction, but he hadn’t even lifted his eyes from the magazine he had been reading for the last forty minutes. Either it was really interesting or he was doing his best to act indifferent.
“No, not really,” I replied, scratching the back of my neck as I felt the need to busy myself with something.
“Oh, okay.” James nodded, falling silent again and just staring at the page spread of the Muggle movie magazine.
Stupid Vic, why did she have to ruin everything?
I wanted to blame her, but to be honest, I couldn’t do it. She had been so sorry when she realised what she had blurted. She had apologized immediately, muttering something about not meaning it the way it had sounded, to which James had replied ‘Good, because that’s was just ridiculous and wrong’, once again rubbing it in my face how he only thought of me as a sibling.
After that, their whole argument just resolved – a small miracle actually – and everything went back to normal. If you could call it that. Rosie did most of the talking from that point on as both Vic and James were oddly quiet. I kept acting like he hadn’t just broken my heart a bit more and tried to be as active in the conversation as the red-haired girl who was sitting beside me.
But now the two of them were gone and I was left alone with James and no idea how to make things normal again. Something that seemed to have become a habit lately.
I glanced around the room, desperately trying to find a subject I could start the conversation with. Finally my eyes landed on his overnight bag in the corner, near the front door.
Maybe I should talk about Kat, and make him tell me what happened with her? At least that would be something that would break the silence.
“You staying here tonight?” I questioned, still eyeing at the bag.
“Huh?” he commented, finally lifting his gaze from the magazine. “Oh, yeah. You said I could, and I really didn’t want to stay there,” he continued, nodding towards his apartment.
I tried to conjure a comforting smile on my lips. “That bad?”
“You wouldn’t believe it. Seems that ‘You can stay here until I come back’ can be interpreted as ‘By all means bring your stuff over and practically move into my flat’. Her belongings were scattered all over the place.” James groaned, dropping the magazine on his lap and burying his head in his hands before he continued to mutter, “I mean sure, I guess that’s where this is going eventually, but I didn’t want it to happen like that! I need time to let this all sink in, but apparently she’s having none of that. If it was up to her, we’d probably be married already or something.”
I flinched a bit at the word ‘married’; I definitely didn’t want to picture that yet or ever as a matter a fact. There really was no need for them to get married. I don’t know how I could go through with that.
“Right, well that sucks… How did the conversation go otherwise?” I asked.

“Okay I guess.” He shrugged and turned to look at me. “At least until the point when I mentioned I was coming back here and staying the night. She might have flipped a bit about that. Honestly, what is it with people lately? Everybody seems to think there’s something going on between us.”

My heart stopped beating at that point, but I tried to stay calm and just stare back at him. He was examining my expression, trying to figure out if I knew an answer to his question.

This definitely wasn’t the direction I had wanted this discussion to take!

“I guess some people don’t think we could be this close and only be friends,” I suggested, trying to ignore my own thoughts.

“Well that’s just stupid,” he sighed. “We’re practically siblings, it would be just wrong, right?”

“Mm-hy,” I let out a strange squeak that hopefully sounded like I agreed.

Which I obviously didn’t.

“I mean, if it wasn’t for this situation of mine, we’d still always be just friends, right?” he then asked, making my throat dry up even more that it already had.

How could I answer that? I couldn’t do it! He’d realise it immediately that I was lying!

“Why on earth would you need to ask something like that?” I said, trying to sound like he was being absurd for even questioning that.

“I don’t know, just wanted to make sure,” he said, lifting his shoulders a bit.

Oh lord, he knew about my feelings, didn’t he? Or at least suspected and now he was trying to make sure that I understood it without hurting my feelings.

Well it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose! Can’t he realise that I’d stop it immediately if I could?

“Well you don’t have to worry about anything like that. I think I made it perfectly clear the day Hayden kissed me that I don’t have anything but platonic feelings to any of you guys,” I replied, feeling extremely annoyed with myself.

I mean honestly, how difficult could it be? I just hadn’t tried hard enough to get over him. I just kept pushing the problem aside, deciding that I’d deal with it some other day and not seeing the real harm I was causing myself every single day.

“Yeah, yeah, I know that.” He nodded. “I just thought I’d say something, because things felt a bit awkward after Vic’s little outburst and what Teddy said earlier. I just didn’t want you to think that…”

You didn't what? Want me to think there was some hope there? Well, obviously there isn't - I already knew that!

"Well anyways, I’m glad that’s settled, we can talk about something else now,” he added, glancing nervously in my direction.

“Sure thing,” I agreed with a small fake smile, forcing the feelings of my breaking heart to the background. I would deal with them later, once and for all.
After that things went somewhat back to normal. I practised my walking for a while, but quickly realised that it wasn’t really helping me to get over James when he was holding my hand as he tried to assist me.
So after that I busied myself with my broom. There was a lot to be done with it as it was still dirty from the last game and some of it had stuck pretty badly. James hadn’t done anything to it, but that was no surprise. The Dragonstar was my prized possession and I didn’t want anybody handling it, not even him, without me supervising the process. I did allow him to help me though.
Everything was fine and it seemed like all the awkwardness had disappeared. But when the night came and we were preparing to go to sleep, I could feel it crawling back in the room.
For the first time in my life I wasn’t excited at all about the fact that he would be sleeping next to me, but I didn’t know what to say to him. He’d know that something was wrong instantly, because he always did this. I’d never made him sleep on the couch or anything. But now, even the thought of him there made my stomach twist uncomfortably.
“Good night,” James said as he climbed next to me under the blanket and leaned closer to give me a kiss on the cheek.
“Yeah, night,” I muttered, trying to ignore the fact that his bare legs brushed against mine briefly.
Normally that would’ve made my heart beat like crazy but now I was determined to keep my feelings calm. I squinted my eyes shut and conjured the image of the handsome Healer into my mind. It actually worked, for a while at least.
But then I was distracted by a small sigh that escaped James’s lips that made me notice that he too was still awake. I didn’t open my eyes, I just listened to the small sounds he was making.
He was restless – I could tell it from his heavy breathing. I could hear the sheets shifting a few times as he brought his hands up to rub his temple, but other than that, he stayed still. His troubling thoughts were preventing him from sleeping.
It was quite obvious that it was Kat and the whole baby business that was bothering him. I wanted to comfort him so badly, but the grip around my heart tightened from even the thought of it. I really should take care of my own wounds first.
But I couldn’t just distract myself from his suffering. And then I realised something else too. James hadn’t wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He always did that because he needed something to snuggle. That’s why his own bed was filled with pillows; if he didn’t have something to hug, he couldn’t sleep well.
So once again, I pushed my own hurtful feelings aside and took my role as the best friend.
“Hey, stop worrying,” I said as I slipped my hand around his waist, pressing my head against his chest.
I felt his heart beat faster as he was startled by my sudden movement. “I thought you were sleeping already,” he muttered into my hair.
“How could I, when you’re pulling your hair out,” I chuckled softly.
“Sorry.” The embarrassment was clear in his tone. I knew he had been trying to be as silent as possible so I wouldn’t notice a thing.
“Don’t be stupid, you don’t ever have to apologize something like that.”
“But I’m disturbing your sleep.”
“I don’t care.”
“You need your rest, you’re still healing,” he argued back, like he always did. But I wasn’t giving up easily.
“Well, your suffering is a much bigger concern to me right now. And besides, I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow, I can sleep as long as I want,” I pointed out. “So tell me. It’s about Kat, right?”
James stayed silent for a long moment before sighing. “Yeah.”
“Tell me,” I repeated, tightening my arm around his waist.
I could feel his hot breath against the top of my head as he tried to put his thoughts into words. “I just never wanted to end up with someone like her. We don’t have anything in common really.”
“Sure you do. You were together for a month after all.”
“Well we didn’t really spend that time chatting, you know. I don’t really know anything about her. She just kept fawning after me the whole time. Sure, it was fun while it lasted but I already got bored during that month. How will I manage for the rest of my life?”
I wanted to tell him that nobody was forcing him to be with her, but it would’ve been pointless. He wasn’t doing it because he was forced to, he did it because he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t even try to give his child a happy family.
“And don’t bother saying that I don’t have to. I want my kid to have a dad who’s always there and not just some dude who visits every now and then.”
Told you.
“I wasn’t going to say anything. I knew that already,” I replied with a small hem.
“You understand me, right?” James questioned helplessly.
“Of course I do. You want your kid to have a proper family, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you shouldn’t worry so much about Kat. I’m sure you can work it out. And who knows, you might really like her a lot once you get to know her.”
Even the thought made me want to puke, but I couldn’t tell him that, could I? He needed encouragement and support, and I was the only one who could give him that. He wouldn’t show this side of himself to anyone else.
James let out a doubting sigh and rubbed his forehead with his free hand. “Why do you always get me so well? Nobody else does.”
“Easy, I’ve just known you for so long. It would be quite hard not to know you after everything we’ve been through.”
“My mum’s known me even longer, but she’s not going to react like that! She’ll go mental, I’ll be lucky to be alive after that confrontation!”
“Oh come on, Ginny will understand.”
“No she won’t. It’s been quite obvious that she hated Kat from the start. And now I’ve made her a part of our family? She’ll never forgive me.”
“Yes she will… eventually,” I teased.
James snorted, but didn’t say anything else.
“When are you going to tell them?” I asked, feeling a bit curious. I knew he’d want to do it right; James would be the first in his generation to reproduce, it would be big news to his family.
“Never? Do you think I could manage that?”
That made me chuckle. “Err, do you know how big your family is? You’re related to practically every other person on this planet. Do you really think you could not tell them? Even if the press wasn’t following your every footstep?”
“No…” he muttered reluctantly.
“Then let me ask you again, when are you planning to tell them?” I repeated, before I remembered something. “You know, they’re all coming to visit me tomorrow, your Nana will most definitely check that you have enough food in your closet or if you need help cleaning something.”
“Shit, you’re right! I need to get Kat out of there.”
Not quite what I meant.
“Or you could just tell them?” I suggested, glancing up so I could see his reaction.
“No!” he stated immediately, eyes widening from the mere thought. “Not yet at least! I need time and a good escape plan, like a portkey that will send me to Rome or something.”
“Oi! You’re not going back to Rome without me! That’s a deal, remember?” I protested, remembering our quick trip there with our team.
“I would take you with me, silly!” he smiled, ruffling my hair.
“Too bad I can’t use the portkey then.”
“Hmph, stupid Ryan, ruined my perfect plan. When would you like to go there then?”
“Don’t change the subject!”
James groaned defeatedly. “I don’t know, alright? I don’t want to just blurt it out. I need time.”
“I’ll give you two weeks. If you haven’t told them by then, I will. And I won’t stop your mum from hexing you for not telling them sooner!”
“That’s not fair!” he objected.
“When has life ever been fair?” I questioned. “So stop wallowing in your self-pity and go to sleep. It will all turn out okay!”
“You promise?”
“Of course I do.”
“How do you know it?”
I rolled my eyes at him. “Isn’t it obvious? I know everything.”
“I love you, did you know that?” He smiled to me, and I ignored the stabbing in my heart as I knew he didn’t mean it like I wanted him to.
“Of course I did, now sleep.” I replied as casually as I could.
“I will.” He chuckled, brushing my hair softly. “And, Gwen?”
“Thanks again.”
“Shut up,” I muttered against his chest.
“No, I mean it. Thank you - for being you and not letting me be a whiny bastard.”
“Hah, you’re always a whiny bastard, there’s nothing I can do to change that.”
“Stop complaining, you know it’s true.”
“Hmph. I don’t know why I’m even friends with you when you’re always so mean,” he said, trying to sound like I had hurt his feelings. I didn’t have to even look, I knew he was smiling, so needless to say his attempt failed.
“Mysteries of life, I suppose,” I said with a yawn.
James just let out a small laugh and kissed my forehead before wishing me good night once more. I closed my eyes and forced my thoughts back to Joshua and my upcoming date with him. It gave me hope, because I was actually able to ignore the fact that James was brushing my hand softly and keep dreaming about the stunning blonde Healer.
Maybe I wasn’t a lost cause after all?


I hate my leg!
That had been my main thought from the moment I woke up. Stupid, idiotic leg. Why couldn’t it just work properly when there wasn’t supposed to be anything wrong with it?
It was starting to get pretty frustrating. There was just so much I could do to try and get it work. Stretching it, bending it and moving it all felt normal, but still it wouldn’t hold my weight.
Besides, all the walking practises weren’t nearly as fun as they were back at the hospital when I was doing them with Joshua. I definitely would’ve stayed there if only he would’ve still been my Healer instead of Smith. But then again, I was going out with Joshua in a few days so I wasn’t really complaining.
Excitement prickled in the bottom of my stomach even from the thought of it, but I was also dreading it a bit. The pro about dating Quidditch players was that you always had something in common and it was easy to find something to talk about. But I had no idea if Joshua even liked Quidditch. Hell, I didn’t know anything about him. I had no idea what to talk about. Or what to wear, but luckily Vic had promised to help me with that. Maybe I should ask for other advice from her too?
I got up from the floor where I had been sitting for the last few minutes after losing my balance and crashing down. I didn’t want James surprising me there, it would only make him worry.  Luckily he had gone to take a shower before he’d go and face Kat once again.
I tried again but the leg just wasn’t working properly. All I had managed to do was hold my weight for a small second when I was able to move the other one few inches. At least I was able to move – very slowly and only a few times in a row. But it had to be some sort of progress, right?
When I picked myself up again after another fall, my eyes found the crutches that were leaning against the couch. It would be so easy to just pick them up and jump around until my leg would work again. But I had never been the one to quit in front of a challenge and also, my first impression still stood – they were a pair of ugly sticks.
A sharp knocking interrupted my practise and made me curse.
What was it with people and their ‘perfect’ timing?
I limped towards the door without my crutches, stopping once in awhile to support myself with the furniture I passed. Apparently the visitor was in a hurry as the knocking filled my apartment again before I reached it the door.
Frowning a bit, I pointed my wand towards the door since I wasn’t expecting anybody to drop by yet, nor did I know anyone who would act so impatiently. Thanks to a practical little charm, my side of the door turned transparent so I could see who the visitor was. My mood fell immediately as I spotted the blonde hair and annoyed expression – Kat.
With a sigh, I pulled the door open.
“Is James here?” she asked, pushing past me into the apartment and making me wobble as I almost lost my balance.
Stupid bitch.
“Yeah,” I muttered as she kept glancing around my flat. “He’s taking a shower.”
“Why?” she spun around to face me immediately, eyes narrowing suspiciously.
“Erm, he felt dirty? I don’t know, why do people usually take showers?”
“What happened here last night?” she questioned, ignoring my previous answer completely.
Oh, so that’s why she asked! She thought we had…
“Nothing happened,” I sighed boredly as I closed the door after her and tried to clear my mind, not wanting to let my thoughts wander any further. But as I turned around to face Kat again, I stumbled backwards against the door as she was suddenly shoving her finger at me.
“I’m saying this to you only once!” she hissed, poking me a few times. “Stay away from James! He’s mine now! You had your chance, you should’ve used it then, but now it’s too late! Do I make myself clear?”
I felt my annoyance flare up; I had to chant to myself that she was pregnant and I couldn’t punch her without serious consequences. So I just stood there, staring back at her and forcing my feelings to stay calm.
“Answer me!” she commanded.
“Clear as the weather was when we made the record of holding the Quaffle through the whole game without letting the other team touch it once,” I said with a little sigh.
That shut her up. I could see her brains working overtime as she tried to remember a game like that. She was after all ‘James’s biggest fan’, she should know everything about him.
“Well good!” she finally snapped, trying to act like she knew exactly what I was talking about.
For the record, that had never happened, unless you count the friendly practise game with the Falmouth Falcons which nobody knew about.
The game was held during a particularly fierce thunderstorm as we were practising our ‘ultimate catastrophe weather’ –playing skills.
So take that, Kat.
Yes, I’m perfectly aware how pathetic I am, I think I’ve made that clear a few times already.
“Has he been there long?” Kat then asked, backing away from me.
“Maybe ten minutes.”
“I’ll wait then,” she just informed, not even bothering to ask if it was okay with me. Not that I expected her to, it was quite clear that we were past all the pretending. She thought she had the upper hand now, James wouldn’t leave her just because she didn’t like me.
“Whatever,” I muttered, making my way towards the couch. I had no interest in continuing my walking practise while she was here.
I could feel Kat eyeing at my slow process and once I reached my seat, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut anymore. “What’s wrong with your leg?”
“Nothing,” I replied, not wanting to tell her anything else. She didn’t deserve it.
“Right,” was all she said, enhancing it with an eye roll as she settled for one of the armchairs. I bet she was thinking I was only faking it, just to get some sympathy and attention from James. But honestly, I didn’t really care. She could think whatever she wanted. I wasn’t going to suck up to her, since she clearly wasn’t making any effort either.
The minutes dragged forwards as we waited in silence. Kat kept checking her nails like they were the most interesting thing in the world and I kept thinking how I’d experienced a similar situation with Hayden only few months back. It had felt so awkward back then, but now I would’ve done anything to get that moment back.
Finally the quiet sounds of running water were shut down and a few moments later James appeared from the bathroom, hair dripping wet and only a towel wrapped around his lower body.
I kept my gaze on my leg, which I kept stretching only to have something to do. I didn’t want to get distracted by his gorgeous upper body. That didn’t really help though. I could see him quite clearly in my mind, even when I didn’t look.
“Hey, I meant to ask, should we…” James started, but then noticed the other person in the room. “Kat? What are you doing here?”
“Searching for my boyfriend. Why? Am I interrupting something?” she questioned with a little sneer.
“Don’t even start,” James replied in a dull tone, suggesting that he was not in the mood for her accusations.
But either Kat didn’t get that, or she just ignored him completely. “Well excuse me for not being comfortable with the fact that the guy I’m dating spends the night with another girl and to top that, prances around her apartment half naked.”
“Stop it,” he warned.
“I’m not going to just sit by and let you cheat on me with her!” she said, her voice quivering a bit.
I wished she wouldn’t cry. James definitely didn’t do well with crying girls, and I didn’t want to witness it either.
“Come on now, Kat. That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?”
“Did you or did you not tell me yesterday that we’re getting back together?” she said as she shot up from her seat, marching to where James was standing.
“Erm, yeah…” he replied, feeling a bit unsure by her sudden approach.
“Then why did you come here and spend the night with her instead of me?” she questioned, hands on her hips. I found myself amused as I could easily imagine her stomping her foot like a five year old to emphasise her annoyance.
“I told you! I needed to be here to help Gwen!”
I grabbed a Quidditch magazine from the side table and started to flick through it, trying to ignore the arguing people in the same room. But it was quite impossible, especially since Kat’s voice seemed to pierce through my every single thought.
“Oh, don’t lie! She can take care of herself!” Kat snapped, pointing in my general direction.
“Well it’s true! She can’t even walk and I needed to make sure she wouldn’t fall off her bed!”
A frown appeared on my face at his words. I did not want everybody to know about my little problem and Kat wasn’t the most secretive person in the world.
“Is that the best you can come up with? So she wouldn’t fall off her bed? Do I seem stupid to you?!” she shrieked.
“Well you sure are acting like one!” James shot back and I squinted my eyes shut.
Honestly, that boy has no control over his mouth! You do not say stuff like that to a shouting girl! Especially a pregnant one! Has he never heard of hormones?
“I’m stupid? You’re calling me stupid?! Well excuse me for being a mess here when you left me alone for three freaking weeks with no one to talk to! And then when you finally have the nerve to show up, you rush right back to her! I do have the right to be angry at that point! So don’t you dare call me stupid!”
“You’re over-reacting,” James said in that irritated tone of his. I was certain he rolled his eyes to go with it.
“Don’t you roll your eyes at me!” Kat screamed and I held back the chuckle that was trying to escape my lips. It really wouldn’t be a good idea, because I certainly didn’t want to be included to their idiotic fight anymore than I had to.
“Don’t you tell me what to do!” James snapped back and I kept sending prayers to Merlin, Godric and even Dumbledore, hoping that somebody would shut his mouth already.
“Did you or did you not sleep next to her?” Kat questioned, giving James a nasty glare.
“Well of course I did, I always do!” James sighed, throwing his hands around. “What’s the big deal?”
“It is a big deal to me!” she shouted, poking at James’s bare chest the way she had done to me only a few moments before. “It’s not okay to sleep next to another girl when you’re with somebody else!”
“Oh come on! She’s practically my sister!” James said, his tone raising a notch.
“But she isn’t! She’s not your sister!” Kat pointed out. “And that’s why it’s not appropriate!”
“Whatever Kat, it’s not like it’s any of your business anyways.”
He was getting worked up by every minute. It was just like with Victoire, he wouldn’t back down and clearly Kat wasn’t going to either. I would have to make them stop, but that could prove out to be quite problematic. I knew I would have no trouble getting James to calm down, it was Kat that would be the difficult one.
But James was making everything worse with every word that came from his mouth, so I had to at least try. Maybe that would at least make him understand.
“None of my business? It damn well is my business when you’re dating me!” Kat was screaming when I stood up from the couch. I picked the crutches, just to move faster and hobbled a bit nearer to them.
They were shouting some more, not even noticing that I had got up from my spot and approached them. I took a deep breath and waited for a good moment to interrupt them. “Come on guys, let’s calm down, shall we? All this shouting can’t be good for the baby…”
Kat snapped her head towards me instantly, interrupting me. “Don’t pretend like you care one bit about my baby! And besides, nobody asked you!”
James came to my aid at once. “Oi! Don’t you yell at her!”
“What a surprise! You’re immediately taking her side!”
“She hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s just trying to help!” James defended me
“Oh yes, help! I’m sure she was very reluctant when you went to sleep next to her, practically pushed you away, didn’t she?” Kat sneered, glaring at me.
“I told you already, we always do that! And never in fifteen years have there been anything that might suggest anything else, so why would we suddenly start now?”
“Oh, please, now you’re just making a fool out of yourself!” Kat let out a little sarcastic laugh. “That cannot possibly be true!”
“Well it is.”
Kat fell silent for a moment, before finally commenting: “Fine, prove it then!”
“What?” James asked, furrowing a bit as he didn’t understand what he would have to do.
“Prove it. Come back to your place now and spend time with me!”
“I’m sorry Kat, but I’m not going to let you order me around,” James said with a sigh. “That’s not how it’s going to work. Gwen needs my help and I’m going to stay here. And besides, I need time. I’ll come when I’m ready.”
“I knew you’d choose her over me. Well, hope you’re happy with your decision then!” Kat snapped and sniffed a little.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” James said boredly.
“You chose her. I don’t deserve that nor does your kid, so we’re going to leave. Don’t come crying after us when you realise what you’ve missed!”
And with that, she pushed past me, making me stumble backwards as she rushed towards the door.
“Kat?!” James shouted after her, but she didn’t turn around. “Come on now, this is just…”
The door slammed shut in the middle of his sentence.
“Shit!” James cursed and rushed to my bedroom. I could hear him stumbling over stuff as he tried to get dressed in a hurry. A moment later he emerged from there, pulling his t-shirt over his dripping wet head. “Shit!” he said again.
“Calm down and go after her,” I advised. “I’m sure she didn’t leave that easily, you’ll probably catch her at your apartment. Go talk to her, and for Godric’s sake, James, control that mouth of yours! You can’t be so freaking stubborn with her! Hold that annoyance at bay!”
He didn’t say anything, just gave me a little nod and then ran after Kat. As I watched him go I let out a long breath I hadn’t even realised I was holding and hoped with every bone in my body that this whole baby business wouldn’t ruin our friendship.
But I had the feeling that was exactly the thing Kat was trying to do.
James came back few hours later, looking all drained and exhausted. He collapsed on the couch without a word and just lied there for a while. I had been making myself a sandwich while he came in and just stared at his actions. I wanted to give him a moment to cool down before I started to pry on what had happened.
“James?” I asked, when I finally managed to make my way to the couch.
“Mphf,” was his response as he muttered it against a pillow.
“You okay?” I questioned, sitting on the armrest near his head.
His next mumble didn’t make anymore sense than the first one.
“I’ll take that as a no. Want to talk about it?” I said, staring at the back of his head. His hair was even more messed up than normal and I could tell he had brushed his hand through it multiple times during the last hours.
As I still couldn’t get anything out of him, I started to eat my bread while I waited him to be ready to talk. It took him several minutes, but finally he lifted his head up from the pillow.
“Kill me now, that would make everything so much easier,” he groaned, rubbing his temples with his fingertips.
“I’d prefer not to, might as well hex myself after that as I’d probably die of boredom,” I replied, taking the last bite of my sandwich.
“Please?” he said, glancing up at me. I could see so much pain behind those hazel eyes of his, I could almost feel it myself.
“Come on, what happened?” I asked, sitting down on the couch next to him. James crawled a bit closer and rested his head on my lap.
“Well, you’d be proud of me, I let her shout and complain, but I bit my tongue and swallowed my anger,” he muttered against my legs.
I sat there silent as I waited for him to continue. I kept brushing my hand through his hair, trying to straighten it at least a bit. A pointless job, as I already knew his hair would never look neat, but he always liked it. He told me it calmed him down.
“I’m staying at my place from now on,” he added after awhile.
“That’s fine. If she’s not comfortable about you staying here, then you should respect that,” I replied, not really knowing how I felt about it. On the other hand it was a big relief for me, but then again I couldn’t help feeling disappointed.
“Yeah. She’s not staying there though. She went home for a few days so I can have time to think. She’ll move in once I’ve told Mum and Dad about this whole situation,” he explained.
I just nodded, even though he couldn’t see it. I just didn’t know what to say to that.
“And I’m meeting her parents once they come back from a holiday or something, that should be fun,” he said, his tone filled with sarcasm.
I let out a small hem, I could already imagine how well that meeting would go. James did have quite the reputation after all when it came to the ladies. He was probably every dad’s ‘dream’ son-in-law.
“Exactly,” he said, figuring out what I was thinking. “And get this, he’s the head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports or something, so he’ll know every single detail there is to know about me that have been shushed from the press. So yeah, that will be just peachy.”
A snort escaped my lips, but I just couldn’t help it. He certainly had the best luck in the whole world.
“It’s not funny!” James protested but I could see the small smile dancing on the corners of his lips.
“Aww, poor Jamie, afraid of his girlfriend’s big bad daddy,” I couldn’t resist teasing him.
“Shut up,” he muttered, trying hard not to smirk. “Here I am, pouring my heart out to you and all you do is mock and call me names. Jamie… Urgh, that’s just wrong, Gwenny.”
“I’m sorry,” I chuckled. He was always so cute when he pretended to be mad at me.
“Hmph,” he grunted. “Anyways, do you think you can manage alone, or should we ask Rosie on Vic to stay with you?”
“I think I can manage.”
“Well good, because they might have gotten suspicious why I couldn’t do it, and I’m not going to tell them anything yet,” he said, turning his head in my direction and giving me a pointed look.
“Hey, it’s your decision. I’m not going to interfere,” I replied. “Yet.”
James muttered something pointless about evil best friends, but couldn’t help grinning at the same time. I kept brushing his hair and hoped that things would soon get easier for him.

A/N: Yey, another chapter ^^

I was a bit faster this time, wasn't I? Like two days or something d: Urgh, sorry about that, I had such a busy month.

But I'm happy to inform you that updates should be faster from now on. I'm participating in Camp NaNo, and being the rebel as I always am, I'm writing this story (: So be on the look out, because I plan to beat that 50000 words and hopefully more!

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