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If It's Love by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 30 : The Love Within Reality
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The Love Within Reality

A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter isn't action packed but it goes through our three couples, so let your eyes do the walking and relax :) Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed, i love you all!


‘You know that thing Lily wanted to tell me, yesterday,’ Ruby said looking at Sirius, who was lying on his back while Ruby lay on his chest, her chin resting on her hands.


‘Yeah,’ Sirius said running his hands down her exposed back where her singlet had moved up.


‘It was about a dream,’


‘A dream? What about?’


‘I can’t tell you I promised I wouldn’t, but if you guess then I’m not telling you so it’ll be ok.’


‘Was it a sex dream?’


‘How did you guess that so quickly,’ Ruby asked tilting her head to one side, smiling, she paused, smirking. ‘Ok well I shouldn’t be surprised.’


‘Reds not so innocent anymore,’ Sirius said his face alive with silent comments.


‘Well she is kind of innocent, that’s the first dream she’s had like that and she’s a virgin.’


‘Ohhh don’t tell me that kind of stuff,’ Sirius said pulling a face as he raised his arms up and away from Ruby.


‘Wouldn’t you rather know she’s a virgin than think that she’d had sex with other guys other than your best friend?’


‘Fair point,’ Sirius said nodding slightly against the pillow he was on.


‘Can we do something? Can we stay up all night, just talking like we did when we first got together? I don’t want to go to sleep and miss a single moment of being awake with you.’ Ruby smiled as she wiggled further up so her face was closer to Sirius’. ‘I’m so excited about marrying you.’

‘I know, love me too. Talking about sex dreams…’


‘Were we? Here I was thinking we were talking about our upcoming marriage. Bit slow there, love?’ Ruby said as Sirius gently hit her ass feeling grateful that this beautiful creature was still in his life exactly how she had been before her kidnapping.


‘I really want to consummate our proposal.’


‘You know you’re not meant to consummate a proposal, only the marriage and technically you’re meant to be a virgin when you get married and you definitely aren’t that.’


‘Don’t I know it and technically neither are you.’


‘Only because you led me astray, you horny devil.’


‘What can I say? I like consummating,’ Sirius said smiling evilly.


‘I know that,’ Ruby said her fingertip running over his bare shoulder and chest.


‘If you want to consummate it, we can definitely do.’


‘No, Rocky as much as I want, you’re too weak.’


‘I’m not weak,’ Ruby said slowly moving her hand down his chest.


‘You are, you just almost died I’m not going to have sex with you.’


‘Who are you to determine whether or not I can have sex?’


‘The guy that loves you.’


‘If you really loved me, you’d want to have sex with me,’


‘God I want to,’ Sirius said running his hands down over her ribcage and past her waist. Ruby smiled as she saw his face, feeling her heart swell at the affection on his face.


‘I love you and as soon as I can do things on my own I’m going to have sex with you.’


‘You’re unlike any other girl I’ve ever known.’


‘You’re perfect, Mr Black.’


‘Rubes,’ Sirius said softly moving so Ruby was lying beside him so he could sit up, looking down at her. ‘I want to know what happened to you.’




‘Please, baby.’


‘Why do you want to know so badly?’


‘Because, Rubes, I know everything about you, everything good and brilliant. I know everything bad and painful. I don’t want this to be something I don’t know that can get in between us.’


‘Ok maybe you make a fair point,’ Ruby said staring into his eyes though her eyes showed how much she hated this idea. ‘You’ll go after them, you’ll want to kill them I know you, you won’t just let it pass and I don’t want to lose you, especially to them.’


‘I proposed to you for a reason more than love, Rocky, I did it to prove to you that I’m not going anywhere.’


‘It doesn’t mean that you don’t want kill them or possibly be killed in the process of trying.’


‘Ok how about you tell me what happened and I just promise that next time I’m in battle with them I’ll kill and I’ll kill them good, then will you tell me?’


‘Maybe let me think about it, it’s a big thing.’


‘You telling me?’


‘Yeah it’s not something small but massive for me I mean in the sense that it’s a big thing to tell the one person who means more to you than anyone else in the world, especially when it involved their family.’


‘I get that I do,’ Sirius said looking at Ruby carefully. She exhaled heavily, shaking slightly, her lip trembling as she started to tell Sirius what had happened, every detail she remembered because when he said he didn’t want it to get between them, she knew he was right. Their relationship was brilliant and as much as Ruby hated the idea of telling him, she hated the thought of separation from him more.


Sirius shook his head angrily, hating his family to the bone.


‘Baby, it’s all ok, look at it this way; if it hadn’t happened then we wouldn’t be engaged right now.’


‘We would have been in the end even if you didn’t have to go through this.’ Ruby stroked Sirius’ face gently before leaning towards him and kissing him.


‘How are you feeling, Miss Mason?’ Madam Pomfrey asked coming over to give her a once over.






‘A little, I was wondering if I could go back to my own bed?’


‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, Ruby, I’m sorry.’


‘Please,’ Ruby begged, Sirius’ heart breaking as he wrapped his arms around her as she struggled to sit up.


‘My dear, you aren’t strong enough and if something was to happen I wouldn’t be able to get to you with what you needed.’


‘Nothing will happen to me, please,’ Ruby said gently her breathing erratic.


‘Madam Pomfrey…’


‘I can’t I’m sorry but you may leave the Wing for a few hours,’ Madam Pomfrey said as she watched Sirius scooped Ruby up. She had gained some strength back and her usual funky personality was back in full swing. Ruby kept her arms around his neck, looking at him happily. They walked towards the Head’s common room, smiling as they entered and found their friends, minus Annie sitting around talking.


‘Roo!’ Lily cried as Sirius moved towards the couch, indicating with his head for Peter and Rainy to move. They sat down Sirius arms staying around Ruby waist as she lay back against his chest, her legs out across the couch, her feet sitting on Rainy’s lap.


‘So you’re out?’


‘Temporarily, I have to go back in a couple hours,’ Ruby said pulling a face as she linked her fingers with Sirius’. ‘So what were you talking about?’


‘Umm…’ James said quietly, his eyes darting towards Lily’s.


‘Just tell her,’


‘I was talking about finding another chaser for the match in three weeks against Hufflepuff.’




‘I’m sorry Rubes,’


‘James, I am the best chaser, I…’


‘I know but you’re not strong enough I can’t risk you hurting yourself any more than you already have.’


‘James, I can do it, flying’s everything, it’s natural,’ Ruby said her face getting red, beginning to get annoyed.


‘Rubes, I can’t risk it, you could…’


‘Shouldn’t I decide that? Or are you too scared of Sirius’ reaction if you let me do this?’


‘Ruby,’ James started glancing at Sirius as he shook his head. He quickly glanced at the amused faces of the others before sighing. ‘Ok, if I think that your enough to play without any danger to yourself or anyone else then ok, if not then Lena will play in your place, then it’s not just a random Gryffindor.’


‘Ok,’ Ruby said nibbling softly on her lip as she nodded. She looked towards the crackling fire a look of determination in her eyes. Lily was watching her and saw a foreign look cross Ruby’s eyes, she crinkled her own face, smiling softly when James brushed his fingers against her skin trying to smooth it.


‘I think I need some food,’ Lily said looking at James.


‘What do you fancy?’ James asked.


‘Whipped much,’ Peter said chuckling with Rainy, the only other single person there.


‘Shut up, Wormtail,’ James said jokingly. Lily kissed James softly smiling before smirking at Peter.


‘You choose,’ James got up then, dragging Sirius up from behind Ruby.


‘Moony, Wormtail,’ James said watching as Sirius kissed Ruby’s forehead, chuckling gently as she squeezed his ass.


‘Woohoo,’ Rainy squealed laughing as Thea pulled Remus back down towards where she was sitting, kissing him deeply. When Remus pulled away his eyes were wide, the wonder playing in his eyes like it had in the beginning.


Ruby smiled at Remus who smiled back at her before started to walk after the boys who had already left through the portrait hole.


‘Lils, I need to pee,’ Ruby said gently as she slowly moved one leg off the couch, it hitting the floor heavily.


‘Remus,’ Lily said quickly as he turned back from the hole, walking over and offering Ruby his hands, knowing she didn’t just want to be carried, she had to strengthen everything so she could play in the next Quidditch match.


‘Thanks,’ Ruby said gripping his hands tightly as Lily supported her back as she got to her feet, wobbling dangerously. Remus moved so he was by her side, his left hand still holding hers while his right, snaked around her waist. She walked slowly and with much determination for a few steps before her legs gave way beneath her. Remus kissed her cheek gently as he moved with lily up the stairs and towards the shared ensuite. He held Ruby’s arms tightly as Lily helped get her pants down.


‘I love you, Rems so much,’ Ruby said her blue eyes clear and bright. Lily smiled feeling as if she was interrupting before she helped get Ruby’s pants back up. She moved towards her bedroom and moved towards her cupboard to grab a blanket for Ruby who was shivering slightly.


‘I love you too Ruby,’ Remus spoke gently before kissed her lips swiftly and pulled her up into his arms. He placed her on Lily’s bed before heading downstairs again, telling the others they would be down soon before wandering towards Thea hugging her tightly, feeling safe with his girlfriend in his arms. As he moved away from the common room and towards his friends he noticed Professor McGonagall and Mrs Potter walking towards him.


‘Remus, how are you?’


‘Good thanks Mrs Potter, you here to see Ruby?’


‘Yes, thought I’d come see how she was.’ Mrs Potter said smiling, gently pushing her hair back over her shoulder and clipping it behind her neck. ‘You look tired.’


Remus smiled at Emma Potter, loving how beautiful, inside and out she was.


‘They’re up in Lily’s dormitory; she’s been her normal stubborn self, wants to play in the next match.’


‘Typical, I’ll go see her, be safe Remus,’ Emma said grasping his hand. ‘Remus?’




‘Where are you going?’


‘Got to catch up to James, Sirius and Peter, why?’


‘She might need you all,’


‘What? Why?’


‘Have to tell her first,’ Emma said as she turned, nodding towards McGonagall. She walked towards the Head’s dormitory, feeling a weight on her shoulders at what she had to do. She greeted the other girls happily, before walking up the stairs towards Lily’s dorm.


Ruby felt the blanket touch her skin and smiled looking at Lily who had just sat down beside her tucking her own legs under the covers.


‘Sugar…’ Lily looked at Ruby as she spoke and saw the immense fear in her eyes. ‘I’m scared.’




‘I’m so scared,’ Ruby repeated, her voice cracking as her lip trembled.


‘Why don’t you tell Sirius? Remus even?’


‘I don’t want to lose him…I can’t lose him Lily and if he knows how much…’ Ruby paused looking upwards, her eyes wide.


‘You won’t, Roo…He proposed to you, you’ve got him, no matter what,’ Lily said hugging Ruby who closed her eyes gently. As she relaxed against her best friend, having stated her fear, the door opened gently and Emma walked in looking at the scene before her carefully.


‘Ruby,’ Emma said and Ruby sat up her eyes desperate. Emma moved towards her and wrapped her arms around her immediately, feeling her child in her arms. Ruby buried her face in Emma’s neck breathing in the feel of a mother’s love. ‘How are you?’


‘Good, you?’


‘Not bad, my darling. There is something I need to tell you though.’


‘Ok,’ Ruby said nodding softly as Emma sat back down, taking Ruby’s hand as Lily looked on trying to work out what Emma was going to say.


‘I sent a letter to your family when you were taken.’


‘You did? What did they say?’ Ruby asked her eyes wide with the possibility. Emma paused holding her lips together as she looked towards Lily who had tears now threatening to trickle down her cheeks.


‘They didn’t Ruby,’ Emma said her heart pulling in multiple directions as she spoke. As she told Ruby this information she couldn’t remember for the life of her why she had decided to tell her. ‘I went and saw them the day after you woke up; they seemed pleased that you were ok now.’


‘You’re a really bad liar,’ Ruby said gently, extremely composed. ‘Who did you speak to?’


‘Your youngest brother answered the door and umm…then your father came to check on him, he didn’t know me of course but he did once I introduced myself so I knew they had received my letter. Your brother asked if you were alive and I told him you were and he went back inside.’


‘He cared?’


‘Of course,’ Ruby glared slightly unsure as to what to make of this information.


‘Did they look ok?’ Emma smiled gently at the typical question of the girl with such a big heart.


‘They did, my dear.’


‘What did Dad say?’


‘He didn’t say anything at first, then he said don’t let her get killed and closed the door.’


‘Ok,’ Ruby said sitting up, her eyes closed. ‘I’m tired now…’


‘I’ll leave you, love you Miss Ruby,’ Emma said kissing Ruby’s cheek before heading towards the door.


‘I’ll walk you out,’ Lily said squeezing Ruby’s hand before following Emma from the room, closing the door behind her.


Ruby exhaled, her head falling forward in defeat. It never seemed to get easier no matter how much time had passed since she had last seen them. She looked down at her ring, as she pulled the covers up, covering her head and she painfully attempted to ball herself up.


Lena saw Emma and Lily leave, both having tears in their eyes so she moved quickly towards the Head’s dormitory and up the stairs. She opened the door a jar and slipped in pulling down the blanket slightly as she climbed pulling the covers back up and wrapping her arms around Ruby’s waist, moulding her position to Ruby’s and holding her without words.


‘I love you, Ruby,’ Lena whispered as she felt tears hitting her skin.


Lily found James quickly hurrying towards him and holding her head close against his chest. She squeezed him tightly as he whispered questions trying to find out what was wrong, holding her upper arms as he gazed at her.


‘Ruby’s family still don’t give a shit,’ Lily said shocking the guys with her choice of her language. James looked to Sirius who started running, trying and failing to stay calm. Moments later Sirius was climbing into Lily’s bed along with the Marauders and girls, all snuggling up together, not speaking just surrounding not only Ruby but one another with each other’s presence.



Thea Hollyweather stood before a mirror, playing with her short blonde hair. As her eyelids slid closed she saw Ruby’s smiling face and her boyfriend’s attention caught up by it.


Remus slipped his arms around his girlfriend’s waist pulling her tightly against him as he leaned down and kissed her neck. She twisted in his arms, her lips finding his as she leant back slightly as they deepened the kiss, his arms still holding her.


‘You know I love you right?’


‘Of course and I love you too,’ Remus said bringing his hands up so they rested on each side of her face, his thumbs stroking her soft cheeks as her eyes darkened slightly.


‘I see how you look at Ruby…’ Remus looked at Thea, taking in her pale skin, the freckles lining her collarbone, the pixie like short blonde hair that stuck up in areas without looking like she had just got out of bed, her hands placed on his chest, her nails bright red, her pink lips held slightly apart as she watched his face. ‘You love her don’t you?’


Remus was stumped, he knew that maybe after 3 years together Thea would know him well enough to see what he felt for his best friend but he never really considered what it all meant. As he felt the weight of confrontation and the possibility of losing the beautiful girl before him, he rediscovered everything he felt for Thea in the beginning.


‘Yes, I do, I love her, she’s my best friend.’


‘It’s more than that though.’


‘Maybe…Ruby is everything I always wanted, a mate and something more. I love every part to her and when I thought I’d lost her it hurt, it really did…’ Remus paused knowing that what he had just said may just save their relationship or destroy it. ‘But it’s you Thea who has me and not because Ruby is in love with someone else. Yes maybe we would of being a good couple, but the universe knew there were other people out there who were even better for us. There’s something about you, Thea, from the moment you kissed me for that dare I knew I wanted to be around you always. You intrigue me, captivate me and I really can’t describe how it feels in those moments when you kiss me suddenly. I love you Thea, completely and no matter what I may feel for Ruby she is just my best friend and you are the one I want to be with.’


Thea looked at him carefully, breathing deeply, taking in every detail of what he had just said, wanting to kiss him.


‘If she wasn’t with Sirius would you still want to be with me?’


‘Honestly, I don’t know what would happen, but I do know that I want you as my girlfriend and when we leave Hogwarts I don’t want to drift apart like so many school couples, I want to live with you and experience everything with you.’


Thea felt torn she knew deep down that he loved Ruby, how could he not, she was after all stunning and fun but she also knew that she didn’t want to lose him because she couldn’t look past the fact that yes he had feelings for someone else.


‘Can we get back to how we were originally?’


‘I thought we’d already neared it the other day when you kissed me for no reason…’ Remus whispered feeling a confidence wash over him. A part of him wanted Thea to be with someone better but even as he stood before her he could hear Ruby’s voice in his head telling him to fight for what he wanted and that he deserved the world and so much more and that sound reassured him and he slipped his arms further around Thea, hugging her.


‘I love you…All of you…’ Thea whispered as she hugged him tightly.

‘I don’t deserve you, Thea,’


‘No, Remus, I don’t deserve you,’ Thea said gently before she brushed her lips against his.


‘Thea!’ Annie called walking up towards the boys’ dormitory and flinging the door open. ‘Oh, sorry to interrupt.’


‘It’s alright,’ Thea said as she pulled away from Remus. Annie nodded and started to walk back to the common room to wait for her best friend. ‘What now?’


‘I don’t know.’


‘I need time, Remus, I love you and I know you love me too but you also love Ruby and…’ Thea said sniffling slightly as Remus reached up and caught her falling tear. ‘I’ll see you later.’


Remus stood frozen, unsure as to what to do, or say. He moved towards the bed, sitting down, breathing deeply before getting to his feet and heading towards the Hospital Wing. He paused as he entered spotting Ruby who was leaning against her pillows, trying to lift her right leg up and bend it.


‘Hey you, stretching?’


‘Trying to…What’s wrong?’


‘I think Thea and I just broke up…’ Remus said as he sat down. Ruby closed her eyes for a moment as she pulled herself up. Remus saw what she was trying to do and helped her to sit up straight. In the process she wrapped her arms around him, holding him closely to her.


‘Why? What happened, Rems?’


‘I’m not sure…’


‘Hey, it’s going to be ok,’ Ruby said stroking his hand looking into his large brown eyes. ‘You love her, Rems.’


‘I do.’ Remus paused, sighing. ‘I was so focused on what I wanted…what I had with you, that I didn’t realise what I had with Thea.’


‘I know it all seems stupid right now but everything happens for a reason, Rems. I believe that, I’ve had to. Things will work out if they’re meant to and as I’ve said multiple times to you…’ Ruby said titling her head so she could look at Remus whose face was looking down at his hands. ‘There is someone who will make your head spin, your heart leap out there for you, Rems.’


‘You make it sound so simple.’


‘I know it doesn’t seem simple but it is when it comes around. Not many people spend the rest of their lives with the people they fall for in school.’


‘Except for you and Sirius and Lily and James.’


‘We realised it because it was meant to be. At that point in time when we were weakest, most vulnerable, was when we got someone who would support and stand by us no matter what. I’d just lost my sister, Lily her parents, so maybe that loss needed to be balanced out by something of tremendous good and joy. For you Rems I think it’s a little bit different…’ Ruby paused smiling gently. ‘You are an insanely good person, so pure, so beautiful you’ll find that special someone when they slip into your life to prove that you deserve the very best and nothing less.’


‘I love Thea, maybe your right, maybe she isn’t my soul mate, I think I know that we were never like you and Sirius and Lily and James but she made me feel like it was ok to be happy, ok to want to be with someone. Maybe we didn’t work, maybe we never can but she did make me feel things that only one other person has.’


‘You always needed someone who could make you see that you are just as deserving as anyone else to love and be loved completely.’ Ruby leaned towards Remus and kissed his cheek softly. ‘I love you, Rems so much, you are my best friend and I know things will work out.’




‘I know you and good people have good things happen to them.’


‘You’re a good person and you’ve had so much…’ Remus raised his eyebrows confused as he looked for the word. Ruby chuckled slightly her eyes glowing.


‘Maybe…yeah my life hasn’t been all laughing and fun but then again I think I can appreciate the love I have in all of you because of all of my…experiences. You’ve got a beautiful soul and there is someone out there who has a matching one but for now the love you have with Thea is perfect for you.’


‘I love you Rubes,’ Remus said hugging her, she really was his best friend in every way and he was so grateful for her existence, just as he was with the Marauders.


‘Can you do something for me?’


‘Yeah, of course.’


‘Help me walk.’ Ruby said looking at him not blinking.


‘Ok,’ Remus said as he picked up her legs swinging them over the side of the bed. He moved to stand before her, offering her his hands which she took smiling with concentration. ‘You can do this, Ruby.’ Ruby nodded a single, quick movement before she placed as much weight and force as she could on Remus’ hands and pushed against her sore, flat feet.


She moved her hands so she was gripping near his elbow, her forearm resting against his own. She pushed up on her legs, locking her knees in place as she breathed deeply, ignoring the pain as she stood tall in front of Remus. She giggled softly as she took a small step forward, using Remus as her leaning post. Remus’ eyes shined as he watched her take another step, his own feet moving with hers.


‘I knew you could do it.’


‘Yeah, holding onto you incredibly tightly,’ Ruby said smirking as she tried to take another step only to find that her legs could no longer hold her up, collapsing beneath her. Ruby closed her eyes as she felt the hard floor beneath her knees. She reflexively placed her hands out to catch herself, but without the strength needed, they too collapsed beneath her, letting her fall further, her shoulder and side connecting with the floor. Remus who had moved in an attempt to catch her managed to catch her head before it could touch the floor, looking down at her, shaking his head, blood rushing through his head.


‘Are you ok?’


‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ Ruby aid nodding as Remus helped her up.


‘Ruby!’ Sirius said loudly as he rushed forward, looking between his girlfriend and mate.


‘I’m alright,’ Ruby said looking slightly annoyed. She placed her hands on Sirius’ shoulders as he scooped her up into his arms. ‘Sirius, could you do something for me?’


‘Anything,’ Sirius said gently pushing her hair off her face, looking deeply into her clear blue eyes.


‘Fly with me,’ Ruby said softly looking like she was going to burst, her face alight. Sirius smiled, nodding watching her face, with love as he leaned forward kissing her lips. Ruby smiled against his lips, as she focused on the feel of his heartbeat against her chest. Sirius pulled gently away from his girlfriend’s delicious lips smirking and wiggling his eyebrows at Remus who chuckled watching as Sirius walked out of the Hospital Wing in search of his broom keeping a firm grip on his girl.




James walked into the Heads common room, yawning having just trained for 4 hours straight with his team including Lena. He stretched out his arms as he looked towards his dormitory door before glancing at the warm fire, noticing his girlfriend asleep on the couch.


James grinned, his heart seeming to warm just at her presence, he took a single step, taking in the beauty that made up Lily Evans. He gazed at her toes, curled up the nails painter blue. He let his eyes slide up her exposed legs, travelling over her cotton shorts. He felt his heart racing as he looked at her deep red hair that drifted over her shoulder and back. James had never felt more in love with her then he did in that moment as he watched her sleep, memorising every detail of her.


He reached towards the rug that was bundled up on the other chair, draping it over her as he looked at her soft, pale pink skin, the slight pink tinge to her cheeks as her eyeballs moved beneath her eyelids, her eyelashes fluttering gently against her cheeks. He sat down on the floor, leaning against the couch, turning to his left so he could watch her.


James closed his eyes for a moment lost in just how flawless she was. As he kept them shut, drifting himself, he heard her soft voice mumbling.


‘My James…’ Lily whispered gently. James opened his eyes expecting to see her looking at him but found her arms still curled up under her head, her eyes still closed.


He grinned broadly as his heart jumped as she spoke again,


‘You…handsome…love you, Potter, my soul mate.’


Even in its confusion he understood every word, understood her. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against her soft pink ones. He opened his eyes as he began to pull away, only to freeze as emerald green eyes captivated his attention, Lily kissing him deeply. She ran her hands under his shoulders and along his back so he moved to his knees and then slipping onto the couch, Lily guiding his position so they she was under his body.


James pulled away smiling at her softly as he kissed her again softly and quickly.


‘You’re my soul mate Lily and I love you too.’ Lily raised her eyebrows slightly, looking confused. ‘You talk in your sleep.’ At this revelation her eyes grew wide, her hand flying to cover her open mouth.


‘Really?’ Lily asked shocked. James nodded and kissed her forehead, chuckling slightly. ‘I went to a sleepover party once just after I turned eleven and I started talking about Hogwarts and magic. The next morning they told me and I just said it was a dream I had had.’


‘Did they believe it?’


‘Yeah, we were only eleven so it was a believable dream.’


‘I bet.’


‘I always hated sleeping with other people because of it. I guess sharing with the girls we all got used to how we slept.’


‘Same with us, we all had to get used to each other’s snoring,’ James said smirking. ‘I always thought it was awesome that we got to share with our mates. At home, being an only child, I always had my own room, my own broom, my own clothes, my own everything so the idea of coming to Hogwarts and sharing a dormitory room was awesome.’


‘What’s it like having Sirius as a brother?’


‘Not hugely different from having him as my best mate, we’ve got each other’s back.’


‘I never thought that I would be living at your house…’ Lily said smiling gently.


‘Neither. I remember having the guys telling me to shut up when I’d talk about you and now it’s like a big, fat tongue out.’


‘I like that it was unexpected.’


‘Me too,’ James said beaming at her as he rolled onto his side and held her in his arms, looking at her.


‘You know I started to like you because of how you talked about your parents.’




‘Yeah, your voice was full of so much pride and respect and love and I adored it.’


James kissed her cheek swiftly, unable to find the words to show how happy he was.


‘Lils, what do you do with Dumbledore?’






‘He teaches me how to duel, how to use advanced magic s that one day I can get the revenge I want and…so I can protect the people I love from pain.’


‘Since when?’


‘Since I came back, I asked him and he agreed. It’s brilliant James; he’s taught me so much to the point where I actually feel safer now.’


‘That’s great, love,’ James said squeezing her hand. ‘I’ve been meaning to ask you something.’




‘You said on Christmas break that your parents put money in an account for us?’


‘They did, just before they…were killed,’ Lily said pausing slightly, continuing when James brushed his fingertips against her lips.


‘What did you want to use it for?’


‘Our home,’




‘Yep, when we leave Hogwarts you’re not going anywhere without me,’ Lily said blushing gently as she spoke.


‘I was so hoping you’d say that,’ James said kissing her fingers. ‘Tell me about your dream home.’


‘Something sweet, with a fence that lines the front yard and a little path and definitely has a backyard. When I picture it I see a Quidditch pitch behind the back fence, surrounded by trees and spells…’


‘That sounds awesome.’


‘I thought you’d like it,’ Lily said smiling. ‘The house has a blue door and when you go in there’s a staircase that’s rounded on your right and a lounge room on your left. The =n if your standing in the lounge room then walk towards the back of the house you’ll walk into a kitchen which is where the backdoor is. Can you see it all?’ James nodded and Lily smiled as she continued. ‘And if you’re in the hall and keep walking past the lounge room and staircase then you’ll come to a study and bathroom on your right. Then upstairs there’s a hall and if you go left we’ll have our bedroom on the left and on the right will be another room. Then if we turn around and look down the hall we’ll have another bathroom on our left and then another bedroom on the left next to the bathroom and another opposite that over part of the staircase.’


James looked at Lily and couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought she had put into the home she wanted to share with him.


‘Sounds perfect.’




‘Yep, three bedrooms for our kids.’


‘Our kids hey?’


‘Yep,’ James said looking excited at where the conversation was going. He still couldn’t believe that he was with her, and had the chance to know her and know her well.


‘Well how many are we having?’


‘Well I always thought 3 was a good number.’


‘Yeah?’ Lily asked trying to get his thoughts out of him.


‘Two boys and a girl.’


‘Sounds perfect.’


‘It does, doesn’t it?’ James said smartly, smirking.


‘Hey James…’




‘I miss my parents.’ Lily said ever so softly and smiled tenderly as he hugged her closer to him.


‘I know, love. But I bet they’re looking down on you, watching your life. They would be so proud of you, Lily, so proud of your strength, kindness and love.’


‘You think?’


‘I know,’ James said before Lily kissed him deeply before snuggling into his arms and closing her eyes, feeling secure in his grasp.




‘Severus,’ Voldemort said sternly looking along the long wooden table, his Death Eaters sitting strong backed.


‘Yes, My Lord,’ Severus said bowing his head towards Voldemort.


‘You were once friends with the mudblood Potter is with correct?’


‘Yes, My Lord.’


‘Good,’ Voldemort said smiling evilly, his hands coming together as he linked his fingers together. ‘You will gain her trust back.’


‘What? But…That won’t work…’


‘You will make it work, or suffer the consequences, Severus.’




‘She has a hold over Potter, just as the other mudblood does over Black, if you gain her trust we can use her to have the pureblood boys join us as they are destined,’ Voldemort said smiling, looking down the table at his followers, feeling a smug warmth wash over him at the idea of having powerful young wizards amongst his followers and the deaths of mudblood filth.


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If It's Love: The Love Within Reality


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